23 Best Indoor Playgrounds And Gyms For Kids In 2022


Indoor playgrounds can help your children explore and play, regardless of the weather or the pandemic. Check out our list of the best indoor playgrounds for kids to choose the right one. They help improve hand-eye coordination, social and fine motor skills and provide necessary exercise for a sound mind and body. These indoor playgrounds include various exciting features to keep your children engaged for hours and to help them learn new skills. We understand that choosing the one that suits your children can be tricky with multiple available options. You need to consider factors like safety, difficulty in assembling and dismantling, and more when you buy one. So, you can check out the list to know more to ensure fun and frolic for your little ones.

23 Best Indoor Playgrounds

1. Best Detachable:Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids, then the Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower is ideal for children between 3 and 8 years. This one features a detachable top, a strong structure to hold up to 150 lbs, and a wide no-tip base for maximum convenience indoors. You can easily set up this indoor playground in 30 minutes or less and guarantee your little one’s safety with the double-lock spring system that you can assemble with the help of the disconnector tool. Here’s a personal review video to help you get a better understanding of the product.

2. Best Lightweight:Jumbo 4-To-Score Game

The Jumbo 4-To-Score is a giant 4-in-a-row game designed for a happy and healthy learning space for your kids. It is crafted with durable and safe materials for years of fun playtime and is lightweight, making it easily portable. This ring-dropping game is highly educational and promotes children’s gross motor skill development, critical thinking, physical play, and social interaction. Kids aged 3 years and above will enjoy this classic indoor and outdoor game, while parents will find the fade and weather-resistant toy super easy to assemble.

3. Best For Cognitive Skills:Legendary Colored Web Swing

With foam handles and a durable swivel for different kinds of swings, the Legendary Colored Web Swing is ideal to promote a fun learning experience with your kids, as they develop physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. If you are looking to build an indoor playground, then the 40-inch yard swing will be an ideal addition because it is all hanging hardware that can be put together to be strong, sturdy, and hold up to 450 lbs.

4. Best Durable:Gym1 Indoor Doorway Gym For Kids

This is just what you need to encourage fun and fitness at home because it comes equipped with a swing, plastic rings for gymnastics, a trapeze bar, a wood-and-rope ladder, and a knotted rope for swinging or climbing. The super easy-to-install indoor playground is strong, durable, safety-tested, and certified to ASTM standards while fitting most door frames. The structure is not only made of professional-grade steel but is capable of holding up to 300 lbs. Click here to check out a detailed personal review of this product.

5. Best For Coordination Skills:Uenjoy Freestanding Slide Playset

This slide playset would be a great addition to your indoor playground because it promotes 3 main functions: a climbing ladder, slide, and a basketball hoop. This one is for your toddler if you want them to get exercise and improve their coordination skills. It can easily be assembled with the help of just a few sturdy nuts, and the strong structure and sturdy, load-bearing capacity make it safe for children to play with, even without supervision. It also has a non-slip design with anti-skid steps, making this toy of high-quality, non-toxic HDPE material suitable for little children.

6. Best Foldable:Wowee Pop-To-Play Kids Slide

Designed with parents in mind, the Pop2Play is a unique and inventive way to play indoors while eliminating the scope of a large mess. It’s the first toy of its kind that can transform any living area into the ideal playroom and then fold flat for easy storage. The slide is stronger than ordinary cardboard, thanks to proprietary Strong Fold technology that allows for a cutting-edge folding on reinforced cardboard. It makes it exciting for your young ones aged 2-5 years and safe for children up to 50 lbs.

7. Best With Grip:SSBright Set Of 25 Climbing Holds

These climbing holds are specially made for kids because they are the right size and have a textured surface that’s easy to grip on. You can create a climbing wall in seconds by attaching it to an indoor house wall. Suppose you’re looking for a fun approach to help kids develop strength, balance, and endurance. In that case, this one’s for you because you can make tough games, vivid patterns and encourage progressive learning for kids of all ages using various colors and shapes. The rock grips are made of BPA-free plastic that is safe for children while also durable and long-lasting. They also have perfect shapes and sizes, no sharp edges, and a smooth, textured grip that is simple for their little hands to hold.

8. Best For Safety:Slide whizzer Kids Rocking Chair Seesaw Rider

This one is a perfect giftable option for your kids because it encourages playtime even if they don’t step outdoors. With seats made of comfortable molded plastic, they will have endless fun while also promoting balance and coordination skills. The handles have foam that is soft to the touch, and it also comes with a leg rest bar which makes it safe and secure. The durable and easy-to-assemble toy has a rust-resistant finish when you take it to the backyard and exceeds ASTM Safety Standards CE Certified for maximum child safety.

