15 Best Gym Bags In India In 2024

When you go to the gym, you need a sturdy and comfortable bag large enough to hold all the essentials, such as shoes, clothes, water, or even a bottle of your protein drink. The best gym bags have multiple compartments to organize your essentials and conceal your sweaty gym clothes.

The best gym bag can positively impact your fitness habits, making your exercise more efficient, relaxing, and enjoyable. Check out our list of the best gym bags in India to find the most suitable bag for your needs.

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Types Of Gym Bags

There are five types of gym bags.

  1. Shoulder gym bag: It is one of the most preferred gym bags, suitable for men and women. You can carry the bag on the shoulder or hold it because it comes with a small handle.
  2. Duffle gym bag: This most commonly used gym bag has adequate space to carry gym clothes, water bottles, shoes, and other items. The duffle bag is cylindrical with soft sides to comfortably fit in small lockers and is ideal for travel, too.
  3. Tote gym bag: These bags are specially designed for women. Compared with other gym bags, tote gym bags are light and have multiple compartments. A larger space allows women to carry various items in one place.
  4. Backpack gym bag: An easy-to-carry bag that allows you to carry many things. It is a convenient option to have when you hit the gym while going to the university or office. The bag is sturdy and durable.
  5. Athletic gym bag: These bags have a waterproof construction and are durable. They are specially designed for athletes and have a separate space to accommodate sports requirements and gym essentials.

15 Best Gym Bags In India

1. AuxterBlacky Leatherette Duffle Shoulder Gym Bag For Men And Women

Auxter duffle-style shoulder gym bag has soft polyester lining on the inside and high-quality artificial leather on the outside. It has a 23-liter capacity and a large double zipper closure compartment, an external mesh organizer, and the main compartment to store gym clothes. It is a stylish gym bag for men and women with an adjustable handle and double-side handle.

2. Kore Ace-3.0 Gym Bag With Carry Handles

This unisex gym bag with adjustable straps makes it easy to carry on the shoulders with your fitness essentials and suitable for travel, camping, and other sports activities. It has an independent central zipper opening for easy access to the main compartment. The bag is scratch-resistant, waterproof, lightweight, and has a high-end zipper.

3. Killer Royal PU Stylish Brown Gym Bag

The cabin-sized duffle gym bag is designed with high-quality metal fittings and zippers, and the interior is designed with PU-coated polyester lining. This is a sturdy and durable bag with long adjustable shoulder straps and padded handles. It has a spacious compartment and a zippered pocket on the side to carry small things.

4. Urban Tribe Polyester Gym Bag

Urban gym bag, measuring 18 x 9 x 2.9inches,is a convenient gym bag suitable for camping, hiking, and other short trips. The gym bag has a shoe compartment, a main compartment to carry gym essentials, and a mesh holder to carry protein shakes or water bottles.

5. American Tourister Casual Gym Bag

American Tourister 30-liter capacity gym bag has a U-shaped opening for complete access, a butterfly lock, and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap, and includes quick-entry pockets on the side. The bag adopts a lightweight design with twin grab handles and provides a one-year international warranty. You can pack all your sports essentials in this casual sports bag suitable for men and women.

6. Scott International Sports Multipurpose Gym Bag And Casual Backpack

This is a waterproof and durable gym bag made of synthetic material with a detachable built-in shoe compartment to carry your shoes. The bag includes small compartments for storing different accessories. It is designed to carry sideways and as a backpack by using the extra shoulder straps.

7. MevoFit Conquer Gym Bag For Men And Women

MevoFit offers a multifunctional duffle gym bag with a padded shoulder strap, a shoe compartment, a front zipper compartment, and a mesh pocket on the side to meet different gym needs. The detachable straps, double padded inner walls, and durable zippers give the bag a stylish appearance and ideal for men and women. It is available in five colors to meet your outdoor and sports needs.

8. CP Bigbasket Soft Leather Gym Bag

CP Big basket leather gym bag with durable construction is suitable as a swimming bag or a travel bag. It has stylish and elegant leather ideal for men and women. The bag, measuring 16 x 9 x 9 inches and with a 25-liter capacity, has a large compartment to provide ample space for all your essentials.

