13 Best Ice Cleats For Traction On Snow In 2022


So many of us love the snow, which makes it really hard to stay cooped up inside when the outdoors look magical. Luckily, with the best ice cleats to pair with your favorite footwear, you don’t have to! Ice cleats are designed to adhere to the bottom of your boots or shoes, providing you with a firm grip on slippery and icy terrains. Just strap them around your toes and heels, and you are ready for a snowy escapade in no time.

Whether you enjoy hiking or ice fishing, mountaineering, or jogging along the pavement, ice cleats are a must-have accessory for snow-lovers. You won’t have to stress about losing traction and injuring yourself as you have a good time. Not sure which cleats to buy? Check out our reviews of the 13 top-rated ice cleats to get a better idea.

Types of Ice Cleats

If you are new to the world of ice cleats then here is a breakdown of its different types.

  • Transitional traction

These kinds of ice cleats allow you to wear them both while walking inside or outside in the snow. You can pull the cleat on the front of the shoe while walking inside and pull it back while walking outdoors.

  • Aggressive traction

If you are looking for ice cleats to go ice fishing or on adventurous trails with challenging terrains, you must pick one with aggressive traction. These usually come with more spikes ensuring optimal stability.

  • Industrial Ice Cleats

Usually built with thermoplastic elastomers, the industrial ice cleats are designed to withstand exceptionally lower temperature thresholds, sometimes as low as -60° F.

Now that you are caught up on the different types of ice cleats available in the market, here is our list of the top 13 best ice cleats for you.

13 Best Ice Cleats For Your Winter Adventures

1. Best For Everyday Walking: Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats

Constantly worried about slipping on ice? Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats will save you from falling face down on the ice. It is made with 1.2 mm abrasion-resistant steel coils with zinc coating and a durable and recyclable polyelastomer outer band. It offers 360° traction while walking on cold surfaces and offers stability. This spineless and light design easily slips on and off of shoes and is great for everyday walking. The zinc coating makes it resistant to rust. It comes in varied shoe sizes, from from extra small to large.

2. Best For Mountaineering: Cimkiz Ice Cleats

Cimkiz Ice Cleats


Are you looking for ice cleats that work on icy driveways, wet grass, and angled terrains? Well, try the Cimkiz Ice Cleats that will keep you safe from any accidental slips. It is great for ice fishing, hiking, and running and works well when mountaineering or performing other extreme sports. Made with a thermoplastic elastomer, it ensures high performance as it is 5 mm thicker than ordinary rubber and can perform well even at -45° C. This is one of the best ice cleats for running; we can guarantee it. This lightweight ice cleat is extremely easy to put on and off as it comes with an adjustable strap. Adorned with nineteen superior quality stainless steel spikes per foot, they do not tear and offer long-lasting comfort and durability.

3. Best With Stainless Steel Spikes: Limm Traction Cleats

Limm Traction Cleats


Built with heavy-duty spikes and non-rusting stainless steel spikes along with a thermoplastic elastomer web base, these Limm Traction Cleats are one of the best ones available in the market right now. They easily fit on your shoes and give you a tight grip on ice as well as snow. These snow cleats have 10 metal studs that help you walk confidently and give you ample support while mountaineering and hiking. These lightweight ice cleats can be folded, stretched, and kept easily in your pockets or even your purse.

4. Best Compact Design:  AGOOL Ice Cleats Crampon

AGOOL Ice Cleats Crampon


These walk traction cleats are super easy to use, and it’s ergonomic shape allows them to fit in any shoe or boot. Made with thermoplastic elastomer, these overshoes are highly elastic, super easy to stretch, and durable. The overshoes come with a velcro strap ensuring further stability, especially for those who have slim feet. The built-in overshoes have toe pullers providing comfort while putting them on or taking them off. The aggressive cleats ensure that you do not slip and fall on snow, ice, and wet pavements. Its compact design allows you to store it in small spaces or storage bags, making it convenient to carry around. The kit comes with a complimentary storage bag.

5. Best For Maximum Grip: ICETRAX V3 Tungsten Winter Ice Grips

ICETRAX V3 Tungsten Winter Ice Grips


If you live in places that face harsh winters and are too scared to go out for fear of slipping and injuring yourself on ice and snow, these cleats are an investment that you should make right away. Designed for Canada’s brutal winters, these premium-quality tungsten carbide ice cleats are enabled with a unique snow tread traction system for maximum grip. It allows comfortable and secure fit and does not move around and fall off while walking owing to the ‘StayON’ toe cap design. Made with ultra-durable rubber and it stretches well, ensuring ease of use. Along with reflective heels, the grippers allow supreme stability, safety, and extra support while walking or running.

6. Best With Non-Slip Studs: Willceal Ice Cleats

Willceal Ice Cleats


Powered with ground-gripping steel studs, these ice cleats for shoes allow excellent traction on snow and ice. Built with thermoplastic elastomer and non-slip studs, these ice cleats are a dream to walk with while fishing, running, walking, and snow shoveling. The full foot anti-slip protection includes heel and forefoot protection for long-lasting grip throughout your natural stride while running and walking. These ice cleats are super lightweight, and you can even fold them to fit in your pocket. You can use them for double boots, sports shoes, and climbing shoes, among many others.

7. Best For Safety: Geroline K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleats

Geroline K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleats


Fitted with tungsten carbide studs, these industrial-quality shoe ice cleats are among the best-selling ones in the world. From utility providers to postal and courier services to even the military, these ice cleats for work boots are popular in several major corporations. The ice-penetrating tungsten carbide studs reduce the chances of slipping on ice or at the workplace. These cleats also ensure foot traction in some of the most demanding industrial environments. The orange adjustable straps allow the ice cleats to fit in any type or size of footwear. You can also rotate the cleats to the top of your foot while walking indoors. It also has a reflective patch to ensure your safety in low visibility regions.

