11 Best Ice Climbing Gloves of 2022


If you enjoy ice climbing, we have made a list of the best ice climbing gloves for you. Ice climbing is a popular outdoor activity to keep yourself fit and energetic. However, when you go ice climbing, you expose your hands and body to frigid cold weather. Such cold conditions require special gear, including warm gloves that protect your hands from frostbites and injuries. These gloves provide your flexibility and a strong grip to hold on to ropes tightly and to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

With various sizes, designs, and features available, choosing the right ice climbing gloves can be challenging. So, go through our list to learn more.

11 Best Ice Climbing Gloves

1. Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves

Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves


Created from a blend of materials, including artificial leather, these gloves have articulated fingers and keep your hands warm. They are 2″ high and 6″ wide,and are created from a breathable mesh fabric and prevents sweating of the hands. The knuckles are padded for extra protection, and a leather-like material is present on the palm and fingers.

The gloves have a hook closure that keeps them secure on your hands and a loop that allows them to be easily pulled on.


  • Ideal for mountain climbing in cold regions
  • Hook-and-loop cuff keeps the gloves snug
  • Size is ideally suited for smaller hands
  • Provides a good grip on cables when climbing 


  • Finger stitches tend to unravel
  • Gloves may not last long

2. Arltb Winter Bike Gloves

Arltb Winter Bike Gloves


If you want a glove system that can be used extensively in the outdoors, this one from Arltb is a great choice. These gloves are specifically designed with a palm pad that provides a secure grip on ropes and handlebars while reducing strain on the hand muscles. The thumb area is made of terry cloth and is ideal for wiping sweat off your face. The breathable fabric and the holes in the climbing gloves ensure that your hands remain warm and dry. 


  • Suitable for extreme sporting activities outdoors
  • Provides a secure grip on climbing cables
  • Keeps hands warm in cold weather
  • Low profile, similar to splitter gloves 


  • Size chart may not be accurate
  • Thin gloves do not have sufficient padding

3. Hi Clasmix Winter Gloves for Men Women

Hi Clasmix Winter Gloves for Men Women


If you are looking for the best ice climbing gloves that can also be used when traveling during the winter, this is a nice choice. The fleece gloves are designed to be used by both men and women. Each lightweight glove has leather PU material on the palm that helps you securely grip ropes. Waterproof materials used in its build keep your hands warm and help wick away sweat. The zipper on the gloves provides a secure fit, and the buckle keeps it attached to the gear.


  • Gloves are designed to be easily slipped on
  • Touchscreen fingertips for using mobile devices
  • Designed to keep the wind from entering
  • Sophisticated tailoring for improved dexterity
  • Thick lining keeps your hands warm and dry 


  • Zippers could break easily
  • May not be fully waterproof

4. RIGWARL Bike MTB Gloves



Made from a combination of polyester, artificial leather, and nylon materials, these climbing gloves are ventilated to allow sweat to wick away quickly and keep the hands dry and warm. The area along the thumb can be used as a towel to wipe away sweat, and the cuffs stretch easily to allow the gloves to be slipped onto your hand. The gloves have printed graphics and provide a secure grip on handlebars and ropes when indulging in extreme sports outdoors or ice climbing.


  • Similar to a padded shell glove
  • Sticky material on the palm provides superior grip
  • Attractive coloring and design
  • Frozen/cold items do not drop from your hand 


  • May not be as flexible as other gloves
  • Sizing may be an issue

5. LANYI Cycling and Climbing Gloves

LANYI Cycling and Climbing Gloves


When looking for the best glove for climbing and outdoor sports, this is a top choice. Made from lightweight lycra that is breathable, sweat can evaporate and keep your hands warm and dry. It is padded to protect your hands, and one of its fingertips has an extra layer of touchscreen-friendly material. The wrists have a hook-and-loop strap that can be adjusted to provide the gloves with a secure fit and prevent them from slipping.