9. Nivia Gym Bag

This is the best gym bag for men and women because it can hold all the fitness essentials you need. It is made of polyester and has a water-resistant design to prevent the bag’s contents from getting damp. The bag has sturdy handles and adjustable straps, making it convenient to carry on your shoulder or in your hands. It has durable zippers and tear-resistant fabrics for a durable design.

10. F Gear Army Olive Canvas Gym Bag

This waterproof gym bag made of canvas makes it convenient for you to carry gym clothing, water bottle, towels, and other necessities.  It has a main compartment and three zippered pockets to help you organize your belongings. The large and sturdy bag is ideal for carrying all the essentials with you in style for leisure, travel, and other sports.

11. BumBart Collection Duffle Gym Bag For Men And Women

This lightweight duffle gym bag made of artificial leather can comfortably organize your fitness essentials. The stylish bag has a large enough compartment and pockets on each side to store small accessories. The double grip straps make it easy to carry the bag in your hand, while the adjustable shoulder straps make it convenient to carry it on the shoulder.

12. Cosmus Bayliss Multipurpose Gym Bag

The sporty duffle gym bag is a convenient and stylish way to carry your fitness gear. It is made of durable polyester fiber with adjustable shoulder straps and a printed bottom panel. The bag comes with a shoe compartment to easily carry the shoes separately. A side zipper pocket, top zipper closure, and exquisite finish add to this bag’s appeal.

13. Sfane Polyester Duffle Gym Bag For Men And Women

Sfane offers a versatile duffle bag suitable for gyms, vacations, family holidays, hiking, and beach outings. The bag is made of high-quality polyester, and is strong and durable. It has ample storage to meet your requirements, and is equipped with detachable belts for multipurpose use. The bag also has a built-in shoe compartment to store shoes separately.

14. Fashion7 Stylish Printed Leather Gym Bag

The unisex three-compartment bag is made of high-quality leather and is a multifunctional gym bag. It has a lightweight design with a large compartment for storing clothes and two mini compartments for storing accessories and valuables. The advanced zippers make it easy to open and close the bag.

15. 5 O’Clock Sports Gym Bag Combo Set

5 O’Clock offers a high-quality gym bag combination, including a fitness FCB bag for the gym and a 500ml shaker bottle. The bag is made of PU leather and has durable zippers with pull strings. It is an ultra-lightweight and collapsible design, and makes for a stylish gym companion. The leak-proof and non-slip shaker bottle perfectly complements the bag.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Gym Bag?

Keep the following points in mind to buy the best gym bag.

  1. Shape and size: This factor depends on what you want to carry in the bag. Ensure that the gym bag you buy can fit your fitness gear.
  1. Material: Choose a gym bag that is durable, strong, and water-resistant. Most of these bags are made of cotton canvas or polyester, which is affordable and long-lasting. Leather bags look good, but require high maintenance.
  1. Compartments: Choose a bag with compartments because they allow you to organize the essential things to carry in the bag. Some bags even come with a separate shoe compartment, so it is a better choice.
  1. Cleaning and maintenance: A bag that is easy to wash, clean, and maintain is an ideal choice. Avoid purchasing bags that are difficult to clean.
  1. Zippers and handles: Bags designed with durable zippers and adjustable handles will always increase the bag’s convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash gym bags in a washing machine?

Not all gym bags are machine-washable. Therefore, you must always read the washing instructions on the product. Make sure not to wash the bag with hot water, and ensure there are no metal hangings on the bag. You may also turn the bag inside out to prevent metal attachments and zippers from getting damaged in the washing machine.

2. Can I use a backpack as a gym bag?

Yes, a backpack with different compartments and ample space can be used as a gym bag.

A gym bag lets you accommodate all your workout essentials conveniently for easy carrying. It is lightweight and portable and comes in various stylish designs to complement your workout outfit. From totes to backpacks, various sizes and styles are available to suit your preferences. However, ensure the bag is easy to clean and maintain, durable, and has several compartments to store different items easily. Moreover, check the zippers and the other features for long-lasting use. So, walk into the gym with a stylish bag and stay worry-free about storing your sweaty gym clothes after a workout.

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