15 Best Hair Towels To Dry Hair And Reduce Frizz In 2024, Expert-Approved

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If you are someone whose hair takes a long time to dry, or you hate dealing with frizz, the best hair towels can solve your problem. These towels are designed with extra-absorbent materials that prevent the hair from breaking and reduce frizz. They help make your hair routine smoother and stay intact on your head while you move so that you don’t have cold water dripping down your back.

Hair towels are soft and do not require you to twist your fragile wet hair too hard. You can even apply your treatment or leave-in conditioner before wrapping the hair towels to get soft silky hair. Keep scrolling to find some high-quality hair drying towels that help dry your hair faster without causing any damage.

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15 Best Fast Drying Hair Towels

1. Best Quick-Drying: Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap


The ultra-soft and lint-free microfiber hair towel wrap by Kitsch comes with a stretch elastic trim to hold all hair types. It absorbs water five times faster than a traditional hair towel, saving you valuable time, preventing the use of heat-based equipment like hair dryers, and thus, saving your hair from heat exposure. These quick-dry hair towels also cause less friction, protecting your hair from damage and breakage.

Material: Microfiber | Color: White,black | Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.8 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 4.97 Ounces


  • Lightweight
  • Button-closure
  • Available in various colors and designs
  • Prevents frizzy hair
  • Not tested on animals


  • May not be suitable for long hair
  • Elastic may be a bit tight initially
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The soft, luxurious material of this towel has proved effective for my hair's health. It has become a reliable option for daily use. It comfortably fits around the hairline and is absorbent enough to dry quickly. I'm quite happy with this product."

2. Best Plush:Volo Hero Hair Towel


The Volo Hero microfiber hair towel features its trademarked nanoweave construction, making the towel extremely plush, absorbent, and quick to dry. It is ideal for drying wet hair quickly while reducing frizz and breakage to a large extent. The premium twist-and-wrap towel is large sized and absorbs water ten times more than regular towels. It is suitable for all types of hair, whether short, medium-sized, curly, or fuzzy. You can consider making this product your dedicated hair towel as its high absorption and quick drying time reduce your hair blow-drying time by almost 50%.

Item Weight: 0.22 Kilograms | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 39.4"L x 23.5"W | Material: Microfiber | Color: Capri Blue


  • Eliminates the need for aggressive rubbing
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Features a back strap to keep the towel in place


  • May not be sufficient for extremely long hair

Our Reviewer's Experience

"My trusted choice for everyday use, this towel is worth considering for its softness and absorbency. It dries my hair fast without any damage. It's just a bit big for my hair, but the elastic strap ensures it stays securely in place."

protip_icon Did you know?
Using a hair towel that quickly absorbs excess moisture can help prevent hair fatigue and weathering of the hair shaft, which can cause frizzing (1).

3. Best For All Hair Types:Emiko Microfiber Hair Towel


Unlike standard cotton towels, the microfiber towel by Emiko is lightweight and can quickly dry long as well as curly hair. Measuring 43 x 20 x 0.04 inches and weighing only 1.76 ounces, this towel can help you avoid headaches caused due to balancing a heavy towel on the head. Its anti-slip design does not drip water, making it an ideal solution to tame your mane or hold your hair while you apply makeup.

Material: Microfiber | Color: White | Product Dimensions: 43 x 20 x 0.04 inches | Weight: 1.76 Ounces


  • Hands-free drying
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Can be used to scrunch curls
  • Large-sized


  • Some might find it difficult to wrap
  • May not be pill-proof
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I don't feel any weight on my head or neck when I use this towel. The gentle fabric absorbs the moisture quickly without being rough. In fact, I've noticed less breakage post-use! Plus, it maintains its softness after frequent washing."

