15 Best Hair Dryer Brushes To Style Your Hair in 2022


The best brush hair dryer is as versatile as it gets, given that it acts as a blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. It not only enables you to dry your hair, but you can also style it at the same time, which majorly cuts down on styling time. It can add volume to your hair, and give a bouncy blow-dry look without having to change multiple attachments.

If you don’t want to spend your time and hard-earned money going to the salon every time you want a blow-out, a brush hair dryer is the answer. It combines the benefits of a round brush by detangling your hair, and the power of heat with a hair dryer. We hope our review of the 15 best brush hair dryers will go a long way in helping you choose the right appliance for your hair, so that you can style it exactly as you want.

Types Of Hair Dryer Brushes

  • Traditional Hair Dryer Brushes

Traditional hair drying brushes work well on coarse, extremely curly, or kinky hair. This type of hot air brush combines the features of a traditional brush with the power of a flat iron and takes your hair from wet to straight as a sheet in just 1 step. It completely smooths your hair and removes curls, kinks, and cowlicks.

  • Round Hair Dryer Brushes

Corded round brushes blow heat from the inside to dry your hair as you brush and style it. Basically, they effectively combine your blow dryer and your round brush so you only need one product to blow out your hair. They create volume and body in your hair. Smaller sized round brushes create tighter curls, while brushes with larger barrels are known to create waves and straighten hair.

  • Volumizing Brushes

Volumizing hair brushes usually feature bristles that are angled out from the core and lift the hair away from the scalp, adding more volume. The air flow is even and controlled as you blow dry your hair.

  • Rotating Hair Dryer Brushes

A rotating hot air brush can be used on 70 to 80% dry hair and helps you get salon quality hair. This brush dries your hair by emitting hot air, while its rotating barrel spins to straighten out your hair while giving it lots of volume and shine.

15 Best Brush Hair Dryers

1. Best Overall: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush – Mint Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush is designed to dry your hair while adding volume and a brilliant shine in a single step. It features a unique oval brush that smooths your hair while the rounded edges of the brush create volume for full-bodied hair in a single swipe. The lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, and its unique airflow vents dry your hair faster. It has a combination of nylon pin bristles and tufted bristles with boar technology to detangle hair and improve volume. You are free to style your hair as you want with 3 heat and speed settings along with a “cool” option. Its cool tip is designed to meet temperature requirements for comfortable hair styling and its ceramic technology ensures even distribution of heat. Made with ionic technology and through an in-built ion generator, heat damage is reduced and your hair dries fast. Here’s a video that demonstrates exactly how easy it is to use this product every day.

2. Best 3-In-1 Styling: Conair 1875 Watt 3-In-1 Styling Dryer

This 3-in-1 styler comes with attachments for 3 different styles— a thermal bristle brush for creating volume and waves and 2 comb attachments for detangling hair and for straight styles. It comes with multiple settings for different types of hair, is easy to maintain, and is powerful for fast drying of hair. Its ionic technology helps fight frizz and bring out the natural shine of your hair. It has a dual voltage option available with 2 heat/speed settings, and a cold shot button to lock in your hair style. It runs on 1875 watts of power for quick and powerful styling and has a 5.5 feet long cord. A lock button secures the attachments in place and the hinged filter prevents lint from building up, which makes maintenance easy and helps to extend the life of the motor. This video will help you understnd whether this is the right dryer for your needs.

3. Best Tourmaline: Bed Head TIGI One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer – Purple Volumizer

Whether you want to dry, straighten, add texture, or style your hair, this one-step volume booster and dryer with built-in tourmaline and ceramic technology will do the job. It reduces frizz and gives a shiny smooth, glossy finish to dull hair. The ego boost mixed pattern bristles, along with the “pump it” oval design, gives your hair volume and definition that lasts. The 3 manipulator heat settings add to its versatility and can be used on all hair types, and it’s also safe to hold the dryer close to the root for maximum volume. Its cool tip meets temperature requirements for comfortable hair styling. It also comes with a 6 feet long tangle-free swivel cord, has 1100 watts of power, and runs on 120 volts only. This video demonstrates how the product works, making it easier to pick the right hair dryer for your needs.

