13 Best Hiking Shorts For Women, With Buying Guide For 2023

Choosing the right outfit is essential to stay comfortable when you go on a hike. The best hiking shorts for women will help you tackle the temperature and the challenging terrains effortlessly without restricting your movement. They come with additional features like thick waistbands and zippered pockets to help store things while you are on the go. We have listed some of the best ones available that you can wear on a hike or for lounging at home and are fashionable enough to elevate your style statement. Scroll down to check them out.

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13 Best Hiking Shorts For Women

1. Best Relaxed Fit:BMJL Women’s Running Shorts

The BMJL women’s running shorts are made of spandex and polyester for comfort and breathability and come with an elastic closure. You can wear these shorts for sports like yoga and exercise, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The shorts come with a large side pocket to accommodate your mobile phone, and they provide a relaxed fit, making you feel comfortable throughout the day.


  • Stretchable
  • High-waist
  • Snug-fit
  • Machine-washable
  • Tulip-cut bottom for better mobility
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • Backward pocket design may seem odd to some
  • Hemming may not be neat
Price at the time of publication: $23.79

2. Best Snug Fit:Baleaf Women’s Quick Dry Cargo Camping Shorts

Baleaf women’s quick-dry shorts come with a zipper closure and multiple pockets, including one side zippered pocket big enough to store an iPhone XS Max. These cargo hiking shorts stretch to the knee and are versatile enough for wearing when camping, golfing, doing workouts, or lounging. The material offers UPF 50+ protection and is made using a mix of nylon and spandex for better mobility. These multi-pocket hiking shorts are available in several colors, including purple, black, khaki, and blue.


  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable
  • Quick-drying
  • Water-repellent finish
  • Two back pockets with hook-and-loop mechanism


  • Some may find them longer than expected
  • Some may find the pockets to be thin
  • Fabric may make a peculiar noise upon movement

3. Best Quick-Drying:Santiny Women’s Hiking Cargo Shorts

The shorts from Santiny are lightweight and quick-drying and help keep you cool throughout the day. They are made from a blend of fabrics, including 94% polyester and 6% spandex. These versatile adventure shorts can be worn during activities such as hiking, camping, golfing, fishing, and kayaking. The shorts are available in sizes S to XXXL, and you can also pick from multiple colors, including dark gray, silver sage, dark khaki, and maroon.


  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Two large zipper pockets
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Elastic waistband with drawstrings
  • Breathable and stretchable


  • Fabric may make a peculiar noise
  • May not be wrinkle-free
protip_icon Do remember
Machine wash the shorts with cold water and mild detergent to prevent the fabric from shrinking and losing shape.

4. Best Fashionable:Libin Women’s Lightweight Hiking Shorts

Apart from being a fashionable outfit, the pair of Libin women’s hiking shorts is durable, thanks to the performance-enhancing construction. It is suitable for outdoor activities and for those who want to pull off a casual look. These shorts have six versatile pockets and come with button closure. The performance hiking shorts are lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant.


  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Machine-washable
  • Four-way stretch
  • Quick-drying
  • Includes two thigh pockets
  • Elastic side-waistband with button closure


  • Zipper may not be highly durable
  • Finding the right size may be a challenge

5. Best For Sports:Blooming Jelly Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts

Blooming Jelly Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts Image: Bloomingjelly

Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, these shorts are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable. The shorts have a one-side zip-up pocket to store your phone, keys, and cards conveniently while you step outdoors for sporting activities such as running, boxing, tennis, or HIIT. It has a high and wide waistband that can cover your tummy and give your body a contoured look.


  • Attached inner brief
  • Wide range of colors and sizes
  • Tulip-cut bottom to suit different body-types
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Four-way stretch


  • Some may find the fitting to be odd
  • May not be as high-rise as expected

6. Best Durable:Pudolla Women’s Hiking Cargo Shorts

Whether you want to go for a vacation or engage in outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, or golfing, these shorts from Pudolla can be a good option. These durable shorts for hiking are made of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. The pockets have zippers, allowing you to store things while you travel. These shorts come in sizes ranging from small to XXL and in various colors.


