11 Best Hair Color For Gray Hair In 2021

Best Hair Color For Gray Hair In

Grey hair can make you look older than you are, whether you are in your 30s or 40s. Although graying hair is an unavoidable fact of life, you can cover it up by selecting the appropriate hair color to complement your skin tone.

If you want to cover up gray hair at home without the help of a professional colorist or hairstylist, we’ve compiled a list of the best hair colors for you. These hair colors are specially formulated to cover gray hair and last a long time. They come in various natural shades and are simple to apply.

Precautions To Take Before Applying Hair Color

Take the following precautions while using any hair dye.

  1. Always do a patch test at least two days before its application.
  2. Never leave your dye for more than the prescribed amount of time.
  3. Do not mix different dyes.
  4. Keep the dye away from the reach of children.
  5. Read the labels carefully.
  6. Do not dye your eyebrows or eyelashes.
  7. Wear gloves while applying dye and rinse it off thoroughly after application.

11 Best Hair Colors For Gray Hair

1. Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color

With Revlon’s permanent hair color, you can achieve a salon-style perfect gray coverage. Its long-lasting color makes your hair shiny and completely conceals gray hair. Revlon’s 3D color gel technology allows you to choose from a wide range of natural hair color shades.

Further, it has a liquid-gel texture that you can spread evenly throughout your hair. The hair color nourishes your hair as it contains keratin and silk amino acids. It is free of ammonia.

2. Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color Cream

Garnier Nutrisse permanent hair color covers your hair from root to tip. This hair dye, rich in triple oils, is formulated to nourish your hair while providing complete gray coverage. The product uses intense hair colors made from natural pigments and comes in various shades.

It is a non-drip hair color with a creamy texture and a pleasant fragrance. The cream spreads evenly for a simple, salon-like experience at home. It also retains moisture, which helps condition your hair after application.

3. Garnier Olia Hair Color

With 34 shades to choose from, finding a professional hair color shade that matches your natural hair color has never been easier. Garnier Olia hair color is ammonia-free, so you can color to conceal gray hair without damaging the hair. In addition, the hair color is formulated with natural flower oils that nourish your hair from root to tip. This 60% natural oil blend gives your hair a long-lasting glossy finish. In addition, it is simple to apply, thanks to its non-drip creamy formula.

4. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris’s grey coverage hair color provides a long-lasting and lustrous appearance. It has a non-drip formula and comes in 38 glossy shades. Apart from offering radiance to your hair, the colors from this series help seal, condition, and replenish your hair.

With its triple protection system, the Excellence Creme range nourishes your hair. This permanent hair color, which contains ceramide, pro-keratin, and collagen, is suitable for color-treated hair.

5. Naturtint Hair Color

The ammonia-, sulfate-, and paraben-free formulation of the Naturtint permanent hair color covers even the most stubborn grays while nourishing and strengthening them. It harnesses the power of olive and meadowfoam seed oils to leave your hair glossier after each treatment.

Further, this professional hair color contains natural baobab, moringa seed, and pea extracts for heat, UV, and pollution protection. With 32 vibrant and mixable hair color shades, you can easily find your natural hair color shade. In addition, the product is vegan and cruelty-free.

6. Schwarzkopf Hair Color Cream

The Schwarzkopf hair color includes a pre-color serum that nourishes your hair from root to tip before coloring. This helps enhance the color, provides complete gray coverage, and ensures long-lasting color.

The hair color uses anti-breaking technology to nourish, strengthen, and shine your hair. It has a creamy texture and is easy to apply. Further, it contains keratin, which helps condition and repair damaged hair.

7. Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Color

With Clairol’s professional hair color, you can achieve a salon look. This natural-looking hair color provides up to eight weeks of gray coverage and is ideal for obtaining shiny and soft hair. With three tones and a highlight, this hair dye can provide long-lasting sunlit color and shine.

You can easily find a lustrous color to camouflage gray hair from its 50 shades. Its cream consistency is simple to apply. In addition, the hair color is infused with conditioning ingredients, ensuring adequate nourishment for your hair.

