11 Best Horse Toys For Kids In 2021


Horse toys are a timeless favorite among kids as they occupy a magical space in every kids’ heart. These toys are fun to play with, but with so many options available, it can be daunting for parents to choose the best horse toys for their children. Apart from being fun and affordable, these toys also improve your child’s creative, social, and motor skills. To help you pick the right one, here we have compiled a list of the best ones available for your little one.

11 Best Horse Toys

1. Schleich Horse Club Animal Figurine

With authentic details and precision, this lifelike horse toy is designed to encourage creative playtime. Children can use this figure as a single toy or as part of a large collection. It has been manufactured from high-quality materials that meet all the safety requirements.

2. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set

Melissa & Doug’s stable playset includes eight beautiful horses, a wooden stable, and an attached breed guide about the featured horses. With extension activities, your child can learn and play to improve their creativity and social skills. The stable set is made from high-quality materials and has a durable construction. Its doors are working and can be opened or latch closed. The set includes write-on name tags to decorate the stables and name the horses.

3. Schleich Horse Club Riding Center With Rider And Horses

With a detailed design, this playset by Schleich is suitable for children aged five and above. The rider, horses, and the riding center have been manufactured from high-quality materials and are suitable as single toys or as part of a large collection. You can remove or assemble the roof to create a riding arena, and the fence pieces allow diverse configurations. This set also has a tack holder, drinking troughs, and hay racks.

4. Linzy Hobby Horse

The toy horse has an adjustable telescopic stick that you can adjust to three sizes to suit your child when playing. This stick is durable, and the horse’s head is made from a soft plush material with reins to grab on to. You can push the horse’s right ear to make it neigh and gallop, making it interactive and improving your child’s auditory learning senses. Including batteries, the entire set is easy to clean and use.

5. Sunny Days Entertainment Quarter Horse With Movable Head

The 14-piece set includes a handle brush, a wooden case, a cup, and more. This horse’s saddle is detachable for a lifelike playtime. With a detailed design, the horse has a textured tail and mane that you can groom and style with the included brush. Its neck and head are movable, and you can push it down to listen to various whinny noises and trotting sounds.

6. Melissa & Doug Feed & Groom Horse Care Play Set

With various riding and grooming accessories, the set offers your child imaginative playtime with a plush horse toy. The set includes a horse blanket, a saddle pad, a bridle, a saddle, water and food bins, play grain and hay, a sponge, a wash pail, a comb, a brush, and self-stick horseshoes. It also has a reusable checklist, name tags, and stickers to let your child personalize the entire playset.

7. Breyer Mane Beauty Sunset Horse Styling Head

Breyer’s horse styling head kit includes a Palomino horse figurine with long, silky, thick, and no-tangle blonde hair. Your child and their friends can have a gala time braiding and trying different hairstyles. The kit includes a detailed styling book with step-by-step instructions to learn new styles, 50 shareable and wearable elastics, four mane coils, two hair clips, and one comb.

8. Dinobros Horse Stable Playset

The playset includes eight horses of various breeds, figures, stalls, accessories, and a portable case for easy storage. It also has one stable, four human figures, one tractor, one manger, one fence, one case, and one hay bale. This set will enhance your child’s knowledge of different breeds. The toys are detailed, hand-painted, appear realistic, and are made from non-toxic, high-quality material for durability.

9. Plush Creations Horse Toys

Plush Creations’ set has four assorted plush horses that neigh and talk and a barn carrier to store the horses after playing. You can hug or squeeze these horses for realistic sounds, improving your child’s fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. These horses are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.

10. HollyHome Outdoor Stick Horse With Wood Wheels

Suitable for children aged three to 12, this handcrafted stick horse is ideal for a role-playing scenario. If your child is interested in being a cowboy or a cowgirl, this outdoor stick horse can be a suitable gift. It has a plush horse’s head and a sturdy wooden stick. You can press its ears to hear the galloping and neighing sounds. It runs on two AA batteries and is 36 inches tall.

11. Mattel Spirit Untamed Miradero Festival Lucky Doll

Based on the film Spirit Untamed, the set includes a doll wearing a festival dress with a floral crown inspired by the Miradero festival. The horse has a long mane and a floral garland around the neck, a horse blanket, and a clip to attach the doll to the horse.

How To Choose The Right Horse Toys?

Here are some essential factors to consider when buying horse toys.

  1. Material: Ensure the toy is non-toxic, durable, and made from high-quality material. If the toy has artificial skin and fur, ensure it doesn’t harm your child.
  1. Weight: Ensure your child can carry the toy conveniently for easy playing. Lightweight toys make it easy to clean up and use.
  1. Durability: Choose wear- and tear-resistant, sturdy toys for long-lasting performance. They should be suitable for rough play to ensure a fun playtime without damages.
  1. Attractive: Choose attractive toys with bright colors and accessories to keep your child engaged for hours.

In this technology-rich world, it can be challenging to keep your child away from video games and online activities. Since children can get bored easily, these fun horse toys will improve their playtime and creativity. We hope our list of the best horse toys can help you choose the right one.

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