  • Comfortable and stretchable
  • Quick-drying
  • Elastic-zipper-button combo closure
  • Offers UV protection
  • Water-resistant


  • Some may find them baggy
  • May make a swishing noise

7. Best Adjustable:Vayager Women’s Lightweight Cargo Shorts

Suitable for climbing, hiking, and running, this pair of cargo shorts from Vayager offers a loose fit. It has six pockets, including two zippered ones for storing your essentials safely. It can be adjusted based on your waist size, thanks to the elastic bands on both sides of the waist. The shorts are made using 90% nylon and 10% spandex and are suitable for high-waist wear. These convertible hiking shorts are lightweight and quick-drying. They have a zip fly and a metal button closure.


  • Belt loops for a better fit
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Machine-washable
  • Six pockets
  • Stain-resistant
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • Front zipper may be prone to sliding down
  • May not be true-to-size
protip_icon Do remember
Use an enzyme-based laundry pre-treatment spray/gel to remove stains from nylon shorts. Do not put it into a dryer until the stain is gone, as heat will set the stain.

8. Best Scratch-Resistant:Jessie Kidden Women’s Stretch Cargo Shorts

If you are looking for durable, scratch-resistant shorts suitable for hiking, trekking, travel, and riding, these shorts have got you covered. Made using 96% nylon and 4% spandex, the shorts have a high-density fabric that protects you from scratches and tears. These moisture-wicking shorts feature breathable mesh fabric to keep you dry and come with UPF 50+ to protect you from harmful UV rays. The fabric is lightweight, and water-repellant.


  • Soft fabric
  • Stain-resistant
  • With belt loops
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes


  • May be loose around the thighs
  • Fabric could be a bit stiff

9. Best For Summers:Lianshp Women’s Shorts For Summer

From premium cooling to internal drawcord for a personalized fit, the Lianship women’s shorts have many features and are suitable for keeping yourself comfortable during the scorching summers. The loose-fitting shorts help you move around smoothly during hiking, running, fishing, and climbing. These breathable hiking shorts have pockets on the sides and back that you can use to store your mobile phone and credit cards. They are made using 88% polyester and 12% spandex and are available in multiple sizes and colors. Featuring a reflecting strip at the back, these reflective hiking shorts ensure safety at night.


  • Soft and lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Elastic waistband with drawstrings
  • Quick-drying


  • May be see-through
  • Zippers may not be durable
  • Reflection tape may not stay on for long

10. Best Water-Resistant:Kpsun Women’s Quick-Dry Bermuda Hiking Shorts

The Kpsun women’s quick-dry Bermuda hiking shorts are made of 75% nylon and 25% spandex. They have a zip fly and a metal button closure with elastic sides for a comfortable and snug fit. The shorts have a moisture-wicking fabric treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) to keep them safe from rain and stains. These water-resistant shorts for hiking are made of breathable fabric that stretches four ways and helps keep your skin dry all day.


  • Zippered back pocket
  • Easy-to-access front-thigh pockets
  • Easy to dry
  • Machine-washable
  • UPF50+ sun protection


  • Button may be poorly stitched on
  • May be slightly baggy

11. Best For Sun Protection:Willit Women’s Hiking Cargo Shorts

The shorts from Willit can wick away moisture and keep your skin dry all day. They have a water-repellent finish to keep the shorts dry from light rain. These shorts are made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex and come with sun protection up to UPF 50+ to keep you safe from the harmful UV rays. The waistband comes with elastic, belt loops, and a button front with a zip fly for a more customized and comfortable fit. These adjustable waist hiking shorts are available in multiple colors and sizes.


  • Four-way stretch
  • Facilitates easy mobility
  • Breathable
  • Light stain-proof
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Two zip-secure cargo thigh pockets


  • May not be iron-friendly
  • Some may find the fabric to be stiff
  • Finding the right size could be tricky

12. Best High-Waisted:Stelle Women’s High Waisted Athletic Bermuda Shorts

If you are looking for high-waisted and stretchable hiking shorts, this one’s for you. Made using 87% nylon and 13% spandex, it has moisture-wicking properties and is lightweight, soft, and stretchable. They are suitable for wear when running, hiking, golfing, or doing yoga or athletic activities during summers. The shorts are available in multiple sizes and colors.