8. Clairol Professional Hair Color

Clairol Professional demi-permanent hair color comes in a variety of tones to cover all shades of gray hair. It is designed to nourish your hair while providing long-lasting color for up to 12 shampoo washes. In addition, you can use it on color-treated hair.

The hair dye enhances your natural hair color while providing a long-lasting shine, thanks to its oxygen trapping technology. It is also free of ammonia and peroxide and comes in a user-friendly bottle.

9. Il Salone Milano Hair Color

The Il Salone Milano hair color range provides complete gray coverage to any shade of hair. This hair dye includes a pre-treatment cream, a color cream, and a post-treatment cream to protect the hair and make the dye last longer. This permanent hair color cares for your hair before, during, and after coloring with its paraben- and alcohol-free formulation.

It is simple to apply and gives you a salon-style finish at home. Further, the addition of linseed and meadowfoam seed oils ensures that your hair retains its shine and softness even after coloring.

10. Indus Valley Hair Color

The Indus Valley permanent hair color uses ammonia and hydrogen peroxide-free formula that is harmless and has a pleasant fragrance. It revitalizes and nourishes your hair with eight herbs. These eight herbs provide complete gray hair coverage in a single application. It is appropriate for all hair types.

This gray hair coloring dye smoothens, shines, and adds bounce to damaged hair. It is a vegan product appropriate for all hair types. Besides, the gel consistency of this hair dye makes it convenient for you to apply it all by yourself.

11. HJL Hair Color

The HJL hair color collection provides up to eight weeks of glossy, rich gray hair coverage. The kit includes a hair coloring comb, which makes applying the hair dye easier. It’s simple to mix, spread, and coat your grays with this applicator.

The HJL hair color, infused with the goodness of several oils and amino acid serum, rejuvenates and covers the grays from root to tip. This ammonia-free permanent hair dye has a pleasant fragrance and is also not harmful to your hair.

How To Apply Hair Color To Hair?

To apply hair color at home, you’ll need

  1. A hair color of your choice
  2. A coloring brush and a bowl or the entire hair coloring kit
  3. A comb
  4. A handheld mirror
  5. Disposable gloves
  6. Vaseline and
  7. Wet wipes

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Select a color of your choice: For complete coverage of gray hairs, select a shade that matches your hair color. If you’re unsure about which shade to use, always go for one that is lighter than your hair color, as this will create a highlighting effect.
  1. Mix the color: Follow the instructions on the package and mix the hair color as directed. Mix a small amount for the patch and strand tests. Only after the dye has passed both tests should you proceed with mixing the required amount of dye.
  1. Test the dye: Before you apply the dye, you must first perform a patch test. Next, apply a pinch of dye behind your ears or on your elbow. Wait two days and look for any signs of an allergic reaction. Use the dye only if you are not allergic to it. After this test, color the ends of your hair to see how the color looks. If the results aren’t satisfactory, change your shade.
  1. Clothing: Wear an old robe or any plastic cover around your shoulders to avoid staining your dress.
  1. Prepare to dye: Get your tool ready and put on your gloves. Keep Vaseline and makeup remover wipes handy. These can be used to remove dye drips from the face.
  1. Start dyeing: Divide your hair into four or five sections for ease of dyeing. Focus on one section at a time and clip the rest to avoid confusion. Then, using the brush, begin dying from the roots. Gently run the brush through the lengths of your hair. Apply dye on dry hair for best results, and use a handheld mirror while dyeing the hair on the back of the head.
  1. Follow instructions: Follow the time specifications on the package before washing your hair.

How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Gray Hair?

Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right hair color for gray hair.

  • Choose a hair color that is free of ammonia, parabens, and sulfates.
  • Find your shade in the color palette. Choose a shade that is either above or below the color of your
  • Always check for the color’s durability, as specified by the manufacturer.

It is always a good idea to have two boxes of dye handy if you run out of dye in the middle of the application process. And now that professional hair coloring is possible at home, we hope our list of the best hair colors for gray hair helps you find the right shade.

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