8. Best With Adjustable Straps: HONYAO Ice Cleats Crampons

HONYAO Ice Cleats Crampons


This latest and upgraded version of these running ice cleats ensures premium-quality silicone and 11 stainless steel spikes to provide convenience and longevity. It offers excellent anti-slip traction on a myriad of terrains and keeps you injury-free. Made with a thermoplastic elastomer, it is thicker than regular rubber and performs well even under -45° C. The adjustable straps make the ice cleats secure and are easy to put on and off. Unlike standard ice cleats, these do not bend and offer aggressive traction, making them suitable for angled terrains, mud, and icy driveways. It works with hiking boots, sports shoes, and snowshoes as well.

9. Best For Excellent Grip: Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats

Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats


Are you worried about slipping on ice or snow during a hike? These Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats offer aggressive traction and anti-slip protection to prevent you from ever falling. They are enabled with 19 steel spikes that are welded with double chains on each ice cleat, and they are great for ice fishing, hiking, or even just running in the snow. This is one of the best ice cleats for ice fishing. It is engineered with reinforced joints, chain systems, and cold-resistant stretchy silicone, ensuring that they withstand icy temperatures for up to -60° C. The double-linked chains on the crampons offer excellent grip in snow. These come with a velcro strap making it a snug fit that is easy to wear and remove.

10. Best For Climbing: XYZLH Ice Cleats

XYZLH Ice Cleats


If you’re on the hunt for ice cleats that provide extra stability and traction, these are perfect for you. Made with premium materials such as silicone and thermoplastic elastomers, these ice cleats are a good fit for all your needs. Packed with high-quality anti-slip steel stud spikes, these let you walk on ice or snow with ease. They fit the front part of the shoe and can be easily adjusted on the backside, ensuring maximum stability. The non-slip heel and forefoot cleats allow optimum grip, making it suitable for climbing, sneakers, and sports shoes. They are lightweight and can be easily folded to fit in your pocket.

11. Best With Anti-Slip Protection: EIVOTOR Ice Cleats

EIVOTOR Ice Cleats


Does fear of injury worries keep you from having fun in the snow? The high-strength EIVOTOR Ice Cleats is exactly what you need for a confident stride. They fit easily on any shoe or boot and can be stored in a pack or your car. They offer excellent traction on angled terrains, wet grass, and rugged trails. Engineered with 24 stainless steel spikes in a double-chain and seamless welding chain system, these ice cleats ensure equal distribution of strain and provide lasting comfort and durability. They offer anti-slip protection and are made of durable TPE rubber that does not rust and provides an unrivaled grip on icy winter trails.

12. Best For Ice Walking: MATCC Snow & Ice Traction Cleats

MATCC Snow & Ice Traction Cleats


Be it climbing mountains or just ice walking, these snow and ice cleats can take every terrain in its stride, offering you a comfortable experience. Engineered with 19 premium stainless steel spikes, improved joints, and a reinforced chain system, these traction cleats are bidirectionally welded together to offer optimum adhesion on a range of cold surfaces. Made with thermoplastic elastomers, they perform better than rubber and can withstand cold weather of up to -45° F.

13. Best For Stability: ZOMAKE Ice Cleats

ZOMAKE Ice Cleats


From sneakers to sandals, boots to leather shoes, these ice cleats fit all without compromising comfort or safety. The 24 multi-directional stainless steel spikes offer anti-slip protection and ensure a firm grasp on the ground. The velcro straps can be easily stretched to fit your shoe and provide more stability and security during winter activities such as snow shoveling or fishing. Made with premium quality thermoplastic elastomers, these ice cleats are durable and offer cold resistance of up to -40° F.

Now that you are caught up on the 13 best ice cleats, here is a look at how to pick the best one for you.

How to choose the best ice cleats?

Here are a few parameters to judge what kind of ice cleats suit you best.

  • Terrain and activity

If you are looking for ice cleats just for regular walking outdoors, you can go for something low maintenance, such as Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats and ZOMAKE Ice Cleats. However, if you are looking for something heavy-duty like mountaineering, you can go for MATCC Snow & Ice Traction Cleats, Limm Traction Cleats, and Cimkiz Ice Cleats. These ice cleats are enabled with premium quality that offers excellent traction on rugged terrains.

  • Quality

Always invest in ice cleats made with premium quality stainless steel and thermoplastic elastomers that can withstand harsh cold weather. Limm Traction Cleats, HONYAO Ice Cleats Crampons, XYZLH Ice Cleats, Willceal Ice Cleats, and AGOOL Ice Cleats Crampon are all excellent recommendations.

  • Number of spikes

We all know that the greater the number of spikes, the more stability in your ice cleats. Hence to achieve aggressive traction, it is essential to invest in the ones that have more spikes. ZOMAKE Ice Cleats, Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats, and HONYAO Ice Cleats Crampons are all made with many spikes, ensuring maximum traction and preventing injury.

If you are someone who wasn’t familiar with ice cleats until now, we hope that this post helped you get all the information you needed about them. For the adventure seekers and regular joggers out there, ice cleats can be such a blessing, especially when it helps you enjoy your favorite activities even in the harshest of winters. In your search for snow-capped safety, make sure that you can tell the good from the bad and invest in one that suits your needs. Whether it be a chain cleat with longer spikes and adjustable straps for regular everyday use or premium quality thermoplastic elastomers for rugged use, make sure you take good care of them.

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