11 Best Guitar Slides For The Slide-Curious Players In 2022


Guitarists often don’t heed the pain they experience on their fingers when playing their instruments. If you know somebody like that, maybe you should gift them the best guitar slide you find. The slide is a protective finger covering that helps them glide smoothly up and down the fretboard without cutting their fingers. Made of metal, glass, or ceramic, these cylindrical tubes have a distinctive sound. You can also use these protective slides to generate different sounds according to your requirements. Here is our list of the best guitar slides to pick for yourself or your musician friend.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Guitar Slides

1. Best Medium-Sized: Fender Steel Slide

Fender Steel Slide

The Fender guitar slide is made of chrome steel and is of standard medium size. The slide is made to exact specifications and offers a sweet high-end tonality to the sound. It produces a sustained ringing tone and is ideal for electric guitars. The slide helps to cut through the mix with enough musical bite.

2. Best For Beginners: Pangda 2 Pieces Glass Slide and Stainless Steel Slide

Pangda 2 Pieces Glass Slide and Stainless Steel Slide


The set has two slides in a metal box, a 6cm bass, a and medium slide with different functions to suit your needs. Glass slide is made of seamless Pyrex glass and processed with boron silicate that is annealed and heat-treated. Made of 304 stainless steel, the metal slide offers sound clarity, intonation, and sustenance. The glass slide optimizes the middle harmonics of the sound and is ideal for beginners and pros.

3. Best Durable: Ernie Ball Glass slide

Ernie Ball Glass slide


The large glass slide from Ernie Ball is made of seamless pyrex glass, making it strong and durable. It accentuates silky bluesy sounds and has a clear, smooth gliding surface that offers an even tonal voice. The slide is 4mm thick and 69mm long. It has an outside diameter of 30mm, and the slide is available in two other sizes.

4. Best For Longer Stretches: Be Valiant Guitar Slides Set

Be Valiant Guitar Slides Set


Be Valiant’s set includes one glass slide, one steel slide, and one brass slide. It also contains six guitar picks and four finger picks. The brass slide offers treble and a stable bass and is used for full tone and longer stretches. The steel slide is made of 304 stainless steel, providing intonation, resonance, and bright sound clarity.

The glass guitar slide is made of high-quality boron silicate that has been heat-treated and annealed for smooth performance. It is durable and sturdy. This slide accentuates the middle harmonics and is ideal for bluesy sounds. It is suitable for bass, slide guitar, and acoustic guitar. The set comes in a convenient gift box.

5. Best For Acoustic Guitars: Mr.Power Guitar Slide

Mr.Power Guitar Slide


Made from high-quality glass, Mr. Power’s guitar slide can be used for acoustic and electric guitars. It measures 60mm long and has a 3mm thick wall. The inside diameter is 20mm, while the outside diameter is 26mm. The slide is thicker and smoother for better sound quality.

6. Best See-Through: Vivipa 2 Pieces Slides

Vivipa 2 Pieces Slides


The two-piece guitar slides from Vivipa are ideal for beginners and professionals. One slide is made of seamless Pyrex borosilicate glass, heat-treated and annealed for better durability and sound quality. It is a see-through clear glass. The other slide is constructed from sturdy 304 stainless steel for better intonation, sustain, and a bright, clear sound. The silver slide measures 6×2.5×2.5cm each.

7. Best Large-Sized: Dunlop Billy Gibbons Mojo Guitar Slide

Dunlop Billy Gibbons Mojo Guitar Slide


The Dunlop Billy Gibbons Mojo guitar slide is of large size and is made of porcelain. It is articulate and features moisture-absorbent interiors that reduce slipping. The thick walls offer superior sustenance. The slide weighs 2.4oz and measures 76x152x76mm.

8. Best For Middle Harmonics: Idwai Guitar Slides

Idwai Guitar Slides


Available in a portable box, this set includes two glass slides, one steel slide, and four celluloid finger picks. The metal slide is made of stainless steel and offers a clear sound with good intonation and resonance. The borosilicate glass slide is heat-treated and annealed for durability and smooth performance.

The slide optimizes the middle harmonics and brings out warm blue sounds. This slide is suitable for bass, slide, and acoustic guitars. Both slides have smooth surfaces to protect your finger.

9. Best Ergonomic: GS1 Shubb Guitar Steel Slide With Hardwood Handle

GS1 Shubb Guitar Steel Slide With Hardwood Handle


GS1 Shubb brings you a unique guitar slide made of stainless steel and a hardwood handle. The hardwood grip is ergonomically designed and counter-balanced for optimal comfort. The stainless steel is durable and long-lasting. It weighs 4.75oz, giving it power and tone.

10. Best Rust-Proof: Guitarx X120 Guitar Slide

Guitarx X120 Guitar Slide


Versatile and portable, this set contains one long and one short guitar slide, minimizing finger fatigue. The finger tube-style slides offer good sustain, intonation, and true tone. The brass slides are rust-proof and ideal for acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, bass, and other similar stringed instruments. They help move smoothly over the strings between the frets and are ideal for beginners and professionals.

11. Best Smooth-Edged: Bestgle Guitar Slide

Bestgle Guitar Slide


Made of hard-chrome plated stainless steel, this set of three guitar slides comes in three sizes. The finger slides can be used for acoustic and electric guitars to bring out clear, penetrating sounds with good sustain and harmonics.

The slides have an inner diameter of 2.1cm and an outer diameter of 2.5cm. They measure 7, 6, and 5cm long, respectively. The durable finish does not chip or flake and is rust-proof. They have smooth and tumbled edges for added comfort.

How To Choose The Right Guitar Slide?

Here are some pointers to consider when buying a guitar slide.

  1. Fit: Find a slide that fits snug over the finger and doesn’t fall off or slip. You should be able to manipulate it without the help of the adjacent fingers. In case you can’t find a perfect size, customize a large size by covering the interior with a rubber or leather ring. The length of the slide should cover the six strings of the fretboard.
  1. Material: A metal slide provides a brighter tone, while a glass slide is for a warmer tone. A ceramic slide balances the two. Slides are also made of brass or stone. The material of the slide determines the tone of the guitar.
  1. Weight: Heavier slides offer more sustain, more volume, warmer tones, and less buzzing. But these slides are difficult to maneuver on lighter strings. You should practice getting a good balance between the fretboard and your hand pressure. Electric guitars work better with lighter slides, while acoustic guitars require heavier slides.
  1. Wall thickness: Thin-walled slides are easier to play since the fingers feel closer to the strings. The thick-walled slides are heavier and might not allow easy play.
  1. Hardness: If the slide is too soft, the vibrations will get absorbed, and the sustain will be short, making the notes fade out quickly. If the slide is too hard, it will cause excessive string noise and mess up the high frequencies.

Playing the guitar comes with consequences like cuts and scratches on the fingers. However, a guitar slide can protect your fingers, helping you spend hours playing without worrying about the strain or the injuries. Its glass or stainless steel build offers durability and style. However, it is important to find one that is moisture-absorbent and does not impact the sound quality. Also, ensure the guitar slide fits well and does not slip off for optimal performance. So, experiment with chords and glide on the fretboard with a guitar slide on your finger and create new music.

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We have prepared this list of the best guitar slides that can help musicians protect their fingers and glide smoothly along the fretboard without harming their skin. These options have been selected based on various aspects like durability, material, and overall quality. Our review process involves extensive research and comparison of hundreds of products. You will also find a buying guide section to help you make the right choice.

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