11 Best Hot Tub Covers To Buy In 2021


One of the defining characteristics of having made it to your dream home is owning a patio or garden that you can use. Rustic, country, or garden-themed, whatever the style, every outdoor setting needs a hot tub or a jacuzzi for indulgent evenings spent soaking in the relaxing, warm water. While outdoor hot tubs are a desirable accessory, they are prone to a lot of abuse from the environment, mainly rain, hail, and snow. An easy and inexpensive solution to prolong your hot tub’s life is to invest in a good hot tub cover.

Hot tub covers provide weather-protection throughout the year and are essential when the hot tub is not used. Available in various styles with convenient features, hot tub covers of today provide water and UV protection, preventing your hot tub from getting worn out prematurely. We’ve carefully curated a list of the 11 best hot tub covers available in the market to help make a choice easier.

Types Of Hot Tub Covers

There are 2 main types of hot tub covers, and they are as follows.

  • Soft covers

These are generally made of polyester or vinyl and are lightweight and easy to install. These commonly include straps and drawstrings to ensure a snug fit and prevent the cover from being blown away by strong winds.

  • Hard Covers

Hard hot tub covers are typically made with foam cores with a center hinge for folding. These have to be made to fit the hot tub perfectly because they have no room for adjustment. Usually heavier than soft covers, they might require more than a single person to install and remove.

11 Best Hot Tub Covers

1. UltCover Waterproof Square Hot Tub Cover

UltCover Waterproof Square Hot Tub Cover

Now rest easy knowing your hot tub is secure under this resilient waterproof cover. Made of 600 D polyester canvas complex, this breathable cover protects the hot tub from rain, snow, dust, leaves, and bird droppings. The water-repellent and UV treatment prevents exposure and ensures the hot tub looks good as new. The double-stitched seam and non-scratch treatment provide 100% coverage, making it suitable for outdoor use.


  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Snug-fitting elastic hem
  • Equipped with strap buckles
  • Structured air vents at 2 sides


  • Some might find that the cover tends to fade a bit in the sun.

2. Classic Accessories Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover

This hot tub cover will fit right into your stylish patio with its fashionable design and versatile functionality. Providing year-round weather protection, this cover is made of heavyweight polyester fabric with water-repellent backing. Suitable for square hot tubs up to 86 x 86 inches, this lightweight hot tub cover is easy to install. This cover also features a protective dark splash guard skirt, which keeps the hot tub protected during the rainy season.


  • Features 2 air vents
  • Durable stitching
  • Comes with 2 padded handles
  • Elastic hem cord with toggle


  • Some might find this cover can get a bit worn out in the case of severe hail.

3. Himal Square Hot Tub Cover

Himal Square Hot Tub Cover

Say goodbye to cracked and weather-worn hot tubs with this durable protective hot tub cover. This easy-to-install cover features quick-release buckles at the bottom for a snug fit, and the waterproof polyester fabric makes it ideal for all weathers. Suitable for most square hot tubs up to 85 x 85 inches, this product is windproof, even in gusty and windy conditions.


  • Tear-resistant fabric
  • Dust and snow-proof
  • Provides sun protection
  • Water-resistant backing
  • Comes with heavy-duty hem cord with toggles
  • Breathable design with side air vents
  • Effective against rain, snow, hail, and dust


  • May not be as durable as expected.

4. MySpaCover Hot Tub Cover

MySpaCover Hot Tub Cover

Not sure if a store bought spa cover will fit your unique hot tub? Well, now you can get a made specifically for your stylish patio. Made of high quality marine grade vinyl and virgin EPS insulation foam, these custom hot tub covers are long lasting and ideal for larger hot tubs. Easy to install and remove, these lightweight covers can be made for any shape or size for hot tubs up to 96 inches wide.


  • Double-stitched
  • Energy efficient
  • Made to order hot tub covers
  • Available in 10 vibrant colors


  • It may not be ideal for the rainy season.

5. Uceder Hot Tub Outdoor Cover Protector

Uceder Hot Tub Outdoor Cover Protector

Your search for top-quality covers ends with this 100% waterproof, UV-resistant cover. Made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, this cover is equipped with wind secure belts and elastic strings around the bottom edge, ensuring protection against strong winds and stormy weather conditions. Air vents on the sides prevent condensation and allow sufficient ventilation. The fabric is solution-dyed to resist fading in the sun, lending your patio a stylish and polished look.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Anti-color transfer cover
  • Eco-friendly, TPU backing layer
  • Cold-resistant and mold-resistant


  • Some might find that this cover has a bit of a loose fit around a standard size hot tub.

6. Porch Shield Square Hot Tub Cover

Porch Shield Square Hot Tub Cover

Whether you have an outdoor hot tub or a snug jacuzzi, this multi-functional and versatile cover will serve your purpose. Made of a high quality 600 D polyester fabric, this cover has an added water-resistant laminated undercoating, making it ideal for use in all weathers. Available in 4 sizes, this cover provides full coverage and keeps your outdoor hot tub looking as good as new. UV-resistant and waterproof, this cover prevents sun damage and does not fade with sun exposure.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Features quick release buckles
  • Air vents to prevent mold and mildew
  • Long-lasting with all seams taped securely


  • Some might find that the straps are prone to loosening after prolonged use.

7. Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover

Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover

You don’t have to compromise on style for protection with this elegant, rustic, tan-tweed colored hot tub cover. Accentuated by dark grey piping, this sophisticated waterproof and UV-resistant cover complements any outdoor garden or patio setting. Made from high quality machine-woven 600 D polyester with ultrasonically-welded seams, this cover is durable and long-lasting and provides year-round protection against rain, snow, hail, dust, and sun damage.


  • Contoured edges
  • Not prone to fading
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Offers protection against bird dropping and tree sap


  • Does not come with tie downs or drawstrings to protect against strong winds.

8. Covermates Square Hot Tub Cover

Covermates Square Hot Tub Cover

Designed for an idyllic garden-themed patio, this unique green hot tub cover is made with thick 12-gauge vinyl and has a polyester lining for extra durability. Suitable for square hot tubs upto 84 x 84 inches, this cover also features an elastic hem which ensures a snug fit. Designed for climates with moderate to heavy rain and snowfall, this cover is water-resistant and protects against humidity, sunlight, and strong gusty winds.


  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Protection against premature fading
  • Effective in keeping leaves, pollen, and tree needles out.


9. Amazon Basics Outdoor Square Hot Tub Cover

Amazon Basics Outdoor Square Hot Tub Cover

Your search for a fuss-free, lightweight, durable hot tub cover ends here. Made of 100% woven polyester fabric, this cover features a laminated undercoating, which prevents rain water from seeping through. With all-weather protection, this cover is effective against rain, snow, hail, dust, and sunlight.


  • Easy to clean
  • Features side air vents
  • Tough interlocking seams
  • Waterproof, sturdy material


  • Some might find this hot tub cover a bit large.

10. BeyondNice Round Hot Tub Cover

BeyondNice Round Hot Tub Cover

If you have a round hot tub and have been on the hunt high and low for a suitable outdoor cover, you’ve found the once. Made 76 inches in diameter, this unique round hot tub cover is 4 inches thick in the center and tapers to 2 inches thick towards the edges to allow a slope for easy water removal. The foam core is made of high quality virgin EPS, which ensures strength and durability. Easy to install and remove, this cover is equipped with non-corrosive metal C-channels for added protection.


  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Polyethylene vapor barriers
  • Offers full coverage
  • Customization available


  • Some might not find this cover thick enough to provide insulation.

11. Runadi Outdoor Spa Cover

Runadi Outdoor Spa Cover

Consider this lightweight and versatile cover if you want to shield your hot tub from the harmful rays of the sun. Made using 150 G polyethylene material with double UV-resistant layers, this cover also protects against rain, hail, dust, dirt, and bird droppings. The use of velcro makes this cover easy to install and remove, while a secure wind belt ensures a tight fit to prevent strong winds from blowing this cover off.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Customizations available
  • Fits large hot tubs up to 96 x 96 inches


  • Some might find this product a bit bulky.

Now that we have had a look at our specially curated list of the 11 best hot tub covers, let us look at some things to consider when picking one for your stylish patio.

How To Choose The Right Tub Cover

  • Shape and size

An essential factor to consider when picking a suitable hot tub cover is your hot tub’s shape and size. While the shape is easy to determine, make sure you measure the size correctly so that you don’t end up with a cover that doesn’t fit well. A well-fitting cover will ensure weather protection and keep leaves, dust, and insects out of your tub.

  • Climate

The climatic conditions of your place of residence determine what features you need to be more particular about. If you live in an area that has sunshine all year round, make sure to pick a cover, which is UV-resistant to protect your cover against sun damage. Windy weather would benefit from a cover with tie-down straps and drawstrings to ensure the cover doesn’t blow off in gusty conditions. A waterproof and water-resistant cover would be ideal for an area that experiences heavy rainfall.

  • Durability

Pay close attention to the material the cover is made of to ensure it is long-lasting and durable. Covers with double stitched seams and protective linings provide extra strength and protection and ensure a longer life for your cover. Have a close look at reviews to pick a cover that is not prone to tearing and cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean if a hot tub cover has a C-channel?

A C-channel is found in foam-based covers and provides a support beam for your hot tub cover. C-channels prevent the cover from dipping or bending.

2. How often do I change the water in my hot tub?

A good and well-fitted hot tub cover reduces the need to change the water in your hot tub too often. On an average, it is advisable to drain and refill the water in your hot tub once every 3 months.

3. How long does a hot tub cover last?

This depends on a number of factors, including the material of the cover, the severity of weather conditions, and the frequency of use. Generally, a hot tub cover is an investment which should last at least 5-7 years with moderate use.

4. Can I use a hot tub if I have a pacemaker?

It is best to consult your medical practitioner before using a hot tub. Generally, a hot tub will not harm the pacemaker, however, it might aggravate or affect your medical condition making it advisable to seek professional advice before use.

A relaxing dip in your hot tub or jacuzzi might be just the antidote to a stressful day or a busy week. Outdoor hot tubs add an exciting element to your patio or garden, and like any other appliance, need good maintenance for increased longevity. Hot tub covers are an essential and affordable investment to help you enjoy your hot tub for longer and to keep them looking as good as new. Available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, the choices are extensive. Our list of the 11 best hot tub covers can be your starting guide to protecting your hot tub from harmful elements all year round.