4. Best Ergonomic: Bongtai Hot Air Brush Dryer And Volumizer – Golden

This multifunctional product is a perfect combination of a hair dryer, straightener, and curler. Its hot air brush features negative ions that help control frizz, smoothen, and nourish your hair. The brush comes with a nylon pin and tufted bristles which detangle and smoothen frizzy hair. Made of fire-proof material, it comes with 3 heat settings and 1000 watts of power, providing just the right amount of heat, and is suitable for all hair lengths. Its ergonomic design and lightweight handle ensures maximum comfort while in use. It has a 6 feet long, 360° swivel power cord which provides ease of use while styling. It has vents at the bottom of the dryer which reduce the sound of the dryer considerably when in use.

5. Best For Long-Lasting Styles: Hot Tools Signature Series One-Step Round Brush Dryer & Styler

Create your own style with this product that comes with a detachable round brush design for root volume, soft curls, and flips. This product features a 2-in-1 hair dryer and styler suitable both for short and mid length hair. You can customize your style by unlocking the head and switching to the desired style. Its direct ion technology and micro shine finish reduce frizz and add shine to your hair. Its thermaglide ceramic coating ensures that it heats evenly for long-lasting styles and shiny hair. It offers easy portability and storage, and it comes with a 6 feet long tangle-free swivel power cord for convenient maneuverability and styling.

6. Best Lightweight: Beautimeter Hot Air Spin Brush

This 2-in-1 hot air brush aims to make hair styling easier, combining both hair brushing and drying. It comes with a round barrel that transfers heat for longer lasting hairdos. Its unique vents direct air towards the roots for added lift and body. The ceramic coating of the brush protects hair from breakage and also gives out negative ions to reduce frizz in the hair. Its built-in negative ion generator releases 50% more ions to lock moisture into your hair, making it softer, shinier, healthier, and more manageable. It’s a combination of nylon pin and tufted bristles that detangle hair and prevent it from breaking. It comes with 2 heat settings and 2 detachable, auto-rotating brush attachments— a 1.5-inch round spin brush for soft curls and waves, and a 2-inch round spin brush for hair volume. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easier to grip, and provides better control, and its 360° rotating swivel power cord allows for a high degree of flexibility.

7. Best Oval: Drybar The Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush

This product employs ionic technology that helps seal the hair cuticle so that there is less of frizz and more of shine while styling. A combination of nylon and tufted bristles go through your hair smoothly, detangling it, and allowing you to style it as you want. Its oval shape with gently curved edges adds volume and delivers a smooth finish to your hair. It has well placed vents to provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout. Lightweight, and with an ergonomic design, it provides maximum comfort while using. It comes with 3 temperature settings— cool, medium, and high that allow customized styling for all hair types. It also has the distinction of winning the Good Housekeeping 2022 Beauty Award for best hair tool.

8. Best For Extensions: Ikedon One Step Hair Dryer And Styler Hot Air Brush

With this blow dryer brush you can straighten your hair and make flips or curls without any hassle at all. With 1000 watts of power, it provides just the correct temperature to dry your hair faster, saving you much time. Its oval brush design has a combination of both short bristles and long nylon comb tooth bristles. It comes with 3 temperature and 2 speed settings for customized and flexible styling. It detangles, removes frizz and static, and prevents split ends from forming, which is major relief for those who adorn their hair. What’s better? It can also be used close to the scalp for that extra lift to your hair. It’s suitable for all types of hair— short, long, thin, thick, damaged, colored, or extensions. This hot air brush keeps safety norms in mind as it has a temperature controller, thermal cut-off and heating elements with protective function, but do keep in mind that it can only be used in 120 volt outlets.

9. Best Tangle-Free: Soobest One Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer – Black Volumizer

This product is designed to add to the volume of your hair and deliver brilliant shine in one go. The gently curved sides of the brush smooth the hair, while the round brush edges create volume at the roots and curl the ends of your hair. This multi-functional, oval brush can be used as a styler for hair straightening, hair curling, and blow out. The nylon tip and tangle-free bristles give your hair a smooth, shining look, with no frizziness. It’s ionic technology cuts drying time by half without causing damage to your hair. This hair volumizer brush comes with 3 heat settings, which you can control depending on the texture of your hair. Its 360° swivel power cord and lightweight, ergonomic design make it easy and convenient to use. Its innovative air flow vents, cooling tip, and ALCI safety plug all add to the convenience and safety of its use.

