15 Best Bike Helmets For Toddlers And Kids And Buying Guide For 2022


Every kid steps into a phase where they start exploring and become adventurous. That’s when parents need the best toddler helmet to keep their little ones safe while they learn to ride bikes or skates. These helmets are colorful, quite adorable, and reliable as well. They offer strapping buckles for maximum convenience, and they feature vents that facilitate breathing, especially during summers. The quality is top-notch and certified for safety. Now, check out these helmets that we listed below and you can also ask your kid for a preferred helmet and buy it accordingly. The cute designs and colors will always keep your child excited for outdoor activities like skating.

15 Best Helmets For Toddlers 

1. Nickelodeon Kids Paw Petrol Multi-Sport Helmet

Let your little one indulge in all the fun without breaking a sweat when you have this attractive multi-sport helmet on your side. This cool and comfortable baby helmet for toddlers comes with air vents for maximum ventilation so kids won’t feel stuffy. The 360° dial makes it easy to set according to the right size for your child’s head. You also get an added sense of durability and extra rear protection with the lower molded shell design. You won’t have to worry about your little one out and about on a hot summer day because the top vents are ideal for keeping their heads cool.

Product features:

  • Choose from different attractive colors
  • Adjustable dial fit
  • Top vent to keep your head cool
  • Available in 2 sizes for toddlers and older children up to the age of 8 years


2. Bell Store Minnie Ears And Bow Multisport Helmet

Let your child enjoy the magical world of Mickey and Minnie with these colorful and creative bike helmets. Not only do they feature 7 vents to keep your little one’s head cool but it also comes with a side-squeeze buckle for easy adjustment. Your kid will be enthralled as they can choose from different colors, patterns, and styles, while you keep their safety at the forefront. With this safety helmet for your baby, you can encourage your child to head outdoors and indulge in some biking fun.

Product features:

  • Available in different sizes for toddlers, children, and teens
  • Complies with the US CPSC safety standards
  • Complies with US ASTM safety standard for multi-impact skateboard helmets
  • Adjustable chin strap for security


3. Raskullz Dinosaur Helmets

Help your child be inspired with imagination and hours of adventures with the fierce 3D designs accompanying this helmet. Based on rad dinosaur characters, this helmet features a variety of unique 3D fun. It is sculpted from high-quality thermoplastic rubber that is tough but also soft to touch. With non-toxic components that do not add excessive weightage, this bike helmet for toddlers is sure to have your child rushing to play outdoors. You can choose from different sizes for toddlers and children and strap up with the nylon straps for the right fit.

Product features:

  • Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell
  • Aerodynamic cooling vents for breathability
  • Adjustable strap fit system
  • Soft cushioning pads on the interior for comfort


4. The Bell Store Paw Patrol Bike Helmet

The Bell Store Paw Patrol Bike Helmet is available in different colors, including a 3D Chase Multisport to keep your kid entertained and enthusiastic about cycling. Recommended for toddlers between the age of 3 and 5, these helmets will fit most head sizes. Encourage your little one to put on this helmet with easy-to-adjust chin straps that can be altered according to the right fit.

Product features:

  • Shock-absorbing inner shell
  • Aerodynamic cooling vents
  • Offers extended head coverage
  • Complies with the U.S. CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets for persons aged 1 and older


5. Radio Flyer Helmet

The Radio Flyer Helmet offers your child an excellent way to be safe as they enjoy riding. This snug helmet has a snug and sleek design that comes in a stunning red shade and grows with your child, making it suitable for children up to the age of 5 years. With an adjustable interior design that fits 48 to 54 centimeters, you can be assured that your child finds a comfortable fit for their heads.

Product features:

  • Easy-to-use chin strap
  • Comes with a safety buckle
  • Ideal for toddlers aged 2 and above
  • Dial to adjust interior padding
  • Complies with S. safety standard for bicycle helmets


6. Lanova Kids Multi-Sport Helmet

If you are on the lookout for an ideal helmet that will help your child be safer when indulging in sports and other activities, we have got just the right one for you. This toddler safety helmet comes with an adjustable rotary internal regulator and is suitable for children between 2 and 8 years. Finding the right size can be vital for your child’s comfort, which is why the adjustable dial system can be altered based on the circumference of the head. The hard PVC shell and high-density EPS core offer additional protection along with the extra padded edges.