  • Towel material on thumbs for wiping sweat
  • Gloves are ideal for exercising
  • Easy to pull on
  • Sophisticated extra layer of shock-absorbing pads 


  • Thin padding wears out quickly
  • Spider web design on the back of the hand may not be durable

6. Intra-FIT Climbing Gloves

Intra-FIT Climbing Gloves


These gloves are similar to a Black Diamond Torque Glove and are created with high-quality goatskin leather that allows for free movement of your hands when climbing. The leather padding on the gloves protects the palm and the fingers from heat and abrasion when rappelling. The breathable fabric used in the gloves ensures that sweat does not collect on your palms. The finger area has a curved design that allows for good flexibility, and the gloves can also be used to perform several delicate tasks like handling a mobile or even holding a pen or a knife.


  • Easily adjustable hook-and-loop cuff
  • Gloves allow you to tie knots easily
  • Attractive design and color
  • Gloves are durable 


  • Seams on fingers may split open
  • Gloves have a peculiar smell initially

7. Aegend Winter Waterproof Gloves

Aegend Winter Waterproof Gloves


This is an ideal winter glove option and is a good alternative to heated gloves. The TPU material membrane used makes the gloves waterproof and ensures your hands remain dry during ice climbing activity. The heavy gloves are lined with polar-quality fleece and stuffed with 40g of Thinsulate that keeps heat trapped within for longer. The grip-enhancing silica on the palms provides a good grip on ropes and gear, and the elastic around the cuff keeps the gloves from slipping.


  • Pull closure glove system locks in heat
  • Gloves are designed to be easily pulled on
  • Buckle keeps gloves from falling off when trekking
  • Gloves can be immersed in water up to the wrist 


  • Gloves are not handy when using a touchscreen
  • Size chart may not be accurate

8. Autocastle Men Women Electric Heated Gloves

Autocastle Men Women Electric Heated Gloves


These lined touchscreen snow ski gloves are lightweight enough to be added to a Hyperlite Mountain Gear kit. The heated gloves can be charged with the aid of rechargeable batteries. They are among the best gloves for ice climbing for women and have an exterior designed to provide a secure grip on gear and ropes. These best cold weather ice climbing gloves are also waterproof, remain heated for up to six hours, and feature a secure pocket within to hold the batteries. 


  • Clip keeps the gloves securely attached to the gear
  • Durable and comfortable polyester build
  • Elastic band keeps the gloves secure on hand
  • Touchscreen-friendly material on the fingertips
  • AC charger included along with two batteries
  • Button for activating the battery is easy to use
  • Temperature is adjustable to three settings 


  • Does not keep the cold wind out
  • Bulky design and material

9. BRZSACR Cycling Gloves Skeleton Bone

BRZSACR Cycling Gloves Skeleton Bone


Whether you want to go ice climbing or take part in a motocross competition, these gloves are a good option. Each glove in the pair has an inbuilt gel pad that protects the hands from abrasion when handling ropes. The silicone print on the palms provides a good grip on rocks and prevents slipping, while the terry material on the thumb is ideal for wiping off sweat from your face. Two fingertips on each glove are coated with touchscreen-friendly material and allow you to use mobile devices with ease.


  • Gloves ease fatigue in your hand muscles
  • Attractive print, design, and color
  • Suitable for exercising and weightlifting
  • Hook-and-loop strap on the wrist ensures a comfortable fit 


  • Does not provide enough warmth for the hands
  • Area around the strap tears easily

10. Outdoor Research Men’s’ Stormtracker Sensor Gloves

Outdoor Research Men’s' Stormtracker Sensor Gloves


These outdoor research ice climbing gloves are made of WINDSTOPPER material and technology to prevent wind from entering and chilling your hands. Each heavy-duty liner glove can quickly wick away moisture from your hands. Created with a mix of nylon, spandex, and polyester, it also has durable goat leather that is resistant to water on the palm area and provides a good grip on ropes, rocks, and gear. Designed to conform to your hand’s shape, the gloves have fingertips with touchscreen-friendly material.


