11 Best Hair Color Removers To Try At Home In 2022


The best hair color removers can offer lighter hair color or restore your natural hair color. A lighter than the older shade helps recolor your locks without stressing about remixing the previous color, thus giving you the shade you desire. Hair color removers also help you easily remove the dye and bring back your original hair shade.

Look no further, for we have reviewed and brought out this list to make choosing the right hair color removers easy. Read on and pick the most suitable one.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Hair Color Removers

1. Best Gentle: FramarKolor Killer Wipes Hair Dye Remover

FramarKolor Killer Wipes Hair Dye Remover

The gentle cleaning wipes from Framar, available in a pack of 100, help remove the temporary color from hair and stained dyes from hair, arms, neck, hand, and face. They are specially formulated for the safe and effective cleaning of stains.
The hair dye remover is gentle on the skin and cleans up stains fast, leaving a pleasant smell on the hair and skin. They are easy to extract from the dispenser without sticking or tearing. These wipes are suitable for hair colorists, cosmetologists, and estheticians.


2. Best Easy-To-Apply: Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover

Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover

Color Oops’ extra conditioning hair color remover is a cream formula that requires around 20 minutes for complete stain removal. Its gentle formulation helps remove semi-permanent and permanent color stains.

The cream is safe, keeps skin irritation at bay, and is easy to apply with a spatula. It conditions the hair during the process to protect it from damage or breakage. You can continue re-coloring your hair the same day you use the hair dye color remover. The ammonia- and bleach-free formulation can remove darkened and off-toned stains from your hair strands effectively.


3. Best For All Hair Types: Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Hair Color Remover

Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Hair Color Remover

If you are looking for a professional hair color remover for permanent and semi-permanent dyes, the pre-shampoo mineral remover from Color Wow can help. The 200ml pack suits color-treated hair and results in lighter and brighter hair in one to three minutes. This pre-shampoo spray treatment helps remove minerals and metals that darken, dull, or distort your hair color.

The hair color remover is easy to use, provides fast results, and you can use it conveniently without worrying about harsh chemicals or pain on your scalp during color removal. It is suitable for all hair types and helps remove a range of color shades. Spray the remover across your dry and colored hair length evenly and generously, leave it for up to three minutes, and shampoo to obtain better results.


4. Best Non-Irritating: Colortrak Hair Color Remover

Colortrak Hair Color Remover

Packed in a neon green dispenser, this set of 100 remover wipes brings professional-grade results. They are formulated to remove your hair color stains accurately for a polished and clean look. They are non-irritating and soothe the affected skin. The aloe vera-based formulation gives the wipes a pleasant and fresh scent.


5. Best For Color Correction: Roux Clean Touch Hair Color Stain Remover

Roux Clean Touch Hair Color Stain Remover

With harmless cleaning ingredients, this remover aids in the gentle and irritation-free removal of faded color stains from hair ends. It works as a permanent and semi-permanent hair color remover and assists with the color correction of your hair strands.

Use the hair color remover to remove excess color from your hair strands and quickly remove stains without any pulls or pain. The stain remover also helps erase color stains from skin or clothes. The lightweight bottle weighs 0.74lb and can easily fit in your hair care pouch.


6. Best Permanent: L’OrealColorZap Hair Color Remover

L’OrealColorZap Hair Color Remover

ColorZap from L’Oreal is a permanent hair color remover that helps remove stubborn, unwanted stains from your hair tresses. You can apply it before the shower, let it rest for a few minutes, and wash it off gently for a lighter hair shade.

The hair stripping kit works well to remove dark or muddy hair shades and effectively resolves color buildup from multiple coloring sessions. It is ideal for all hair color correction requirements and helps you make any desired color changes. Use the gentle, irritant-free formulation for immediate re-coloring since it leaves the hair undamaged and ready for new color application.


7. Best No-Drip: Splat Hair Color Remover

Splat Hair Color Remover

The Splat hair color remover for direct dye is a gentle, no-drip formulation easy to apply on dry hair. It can efficiently erase up to three shades of color from the hair to give a lighter shade. The hair color eraser is free of gluten, bleach, ammonia and is safe to use.