4. Best Anti-Frizz: Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel

Reduce frizz with this hair drying towel made of 100% natural cotton. The material is similar to a t-shirt material, but it helps in drying the hair without any damage. This lab-tested anti-frizz hair towel is soft, lightweight, gentle, and suitable for all types of hair. Additionally, this is a hair towel with an elastic band that lets you make a hair turban and secure it. It measures 29 x 45in, which is long and suitable for long or curly hair.

Item Weight: 9 Ounces | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 45"L x 29"W | Material: Cotton | Color: Black


  • Scrunch for frizz-free beach waves
  • Helps define curl pattern
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Fastener loop may be fragile
  • May not be very absorbent

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The towel leaves my hair completely dry and frizz-free, ready for styling before going to work. However, I expected better quality; the elastic loop could be sturdier. Regardless, it meets my daily needs."

5. Best Absorbent:Bondi Home & Spa Super Absorbent Microfiber Hair Towel

Bondi Home & Spa Super Absorbent Microfiber Hair Towel Image: Bondi Home And Spa

Bring home this large-sized and soft hair towel that is best suited for curly and long hair. It is ultra-lightweight, made with extra-absorbent microfiber, and has strong stitching. Wrapping the towel around your head helps in drying the wet hair in less time. The material is extremely soft and does not pose any risk to wet, fragile hair. This absorbent hair towel is 42 x 22in in size, which is suitable for curly, thick, or long hair.

Material: Microfiber | Color: White | Product Dimensions: 42.13 x 22.05 x 0.04 inches | Weight: 6.35 Ounces


  • Ideal for long hair
  • Multi-functional
  • Comes in a ziplock bag
  • Stretchable
  • Elastic- and button-free
  • Affordable option


  • Size may be small
  • Fibers may shed
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I love using this towel! It reduces drying time without causing frizz. The simple rectangular shape fits well and feels light, too. However, I would have preferred a few more color options since white is a bit tricky to maintain. All in all, it's a good product!"

6. Best For All Age Groups: Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Image: Turbie Twist

Dry your hair with this microfiber hair towel made of super absorbent fabric to reduce frizz and hair damage. The lightweight hair towel can be put on with ease without the need for readjustments, thus allowing you to take care of your hair without much hassle. The elastic loop helps secure your hair and prevents the towel from falling off. In addition, it is an ideal hair towel for short hair, travel-friendly and suitable for all age groups.

Item Weight: 0.2 Kilograms | Product Dimensions: 6.89"L x 5.71"W | Material: Microfiber | Color: Light Purple / Dark Purple


  • Minimizes friction
  • Ideal for curly hair
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • May be a bit thin
  • May be less suitable for thick hair
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I really like this towel's design. It offers a secure hold without pulling out my hair and is quite lightweight. I've noticed my hair dries faster than before. So, this towel has been a good addition to my hair care."

7. Best Easy To Tie:L’Ange Hair Wrap Towel

L’Ange Hair Wrap Towel Image: Lange

Give your hair the love it deserves with the L’Ange hair wrap towel made of premium-quality microfiber that is ultra-soft and absorbent. The easy-to-tie tower features a loop closure that ensures a snug fit while accommodating various hair types. If your hair is prone to getting frizzy right after a hair wash, this towel is your best pal, as it ensures no frizz while drying your hair.

Item Weight: 0.31 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 6.5"L x 4.5"W | Material: Microfiber | Color: Pink


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Cuts down on drying time
  • Does not weigh the head or neck down
  • Light and flexible
  • Gentle material


  • Loop may become loose over time
  • May not be an ideal hair towel for long hair

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This new hair towel is much lighter and more comfortable than my regular ones. It leaves my hair dry and fresh, keeping the frizz at bay. Moreover, it stands up to frequent washing without losing its softness, so its quality is commendable. In short, it has been a great buy!"

protip_icon Do remember
Avoid vigorously rubbing wet hair with a towel to dry it. Instead, use a soft microfiber towel to blot hair gently and absorb excess water.