Product features:

  • Reinforced ABS shell that is impact resistant
  • 11 vent holes system for easy airflow evacuation channel
  • 2 fan-shaped easy buckles
  • Available in 5 color options
  • Giftable option suitable for all outdoor activities


7. SG Dreams Kids Bike Helmet

Keeping your kids safe becomes paramount, especially when they are learning to ride a bike. The SG Dreams Kids Bike Helmet not only meets safety standards but also comes with a shock-absorbing expanded polystyrene shell that can drastically reduce the impact of a fall. Secure your child’s safety by adjusting the helmet either vertically or horizontally using the wheel ratchet at the back of the helmet. You can continuously adjust the dial fit as your child grows older so that the helmet feels tight and snug up until the age of 7 years. This lightweight helmet is ideal for little children who enjoy multiple sports and comes with a hygienic and washable cushioning pad.

Product features:

  • 10 vented holes for airy comfort
  • LED safety light with 3 lighting modes
  • Available in fun colors
  • Fits up to 22 inches


8. SG Dreams Toddler Helmet

Toddlers can be clumsy and hurt themselves while playing, so it becomes essential for parents to secure their child’s safety with an effective multi-sports helmet. This one comes with an ultra-soft and fully adjustable strap that keeps the helmet on your toddler’s head without it falling off. Suitable for different sports like cycling, camping, roller skating, or skateboarding, this one comes with an adjustable dial for a snug fit that grows with your toddler. You can use this helmet till your child turns 3 years as the lightweight design also comes with a hygienic cushion pad that can be regularly washed clean.

Product features:

  • Low friction chin strap
  • Quick-release ITW buckle
  • EPS foam for shock absorption
  • 9 vented holes
  • Available in different colors and designs


9. Crazy Safety Child-Friendly Bike Helmet

Let your child explore adventures safely with this super cool helmet that has a 3D animal design printed on it. The helmet ideally fits children between 3 and 7 years and has a durable molded shell with a shock-absorbing EPS inner foam and ultra-soft cloud padding. Your child can choose between colorful patterns, including tigers, dragons, leopards, and giraffes. You can encourage your kids to imagine a fantasy world as they play outdoor sports with this fun and safe design.

Product features:

  • In-mold safety helmet
  • 6 long vent holes
  • Lightweight
  • Strong LED light for safety in the dark
  • Easy one-click buckle


10. Grottico Kids Bike Helmet

Breathability is an important feature to consider when looking for the right helmet for toddlers. This super lightweight helmet has a durable polycarbonate outer shell and EPS inner shell without feeling too heavy on your child’s head. The protective gear set is suitable for multiple sports and has a soft pad to keep your chin cushioned. Give your child the best of all-around protection, including knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. The helmet size can be altered according to the head circumference using the adjustable size dial.

Product features:

  • Impact-absorbing foam core
  • 17 vents to keep cool and dry
  • Comes with a safety reflective strip
  • Available in 2 sizes for toddlers and older kids


11. Kakiblin Baby Safety Helmet

Is your little one learning to walk and crawl, leaving you anxious for the most bit? This baby safety helmet is just what you need to prevent them from getting hurt with this comfortable and easy-to-use design. The helmet is made from high-quality material that offers detachable cleaning without harming your baby’s skin. The adjustable velcro can be freely expanded to alter the size of the helmet. Your infant’s head remains protected as the helmet is filled with crystal super soft fabric covered by Nylex safe for kids. The helmet is available in 4 vogue styles, including Pink Rabbit, Yellow Bear, White Panda, and Blue Duck, for toddlers up to 3 years.

Product features:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Thin compressed sponge for safety
  • Washable with water
  • Ideal for toddlers learning to crawl


12. Rock Bros Kids Bike Helmet

The Rock Bros Kids Full Face Bike Helmet is made of PC and EPS to guarantee your kid’s safety as they learn to cycle. The 2-in-1 detachable full-face helmet can be conveniently undone with the push of a button and reassembled whenever you want. The helmet comes with quick-release buckle straps and a one-hand fit adjustment back wheel for comfort wearing. You can simply fasten the straps under the chin to hold the webbing in place and guarantee maximum safety. The aerodynamic design effectively reduces air resistance and sweating while providing a cooling airflow that’s just right for the summer.

