11 Best Ice Scrapers in 2021

Best Ice Scrapers

The ice scraper helps you get the car clear of snow in no time while protecting the glass and paints from scratches. This compact and emergency tool in your car eliminates the need to wait for the car heating to melt the frost. Ice scrapers come with a host of add-on features, such as ice picks, snowbrooms, and extendable handles. Here, we have compiled a list of the best ice scrapers to bring a welcome change to your winter mornings.

Types Of Ice Scrapers

Ice scrapers vary from the traditional types to the snow brooms.

  1. Traditional ice scrapers: The standard scrapers with a short handle and a sharp straight-edge blade. They may be double-sided with a chipper or a pick at the opposite end. These are ideal for most weather conditions and are compact enough for easy storage in the car.
  1. Long handle ice scrapers: These work best if you have a large-sized car and need to reach the windshield center. They have an extra-long arm with a blade on one end, while some may have a brush or a squeegee on the other end. These come with retractable handles that you can adjust depending on the requirements.
  1. Ice scraper mitts: These are fleece-lined scrapers that protect your hand from the snow and keep them warm. They come with short handles and are ideal for smaller vehicles.
  1. Snow brooms: These are the traditional ice scrapers with a broom on the other end to sweep off the heavy snow before you start chipping away the ice. They are equipped with long handles that you can use for the roof and difficult-to-reach areas.
  1. Electric ice scrapers: These are heated ice scrapers you can plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The heat melts away the ice, making it easy to scrape off.

11 Best Ice Scrapers

1. Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper

Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper

The sturdy blade of the Hopkins ice scraper measures 4.5-inch-wide and can remove ice instantly. It is equipped with an ice chipper on the other end to break up thicker ice. The oval-shaped foamhandle provides an ergonomic grip for optimal comfort during prolonged use. It is ideal for storing in the glove compartment for emergency use.


  • Foam grip with thumb rest
  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Wide scrapper


  • Can be shorter

2. Snow Joe Ice Scraper

Snow Joe Ice Scraper

Equipped with a brass blade, the Snow Joe ice scraper has a 4.8-inch blade to remove ice and frost quickly and efficiently. This scraper features a 12.5-inch handle that easily cleans difficult-to-reach areas. The lightweight tool fits conveniently in the glove compartment for easy accessibility.


  • Durable brass blade
  • Compact
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Does not form scratches


  • Flimsy handle

3. Zecval Ice Scraper

Zecval Ice Scraper

Featuring a heavy-duty sharp four-inch-wide blade and an ice chipper, the Zecval ice scraper effectively clears ice and frost build-up on windshields and windows. The handle provides a firm and comfortable hold while protecting the hands. You can store this compact tool conveniently in the trunk or car door compartment.


  • Soft foam grip
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Handle isshorter

4. Better Stuff Brass Ice Scraper

Better Stuff Brass Ice Scraper

The innovatively designed ice scraper from Better Stuff is equipped with sturdy ice teeth and a brass frost blade that works in tandem to chip and clear the ice. The ergonomic shape ensures it fits the palm perfectly to offer improved chipping power while reducing wrist stress. This lightweight tool is supplied in a two-pack and can be stored in any storage compartment in the car for convenient access.


  • Compact and portable
  • Cushioned grip
  • Durable brass blade
  • Shape-shifting technology


  • Might leave scratches

5. Amazon Basics Ice Scraper

Amazon Basics Ice Scraper

Made from heavy-duty plastic, the Amazon Basics ice scraper features a 4.5-inch scraping blade with an ice chipper on the same side. This combination breaks up ice sections for easy removal and then scrapes it clear without having to turn the tool repeatedly. The handle minimizes the strain on the hands and wrist.


  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Foam grip with thumb rest
  • Compact andportable


  • Handle may be shorter

6. C J Industries Ice Scraper

C J Industries Ice Scraper

The combo pack of ice scrapers from C J Industries features brass blades that do not scratch or leave marks on the glass while scraping the ice. It has aheavy-duty polystyrene handle that offers a firm grip.


