15 Best Hair Masks In India In 2024

The hair mask is an essential haircare product that boosts your hair’s texture and health. It works by deeply moisturizing the hair to keep dryness and frizz away. Hair masks also provide shine and strength; they help treat the damage caused to hair from chemical and color treatments. They also help eliminate the need for expensive salon treatments that require time and effort. We have listed the best hair masks in India for you from the massive range of hair masks available to cater to various hair concerns.

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15 Best Hair Masks In India

1. Mamaearth’s Onion Hair Mask

Enriched with the goodness of organic bamboo vinegar, onion oil, rosemary, and coconut oil, Mamaearth’s onion hair mask provides healthy and manageable strands. It reduces hair fall by strengthening the roots and repairs hair damage by restoring lost nutrients. With its consistent use, you can manage frizz, restore shine and get thick and strong hair.

The onion oil works by balancing the scalp and restoring the nutrients lost due to harsh weather, pollutants, and chemicals. It provides cooling effects to the scalp to keep it calm. Coconut oil strengthens and nourishes the scalp to fight issues such as hair fall, breakage, and dandruff. Organic bamboo vinegar smoothens hair shafts by killing bacteria and improving blood circulation. It also provides shine and strengthens the hair from root to tip. The product is dermatologically tested and is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum, and sulfates.

2. WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Mask

The WOW oil hair mask leaves your hair healthy and shiny. It contains a natural blend of ingredients that boasts deep hydration to your scalp to improve its moisturization and softness.

The red onion seed extracts, immense in vitamin B, C, D, and E, flavonoids, and sulfur compounds unclog follicles, prevent scalp infections, and strengthen the strands. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, black seed oil prevents dandruff, dryness, scalp eruptions, and hair loss.

Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed wheat protein, a gluten-free lightweight protein obtained from wheat kernels, improves scalp moisture. It creates a protective barrier for the hair and offers thickness. The product is dermatologically tested and is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum, and sulfates. This hair mask improves tensile strength, prevents breakage, and enhances shine to the hair.

3. Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Hair Masque

The Bella Vita Organic hair masque helps prevent dandruff and oil production with its natural ingredients. It works by gently limiting oil production to treat dandruff and providing nourishment to the scalp. Formulated without harsh additives, it contains tea tree oil to unclog pores and nourish the roots. It also treats scalp dryness and itchiness by offering thorough moisturization. The argan oil makes hair soft, shiny, and silky while reducing hair fall.

This hair mask also prevents frizz and split ends, making the hair look healthy and strengthened. Its potent ingredients such as onion oil restore lost nutrients to repair the damage and reduce hair fall. Its hair thickening and strengthening properties make it suitable for hair types; curly, dry, or color-treated hair.

4. Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich Deep Nourishing Mask

The Wella Professionals mask is a suitable choice for dry and damaged hair. Its deep penetrating formula reaches the depths of the strands to supply moisture and hydrate them. It contains a nutrient-rich blend of additives, including oleic acid and pantheon, to nourish and moisturize the strands; vitamin E to protect from stress. The goji berry, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and peptides, strengthens the hair and replenishes moisture.

5. Godrej Professional Keratin Rich Mask

Godrej Professional’s mask works magnificently for normal to dry hair. This protein-boosting mask contains keratin that helps strengthen and enhance the strand’s structure to promote healthy growth. The regular supply of keratin to your hair makes them soft, healthy, and shiny. You can also use it for color-treated hair.

6. Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Mask

Get rid of dull and frizzy hair with this hair mask, containing a blend of 26 different natural oils. Its deep conditioning capabilities provide shine, softness and smoothen the strands. It makes hair velvety smooth and manageable with regular use. The bioactive plant-based extracts supply a high dose of nutrition to your hair and improve its resilience against hair fall, breakage, and split ends.

Enriched with sulfur, the red onion oil with its antibacterial properties helps prevent hair fall and enhance hair growth. It also contains curry leaves, bamboo, neem, and calendula to improve hair’s elasticity, color, and texture. The presence of black seed oil helps stimulate hair growth.

Natural oils, including argan oil, borage seed oil, wheat germ oil, grapeseed oil, and rosehip oil, hydrate and protect the strands. This hair mask works by replenishing moisture barriers damaged due to heat and environmental elements. The mask is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben- and sulfate-free

7. Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack

The Richfeel Brahmi hair pack leaves you with shiny and glossy hair by restoring its overall health and improving the texture. Its nourishing formula provides the needed nutrients to the roots and repairs them from within. This Brahmi hair pack works by naturally conditioning the strands from root to tip, making them soft, smooth, and manageable.

8. Pilgrim Argan Oil Hair Mask

The Pilgrim hair mask provides shine and heath to dull and lifeless hair. Argan oil protects the strands from environmental elements and UV rays. It works by sealing the moisture to keep the hair hydrated, soft, manageable, and frizz-free. The repairing and strengthening properties enhance the texture of the hair and prevent dryness. Argan oil, also called nature’s liquid gold, rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, fattyacids, and squalane, promotes shine, smoothens, and reduces frizz.

White lotus, enriched with antioxidants, vitamin C, and B complex, reduces split ends, increases elasticity and volume. Camellia, a rich source of omega-3,6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin A, B, and E, antioxidants, and phytosqualane, including plant collagen, improves hair resilience and smoothens hair cuticles. It is safe for chemical- and color-treated hair, and is non-toxic, cruelty-free, paraben- and sulfate-free.