10. Best Stylish: Magnifeko Hair Dryer & Volumizer Styler Brush – Rose Gold

This 3-in-1 product is designed to deliver volume and shine to your hair as you get to save time on your daily hair styling. It has 3 adjustable temperature settings for different hair types and styles, heats up fast, and can style your hair in 10 to 20 minutes. The brush is designed with nylon pin bristles to detangle the hair and tufted bristles for easy volumizing and smoothing of the hair. The negative ions released by the hot air brush can help nourish, hydrate, and condition your hair, thus reducing hair damage and static. It has a ceramic coating, professional swivel cord, and an ergonomic handle for easy grip. This powerful machine runs on 1200 watts of power, the plug comes with a leakage protector, and an air inlet net cover prevents dirt from entering the machine.

11. TDYJWELL Hot Air Brush 3-In-1 – Pink

This 3-in-1 product has been thoughtfully designed to reduce hair damage while curling, straightening, or drying hair. Unlike traditional hair dryers, this dryer can be placed close to the scalp for that extra lift. You can opt from the 3 temperature settings depending on the texture and thickness of your hair. Tangle-free bristles with massaging ball tips detangle your hair, and dry, smooth, and style it in half the time. Negative ions in the hair dryer brush help to maintain the neutral charge of your hair and smoothen your hair. It runs on 1000 watts of power, which can reduce the drying time to 10 minutes. Its well placed air vents ensure efficient air output for quick drying of your hair. It comes with a 6.5 feet long, 360° swivel power cord for easy styling and movement. This product is only suitable for 110 volt outlets and should not be used with a voltage convertor.

12. MiroPure 4 In 1 Hair Dryer And Volumizer Brush

This 4-in-1 product adds curls to hair, and replaces a hair dryer, brush, curling iron, and flat iron, making it very versatile. It comes with 3 temperature and 2 speed settings, and is suitable for all hair lengths. A combination of tangle-free nylon tip bristles and tufted bristles with boar technology gently grip the hair to smoothen it and give it a shine. Its innovative air flow vents ensure faster drying and better coverage. The all-in-one, non-detachable brush head is amazing for styling even the most stubborn tresses with ease. Its lightweight, ergonomic design, and 6 feet 360° swivel cord make it easy and convenient to operate. Its overheat protection function will switch the dryer off automatically, making it extremely safe to use.

13. Marcel Rand Hot Air Brush

Unlike many dryers, this product will not over-dry or damage your hair. It has a unique 3-feature combination to support all the styles you want, and a hard travel case so you can carry it anywhere you go. It features ionic technology and a ceramic coating to create volume in your hair without frizz, and its 360° airflow ensures even distribution of heat. The nylon pin and tufted bristles do a great job at detangling and improving volume of your hair. It has a unique oval brush design that smooths your hair, while the round edges help to create volume. It has 3 temperature control and 2 speed settings to cater to all kinds of hair and styles, and as a bonus, comes with an ALCI safety plug.

14. Verfou One Step Hair Dryer Brush

This versatile product is a blow dryer, hair styler, volumizer, and straightener, and could just be your new favorite styling tool. With 3 heat and 2 speed settings, you can control the temperature and air volume, making it convenient to style all kinds of hair and protect your hair from overheating. The ceramic coating and ion technology of this appliance keeps your hair shiny and smooth, and reduces split ends and static. This large round brush with thick nylon pin, tufted bristles, and round edges create volume and smoothen your hair. It runs on 600 watts of power, and its innovative motor and advanced aerodynamic design reduces the noise significantly. Its ergonomic design with a double protection switch circuit, 6.6 feet long 360° swivel power cord, and ETL certification make it very safe and convenient to use.

15. Faylisvow 6 In 1 One Step Hair Dryer Brush – Gray And Pink

This detachable and multi-function hair dryer brush includes a blow dryer, a 54 mm styling brush for straightening and volumizing, 2 curly brush heads for curling, a straight hair brush, and a massage brush head for straightening hair and combing. It also comes with a hair band, 2 hair clips, and a storage bag. This convenient, efficient, and time-saving appliance adopts advanced negative ion technology and has a ceramic coating. These features keep your hair protected from overheating, preventing hair damage, while smoothing your hair, reducing frizz and static electricity, and making them soft and healthy. It has 3 heat and 2 speed settings for styling flexibility, which makes it suitable for all hair types and hair styles. Its ergonomic handle, and 2 meter long 360° rotating cable make it easy and convenient to operate. It runs on 1000 watts power and is suitable for 110 volt sockets, and meets all safety norms.