9. Best With Anti-Rust Clasp:Top New Colorful Climbing Rope Ladder

With this fun and engaging Rope Ladder, your kids aged 3 and above may climb with confidence. This ninja ladder allows children to have a lot of fun climbing while staying completely safe. The six robust plastic rungs guarantee stability along with a high-strength nylon rope. The anti-rust clasp on the top of the ladder makes installation easier than ever and is suitable for use with a swing set, treehouse, playhouse, jungle gym, and other similar structures. The 6-foot rope ladder can easily fold up and be stored or put away when not in use.

10. Best For Motor Skills:Goodevas Triangle Ladder For Kids

Toddlers and children from 1 to 7 years old can climb on the triangle climber. This chemical-free indoor climbing structure is made of natural oak wood and is suitable for children. The wood is treated with natural linen oil, and the ladder can be used both indoors and out. It can be an excellent playground equipment for children’s gyms because it encourages balance and motor skills. Because it has 5 locking settings, the Toddler foldable ladder can diversify your children’s activities. Your children will enjoy playing with this foldable wooden ladder.

11. Aneken 4-In-1 Slide And Swing Set

This 4-in-1 Slide and Swing Set comes equipped with a smooth slide, a non-slip climber, a swing, and a basketball hoop, all included. The basketball hoop is intended to help children improve their athletic abilities, and the basketball hoop is installed on the side panel of the slide to provide additional hoop time for your little ones. All of the activity parts are sized correctly for toddlers, and it’s a fun way to help them develop their fine gross motor skills. The slide is also composed of odorless, non-toxic, and long-lasting PE, certified by ASTM F963-17 and CPC.

12. Wedanta Gymnastic Wall Gym

This multi-function gym is made of natural wood, which is soft to the touch and pleasantly blends into practically any environment without interfering with your comfort. It also comes with everything you need to securely fasten into any wall, whether it’s made of wood or concrete. The wall bars gym construction of this type is built to the highest levels of reliability and safety. The universal home gym will keep your kids fit, and allow them to just have fun with the rope ladder, trapeze, removable pull-up bars, and more.

13. Happy Motte Rock Wall Climbing Holds

Made from high-quality plastic, the Happy Motte Rock Wall Climbing Holds have anti-fading material that ensures bright quality which lasts longer. You can use these climbing holds both indoors and outdoors as they are made of heavy-duty components with a strong and sturdy design. Combine exercise and fun with this indoor playground designed to improve your kid’s strength, balance, agility, and flexibility with 5 different colors and 3 unique shapes of rock climbing holds.

14. Seleware Non-Slip Wooden Swing Set

Swinging is the most popular activity on any jungle gym or swing set, which is why it is critical to purchase a long-lasting, high-quality swing seat for your indoor playground. The swing set requires no hardware tools to assemble and can be attached with hooks to the chain and then to the swing set. The global patented innovative design features 65 inches of chain wrapped in yellow plastic coating and has an armrest for more secure swinging, so you can ensure your child has fun while protecting their hands and fingers from being pinched.

15. Avenlur Indoor Playground Climber

This toddler climber can easily accommodate your child and their friends, allowing them to host their indoor playground and spend quality time. The indoor playground climber for kids goes a long way in developing physical skills, muscle training, body strength, critical thinking, and the formation of friendly relationships. This multifunctional set includes a Swedish ladder, slide, rope ladder, climbing net, wooden swing, and a rock-climbing wall.

16. Unicoo Toddler Slide And Swing Set

If one of your main concerns is safety, then this Unicoo Toddler Slide And Swing Set has ASTM and CPC certifications. This bright and colorful swing set is made of high-quality and long-lasting HDPE raw material that makes it safer for your child. Its durable triangle design, reinforced wide base, ability to fill with water or sand, integrated swing, smooth edges, and non-slip steps additionally ensure children’s safety while playing. The steps are easy to climb and allow kids to enjoy the fun of climbing and sliding. The children’s swing is a fun addition to your indoor playground and can hold up to 66 lbs and be adjusted in height.

17. Bundaloo Inflatable Bouncy Seesaw Rocker

Each inflatable seesaw rocker is 6-feet long and can hold the weight of an average 3-year-old. The barrel in the center has 2 handles meant for each rider. You can put this fun blue-green inflatable seesaw in any room or space with flat floors or terrain. The rockers are made of tough PVC material that is both durable and thick, making them resistant to tears and punctures. They’re designed to withstand even the most active playtimes in your living room or yard. Using a standard air pump, it only takes a few minutes to set up. The backrests on the seesaw’s 2 seats also help your children stay firmly seated throughout the fun ride.

18. Pic N Mix Toddler Rocking Chair And Table

This children’s toy rocking table is brightly colored and has smooth corners and edges, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a smooth rounded seat back, a high seat back, and easy-grip handles, with a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds. Made of high-quality, non-toxic, and food-grade ABS plastic, this one is a definite keeper! Encourage your children to learn balance and coordination with this classic rocking table, which is ideal for toddlers to pretend to swing alone or with their friends.