  • Two big side pockets
  • Offers flexibility
  • Fabric around the legs doesn’t ride up
  • Ten-inch inseam to prevent thighs from rubbing


  • Some may find the fabric thick
  • Fabric may pill over time

13. Best Storage:Little Donkey Andy Women’s Quick Dry Stretch Shorts

The Little Donkey Andy women’s quick-dry shorts come with a water-resistant finish. They are made of a 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend and offer four-way stretch for better movement and a comfortable fit. To keep you safe from the harsh rays of the sun, these UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) hiking shorts offer UPF 50+ sun protection. The shorts have a zipper closure and are available in multiple sizes and colors. Moreover, they have an inseam length of up to nine inches.


  • Two big zippered side pockets
  • Back pockets with closure
  • Partial elastic band for adjustability
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Comfortable and stylish


  • Some might find them longer than expected
  • May be difficult to find the perfect size

How To Choose The Right Hiking Shorts For Women?

Consider the following factors to pick the best hiking shorts for women.

  1. Stretchability: Ensure the shorts offer optimal stretchability for easy movement during hiking, climbing, and playing. Choosing shorts made of spandex or polyester will help you with easy mobility.
  1. Breathability: Choose shorts with breathable fabric as they help prevent hot air from getting trapped next to your skin. Synthetic materials have a high absorption capacity, keeping your legs dry and reducing the chances of moisture in your shorts.
  1. Antimicrobial: Choose shorts with antimicrobial properties to ensure they stay fresh when you go for a hike and are not able to wash your outfits.

Jodie Filogomo, a style consultant and fashion blogger, says, “Your hiking shorts should be comfortable enough for ease of movement. When choosing a pair of shorts for hiking, prioritize comfort over looks, and ensure it is not too loose or too tight.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I pack my hiking shorts?

Follow these easy steps to pack your hiking shorts.

  • Use a dry bag to help push out the air and save space.
  • Choose bags of different colors for easy organizing.
  • Carry a spare bag to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones to reduce the chances of your clean clothes smelling bad.

If you frequently hike, following these steps may help save ample space in your backpack.

2. What materials make the best women’s hiking shorts?

Shorts made of synthetic materials are best suited for hiking. Materials such as nylon help absorb sweat and promote ventilation to keep you dry. Hiking shorts are also usually fused with spandex to improve their stretchability.

3. What should I not wear while hiking?

While hiking, flexibility is vital. Avoid stiff fabrics that restrict your body movements, and avoid silk clothes to minimize sweat. You may also avoid cotton- and denim-based clothes as they are not moisture-wicking and take time to dry out sweat or rainwater.

4. Is it better to hike in shorts or leggings?

This depends on the weather condition in your area. If the weather is hot, go for shorts; if it’s cold, then prefer leggings. And irrespective of the weather, if your hiking path has thorny bushes or many rocky trails, wear leggings to protect your legs.

5. How long should hiking shorts be?

They should be longer than running shorts. Ideally, keeping your height in mind, the inseam should measure between five and ten inches.

6. Are compression shorts suitable for hiking?

Compression shorts are a good option as they help reduce the risk of muscle strain. Additionally, they can also help prevent skin chafing.

Preparing for a hike involves picking the right outfit to help you move around hassle-free. Our list of the best hiking shorts for women offers some versatile options that you can wear for your hiking trips. They help absorb sweat and are stretchable for easy movement. Before buying one, make sure the shorts you prefer offer a comfortable fit, have pockets that are spacious enough to keep your belongings safe, have a stretchy waistband, and are breathable. Since these shorts are available in various colors, you can pick one based on your taste and preferences.

Infographic: Tips For Selecting The Best Hiking Shorts For Women

When hiking, wearing the right gear and carrying essentials is important for comfort and a good experience. A good pair of hiking shorts is also an essential gear you should consider before hiking. The following infographic provides valuable tips for selecting the best hiking shorts for women to help enhance the hiking experience.

Features To Check For In The Best Hiking Shorts For Women (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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