Product features:

  • 12 large vents
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 360° adjustable system
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Nylon belt


13. Zingvivi Kids Safety Helmet

If you are looking for protective gear for your little ones as you encourage them to step outside and learn how to cycle or skate, the Zingvivi Kids Safety Helmet is the one for you. The helmet fits up to 22 inches head circumference and comes with an adjustable dial and straps. The side strap adjusters and the rotary regulator help your child get a proper fit as they learn new skills. Made from high quality and high strength plastic, the helmet stays in place and is ideal for children between 3 and 10 year

Product features:

  • Adjustable buckle
  • Air vents effectively reduce wind resistance
  • Elastic band to hold the helmet in place
  • Attractive yellow-black design


14. AM Alphamount Toddler Bike Helmet

Your child no longer has to have injuries when backed with a high-quality helmet to protect them. This helmet is made with a hard PVC shell with a smooth surface and rounded edges in a simple and stylish design. The durable and well-built helmet is both practical and wear-resistant, so your child can use it for as long as they need it. The fully adjustable design fits snug and has a pair of thick and thin removable inner pads. Children up to the age of 5 years can easily fasten and adjust the chin strap length each time they are headed outside.

Product features:

  • 14 vents for breathability
  • Available in 2 attractive colors
  • Offers back head protection
  • High-density foam


15. Apusale Toddler Helmet

Watch your toddler embrace the great outdoors as they take on the challenges of learning how to cycle or skate with this fun design. You can effectively protect your child’s head from collisions with the strength and impact-resistant ABS shell that has superior quality. This helmet is ultra-lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for long hours. It also comes with an extended visor for maximum protection, as well as nylon straps, a pinch guard chin strap, and an adjustable fit dial. Your little one can choose from 6 attractive colors and lightweight designs that they can carry on their own.

Product features:

  • Offers shock absorption
  • 12 vents for proper airflow
  • Removable and washable thickened pads
  • 3-mode safety lights 


Now that you have scanned through some of the available products in the market, you can buy one of the best helmets for toddlers. If you are still confused about how to choose the right one, our buying guide will help you make the right decision.

How To Choose The Right Toddler Helmets

  • Weight and size

Choosing the right helmet for your toddler is important because they need to be convinced to wear it every time they head out. Choose an option that is made of lightweight materials so that your child is most comfortable. Ideally, the helmets will put lesser pressure on your child’s neck and shoulders, while ensuring that they are snug. You could also take into consideration the sizes available to find one that is just right for your toddler.

  • Buckle and adjustability

Some children may just find the straps to be annoying and tend to fiddle with them. That’s why it’s important to look for buckles that don’t detach too easily. This way the helmet stays put when it’s intended to, and you can help your child remove it once they are done playing. You can also look for ones that can be adjustable and grow with your child as they are better investments.

  • Ventilation design

When it comes to ventilation, smaller helmets may not be your best buy.  You can check to see if the helmet you’re buying has enough vent holes. Not only do they provide breathability, but they also reduce sweating on hotter days. When your child is learning how to ride a cycle on his own, or skate for that matter, you will want to choose a design that lets your child breathe and see clearly.

  • Safety certifications

When it comes to your child’s safety, you will always want to be doubly sure and that is where safety certifications come into play. Look for the best helmet that complies with the standard safety certifications and you can be assured of your child’s safety.

Your little one is most precious to you, and hence, their safety is always your priority. While playing, falling, and a little tumbling are part and parcel of a memorable childhood, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be concerned about keeping your child safe from harm. One of the best and most efficient ways is by investing in the best helmets for toddlers. We hope our list of the 15 best helmets for toddlers was helpful, and you picked the perfect one for your perfect one! The ideal one will fit your child perfectly, allow ventilation, and protect your baby from any mishaps during play.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team scoured several online reviews to curate this list of the best helmets for toddlers and kids. While preparing this list, it was your child’s safety and the efficacy, durability, and strength of the helmet that was our priority. We also took into account children’s taste to select vibrant products that have famous animation characters printed on them. With the best features of each product highlighted and a buying guide towards the end, we have provided all the details to help you select the right product for your child.

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