25+ Popular And Romantic ‘I Miss You’ Songs For Him

When you are deeply in love, you pine for your sweetheart’s presence and hate their absence. So, if your boyfriend is not around, and you miss him badly, share these I miss you songs for him with your love and tell him how you wish he were with you by your side.

The advancement of technology has helped bridge the gap between lovers in long-distance relationships. So, check out our list and share one of these adoring songs with your boyfriend to bring a bright smile to his face and make him know that no distance can separate you.

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‘I Miss You’ Songs For Him

Check out these beautiful songs that describe the feeling of missing someone accurately. Pick the one Your guy would love and share it with him.

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

The song was released in 1980 as a part of Queen’s album “The Game” and was composed by the British rock band. Freddie Mercury, the band’s member, wrote and created the song in honor of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. The song’s lyrics depict Mercury’s fascination and exhilaration with the intensity of love, and he intricately expresses his musings in this beautiful composition.

Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love with lyrics

2. I Miss You – Blink 182

One of the most popular songs by Blink 182, one goes through a slew of feelings while listening to this song. The song was masterfully done to sound equally dark yet soft. This song hits differently for each individual, exactly how music is supposed to make you feel.

Blink 182 – I Miss you

3. On The Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz

This song was originally written by Damon Albarn. MurdocNiccals explains that ‘The Melancholy Hill’ is that feeling, that place, that you get in your soul sometimes like someone’s let your tires down.

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (lyrics)

4. Let Her Go – Passenger

If the message of this melancholic song could be summed up in one sentence, it would be that a person only understands the value of someone when they lose them. After Passenger explains the feeling of loss, he also explains the feeling of void that he feels in his heart.

Passenger – Let Her Go (Lyrics)

5. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

One of the most popular and passionate songs by the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, this song perfectly explains the feeling of withdrawal from everyone and everything emotionally, mentally, and physically. The song was inspired by one of their band members SydBarett, who used to suffer from mental illness.

Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here (Lyrics)

6. So Far Away – Dire Straits

This song explains how much it had ached to stay away from them. A long-distance relationship is never an easy thing for people in love. The original studio version of the song was later released in a compilation album in 2005 with the name “The Best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler: Private Investigations”.

Dire Straits – So Far Away

7. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script

Released in 2008, this song remains one of the greatest hits of this Irish band. The song talks about a devoted man whose heart was broken by a girl he loved. He then desperately tries to get the girl back, so he vows to wait at the place they first met until she finds him again. In an interview, they said the song was written in a “Forrest Gump”-esuqe way.

The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (Vevo Presents: Live in Amsterdam)

8. The Night We Met – Lord Huron

The American band Lord Huron released this song in 2015 under Strange Trails (the second studio album by Lord Huron). This folk-rock song was written and composed by Ben Schneider. The song garnered a lot of attention when it was used in the US-based TV show “13 Reasons Why”.

Lord Huron – The Night We Met (Official Audio)

9. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself – The White Stripes

Breaking up with someone or not being with your significant other can leave many with a void inside their hearts that they desperately try to fill. This song describes feeling lost and uncertain when you have lost someone you love.

The White Stripes – I just don’t know what to do with myself

10. K. – Cigarettes After Sex

The song describes the narrator having a no-strings-attached friend who then turns into his lover. But after their relationship fails and they move on, the narrator still misses her and the times they endeared together.

K. – Cigarettes After Sex

11. Easily – Bruno Major

This beautiful and loving song is truthful and poetic. The song starts with Bruno Major telling his lover not to give up on their relationship despite obstacles. He admits that although he has flaws, he is not the only one; therefore, if he is trying to save their relationship, his partner should try the same too.

easily – bruno major || lyrics

12. Fresh Roses – Juke Ross

The soulful yet earthy track by Juke Ross intricately expresses the beauty of love and the sadness of heartbreaks. When you break up with someone and are still not over them, you tend to get torn between the feeling of missing them and wishing to forget them. You get flashes of both the good and the bad times from the relationship, yet something keeps holding you back.

Juke Ross – Fresh Roses (Audio)

13. Home – Bruno Major

Home, i miss you song

Image: Home

There’s no life, without love they say, none worth having anyway. You’re a mystery to me some days, that’s what keeps me sane”

The opening lines of this song talk about how love keeps everyone alive. The speaker had yearned for the person they love, and they wanted to just go home with them. But for them, a home is not just four walls; it is where their significant other is.

Bruno Major – Home

14. A Soulmate Who Wasn’t Meant To Be – Jessie Benko

This indie-pop track by Jessie Benko is a melancholic track where the speaker talks about the person she loved and who did not love her back the same way. Oftentimes, people fall in love with someone who does not reciprocate the same way as you. As much as it hurts, that is how life is sometimes.

Jess Benko – A Soulmate Who Wasn’t Meant to Be

15. Paris In Rain – Lauv

Lauv imagines his lover to be by his side when he is enjoying the little things in life. When you love someone, a fancy date or an expensive dinner at a swanky restaurant is not what one wants. It’s the time spent with your loved one that matters the most. Lauv quite beautifully depicts these tender feelings in this song.

