17 Best Hairsprays For Women Of 2022

Hair is the focal element for every woman while she dresses up. Hence, here are the best hair sprays for women that will help style your hair in many ways. Finding the perfect hair spray is undoubtedly tricky with so many products and brands deluged in the market. A good hair spray keeps hair in place, stays light, makes it healthy and bouncy. Read on to explore our list of hair sprays and a guide to choosing the right product. Also, we provide you with a stepwise procedure on applying them and safety tips.

17 Best Hair Sprays For Women

1. TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hair Spray

TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hair Spray

TIGI bed head masterpiece is a hair spray for shine and can even turn your hair into an artwork that would survive the whole day. It gives immense shine and holds the hair for long so that you don’t have to worry all day long. It has a topical berry scent and holds onto any hairstyle.


  • Does not flake
  • Adds shine
  • Holds hair well
  • Smells good


  • Might not make hair bouncy
  • Sticks a lot on the hair
  • Curls might not stay for long
  • Makes hair hard

2. Kenra Volume Spray Hair Spray

Kenra Volume Spray Hair Spray

The Kenra Volume Spray holds your hair for 120 hours in the style that you make. It resists high humidity for up to 20 hours. It can be used daily for office as well.


  • Does not flake
  • Dries quickly
  • Resists wind blow
  • 120-hour hold


  • You might not like the strong smell
  • It might not add volume to the hair
  • Your hair might feel wet and heavy on application
  • Prolonged application might result in making hair less shiny

3. TRESemmé Hair Spray Extra Hold

TRESemmé Hair Spray Extra Hold


TRESemmé hair spray is for the perfect frizz-free and well-controlled hair. This product is water-free and does not give stiffness to your hair.


  • Resists humidity
  • Holds hair without making them hard
  • Water-free formula to keep hair light
  • Protects flyaways


  • The fragrance overpowers the smell of natural ingredients
  • You might not get the matt finish as described
  • Leaves white film on your hair
  • Holds hair for only an hour

4. My Ami Magic Hair Mist Hair Spray

My Ami Magic Hair Mist Hair Spray

It is a hair spray designed, keeping in mind your busy days. It allows you to keep your desired hairstyle in place for long hours when you are at work. It gives a new shine to hair and makes them strong too.


  • Can be used for dyed hair
  • Compliments Magic Hair Dressing powder well
  • Does not itch the scalp
  • Leaves hair smooth after spraying


  • Many people do not like the smell of this product.

5. Kerastase Resistance Volumifique Volume Expansion Hair Spray

Kerastase Resistance Volumifique Volume Expansion Hair Spray

Kerastase is a hair spray that gives volume to your hair and lifts hair as per the style requirement. It has a patented ingredient called Vita Ciment that covers hair strands evenly.


  • Covers hair strands with polymers to give body and volume
  • Best for fine hair
  • Aqua based to keep hair light
  • Gives volume to hair


  • Lacks a pleasant fragrance
  • Has poor consistency; might not spray evenly on hair

6. BIOLAGE RAW Frizz Control Styling Hair Spray

BIOLAGE RAW Frizz Control Styling Hair Spray

Biolage offers a frizz control hair spray for the perfect hair-styling that remains throughout the day. It is smooth, light, and has a natural sheen with a shiny finish.


  • Lavender helps smooth down the hair
  • Shapes the hair lightly
  • Offers 24-hour frizz control
  • No artificial colorants used.


  • A good odor is missing

7. Sea Salt Spray Texturizing Hair Spray

Sea Salt Spray Texturizing Hair Spray

The sea salt spray for hair is a fabulous product to give professional blowouts for flawless looking hair. It helps revive dry and damaged hair.


  • Nourishes hair from inside out
  • All natural ingredients used
  • Restores wavy, curly hair
  • Gives volume, texture to hair


  • Might thicken your hair
  • Leaves white flakes after use
  • Your hair might become sticky after use
  • On curly hair, it dries out soon

8. Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Complete Anti-Frizz Care Spray

Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Complete Anti-Frizz Care Spray

Kerastase offers a fine hair spray to keep your silky smooth hair free from frizz and in shape for long.


  • Detangles and smoothens the hair
  • Pleasant smell
  • Gives texture to hair
  • Keeps hair intact for long hours


  • Not successful for curly hair
  • Might not prevent dryness
  • Frizzes might come back soon after application

9. UNITE Hair Boosta Volumizing Spray

UNITE Hair Boosta Volumizing Spray

Hair Boosta gives volume to your hair, lifts your locks, and gives them the perfect style that you wish for. It is water-based so that your hair does not become heavy on application. Spray thoroughly on damp hair and heat style for the best results.


  • Gives body to hair
  • Hair stays in shape with just a few sprays
  • Non-sticky
  • Does not make the hair look dirty


  • You might dislike the odor
  • Might leave your hair dry
  • Extensive use might result in losing the natural texture of the hair

10. LIVING PROOF Texture Mist Styling Hair Spray

LIVING PROOF Texture Mist Styling Hair Spray

Living Proof gives a beautiful texture to your hair and creates tousled styles on damp or dry hair. It is suitable for daily use.