  • Does not rust, chip, or crack
  • Available in a set of four colors
  • Sturdy blade cuts through ice quickly and easily


  • Handle maybe too short

7. Coindivi Ice Scraper

Coindivi Ice Scraper

Crafted from premium-grade ABS plastic, the Coindivi ice scraper does not scratch the glass while removing deep ice layers. The 13-inch-long handle allows easy access to all parts of small and large vehicles. Featuring a 4.3-inch blade, this compact tool makes frost removal quick and easy.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Soft foam grip
  • Hanging holes allow easy storage
  • Two-pack product


  • Handle maybe too short

8. MATCC Ice Scraper Mitt

MATCC Ice Scraper Mitt

The MATCC ice scraper offers complete protection to the hand with its fleece-lined glove. Its additional band at the wrist helps prevent snow and water from entering inside. The tool features a sharp blade, and five ice picks on the back to remove ice cubes and scrape ice quickly.


  • Thick foam handle
  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to store
  • Non-slip grip


  • Might take time to clear out ice

9. Sanjour Ice Scraper

Sanjour Ice Scraper

The two-pack Sanjour ice scraper has a double-layer structure to ensure minimal direct contact with the snow. This two-in-one tool is equipped with a claw side to break up the snow and a sharp blade to sweep away the ice. The premium-grade plastic blade does not leave any scratch on the glass.


  • One year warranty
  • Can work through large ice quantities
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Thick foam grip handle


  • Blade size may be narrow

10. Isiler Ice Scraper Mitt

Isiler Ice Scraper Mitt

The Isiler ice scraper mitt offers full protection to the hand with its waterproof glove crafted from 600D Oxford fabric and a warm fleece filling. It has a rubber band to prevent snow and ice from entering and keeps the hand warm and dry. The heavy-duty scraper has a toothed side to break up thick ice layers and a shovel side to remove the crushed ice.


  • Waterproof material
  • Highly durable
  • Soft foam handle
  • Compact


  • Blade may be too narrow

11. Poboola Ice Scraper Mitt

Poboola Ice Scraper Mitt

The multifunctional Poboola ice scraper mitt keeps the hands dry and warm while eliminating snow and ice from the difficult-to-reach windshield corners. It has a thick velvet lining, while the outer layer is crafted from 600D Oxford waterproof fabric. The wrist’s elastic band helps prevent the mitt from falling off and keeps the ice and snow out. Its reinforced scraping edges break deep ice layers, and the brush’s sturdy bristles sweep away the snow.


  • One-year warranty
  • Includes snowbrush
  • Non-slip handle
  • Fleece-lined glove
  • Waterproof material
  • Portable


  • Mitt may not fit all hands

What To Look For While Buying An Ice Scraper?

While choosing the best ice scraper, keeping the following factors in mind is essential.

  1. Handle length: For larger-sized vehicles, it is advisable to choose scrapers with long or extendable handles. Likewise, shorter handles work for smaller vehicles.
  1. Material: Heavy-duty thick molded plastic or acrylic blades are strong and sturdy to withstand extreme winter conditions.
  1. Size and design of blade: Ice scrapers with small or medium size blades work the best as they concentrate on the pressure to work efficiently. Dual-sided blades can break down the deep ice and packed snow with the toothed side and clear away the light ice and frost accumulation with the smooth edge.
  1. Grip: A scraper with a soft rubber or foam grip provides high traction and is easier to hold and maneuver.
  1. Extra features: Look for scrapers with accessories, such as an ice chipper, brush, or a squeegee to clear away debris and snow quickly.
  1. Safety: Choose the scraper that is safe to use on glass and paint and will not leave any scratches or damage to the surface.
  1. Mitt attachment: To keep your hand warm and protected, opt for a scraper with an attached mitt. The waterproof fleece-lined glove is ideal for maintaining knuckles safe and hands dry. 

With an ice scraper handy at all times, you will always be prepared for the sudden onslaught of snow and ice that turns your car into an ice sculpture. It is essential to choose the best tool suitable for your weather conditions and your vehicle. Go ahead to add this vital gear to your emergency car kit.

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