19. Pegas Children’s Indoor Home Gym

Keeping your child active and fit is essential for their overall growth and well-being, and the Pegas Children’s Indoor Home Gym is just what you need. This set includes a gymnastic ladder, a moving horizontal bar, gymnastic rings, a trapeze, rope, horizontal bars, a hole snake, a shield basketball, and a swing. It can be mounted in the spacers between floors and ceilings and comes in a variety of colors, including yellow and green and blue and yellow. The product is also fully patented and certified by Russian State Standard requirements (GOST) to guarantee safety to your children as they play.

20. Jungle Kids Horizontal Hanging Monkey Bar

This one is ideal if you want to keep your children entertained for hours of fun playtime while also getting them to exercise. Watch them hang, swing, and climb as they improve their coordination and core strength. The portable monkey bar fits perfectly in your indoor playground and is designed to stand alone without being bolted to the floor. You can easily adjust the height of the bar and even fold it for storage. This one is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years and has a recommended weight of 90 lbs.

21. HomGarden Kids Seesaw

This seesaw is specially designed with a steel frame length adjustable between 72 and 78 inches to accommodate areas with limited space. That, along with the heavy-duty steel tubing in the seesaw, ensures stability, durability, and a strong weight capacity of 99 lbs, making it ideal for an indoor playground. The seesaw has a 360° rotation and an easy-grip soft handle to prevent calluses and stopper poles under the seats to reduce impact. It can additionally be assembled and disassembled with ease to store carefully when not in use.

22. Fong Climbing Cargo Net

Nothing beats pretend play, and with the Fong Climbing Cargo Net your child can pretend to be Spiderman. For added fall protection, the webbed climbing net is made of high-strength polyester. Install this lightweight, easy-to-use, and long-lasting climbing net in your indoor playground to help your child develop coordination, balance, and strength. It has a weight capacity of at least 900 pounds and is appropriate for children over 3 years.

23. Fitness Kid Indoor Playground For Kids

Are your children spending too much time on their electronic devices instead of being more physically active during the day? We heard you loud and clear, and the Fitness Kid Indoor Playground is just what you need. The large indoor home gym model is sure to be popular with kids and is intended to provide hours of entertainment and creative ways to exercise. With bars, swings, ropes, and ladders, both parents and children can experiment with new moving and playing methods.

Now that you’ve perused the list of the top indoor playgrounds for your little kids, you can go ahead and get everything that you need to make the playing experience as enriching for them as possible. If you’re still confused about what features to consider before adding to the cart, we’ve got a buying guide to help.

How To Choose The Right Children’s Indoor Playground

  • Age range

When choosing the right children’s indoor playground, you will want to keep in mind the specifications and age range of the pieces of equipment. This is a preventative measure to ensure safety as your children, and maybe even their friends will play on the indoor set.

  • Specifications

The next thing to consider is the size of the indoor playground and whether it is suitable for your space. Make sure to cross-check ceiling height, length, and depth as well as the area that you intend to set up. If you want the indoor playground in your backyard, make sure that the weather conditions are suitable for the types of equipment.

  • Preferences

Finally, you will want to choose an indoor playground that is both fun for your child, and easy for you to navigate. Consider things like ease of assembly, maintenance, and storage, among other things. You would also want to choose options that your child will like to play with like slides and swings, but you could choose plastic or wooden components depending on your personal preferences.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Finding the best indoor playground for kids can be a challenging task. But this article by Wedesto Chirhah, our expert product writer and reviewer, makes your task easier. He has listed some of the best options available after conducting extensive research and evaluating numerous customer reviews. He has also included some pointers to be considered before making a choice. Also included is a buying guide for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does an indoor playground help a child’s development?

For a variety of reasons, an indoor playground can benefit a child’s development. Indoor play is essential for the development of imagination and the stimulation of creativity. Indoor playgrounds, whether they’re imagining forts, castles, or spaceships, can help your child develop in a big way. It can help a child develop necessary motor skills, teach them to overcome fears and improve their ability to share. An indoor playground can benefit a child’s development on a variety of levels.

2. How can I keep my kids safe while playing on an indoor playground?

It is critical to understand your child’s specific needs while playing on an indoor playground. Always supervise your child and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. You could keep the indoor playground on a firm, even surface to provide a more stable place for them to play around. You could also check to see if the playground needs to be secured to the ground. Another thing to consider is if the indoor playground meets all the certified safety codes.

One of the best ways to keep your little ones active and fit is by setting up an indoor playground and gym at home. Besides, they also help improve children’s motor and social skills and help boost their creativity and imagination. When choosing one, consider the specifications based on the space you have at home. The best indoor playgrounds are made of child-friendly materials devoid of harmful chemicals and odors and are also easy to install, maintain, and store.

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