Now that you have been through our review of the 15 best brush hair dryers, before investing in one, here are some features you must consider to make the most of these tools and style your hair just as you want from the comfort of your home.

How To Choose The Right Brush Hair Dryer

  • Bristle type

Different bristles have different advantages— ceramic coated bristles do a great job of distributing heat so your hair doesn’t get damaged, while boar and nylon bristles smoothen and detangle hair. Bristles should be of premium quality material that do not get damaged by heat. Firm bristles create defined styles, while softer bristles create a softer look. Widely spaced and longer bristles are well-suited for long and thick hair, while brushes with short and fine bristles are better for shorter hairstyles.

  • Temperature control

It’s important to be able to control the temperature of a hot air brush as that prevents you from overheating your hair. If you have fine or damaged hair, you should set the temperature to the lowest setting. Adjusting the temperature will prevent hair breakage and hair fall. Most products come with 2 to 3 heat settings, and some even have a cool shot button.

  • Hair type

If you have curly hair, a high density nano comb brush helps in managing frizzy hair, and also massages and nourishes the hair follicles. If you have thin hair, 150℃ is suitable whereas 230℃ is required for wavy or curly hair, so make sure your hot air brush has temperature control.

  • Barrel material

A hot air brush that comes with a ceramic barrel is ideal for fine, soft, and straight hair, while a tourmaline barrel works great if you have extremely thick and coarse hair.

  • Barrel size

The diameter of the styling barrel decides how long your hair will hold its style. For closely packed curls, pick a sleek hot air brush, while for longer curls pick a barrel that is short and stout. For longitudinal curls, a brush with a 1-inch barrel works great, but for natural waves and for those with thick and long hair, pick a 2-inch barrel. For shoulder length hair, pick a device with a 1.5-inch barrel.

  • Cord length:

A long cord makes the brush more convenient and super easy to use, and should ideally be between 6 to 9 feet long. A longer cord length allows you to move the device freely without any trouble.

  •  Accessories:

If you want to try different styles, look for hot air brushes with multiple attachments and accessories like different bristles and barrel sizes. Smaller barrels are good for short and fine hair, larger barrels are great for long and thick hair.

  •  Travel

The size of the hot air brush is also something that needs to be considered if you travel frequently. While a bulky and convenient hot air brush dryer is great for home use, a slim and sleek hot air styling brush makes more sense to carry everywhere.

  • Added features:

For an easy, stress-free styling experience, a rotary hot air brush is ideal as it wraps the hair around the barrel and does all the work. But if you want a customized hairstyle, it’s better to pick a non-rotary hot airbrush. It’s always desirable for a hot air brush to come with a cool shot button, as it makes an ideal end to a drying and styling session and helps to lock your style in place while adding shine to your hair. Most hot hair brushes come with an ionic generator that seals your hair cuticles, reduces hair frizz and knots, and gives your hair a silky, smooth, and natural look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do hot air brushes damage hair?

Not really, because a hot air brush straightens hair using hot air combined with heated plates and bristles that go through your hair and relax the curly molecular bonds. They straighten the hair and add volume and brightness. It’s best to use a hot air brush on damp hair as it is easier to style and more malleable than dry hair. Overusing a hot airflow from a hot air brush may at times further dehydrate and damage dry hair.

2. How do you clean a hot air brush?

To clean a hot air brush, remove all of the stuck hair every few times you use it. Also, to remove excess product build-up, wipe it down with a warm towel.

A hairbrush dryer is a must-have tool for the woman on the go who loves to style her hair and dry her hair in no time and with minimal hassle. However, you must understand that one particular hairbrush dryer might not be suitable for all hair types. This means that you have to identify your hair type and consider the tool’s bristle type, temperature control setting options, barrel size, and cord length. Moreover, you should ensure the hairbrush dryer you choose is easy to clean, versatile enough to work as a blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron, adds luster and volume to your hair, removes frizziness, and allows you to try different styling options.

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