Lauv – Paris in the Rain [Official Video]

16. IDK You Yet – Alexander 23

This track features acoustic guitar and Alexander’s soothing vocals. It accurately pins the feeling of incompleteness from time to time and suggests it is fine to feel like that sometimes. His honest and unapologetic songs are lyrically rich, making them special.

Alexander 23 – IDK You Yet [Lyric Video]

17. Thinkin’ About You – Ariana Grande

The last track from her album Dangerous Woman is about missing your significant other. When you are lying in bed at night, you miss your love and wish they were beside you. This song perfectly captures the feeling of being besotted with someone.

Ariana Grande ~ Thinking Bout You ~ Lyrics (+Audio)

18. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

The hard-rock band Aerosmith composed this song for the movie Armageddon. It is a sweet song where the protagonist expresses how he does not want to miss out on any little thing that his lover does. From a different perspective, it also means that the speaker feels smitten and also wants to spend every waking moment with his significant other.

Aerosmith –  I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing Lyrics

19. Okinawa – 92914

Missing someone does not always make you feel sad; rather, it makes you relive the good times you spent with your partner. This song perfectly portrays cherishing each moment with your significant other. You know you may miss them in the future, so you enjoy the time together to the fullest and relive the memories of good times adoringly.
92914 – Okinawa (Audio)

20. The Scientist – Coldplay

This mellow song is about two people who choose to break up. It was only after they part ways that the protagonist realizes how much he misses his lover. He wants a second chance to start all over again to tell her his deepest, darkest secrets.

The Scientist – Coldplay (Lyrics)

21. Walls – Alextbh

Released in 2018, this R& B-infused pop song is emotionally stirring. It talks about a relationship that did not last long, yet the narrator is anguished to let his lover, his ardent cherisher, go. The smooth vocals of the artist make the song a treat to the ears.


22. Slow Dancing In The Dark – Joji

This R&B and soul track is one of the most popular songs by Joji. The line “slow dancing in the dark” refers to a failed relationship. The song also features some beautifully haunting ambient music to compliment the song.


23. Home – Reese Lansangan

Relationships can be hard, but everything becomes easier when you are with the right person. The narrator expresses appreciation to her partner to stick with her through the thick and thin even when everyone says that their relationship would be an improbable one.

Reese Lansangan – Home (Official Lyric Video)

24. All I Want – Kodaline

Described as a “melodic indie ballad”, this song embodies the feeling of missing the one you love and wanting them to be by your side. This song was used in the movie “The Fault In Our Stars.”

Kodaline – All I Want (Lyrics)

25. Chelsea Hotel No 2 – Lana Del Rey

The original song was by Leonard Cohen, describing his relationship with Janis Joplin. Lana does justice to this song through her mesmerizing vocals that fit the mood of the song.

Lana Del Rey – Chelsea Hotel No 2

26. Miss You – The Rolling Stones

Originally written by The Rolling Stones, ‘Miss You’ is a soulful song that conveys Jagger’s longing for a distant lover. The song’s original rendition showcases the band’s signature rock and blues fusion. These songs have garnered a huge fan-following over time, demonstrating their widespread acceptance.

The Rolling Stones – Miss You

27. Miss You Much – Janet Jackson

‘Miss You Much’ is a pop and R&B song released in 1989. The song beautifully encapsulates the feelings of missing someone special. Janet Jackson, with her energetic and vibrant performance, brings a sense of urgency and emotion to the track. The catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm make it a melancholic and touching song.

Janet Jackson – Miss You Much

i miss you songs for him_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I express my feelings of missing him through music?

I miss you songs can be an excellent way to convey your emotions and feelings. These songs are often filled with lyrics expressing the longing and pain you may feel. If you’re struggling to put your feelings into words, share these songs to help him realize how devotedly you love him.

2. What is the difference between a love song and a why I miss you song for him?

Love songs typically express affection and are used to show love for someone, while “I miss you” songs are more focused on the sadness and longing that come with being apart from someone you care about. These songs can help express love while also acknowledging the difficulty of being separated from a loved one.

3. How can ‘I miss you’ songs help him cope with loneliness and missing someone?

Receiving “I miss you” songs from someone you deeply care about can provide comfort and warmth during periods of loneliness. These songs serve as a reminder that they are loved and cared for, even when apart.

Music has a profound effect on expressing one’s sincere feelings. So, even if you’re at a loss for words, you can pick a song that conveys your care for your loved one. This playlist of “I miss you songs for him” contains beautiful songs you will love. You can use these songs to express your yearning for him whenever you miss him, and the depth of the lyrics in any of these songs would be perfect for reminding him that someone is eagerly awaiting his return. So, save this playlist and use these songs to showcase your tender feelings for him.

Infographic: ‘I Miss You’ Songs For Him

When you are away from your special one, your heart yearns for them, and there is a prominent feeling of missing them in everything you do. So, we bring a list of songs to which you can relate. Soothe your heart as you pine for your sweetheart by listening to these popular songs.

i miss you songs for him (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Sometimes words cannot fill the void when you miss your loved ones. Tune into the heartwarming romantic song in the video to soothe your soul.

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