9. Matrix Opti Care Smooth Straight Hair Mask

The Matrix hair mask is enriched with shea butter that nourishes and hydrates the strands. This texturizing hair mask works excellently on dry, coarse, or chemically treated hair.It provides moisture and softness so that the hair is manageable. The mask is specially crafted for Indian hair and is safe for color-treated hair. With regular use, it prevents breakage and hair loss.

10. Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask

Enriched with Moroccan argan oil, the Himalayan Organics hair mask is a repairing formula that promotes hair growth, provides nourishment and repairs damage. It targets the follicles to improve their strength and prevent hair fall. This mask is rich in natural antioxidants to maintain a healthy scalp. It prevents hair breakage and damage by restoring and strengthening the hair.

It offers flexibility to hair and prevents issues, such as dandruff and split ends. The bhringraj extract prevents dryness, and dandruff. It also promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall and gray hair. The nourishing coconut oil helps tackle scalp problems such as lice, dandruff, infections while moisturizing and adding shine to dull hair. The product is dermatologically tested and is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum, and sulfates.

11. Trichup Keratin Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask

The Trichup hair mask provides an easy way to repair damaged hair. Its deep nourishing formula contains keratin protein that improves hair appearance and texture while reducing split ends and frizz. It supplies moisture and hydration to hair shafts to repair damaged cuticles and retain moisture. The mask, therefore, leaves the hair shiny, smooth and manageable.

12. Aegte Healthy Roots Hair Mask

Get stronger hair and a healthy scalp with Aegte Healthy Roots hair mask. Its natural formula contains a healing blend of ingredients; curry leaf extracts, ginger extracts, onion oil, Brahmi, hibiscus, shikakai, vitamin E, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, argan oil, amla, cocoa butter, stearic acid, and glycerin. These natural ingredients nourish the roots to prevent hair fall. Argan oil moisturizes the roots and prevents itching. This organic hair mask also prevents split ends and frizz while offering excellent manageability. Amla, jojoba oil, and ginger extracts unclog follicles and strengthen the roots. Its moisturizing and conditioning abilities revitalize the scalp and treat dry scalp concerns.

The sulfur-rich onion oil helps prevent hair thinning and restores nutrients to maintain a healthy scalp. Ginger extracts work for scalp cleansing and treating dandruff. Curry leaves extracts help prevent scalp problems by strengthening the roots.

13. The Moms Co Natural Damage Repair Hair Mask

The Moms Co hair mask repairs and conditions dry and damaged hair. Its nourishing formula improves hair elasticity and structure to reveal soft and shiny strands. It prevents breakage and restores health to enhance the hair texture. Natural keratin strengthens and reduces damage caused due to heat, pollutants, and chemicals.

The coconut-based cleansers gently cleanse the hair with low lather. Moringa oil prevents split ends, improves strength, and protects hair by thoroughly moisturizing them. This restoring hair mask also contains shea butter and murumuru seed oil to condition hair and increase softness.

14. Khadi Essentials Red Onion & Black Seed Hair Mask

Get back the strength and luster of your hair with Khadi Essentials hair mask. It has vitamin E and Jaborandi oil to help prevent breakage, repair damage, and protect the hair. It deeply hydrates the scalp and reduces irritation and itchiness. The presence of natural oils in this mask conditions and smoothens the strands. It reduces frizz and offers shine to turn your hair soft and manageable. Its nutrient-rich bio actives boost hair’s resilience against breakage and hair fall. The red onion is known to increase volume and strength. It also supports healthy hair growth and promotes thickness. Shea butter, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizes and conditions the strands. Aloe vera treats dryness and prevents dandruff, whereas black seed encourages hair growth and thoroughly nourishes hair follicles.

15. Trichup Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask

The Trichup hair mask reduces hair fall and improves hair texture. It contains nourishing ingredients such as hibiscus, neem, and basil to help prevent hair thinning and loss. Its restoring formula makes hair softer and manageable while leaving behind a delicate exotic scent. The mask is suitable for all hair types and continuous use gives bounce, shine, and health to dull hair.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Hair Mask In India?

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying a hair mask.

  1. Ingredients: Choose a mask containing essential nourishing oils, plant-based extracts, and bio actives.
  2. Toxins: Several hair masks contain harsh ingredients such as silicone, sulfates, and parabens that can strip off natural hair oils, causing dryness, flakes, and itchiness. Make sure the mask you prefer does not contain any of these ingredients.
  3. Hair type: Different hair masks fix different hair concerns. If you have any problems such as dryness, dandruff, or hair fall, look for a suitable mask to address the concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use a hair mask? And can I use a hair mask multiple times a week?

It is recommended to use a hair mask once a week if you don’t have any significant concerns. But if your hair feels too dry and undernourished, use it two to three times a week.

2. How long should I leave the hair mask to get the maximum possible benefits?

It is sufficient to leave a hair mask for about 10-25 minutes. However, it’s better to read the instructions and follow the timings.

Alicia Igess, an award-winning stylist and the founder of Urban Tangles, a multicultural hair and makeup studio, says, “Hair masks perform better when there is a heat source. A steamer, hair mister, or sit-under dryer will do the trick. Place a thin shower cap over it to keep the product on the hair.

Hair masks are helpful in conditioning the hair and giving it a smooth and soft feel. They make the hair look healthier and shinier. Before choosing the right product, research the ingredients to ensure it is safe for your scalp and avoid harsh ingredients. Moreover, consider your hair type and choose a suitable hair mask for effective results. Hair masks with natural ingredients, including red onion, hibiscus, various oils, and more, can be a good option for nourishing your hair. We hope our list of the best hair masks in India can help you gain insight into various product features and benefits.

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