11 Best Seat Cushions For Hemorrhoids In 2021


Hemorrhoids are painful, especially when you’re seated on an uncomfortable chair without seat cushions. So, here’s our list of the best hemorrhoid seat cushions which provide you with support, relief, and optimal comfort.

Hemorrhoids, popularly known as piles, are painful because they cause swelling in the anus veins and the rectum. You can use hemorrhoid cushions to relieve the pressure sores and combat pain temporarily. They come in different sizes, shapes, densities, and some also have washable covers. Take a look at our buyer’s guide and list of premium products to choose the right one for yourself.

11 Best Hemorrhoid Seat Cushions

1. 5 Stars United Seat Cushion Pillow

5 Stars United’s seat cushion pillow for hemorrhoids is made from 100% memory foam. It measures 18x14x3in and is semi-circular in shape. The seat cushion is designed to provide support and help you maintain a good posture even during long working hours.

The hemorrhoid cushion increases blood flow to various body parts and prevents back pain, leg tightness, and muscle fatigue. In addition, the breathable mesh cover provides excellent air circulation, and the ergonomic design ensures good support to the lumbar area.


  • Firm built
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Washable mesh cover
  • Fits most chairs


  • May take you a few weeks to adapt to it

2. Ergonomic Innovations Donut Pillow

Ergonomic Innovations’ donut pillow is ideal for those unable to sit for long periods due to sores, hemorrhoids, or pregnancy-related issues. The orthopedic seat cushion is filled with memory foam and comes with a machine-washable cover.

This pillow is suitable for everyone and is designed to give you relief from sores and hemorrhoids. It is lightweight and portable and can be used during driving too.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports body weight up to 240lb
  • Improves posture
  • Has a coccyx cutout
  • Distributes weight evenly


  • Might be slightly small and hard

3. Kieba Hemorrhoid Treatment Donut Tailbone Cushion

Kieba’s black memory foam cushion for hemorrhoids facilitates optimal weight distribution to relieve pain caused by pressure, ulcers, pregnancy, prostatitis, childbirth, and hemorrhoids. The premium foam used does not deflate, and the non-slip bottom ensures the cushion stays in place all day long. You can use this ergonomic seat cushion on a chair, plane seat, wheelchair, or car seat.


  • Comes with a removable and machine-washable cover
  • Improves posture
  • Has a coccyx cutout
  • Includes a zipper


  • Slightly hard

4. DMI Donut Pillow And Seat Cushion

Measuring 16x13x3in, this seat cushion for hemorrhoids is available in navy blue and white. It is designed to prevent pressure on the tailbone and back. The hole in the middle relieves pressure and pain experienced by people who sit for long. The high-density foam keeps the cushion in its original shape, and you can use it at home or during travel.


  • Machine-washable polyester cover
  • Conforms to the lower body’s contours
  • Supportive foam
  • Ring shape to support your tail bone


  • Some users might find it small

5. Royi Memory Foam Seat/Chair Cushion

This hemorrhoid seat cushion is made from rubber and high-quality fabric and memory foam and is available in black. The U-shaped cut on the cushion conforms to the natural contour of your body to relieve pressure sores, back pain, numbness, and hip pain and promote blood flow. Further, the non-slip and meshed rubber bottom ensures the seat cushion doesn’t slide.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100% machine- and hand-washable
  • Has a sturdy zipper
  • Meshed cover for breathability


  • Might not be firm enough

6. AnboCare Donut Pillow

This hemorrhoid ring cushion features a central hole and is perfect for alleviating prostate, postpartum, sciatica, and coccyx pains. The flexible cushion has a cooling gel layer that does not fall out even after extended use and is filled with high-quality memory foam designed to give you optimal comfort.


  • Portable and lightweight doughnut pillow
  • Does not deflate easily
  • Removable mesh cover offers breathability
  • Made of durable materials
  • Comes with a string handle for portability
  • Nonslip bottom


  • Some users might find it hard and narrow

7. Lisenwood Donut Pillow

Lisenwood’s donut pillow helps improve your seating posture and has natural contours that are ideal for keeping your spine in its natural shape and offering tail bone relief. This memory foam seat cushion is machine-washable and has a non-slip bottom that stays in place all day long. This soft navy-blue cushion has four contours that promote blood circulation in the body.


  • Wedge-shaped
  • Has a front contour that is perfect while sitting
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has a cover that features a breathable mesh and durable hidden zipper
  • Soft and plush memory foam


  • Might deflate after extended use

8. Huisilk Donut Pillow

This lightweight pillow measures 17.7×13.7×2.7in and is ideal for relieving postpartum, prostate, sciatica, coccyx, pregnancy, and hemorrhoid pains. It is ergonomically designed, and the central hole and meshed fabric provide good air circulation all day long. You can use it in office, home, car, airplane, or train. The contoured hemorrhoids cushion ring is ideal for adults as well as the elderly.


  • Has a unique natural design
  • Has a universal fit
  • Designed to promote air circulation
  • Comes with thermal reaction technology
  • Offers tailbone support
  • Made of 100% memory foam
  • Non-slip base


  • Some users might find it hard

9. Healthy Spirit Donut Tailbone Pillow

Get relief from hemorrhoids with this ergonomic seat cushion from Healthy Spirit. Measuring 13.7×17.5×2.7in, the medical-grade foam reduces pressure on the coccyx and offers tail bone relief. You can use it in the car, wheelchair, office, or any other place where you sit for an extended period. The plush velvet cover gives you a luxurious feel all day long, and the seat cushion is designed for optimal weight distribution.


  • Enables pain-free sitting
  • Designed to offer comfort on almost all kinds of chairs
  • Has an extra-large size for extra comfort
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Removable and washable cover


  • Might take you some time to get used to it

10. Aylio Donut Luxury Seat Cushion

Designed to give temporary relief, this hemorrhoid chair cushion from Aylio is made of high-quality leather and high-density memory foam. The contours alleviate pressure caused by childbirth, pregnancy, sores, and hemorrhoids. It also comes with a handle so that you can carry it anywhere you like.


  • Thick airflow mesh for breathability
  • Vegan leather base
  • Can be used in the office chair, car set, and wheelchair
  • Features a therapeutic memory foam
  • Built-in handle for portability
  • Washable cover with premium zipper


  • Slightly thin and small

11. Careactive Comfort Seat Cushion

Look no further than this hemorrhoid seat cushion from Careactive. Available in zebra fleece, this soft seat cushion is crafted to give you comfort all day long. It has a dense foam core that provides a firm lifting action and relief from pain and pressure.


  • Has a soft and comfortable Sherpa top
  • Measures 14x14x5in
  • Has breathable and comfortable cotton sides
  • Machine-washable cover


  • Might not be ideal for tall people

Disclaimer: The information given in this section has been taken from manufacturers’ sources. MomJunction is not responsible for any of the claims made here. We recommend readers’ discretion.

How To Choose The Right Seat Cushion For Hemorrhoids?

Keep these pointers in mind before you pick a hemorrhoid seat cushion.

  • Material: You can choose a cushion filled with memory foam or polyurethane material. A memory foam cushion does not flatten easily.
  • Size: Hemorrhoid seat cushions come in a variety of sizes. Pick a cushion that has a universal size and a big central hole so that you can sit comfortably all day long.
  • Density: The cushions come in a variety of thicknesses. Choose a soft or firm seat cushion based on your convenience.

Individuals with hemorrhoids might know how painful sitting for long can be. So, if you invest your money in a comfortable pillow or seat cushion, it will take away the pressure from sensitive areas and give you support and comfort all day long. The seat cushions on this list are portable, offer pressure relief, and are easy to maintain.

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