You may need to leave it for up to one hour before washing it off for maximum stain removal from your hair tresses. It also conditions the hair and protects it from damage, preparing it for re-coloring on the same day.


8. Best For Strong Hair Dyes: Barbicide King Research DyZoff Hair Color Remover Pads

Barbicide King Research DyZoff Hair Color Remover Pads

The pack of 80 Dyzoff pads helps remove stains from your long tresses in a convenient way. They are strong and irritant-free, effectively removing strong hair dyes, leaving the hair lighter and free of dye shades. The cotton pads are saturated with DyZoff formulation to help wipe away color stains instantly from your hair, leaving it ready for re-coloring.


9. Best Bleach- And Ammonia-Free: Satin Color Reverse Hair Color Remover Kit

Satin Color Reverse Hair Color Remover Kit

Satin offers a bleach- and ammonia-free professional color remover kit for effective dye stain removal from hair and skin. The 60ml bottle works on your hair strands to reverse the coloring process while leaving your hair undamaged. It also conditions the hair, preparing it for same-day re-coloring to help you with your hair styling needs. Make sure to do a patch test on your skin before using it on hair to ensure irritation-free color removal.


10. Best For Restoring Shine: Scruples Delete Permanent Hair Color Remover

Scruples Delete Permanent Hair Color Remover

The hair color remover works on the hair strands to eliminate any permanent or semi-permanent dyes, restoring your hair’s shine and original shade. It is easy to use and effectively removes up to two to three shades of hair stain from the tresses. Apply gently on your hair and leave for a few minutes before washing off for a color-free natural hair shade.


11. Best Quick-Removal: Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Enforcing Color Remover

Schwarzkopf Professional Bond Enforcing Color Remover

The professional bond enforcing color remover from Schwarzkopf is a quick solution that takes 20 minutes to work. It comes with a sleek tint applicator brush, making it easy to apply on your dyed hair strands. The formulation helps in easy and quick dye removal from hair strands while ensuring the maintenance of hair integrity.

The product uses FibreBond Technology to help strengthen the hair fiber and readies your hair strands for immediate re-coloring after the removal treatment. It can lighten the artificial coloring up to three shades and softens strong colors easily. The kit comprises five packs to be used together for maximum protection and dye removal.


How To Choose The Right Hair Color Remover?

Consider the following factors when buying a hair color remover.

  1. Dye type: Hair color erasers are available for two different dye types, i.e., permanent and semi-permanent. You can choose between the two depending on the type of dye you have used for hair coloring and your shade lightening requirements.
  2. Color depth removal: Check the effectiveness of the products in removing multiple dye layers. If you have been using hair colors frequently without any lightening, it is ideal to go for a color corrector that offers in-depth removal.
  3. Haircare requirement: Choose a suitable dye remover that does not require hair care or that has strong chemicals.
  4. Conditioning: Check if the hair dye remover contains conditioning and hydrating ingredients to keep your hair soft and frizz-free.
  5. Application type: Choose from the different application types, such as spray, cream, strip, and pad, to suit your hair dye removal needs.
  6. Ammonia and bleach exclusion: Avoid ammonia and bleach in your hair dye removal formulation as they are strong chemicals that can permanently damage the hair fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does hair color remover damage hair?

Hair color removers do not damage the hair if they are formulated with protective ingredients that condition and hydrate the hair. Look for ammonia- and bleach-free formulation and follow the after-care routine for hair protection.

2. Can I bleach my hair after using color remover?

Do not bleaching your hair after color removal as it can damage the hair fiber permanently. Instead, you can go for dye removers and correctors with natural ingredients.

Removing the hair dye can be a cumbersome task. However, the best hair color removers make the task easy and effortless. However, consider the type of the dye and ease of application before making the purchase. Also, don’t go for hair dye remover that is time-consuming, contains ammonia and strong chemicals as they may damage your hair. The above color removers help retain your hair’s original color and make it look healthy and natural. If you color your hair frequently, you may pick one that corrects your hair through in-depth removal.

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