11 Best Toys For Hamsters To Play In 2022


Keep your pet hamster busy for hours in your absence with our list of the best hamster toys. These toys help them stay active and healthy, promoting running, digging, chewing, and other movements. However, keep a few safety measures in mind while selecting a toy for your hamster since they not only have poor eyesight and long teeth but are also sensitive. The toys should be natural, non-toxic, entertaining, and stimulating to ensure your furry friend’s good health and happiness. Take a look at our list to know more.

Benefits Of Toys For Hamsters

Here are some of the benefits of hamster toys.

  1. Exercise: If your pet were living in its natural habitat, it would be running around to hunt its food. However, living as a pet, hamsters don’t usually get enough exercise. With suitable toys, it can engage in regular exercise to improve its health.
  1. Activity: Hamsters are crepuscular, meaning they remain active during twilight. Thus, when you are not around to play, these toys will come in handy for the pet.
  1. Health Check: Your hamster’s incisors need to be checked to prevent them from growing excessively. Chewable toys can keep the teeth in place and level them out.

11 Best Hamster Toys

1. Best Overall:Niteangel Hamster Suspension Bridge Toy

Made of hardwood sticks, this bridge toy is strung and created by two flexible metal wires which can bend to form different shapes, including a climbing ladder, a sand area divider, or bedding. Suitable as décor, the bridge toy helps your hamster exercise, enhancing their balance and coordination skills. It is durable, easy to assemble, and safe to chew. Mice, rats, gerbils, sugar gliders, and more can also use this bridge toy.

2. Best Odor-Resistant:Roundler Dwarf Hamster House

Space-saving and easy to assemble, this DIY hamster house allows your pet to pack the bedding around and inside the house, play, and sleep. The house set is made from high-quality, non-toxic, natural wood material, with two holes for the hamster to see outside. Including a rainbow house, a fitness circle, and a rainbow bridge, the set is easy to clean, environment-friendly, and odor-resistant.

3. Best Durable Material:Jetec Hamster Hammock Soft Bed

The two-pack hamster beds include a banana hammock and a pineapple bed with hanging rings to hang the hammocks in a cage. They are suitable for small pets, including mice, guinea pigs, cavies, and more. The bed house is made from thick, durable material, soft to touch and difficult to break.

4. Best Non-Toxic:Xqw Hamster Track Toys

Xqw’s various track toys can make your pet scurry around with excitement. You can build various track combinations for the hamster to walk or run upon. They are manufactured from durable ABS plastic material, which is non-toxic and safe. The toys are brightly colored, include two toy hamsters, and can withstand bumps and drops.

5. Best Eco-Friendly:Vczone Small Pets Play Toys

The pack includes one apple tree branch cake, one bell roller, one watermelon ball, one dumbbell, one small bell roller, one square molar block with rope, one star rattan ball, one rattan ball, four pine balls, one grass ball, and 50g of apple sticks. These toys are manufactured from high-quality wood and are eco-friendly and anti-corrosive.

6. Katumo Bunny Chew Toys

Handmade from natural applewood sticks, these chew toys are organic, durable, and safe. They can protect your pet’s teeth, allowing them to grow healthily. The roughage helps with good digestion and offers relief from intestinal inflammation. These toys are eco-friendly and can keep your hamster engaged for hours. The set contains a water grass ball, one willow sepak takraw, one water hyacinth ball, four square grass brick biscuits, four timothy hay balls, and 50g of applewood chew sticks.

7. Best Waterproof:Skylety Hamster Toys

The five-piece set includes one double-layer hamster house, one rainbow bridge, one seesaw, one hamster exercise circle toy, and one swing. Suitable as cage accessories, these toys are made from high-quality wood plastic panels and are waterproof, durable, and non-toxic. The wood board’s edge is smooth, rounded, and polished, keeping your pet safe.

8. Best Bite-Resistant:BBjinronjy Hamster Chew Toys

Made of apple branches and crude wood, these chew toys are bite-resistant and eco-friendly. Suitable for small pets, these are fun-filled toys for your hamster to play with. The set includes a seesaw, a swing, a wooden ladder bridge, a bell roller, an apple branch molar string, a grass carrot toy, a unicycle, a rattan ball, and more. These toys can bend to make various shapes to keep your furry friend engaged.

9. Best Natural Material:Suwikeke Chew Toys

With 15 options, the pack contains 30g apple branch, a carrot grass ball, 30g sweet bamboo, a rose flower ball, a heart-shaped timothy grass cake, a calendula grass ball, a heart-shaped calendula cake, a timothy grass cake, a grass carrot, and more. These durable toys are made from 100% natural material and help prevent inflammation caused by overgrown teeth. They help freshen your hamster’s mouth and promote good stomach health.

10. Best For Dental Care:Miumiupop Hamster Chew Toy

The non-toxic toy is made from food-grade material and natural wood. It helps your hamster grind and clean its teeth, offering adequate dental care. Your pet can rotate the colored blocks on the toy for a fun-filled activity. It helps enhance your pet’s agility to prevent obesity and keep it healthy.

11. Elipark Small Animal Activity Toy Hamster House

With four hamster accessories, this pack includes one hamster bridge, one block with rope, one hamster house, and one dumbbell. Made from two flexible metal wires, the toys are bendable and adjustable to form various shapes. Its wooden ladder is made from hardwood sticks, and you can shape it into a sand area divider, bedding, climbing ladder, and more.

How To Choose The Right Hamster Toys?

Here are a few factors to consider when buying hamster toys.

  1. Chewable: Consider choosing chewable toys for hamsters as they enjoy the stimulation. Hamsters’ incisors continue to grow throughout their lifetime, so chewable toys can wear their teeth down to prevent injuries.
  1. Comfort: Ensure the toys don’t have any sharp edges or wide gaps. Also, consider your hamster’s size and age to choose a toy suitable for their comfort level.
  1. Material: Choose toys made of non-toxic, natural material to protect your pet’s health.
  1. Durability: Ensure the toys are durable for long-lasting performance. As hamsters have sharp teeth, flimsy toys might get damaged easily.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a writer specializing in toys and gifts. Here, she has compiled a list of the best hamster toys that are fun, engaging, and high-quality. She enjoys searching for interesting products that can make your pets’ lives easier. Hamsters are an overly lively bunch who tend to remain active through the night. Understanding the need to keep them busy so they can get exercise while allowing you to rest, Priti has provided detailed information and a buying guide for your convenience.

Hamsters need a good and safe supply of toys to keep them engaged and active and benefit their health. So, choose exciting and toxin-free toys to keep your little furry pet safe and entertained. To help you choose a suitable toy, we have compiled this list of the best hamster toys that come with various features, are made of high-quality material, and are non-toxic. Hope this post has given you a better idea of the products that can keep your hamster lively and occupied. Choose one that suits your hamster’s personality and requirements the best.

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