8. Best Lightweight:ElleWin Bamboo Hair Towel Wrap

ElleWin Bamboo Hair Towel Wrap Image: Ellewin

Available in a pack of two towels, the ElleWin hair towel wrap is made of polyester and premium bamboo fiber. The towel is extremely absorbent and can hold water up to seven times its weight. Additionally, it also dries fast, which ensures the water does not transfer back to your hair. The towel helps with frizz reduction when drying the hair naturally, and you can conveniently fold it and carry it in a bag for travel.

Material: Bamboo Fiber | Color: Stripe&grey-2pack | Product Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 0.04 inches | Weight: 7.37 Ounces


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fits most head sizes


  • Some may find it thin
  • Seams might unravel over time
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I find this head wrap great for my curls. It's soft, quick-drying, and doesn't cause any damage. Plus, it withstands multiple washes. The color and print options are also pretty adorable!"

9. Best Eco-Friendly:Aspen5 Cotton Hair Towel Wrap


Made from 100% cotton, the Aspen5 hair towel wrap is large-sized and can fit even the longest or the most voluminous hair. You can easily wrap your wet hair in this super absorbent towel for a quick hair-drying experience to reduce your hair blow-dry time by several minutes.

Material: Cotton | Color: Coral White | Product Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 30 inches | Weight: 5.29 Ounces


  • 30-inch long
  • Lightweight and super soft
  • Durable
  • Machine washable


  • May not be as wide
  • Towel may take time to dry
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I no longer have to wait hours to dry my hair on busy mornings! This towel's fabric quality is pretty good, quickly absorbing the water and reducing drying time. Plus, it comfortably accommodates my hair and offers a secure fit with the stretchy loop."

10. Best Durable: The Perfect Haircare Microfiber Hair Drying Towel

The Perfect Haircare Microfiber Hair Drying Towel Image: The Perfect Haircare

The Perfect Haircare microfiber hair-drying towel is suitable for wavy and curly hair. It has a sufficiently large size and a silky material to hold curly hair that may otherwise get entangled in regular towels. This towel also works well for hair extensions and weaves since it doesn’t have loops and stitching that result in breakage and tangles. You can easily care for your hair using this microfiber hair towel that gently and quickly pulls moisture from your hair and reduces frizz.

Material: Microfiber | Color: Pink


  • Suitable for most hair types
  • Thin and soft
  • Can be wrapped in five ways
  • Comfortable to sleep in for overnight drying


  • May not be suitable for air drying
  • May not stay on for a long time

Our Reviewer's Experience

"After using countless microfiber towels, I've finally found the right one. It's soft, comfortable, and absorbent and keeps my hair frizz-free post-drying. The thoughtful tie design easily supports my plopping routine—a bonus. I'm pleased with its quality and durability."

protip_icon Quick fact
Bath towels should be washed at least once a week to prevent microbial growth on the towel and maintain optimum hygiene.

11. Best Adjustable: American Soft Linen Hair Towels

American Soft Linen Hair Towels Image: American Soft Linen

The American Soft Linen hair towels for women are made of plush welsoft polyester material. It is soft to the touch, absorbs water quickly, and quickly dries. The towel comes in the form of a turban and can absorb water more than ten times its weight. This ideal Hair towel for curly hair is large enough for most head sizes and can also accommodate anti-frizz hair. It has buttons that you can use to adjust to your size.

Item Weight: 0.1 Kilograms | Shape: Oval | Product Dimensions: 26"L x 13"W | Material: Polyester | Color: White


  • Well-fitted and lightweight towel
  • No slipping
  • Available in other colors
  • Easy to use
  • Thick and durable


  • May take longer to absorb water for thicker hair
  • Elastic loop to hook on the buttons may be thinner than expected
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I find this towel's size appropriate for my hair, keeping it well-tucked post-shower so I can continue with my chores. It feels comfortable due to its soft, plush quality. The bonus is its adjustable button. Though the elastic loop snapped once, it was easily fixable."

