11 Best Heat Transfer Papers In 2021


A heat transfer paper can help you transfer any printed design to a piece of fabric. We have selected a list of the best heat transfer papers to help you choose the right one. You can do your printing with the help of these papers, an iron, and a computer. You have to print on the transfer paper and heat it. Once hot, the paper’s polymer sticks to the fabric. These papers are suitable for designing t-shirts, personalizing gifts for your loved ones, or starting your small printing press. Take a look at our list to learn more.

11 Best Heat Transfer Paper

1. Avery Printable Heat Transfer Paper

Create personalized face masks, T-shirts, hats, and other items using the Avery dark fabric transfer paper sheets. The iron-on transfer paper is specially created for dark or black 100% cotton or cotton mix fabrics. It is compatible with all inkjet printers, and the package includes five sheets of Avery iron-on transfer paper, each measuring 8.5x11in.


  • Good picture quality
  • Good adhesion
  • Includes instructions
  • Machine-washable
  • Fade- and crack-resistant


  • May not last long

2. NuFun Activities Heat Transfer Paper For Dark Fabrics

The NuFun Activities inkjet-printable iron-on heat transfer paper is compatible with all types of inkjet printers, cutters, and die-cutting machines. The pack includes five sheets of transfer paper and two sheets of parchment paper. The colors stay vibrant even after multiple washes, thanks to a patented technology.


  • Easy to use
  • Detailed instructions manual
  • Good print quality
  • Durable


  • May not be great for creating finer details

3. PPD Inkjet Premium Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfer Paper

PPD premium transfer paper comes in a pack of 20. Each printing paper measures 8.5x11in and is best used on garments. The innovative technology enables printing on various additional materials, including pillowcases, aprons, and other cotton or polycotton fabrics.


  • Inkjet-printer compatible.
  • Step-by-step instructions manual
  • Crack-free
  • Machine-washable and stretchable
  • Soft finish


  • Picture may stretch when pressure is applied

4. A-SUB Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer

The A-SUB heat transfer sublimation paper consists of 110 transfer sheets, each measuring 8.5x11in. It has a brightness rating of 80 lumens and has a coated paper finish. It can be applied on various surfaces, including polyester, 30% cotton surfaces, ceramic, tiles, metal plates, phone cases, and more. The sheet requires an inkjet printer, metal plate, sublimation ink, and heat resistance tape.


  • Quick-drying
  • Quality consistency
  • Excellent line sharpness
  • Available in different sizes
  • Vibrant colors


  • May bleed after a few washes

5. Printers Jack Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper

The Iron-On heat transfer paper from Printers Jack can be used on dark surfaces and comes in a pack of ten sheets. It can be used on dark nylon or 60% cotton surfaces by employing an inkjet printer, heat press, protective paper, and scissors. After heat-pressing the sheet for 25-30 seconds at around 360-degree Fahrenheit, one can get a smooth printed picture on the desired fabric.


  • Stretchable and quick-absorbing
  • Does not crack
  • Easy to use
  • Machine-washable
  • Clear instructions


  • Might be a little lighter than necessary

6. Jolee’s Boutique Easy Image Iron-on Transfer Paper

One can print cute designs on different kinds of fabric with the Jolee’s Boutique Iron-on transfer paper. The sheet measures 8.5x11in and is available in a pack of five. It is designed for use on dark fabrics.


  • Non-fading design
  • DIY use
  • Works well on light-colored garments too


  • Instructions might be confusing

7. NuFun Activities Heat Transfer Paper For Light Fabrics

The 100-sheet pack of transfer paper from NuFun allows you to explore your creativity and print on different fabrics such as totes, pillows, bags, T-shirts, and masks. It is compatible with all standard inkjet printers, cutters, die-cutting machines, irons, and heat presses. Each sheet measures 8.5x11in and is specially designed to work on light fabrics.


  • Works quickly
  • Does not leave ink behind
  • Washable and anti-fading
  • Works on cotton


  • Directions for use might be misleading

8. TransOurDream Upgraded Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper

The iron-on heat transfer sheet from TransOurDream incorporates the latest technology to let you cut the paper easily. It is compatible with all types of inkjet printers, pigment ink, and withstands up to 30 washes. The set includes 20 sheets in one pack and four reusable Teflon papers.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Machine-washable
  • Breathable
  • DIY gift making
  • No mirror print required
  • Includes step-by-step instructions


  • May not be great for creating finer details

9. Htvront Heat Transfer Paper

The 20-pack printable heat transfer vinyl makes transferring your favorite graphics into T-shirts a breeze and allows your creative ideas to come to life. The heat transfer paper for T-shirts allows you to create customizations with just an inkjet printer and a home iron. Each iron-on transfer paper is made for dark-colored 100% cotton or cotton/poly mix fabric.


  • Fade-resistant
  • Washable and durable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Soft and stretchable design


  • Might be difficult to separate

10. Hiipoo Inkjet Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper

Hiipoo heat transfer paper is compatible with all inkjet printers and hand-painted brushes. Produced with waterborne polyurethane using AI edge technology, the paper is robust and long-lasting. The package includes ten pieces of dark heat transfer paper, two pieces of grease-proof paper, and one piece of adhesive polyester film.


  • Does not peel or crack
  • Fade-resistant
  • Works on cotton and nylon
  • Easy to use
  • Clear instruction manual


  • Might be thick

11. Neenah Jet-Pro SS  Heat Transfer Paper

This professional-quality transfer paper from Neenah can be used on white or light garments. To get a perfect print, all one needs to do is preheat an iron to the highest setting, find a smooth board for ironing, and print the reverse/mirrored side of the image to the fabric.


  • Long-lasting design
  • 100-lumen brightness rating
  • Specially coated paper finish


  • Instructions might not be clear

How To Choose The Right Heat Transfer Paper?

Here are a few factors that you should consider when choosing the right heat transfer paper.

  1. Size of the sheet: This is important, especially if you plan on working on larger projects. Ensure the length of the transfer paper you’ve chosen can handle the size of the picture you’re working with. Also, consider the size of the fabric to which you want to transfer the image.
  2. Printer options: The type of printer you now have or plan to buy will have a significant bearing on the type of transfer paper you use. Inkjet printers are often favored by many.
  3. Material opacity: Make sure you read the item description and choose the appropriate paper for light-colored materials or dark fabric you’ve chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I use iron-on transfer paper?

Follow these steps to use an iron-heat transfer paper and create cool designs.

  • Print on the matte side of the sheet.
  • Cut all the way around your design. If there is any surplus material near the cut lines, remove it.
  • To eliminate moisture and wrinkles, press the fabric for a few seconds before adding your design.
  • Place your design on the fabric after removing it from the backing paper. You’ll probably want to use transfer tape to keep your design in place if it has several sections. Before pressing, cover the design with protective paper.
  • Press at the time and temperature recommended. Also, check to discover how much pressure your press needs to exert.
  • To show your design, remove the protecting paper. Check the directions to determine whether it needs to cool before using.
  1. Are transfer paper designs machine-washable?

Yes, they are machine-washable. However, flipping the clothes inside-out before washing them will help your design endure longer. To keep the design’s vibrancy, stay away from bleach-based detergents.

  1. Do I need special ink for heat transfer paper?

Although most pieces of heat transfer paper do not require special ink, some items might require one. Check the labels for the recommended type of ink.

A heat transfer paper may be used on light- and dark-colored fabrics. With just a printer, an iron, a high-quality fabric, and the right heat transfer paper, you may create unique designs for yourself, give them as gifts, or start your own custom printing business. Choose a heat transfer paper from this list to create masterpieces anytime, anywhere.

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