  • Clip to connect gloves and keep them attached to your backpack
  • Elastic on wrist keeps the wind out
  • Loop allows for the gloves to be easily pulled on
  • Zippers on the side allow a secure fit 


  • Does not keep hands warm for long
  • Material around the fingers is stiff

11. HEAT WARMER Men Women Heated Gloves

HEAT WARMER Men Women Heated Gloves

This is a superb glove set if you are looking for heated gloves that fit both men and women. The gloves are also helpful for people with arthritis, as they keep the cold from exacerbating the condition. The gloves heat up to between 35 and 45-degree Celsius and are especially handy when ice climbing, trekking over glaciers or camping out in extreme weather conditions. They also provide a secure hold on handlebars and have a membrane that keeps them waterproof. Six batteries are required to heat the gloves.


  • Touchscreen friendly material on the fingertips
  • Can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth
  • Hook and clip for easy carrying
  • Leather on the palm provides a superior grip 


  • Does not provide heat to the fingers

How To Choose The Right Ice Climbing Gloves?

Ice climbing is an extreme sport because you are exposed to very low temperatures and also have to keep a secure grip on ropes, cables, and gear while dealing with the dangers of avalanches. Here, we tell you how to pick the best cold weather ice climbing gloves.

  1. Find out the region’s average temperature: Ice climbing happens when snow turns into ice, but your gloves have to keep your hands warm when the temperature is minus 10-degree C and lower. So, check the average temperature in the area where you are climbing and ensure your gloves are thick enough and have sufficient lining.
  2. Ensure climbing gloves are created with breathable material: The material used to create climbing gloves should be breathable and allow for sweat to evaporate quickly, which in turn will keep your hands from becoming cold and wet.
  3. The gloves should dry fast: Gloves tend to get wet fast when ice climbing. Even if you buy heavy gloves, ensure that they dry fast once you take them off.
  4. Always purchase two or more gloves: Ice climbing will result in your gloves becoming wet within hours and sometimes sooner. So, it is ideal that you pack several pairs of gloves. If you have several pairs, you can easily swap out a wet pair with a dry one.
  5. Layer thin gloves or liners under thick ones: Layering your clothes and gloves is important if you are ice climbing in low or sub-zero temperatures. Glove liners, shell gloves, and mittens are ideal for such circumstances and allow for easy working with a
  6. Check if the gloves are waterproof: Check if the gloves have a waterproof membrane or coating as this will keep them dry for a longer duration when ice climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which outer-glove material is both waterproof and sturdy?

Nylon and spandex material is waterproof and also quite sturdy. Gloves made with a combination of Nitrile are also water-resistant and are often included in a glove system for ice climbing.

2. How do heated gloves work?

Wires are layered between the material present at the wrist, palm, and finger areas of heated gloves. The batteries in the gloves work to heat up the wires and keep your hands warm.

3. What is the minimum temperature at which gloves can be worn in and still provide warmth?

Heated gloves and mittens work well in sub-zero temperatures and also when handling frozen products.

Why Trust MomJunction?

If you love ice climbing, you need a pair of high-quality ice climbing gloves to have a safe experience. So, we have you covered with our well-researched list of the best ice climbing gloves by considering various criteria. Our list has products with the highest ratings and reliable user reviews so that you choose the right one. We have also included a detailed buying guide with the necessary information to help you choose a suitable pair that meets your needs.

The best ice climbing gloves are specialized pairs of gloves designed to keep your hands safe from the freezing temperatures. When buying a pair, ensure they fit your hands, offer a secure grip, and feature a durable hook-and-loop strap. Further, consider those gloves that come with internal heating for managing extremely low temperatures and those that are waterproof and quick-drying. However, avoid gloves that are too bulky or rigid and ones that emit an odor.

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