12. Best Fast-Drying:Evolatree Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

This towel is made using microfiber technology that absorbs moisture in less time and dries the hair quickly. It is made using an ultra-soft, deluxe microfiber material that prevents split ends and breakage. It also makes your hair less frizzy. This fast-drying hair towel is durable and can be used by anyone, be it children, teens, or adults. It is 26 x 10in in dimension and comes in two colors.

Material: Microfiber | Color: Neutral Gray | Product Dimensions: 26 x 10 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 3.84 Ounces


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Comes with a wooden button
  • Can be washed in a machine.
  • Can be used daily
  • Gentle on the hair cuticles
  • Folds compactly, making it travel-friendly


  • May feel heavy for some
  • Button may not last long
Our Reviewer's Experience

"This towel comes in handy, especially on work days. Despite the fiddly elastic, it offers a solid yet gentle hold without slipping and accelerates drying time. It has been great for my haircare routine."

13. Best Strengthening: Madison Reed x Aquis Quick Drying Towel

Madison Reed x Aquis Quick Drying Towel Image: Madison Reed

Here’s a towel that has been clinically proven to leave your hair stranger by 5x times compared to regular drying methods. The Madison Reed x Aquis microfiber towel helps strengthen hair while you dry by removing frizz, damage, and breakage. You can get smooth and dry hair in minutes which you can style easily. Flip your hair to the front, place the towel over the back of your head, and twist it with your hair as a turban. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes to get ready-to-style hair quickly. This towel has also been tested to be safe for color-treated hair.

Material: Microfiber | Product Dimensions: 39 x 16 x 0.01 inches | Weight: 6.28 Ounces


  • Can reform hydrogen bonds and keratin structure
  • Suitable for color-treated hair
  • Suitable for most hair types
  • Soft and lightweight


  • Width of the towel may not be enough for some
  • May not stay in place for long, thick hair
Our Reviewer's Experience

"This towel completely soaks up the water without pulling on my hair. Moreover, it stays odor-free even after multiple uses. A wider coverage would have been better. Still, it feels pretty light and comfortable."

14. Best Anti-Static: Nano Towels Hair Drying Wrap Twisty Towel

Nano Towels Hair Drying Wrap Twisty Towel Image: Nano Towels

The Nano Towels hair-drying wrap is designed for all types of hair. Whether you have fine, delicate, curly, thin, or frizzy hair, this towel can be a suitable alternative to hair dryers and heavy cotton bath towels. This hair-drying wrap dries hair fast and doesn’t cause any damage. The towel’s Nanolon fiber has a unique blend that makes it highly absorbent, anti-frizz, and anti-static.

Product Dimensions: 26"L x 10"W | Material: Cotton | Color: White


  • Suitable for daily use
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Convenient to use
  • Loop and button closure


  • May come in one size
  • May not be suitable for very long hair
Our Reviewer's Experience

"This hair wrap is now an integral part of my daily haircare routine. Its moisture-wicking quality is definitely a plus, leaving my hair dry, fresh, and soft. Also, it holds surprisingly well through numerous washes. I find its design quite practical for keeping my hair wrapped neatly."

15. Best Convenient: Framar White Bulk Disposable Towels

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

The Framar disposable towel set includes 50 microfiber towels suitable for all age groups. They can be used for various purposes, such as hair drying, spa towel, gym towel, or as face or hand towels. These towels are soft and absorb quickly for hassle-free use. The material is gentle and skin-friendly, making them the perfect hair towel for salon use with safer, more hygienic, and odor-free features.

Material: Microfiber | Color: White | Product Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 4 inches | Weight: 2.78 Pounds


  • Lightweight and soft
  • Biodegradable towels
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Bleach- and dye-free


  • May not be suitable for thick, coarse hair
  • May be smaller than expected
Our Reviewer's Experience

"These towels work well for my hair. They're gentle and absorbent. Plus, they're disposable, which is great for maintaining hygiene. The quality is pretty decent; I would recommend them."

