13 Best Hair Brushes For Women In 2021

You look for a hairbrush, pick one, and drop it in your cart without giving it a lot of thought. Many of us don’t realize that choosing the wrong brush may damage our hair significantly. It is essential to pick the right type of hairbrush considering your hair type, desired hairstyle, and the bristle material and shape of the brush.

This MomJunction post makes it easy for you to choose the right hairbrush as we bring you a list of the best hair brushes for women. Go through them and find a brush suitable for your hair.

13 Best Hair Brushes For Women

1. Belula Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Belula Boar Bristle Hairbrush

This detangler could be the best hairbrush for long hair, curly hair, or any other type of hair. The boar bristles are cruelty-free, as they are harvested by shearing bristles from the boar and not hurting the animal. The handle of the brush is hand-crafted using the best bamboo wood.

This hairbrush coats your hair evenly with the hair sebum from your scalp, thereby restoring the natural texture and shine of your hair. The nylon pins on the bristles prevent your hair from any damage.

2. Wet Brush Original Detangler

Wet Brush Original Detangler

This detangler hairbrush has IntelliFlex bristles, which help in detangling your hair without any tugging or pulling. Although designed specifically for wet hair, the brush can be used on dry hair too, and even on wigs and extensions. It could be an ideal brush to prevent or minimize hair breakage. It makes brushing easy and convenient for any type of hair. The brush comes in six different colors, including pink, blue, black, plum party, purple, and yellow.

3. URTHEONE Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush And Hair Comb

URTHEONE Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush And Hair Comb

The paddle hairbrush is made of boar bristles and nylon pins that help in easy brushing, massaging the scalp, and detangling your hair. It also helps in redistributing the scalp oil to the hair follicles, thereby improving the texture and conditioning of the hair. This could be the best hairbrush to heal brittle and dry hair and make it smooth and shiny. The paddle brush also comes with a hair comb that helps in parting and styling the hair. Also, this brush can be used for any type of hair.

4. Nipoo Natural Wooden Paddle Detangling Hairbrush

Nipoo Natural Wooden Paddle Detangling Hairbrush

This multi-purpose hairbrush is made of pure natural beech wood. The wooden bristles, when brushed through the hair, would reduce static and also help in detangling and defrizzing your hair. It has a tiny air ventilation hole that allows airflow while brushing, helping you with improved blood circulation and enhanced hair texture. The box also brings you a small comb with soft tips that can be carried anywhere in your bag.

5. Balon Vent Hairbrush

Balon Vent Hairbrush

This hairbrush is made using anti-static material, and it also comes with soft pins. The ball top bristles of the brush in 11 rows make it an ideal choice to style curly and long hair. The brush is suitable for both men and women. The vented shape behind the brush allows airflow that helps in gentle and quick hair drying. Bring home this hairbrush and style your hair any way you want.

6. Revlon Detangle And Smooth Black Cushion Hairbrush

Revlon Detangle And Smooth Black Cushion Hairbrush

This hairbrush is suitable for smoothing out and detangling hair. It comes with soft bristles, which can be used to detangle both dry and wet hair. The brush has a rubberized finish, which provides a firm grip while brushing the hair. This hairbrush can be used for all kinds of hair and even helps in smoothing the curls. It comes in three different colors — berry, black, and red.

7. Balon Hairbrush Set of 4Pcs

Balon Hairbrush Set of 4Pcs

This Balon set has four different brushes, including a paddle brush, tail comb, wide tooth comb, and stylish brush — suitable for all kinds of hair care needs. The soft plastic bristles and anti-static feature of the combs help improve hair growth, massage the scalp, and improve circulation. All four brushes can be used by men, women, and children. Whether you have straight or curly hair, or you want to detangle your wet hair, this set provides you with the best help.

8. Winsun Natural Bamboo Hairbrush

Winsun Natural Bamboo Hairbrush

This could be one of the best hairbrushes for women, girls, and kids. It is made of natural bamboo covered in multiple colors. The curvy, multi-colored pins provide smooth brushing on the scalp, offering you a good massage. The brush also helps in pain-free detangling of the hair and is suitable for all kinds of hair, be it straight, curly, long, or short.

