11 Best Helicopter Toys To Buy In 2022


When looking for exciting playthings for your child’s collection, there’s no settling for anything less than the best helicopter toys. These are designed with fascinating styles and features suitable for toddlers and grown-up kids. These toys have exciting remote control features to make the operation convenient and entertaining for children and intrigue their learning minds. In addition, most helicopter toys are lightweight and come in various colors to keep your curious child engaged.

Listed below are a few helicopter toys to help you pick the right one.

11 Best Helicopter Toys

1. Best Lightweight: Green Toys Helicopter

The Green Toys helicopter is available in two attractive colors, i.e., blue and green, to capture your child’s imagination. Made from recycled plastic, it is remarkably lightweight, weighing 0.39lb and measuring 9.63×6.13×5.88in.

The product is safe for children and is free of harmful substances, including BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings that can harm children. Suitable for children aged two years and above, the toy’s high-flying capacity with easy landing allows your child to enjoy make-believe adventures.


2. Best Easy-To-Control: Syma Remote Control Helicopter

The remote control helicopter toy from Syma has an interesting altitude hold feature, mimicking real helicopters. Its easy control allows your child to operate it comfortably. Enabled with channel 3.5, it has a Gyro stabilizer with high- and low-speed controls.

The toy helicopter with an alloy body is easy to control with a throttle stick that suits children above two years, making it suitable for beginners and grown-up children. It is designed with US standards and is backed by several safety certifications, including FCC and CE. To make an informed decision before buying, you can check out this video.


3. Best Easy-To-Assemble: Deerc DE51 Remote Control Helicopter

Deerc kid’s toy helicopter is a remote-controlled model made of metal and weighs 0.67lb. This 2.4GHz indoor flying toy is equipped with red and blue helicopter shells, is easy to assemble, and features the latest Gyroscope technology and an automatic pair.

The stable signals with a non-jamming function allow multiple helicopters to operate at the same time. Equipped with two modular batteries, it enables more than 20 minutes of play, even in low lights with LED support. Click here to check out this YouTuber’s unbiased review.


4. Best For Beginners: VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Helicopter

The smart wheels helicopter from VTech is designed for beginners, allowing simple usage for children aged one to five years. Available in a combination of blue, yellow, and red, it is made of PP material, teaches new words, and helps develop acquaintance with Hank, the toy helicopter.

The toy requires two AAA batteries to function, and its mechanical propeller spins, nudging children towards early motor skills development. You can press the light-up windshield on the front to play three sing-along songs and six melodies.


5. Best BPA-Free: Green Toys Rescue Boat With Helicopter

Made of 100% BPA-free recycled plastic, this rescue boat and helicopter set is available in one EA size and is lightweight. Available in red and yellow colors, the toys suit children from two to six years. This four-piece bath toy set comprises pilot bear and captain duck characters for your child’s entertainment.

The toy set is made with safety parameters in mind and does not have harmful external paints and dyes, making it safe and environment-friendly.


6. Best For Motor Skills: Joyin Military Vehicle Toy Set

The military transport helicopter toy set from Joyin comes with a tiltrotor toy army helicopter. It features a military truck, two military action figures, a dog figure, and accessories. This pack is made of safe plastic and is lightweight at 2.18lb. The transport helicopter is sturdy and has realistic light and sound effects, offering endless fun while boosting cognitive, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills development. It is safe for children above three years.


7. Best Long-Lasting: WolVolk Police Helicopter

WolVolk helicopter toy is designed as a police helicopter in blue and matte black for a classy look and finish, attracting the child’s attention. It is a solid-built, push-and-go chopper toy that features light and sound for increased engagement of kids.

The unique build of this toy helicopter helps improve hand-eye coordination and essential motor skills. Weighing 1.01lb, it is remarkably lightweight. This unique, fun, and engaging toy is made of high-quality material that is safe for children. Its durable plastic build makes it long-lasting, allowing children to indulge in imaginative and creative military play with friction-powered use.


8. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Joyin 14-in-1 Die-Cast Fire Truck Vehicle Toy Set

The fire truck vehicle toy set from Joyin comes with 12 small figures and 12 die-cast mini fire-engine vehicles, including a rescue helicopter, fire ambulance, lifting fire truck, fire minivan, and an armored car. The toy set weighs 2.77lb and offers endless fun while boosting motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, and cognition improvement. It is made of premium-quality materials and ensures safety.


9. Best Friction-Powered: Vokodo Fire Rescue Helicopter

Vokodo Fire Rescue Helicopter is lightweight at one pound and comes with light and sound buttons. This firefighter chopper toy has an attractive red build with intuitive playing functions. Measuring 11x8x5.5in, it has a friction-powered push-and-go function that allows it to travel without any external control.

The rubber wheels allow it to move forward on a smooth surface easily. The design suits the playing needs of children between three and seven years. Crafted with realistic features, the toy helicopter is safe and is modeled on a scale of 1:16 for enhanced fun.


10. Best Light And Sound Effects: Dickie Toys Light And Sound Helicopter

Weighing 1.76lb, this blue helicopter toy grabs children’s attention. Measuring 16x5x7.5in, the helicopter toy comes with a crew that prepares for immediate action while playing.

The helicopter’s spinning rotor blades allow children to stay ready for rescue through the air and the sea. With light and sound effects, the flying helicopter makes the play interesting. One can also wind the winch, allowing easy rescue and safety.


11. Best Rechargeable Battery: Amerfist Flying Ball MiniDrone Toy

Made of non-toxic and high-quality ABS material, this hand-controlled drone globe is lightweight and flexible. It is durable enough to withstand multiple crashes and portable. With an in-built rechargeable battery, the flying ball requires 25 minutes to charge for ten minutes of play. You can charge it through a USB port.

The toy flies in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it and upwards when your hands are underneath it. Its propellers are placed inside the ball, preventing any accidents. The colorful LED ball is interactive and engages children, improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


How To Choose The Right Helicopter Toy?

You can refer to the following important factors when buying a helicopter toy for your kid.

  1. Age: Check the age suitability of the helicopters to pick a toy that your child can easily play with.
  2. Skill level: These toys are designed for different skill levels based on their age and help improve hand-eye coordination, cognitive, and motor skills.
  3. Features: Check for the features and accessories, such as hand-controlled or remote-controlled. Some have competitive features suitable for competitive gaming.
  4. Available space: Toy helicopters may be designed for indoor or outdoor use along with a defined playing perimeter.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose specializes in creating quality content on children’s toys and games. Here, she presents a list of the best helicopter toys available in the market. Priti has ensured that the toys are safe and engaging for children. She has described the features and provided a buying guide for each product to help you choose a toy that your child will love.

The helicopter toys mentioned in the list above are well designed and fascinating for kids. The list has been curated carefully after considering several factors such as safety and durability. However, it would help if you chose a toy appropriate for your little one’s age so they can use it well. Also, check features such as remote control so your child can have a hassle-free and fun experience while playing with the helicopter toy. Lastly, try to opt for a toy that requires moderate skills to operate it, such as the child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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