  • Does not make the hair stiff
  • Non-sticky
  • Does not leave the hair dull or dry
  • Safe for chemically treated hair


  • Might not add much volume to the hair
  • Hair might become crunchy and gross if used multiple times
  • Might not be suitable for people with curly locks

11. Biotin Hair Thickening Spray For Thin Hair

Biotin Hair Thickening Spray For Thin Hair

It is infused with vitamin, protein, and caffeine. Biotin hair thickening spray can be used for thickening the hair. The spray reaches the hair follicles and blocks DTH hormones that prevent hair loss and eventually promotes hair growth.


  • No sticky residue
  • Free of sulfate and paraben
  • Makes hair look voluminous
  • Gives shine to hair


  • The spray bottle does not spray mist
  • People have reported of dandruff on hair after multiple uses
  • The hair might look messy as it causes dryness

12. Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray

Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray

This sea salt spray gives a tidy, beachy, and full-bodied look to your hair. It has no added colorant and is paraben-free too.


  • Gives a matt finish look
  • Very fine mist
  • Gives perfect wavy, beachy hair
  • No bad odor


  • Your hair might become stiff on extensive use
  • It has a sticky texture
  • Might cause itching on the scalp

13. Sun Bum Revitalizing 3-in-1 Leave-in Hair Conditioner Spray

Sun Bum Revitalizing 3-in-1 Leave-in Hair Conditioner Spray

This is a leave-in hair conditioner spray by Sun Bum that efficiently detangles hair and gives a smooth texture. It helps restore moisture and repairs damage.


  • Enriched with coconut oil and banana pulp
  • It is vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free
  • Can protect the most damaged sprays
  • Fresh smelling spray


  • It has no proven protection against UV rays
  • Might make your hair greasy
  • The hair might become sticky and waxy on application
  • It lacks the presence of hair conditioner as the ingredients

14. MATRIX Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment

MATRIX Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment

It is a versatile hair spray that provides several treatments. It nourishes hair, enhances shine, smoothens the cuticles, and prevents hair from breaking.


  • Reduces dryness
  • Controls frizziness
  • Adds moisture to hair
  • Protects hair from heat
  • Primes hair for styling


  • It does not spray as a mist and can lead to an uneven application on hair
  • Traces of spray might remain on hair
  • There is a fuzziness in hair after application

15. L’ANZA Healing Style Dramatic

LANZA Healing Style Dramatic

L’ANZA is a triple UV protector hair spray that prevents hair from hair color, fading, and damage. It is frizz-free and resists humidity.


  • Firmly holds hair
  • Leaves a shiny finish
  • Does not crack or flake
  • Makes hair healthy


  • The odor is not a choice of many
  • It might cause tangling of hair
  • Hair might become stiff on extensive usage

16. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth

TRESemme Compressed Micro Mist Smooth

It is a hair spray for daily use since it is lightweight and gives natural texture to the hair. It does not make the hair greasy and gives volume to your hair.


  • Holds hair very well
  • Best for curls
  • Micro mist makes use easy
  • Easy to brush out


  • Oil-like texture of the mist
  • Not a very pleasant odor

17. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY

LOreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY

This advanced hair spray is for natural, effortless styling. Gives a soft feel and efficiently styles hair without heat.


  • Gives volume to hair
  • Leaves no residue on the scalp
  • Leaves no flakes
  • No crunchy feeling after use


  • Might make hair look greasy
  • Adds weight to the hair
  • Might cause dryness in hair
  • The smell is not pleasant for many

How To Use Hair Sprays?

  1. Keep distance when you spray: Spraying close to the roots is not advisable since it saturates the hair, and you might not get the desired look. Spraying from a distance spreads the mist evenly across the hair for better styling.
  1. Appropriate spray technique to add volume: Bend your head slightly while spraying so that the spray spreads across the hair. You can also lift segments of hair so that the mist reaches evenly everywhere.
  1. Apply with hands: You can apply the hair spray on your hands and then use your hands to style your hair accordingly.
  1. Brush down: After applying the hair spray, brush your hair properly to achieve the desired style. Brushing down in gentle motions makes the hair smooth.

Safety Tips For Using Hair Sprays

  • Do not use hair sprays if you are pregnant
  • Avoid spraying near open flames
  • Hair sprays contain alcohol and other chemicals that might cause drying of the scalp.
  • Spray on hair and avoid spraying on the scalp directly

How To Choose The Best Hair Spray?

Consider the following attributes while shopping for hair sprays.

  1. Lightweight: Choose aqua-based (water-based) hair sprays so that they do not make your hair heavy and greasy.
  1. Fortifying elements: Look for hair sprays that offer natural nourishment through vitamins to nourish your hair along with the styling.
  1. Durability: Depending on the nature of your use, choose hair sprays that you can wear all day long or want to keep it temporary for parties.
  1. Odor: Buy a hair spray that smells fresh and pleasant, all day long.
  1. Cost: Make sure you spend an optimum amount on buying the right hair spray.

Can You Use Hair Sprays On Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can get clogged if sticky products are used on them. The use of such products will demand washing of your hair extensions more often and will lead to tangled extensions.

Finding the perfect hair spray with so many products and brands on the market is undoubtedly difficult. A good spray can hold your hair in place while ensuring it looks healthy and bouncy. You may want to choose hair sprays that are water-based to avoid making your hair heavy and oily. And, look for hair sprays that offer both styling and natural nourishment without causing any damage. Odor and cost are other important factors you should consider while buying a hair spray.

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