9. Osensia Ultra Small Round Brush

Osensia Ultra Small Round Brush

If you have short hair, then this ultra-small round brush would be suitable to volumize your hair and give it a polished and natural look. The ceramic brush has vents to give even airflow to the hair, thereby reducing the time to dry. Its small diameter, mineral-infused, and anti-static bristles prevent detangling and flyaway hair. This brush comes with a parting tool, which makes brushing easier than before. It also helps in preventing hair damage and can be used by both men and women.

10. Suprent Round Brush

Suprent Round Brush

It is a lightweight and durable hairbrush that is made using ionic technology and has 100% natural boar bristles. Using this brush may help your hair become shinier and smoother. It comes with an ergonomic handle that gives a secure grip, and the high-level ceramic coating prevents any damage to your hair. This hairbrush is available in two different sizes — 2.4 x 1.3 inches and 2 x 1 inch.

11. Fixbody Round Barrel Hairbrush

Fixbody Round Barrel Hairbrush

This could be counted as one of the top hairbrushes as it is made using nano thermal ceramic and ionic technology. This feature allows even distribution of hair that decreases time to blow dry and makes it easy to style your hair. It has boar bristles that spread the hair sebum all through the hair and lubricates them. The ergonomic rubber on the handle gives a firm grip. The brush comes in two different sizes and four hair clips too.

12. Lily England Hairbrush Set

Lily England Hairbrush Set

This set comes with three best brushes to give you a healthy and beautiful hairstyle. The big paddle brush has flexible bristles to help you with detangling and straightening hair. The round brush helps you with styling, and also adds volume to your hair. And the vent brush with wide-set bristles is suitable for fast blow-drying. Each brush is designed smartly to help you take care of your beautiful hair. Get this easy-to-use kit and improve the health and look of your hair.

13. Lily England Detangler Brush

Lily England Detangler Brush

This is one of the most unique and best hairbrushes for women that can detangle your hair in a few seconds. It is designed in a stylish shape and comes in two exclusive colors — rose gold and ombre. It has 274 flexible bristles that provide you pain-free detangling along with reduced breakage and hair loss. If you are not satisfied, the brand gives you a guarantee of 365 days too. Bring home effortless brushing for all kinds of hair.

How To Choose The Best hairbrush?

If you want to avoid a bad hair day, you should not compromise on purchasing the right hairbrush. It may seem like an unnecessary task to check every feature of a brush to see if it suits you. But when you have the right brush, you can save your hair from damage. So, here are a few things you should look for when purchasing a hairbrush.

  1. Hair type: It is essential to pick the hairbrush based on your hair type. For instance, if you have thick and coarse hair, then choose a brush that has boar bristles. And if you have short hair, then a vented hairbrush would be suitable for you.
  2. Purpose and hairstyle: The brush can be picked based on the purpose or the type of hairstyle you want to have. For example, a detangler brush is designed to help you in detangling stubborn knots. And if you want to add volume to your hair, then a teasing brush would be an ideal choice. A rat-tail comb is what you need for parting and styling the hair.
  3. Natural material: To prevent your hair from damage, you may choose hairbrushes that are made with boar or nylon bristles and wood material. Also, these are environmentally friendly and much better than the plastic ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I clean the hairbrushes?

You should ideally clean your brushes once every two weeks. In case you have long hair, then make sure you are cleaning it more frequently. Cleaning the hairbrush helps in cutting down the risk of germs in your hair and prevents your hair from damage.

  1. Is there any chance of hair loss when using a hairbrush?

Applying too much force when brushing hair or brushing more than required from the roots may result in hair loss. However, using a proper brush and knowing the tricks of how to comb the hair, such as not applying too much pressure when hair is wet and using the clean and right type of brush, may avoid further hair loss.

If you take time to pick up the right shampoo and conditioner for healthy hair, you should also think twice when choosing a hairbrush. Figure out what type of brush would benefit you in the long run and then pick a hairbrush that you can use for a long time without damaging your hair.