How To Choose The Right Fast-Drying Hair Towel?

Keep these tips in mind when choosing a fast-drying hair towel.

  1. Fabric: Microfiber and other eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or organic cotton can be the ideal choices for a fast hair drying towel. These are durable, light, and limit the frizz. Also, they are known for drying your hair in less time than your average hair towel.
  2. Size: If you have long or curly hair, then you may need a towel of large size. Check the dimensions of the hair towel before you buy one. However, if you have short hair, then pick a small-sized towel, as a bigger one may not be convenient to use.
  3. Weight: You may want to tie the hair towel as a turban for quick drying. In such a case, you would need a light-weight towel. Also, a heavy fabric may increase the chances of hair breakage.
  4. Multipurpose: There are hair towels that you can test and use for various purposes. For instance, a light hair towel with button closure and loop is a great addition to your collection of beauty accessories as it can help you use it for quick drying while doing makeup. You may use it or just get a simple hair towel.

Alexandro Vasquez, a professional hairdresser and hair colorist, says, “I usually prefer towels made of 70% or 100% cotton as they are quick-absorbing. When using a towel to dry your hair, press the towel to your hair instead of twisting it. Twisting your hair may create more tangles and cause your hair to break when combing it. And after towel drying your hair, I recommend applying a leave-in conditioner or serum for easy combing.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can babies use hair towels?

Yes, you can use hair towels for babies. Hair towels can be an alternative to regular cotton towels as they can be wrapped around a baby’s head and often come with buttons to keep the towels in place.

2. Can hair towels be used to dry the body?

Ideally, you should not use a hair towel to dry your body. Hair towels are made using a specific fabric, keeping in mind its intent. It is made light and in a particular size to fit well to dry hair.

3. Does washing a hair towel in hot water ruin its absorbency?

Too hot water should never be used to wash any towel. As hair towels are light and soft, you should use warm water to clean them. However, too hot water may damage it, turning the towel scratchy, and the color may fade.

4. Are hair towels machine-washable?

You can machine-wash a hair towel with a gentle cleanser. However, you can avoid fabric softeners if you have a microfiber hair towel, as the softener can clog the towel’s fibers and reduce its absorption capacity.

5. Do towels damage hair?

Towels that are rough and heavy may cause friction and damage your hair strands or make them frizzy. You can use a smooth microfiber towel to wrap your hair instead of vigorously rubbing the hair strands with a coarse towel.

6. How long should I keep my hair in a towel?

You can wrap damp hair in a hair towel for ten to fifteen minutes or till the hair feels dry, as wrapping the hair for a long time can damage the roots.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is a seasoned writer and reviewer of skincare, haircare, and fashion products. Here, she has listed the best fast-drying hair towels after carrying out extensive research. The options listed here are made of premium material and are lightweight, gentle, soft, and stretchable. She has also added a buying guide mentioning the factors you should consider when choosing a hair towel.

The Bottom Line

A good hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and hair drying towel are important to keep your hair healthy and shiny. The best hair towels can drastically reduce the need for blow drying and damage your hair. Now that you have read through our products in the list above, it should be easy for you to pick one. Buy a hair drying towel that suits the length of your hair to get shiny and frizz-free hair. Check out features such as the fabric, weight, size, and cost efficacy of the hair drying towel. We recommend the Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for its quick-drying and frizz-reduction abilities; the Volo Hero Hair Towel for its high absorbency and large size; and the Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel, which helps define the curls.

Infographic: How To Wear A Hair Towel

Hair towels are made of plush and absorbent materials that dry hair in a quick and frizz-free manner. They also have loops and Velcro fasteners to keep them from slipping or pulling the hair, making them ideal for all hair lengths. Follow the infographic to learn how you can wear one.

Steps To Wear A Hair Towel(infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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