9 Best Highlighters For Brown Skin In 2022


Give your face a glowy sheen with our list of the best highlighters for brown skin. A highlighter adds a luminous glow to the face and accentuates the highest points of your face. However, choosing the right highlighter shade depends on your complexion. Products with peach, bronze, or gold undertones can give your skin a warm, rich glow.

Most highlighters are available in liquid or powder forms. They contain light-diffusing pigments that offer the skin a natural sheen and enhance your makeup. With various products available, choosing the right highlighter for your skin may be challenging. So, browse through our list to make an informed choice.

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9 Best Highlighters For Brown Skin

1. Best For Skin Types: Maybelline New York Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

Maybelline New York master chrome metallic highlighter can add dimensions to your face. This highly pigmented formula is suitable for all types of skin, giving your skin a reflective effect. It is formulated with the best ingredients to enhance your facial features by attracting light. The pressed powder has two rich colors of molten metal tones.

2. Best Water-Resistant: Lifus Highlighter Palette

Lifus highlighter is a four-in-one palette that can enhance your makeup and give you a three-dimensional look with perfect and precise contours. The water-resistant and smudge-proof highlighter is ideal for your brow-bones, cheekbones, and eyelids and suitable for various skin tones. The pigment-rich powder-base glow bronzer adds a subtle glow to your face and gives it a soft silky texture. This bronzer is vegan and cruelty-free.

3. Best Moisturizing: Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter

The Physicians Formula multidimensional powder-based highlighter combines the advantages of murumuru, tucuma, and cocoa butter. It is lightweight and can be worn over makeup or used as a stand-alone makeup delight. It also contains essential fatty acids and provitamins, which help moisturize the skin and retain moisture. The blendable highlighter has refined pearls to help brighten the skin tone. This hypoallergenic product is safe for sensitive skin and does not contain harsh chemicals.


4. Best Shimmery: Wet n Wild Megaglo Liquid Highlighter

This liquid highlighter delivers a multi-dimensional shimmer effect and gives it a natural moisturizing finish. Wet n Wild highlighter has refined pearls and soft-focus pigments, which can smoothen your skin tone and give it a subtle glow. This wear-alone formula contains murumuru seed butter and vitamin E, which can smoothly spread and brighten skin tone. The moisturizing formula has never been tested on animals.


5. Best Vegan: Aesthetica Starlite Highlighter

Aesthetica highlighter, available in four different shades, delivers a radiant glow and natural dewy effect to darker skin tones. The powder-based formula has a metallic luster, blends perfectly with your skin, and lasts for a long time. The disc-shaped compact contains luminous pressed powder with a mirror to complete your makeup look. It is fortified with the best ingredients and is vegan and cruelty-free.


6. Best Pigmented: Covergirl TruBlend Super Stunner Hyper-glow

The Covergirl TruBlend highlighter is designed to give all skin tones a shimmering effect. It is a powder-based formula rich in pigments, which help accentuate the cheekbones and give a radiant glow. The rich formula blends perfectly with your makeup to create a perfect and charming appearance. The formula contains highly effective ingredients and has never been tested on animals.

7. Best Handmade Formula: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact

Bobbi Brown’s compact-based highlighter in pink quartz is a shimmering brush-on powder highlighter that gives your face a soft pink appearance. The light-diffusing pigments enhance the skin texture with a natural sheen, adds a soft glow to your cheeks, and accentuates your facial features beautifully. The handmade formula blends smoothly with your skin and reflects a radiant glow. The formula has been tested by dermatologists and does not contain parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.


8. Best For Natural Glow: TheBalm Bonnie-dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter

Use this liquid highlighter to enhance your skin’s natural glow and make your skin soft and smooth. The creamy wear-alone formula is multidimensional and gives your cheekbones an illuminating effect. The balm liquid highlighter is a lightweight formula rich in pigments and blends easily with your skin. The liquid formula with ethical ingredients gives a dewy effect to your skin.

9. Best Nourishing: Hurraw! Multi-Use Highlighter

Hurraw highlighter is a non-greasy formula that enhances your facial features while nourishing your skin. The highlighter glides smoothly on the skin with a silky, buttery feel. It is rich in coconut, castor, and jojoba oils, which add luster to your skin. The formula has never been tested on animals and is a certified vegan product. This organic formula is also non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals or preservatives.


How To Choose The Right Highlighter For Brown Skin?

Here are some suggestions for choosing the best highlighter for dark skin.

1. Pigments: Choose a product that is rich in pigments to enhance natural luster.

2. Shade: Rich gold, bronze, and copper are most suitable for brown skin. Avoid buying frosty colors such as pink and peach.

3. Long-lasting: Always check the product label’s expiry date. Avoid buying products that are close to the expiry date. Expired products may irritate your skin.

4. Sun protection: A highlighter with SPF content can be worn as wear-alone to provide you with double protection.

5. Brand: Choose trustworthy brands that have positive reviews. A reputable brand will not compromise on quality.

These highlighters are multidimensional products available in various hues to help even out your skin tone and enhance your look by highlighting the facial features. A travel-friendly highlighter is a must-have for all makeup lovers for a perfect beauty regime.

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