13 Best Inline Skates In India To Buy In 2024

Skating is an indoor and outdoor activity that helps improve body balance and flexibility. However, to get a safe skating experience, you must have the right skates. Inline skates are a kind of roller skates specifically designed for inline skating. Unlike quad skates with two rear wheels and two front wheels, these skates have two to five wheels arranged in a straight line.

To help you choose high-quality skating equipment, we have compiled a list of the 13 best inline skates in India that can ensure your safety and make skating fun.

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Types Of Inline Skates

There are different types of inline skates that you must be aware of before you make a choice.

  1. Recreational inline skates: These recreational skates are designed for leisure and quick skating. Recreational inline skates are ideal for skating enthusiasts who want essential fitness. These inline skates have a soft design and are comfortable to wear.
  2. Fitness inline skates: These inline rolling skates are professional roller skates, originally designed for hockey players. These days, these roller skates are used for fitness. They have bigger and faster wheels for speed skating.
  3. Roller hockey inline skates: They are specially designed for hockey. They are ideal for high-energy games. These professional skates are made of leather, plastic, or carbon fiber and have a sturdy design.
  4. Racing inline skates: For those looking for serious roller skating, these inline skates are designed with advanced technology. They have a lightweight construction with heavy-duty bearings with no brakes and have five wheels.
  5. Street skates or urban skates: They blend aggressive and recreational styles of skating. They are equipped with bearings and wheels like recreational skates and have a unique boot design that can withstand jumps and tricks while skating down the lane.

13 Best Inline Skates In India

1. Quantico Inline Skates With PU Flashing Wheel

These beginner skates have a composite frame with 76mm PU flashing wheels and ABEC7 bearings to ensure moderate speed. Designed to meet the needs of novice skaters, they promise to provide a stable skating experience.  These skates have an easy buckle closure and come with a one-year warranty.


  • Comfortable and supportive design
  • Come with padding
  • Offer secure fit
  • Knit technology offers better breathability
  • Flashing wheels do not require a battery
  • A low balance structure offers better balance and support


  • Replacement wheels may be difficult to find

2. Cockatoo Inline Skates With Aluminum Chassis

Cockatoo Inline Skates are stylish and comfortable to wear, making them one of the best roller skates in India. These skates have ABEC5 bearings and PU super rebound wheels ranging in size from 64mm to 72mm to 76mm, with aluminum chassis.


  • Come with adjustable length
  • Have smooth wheels
  • Durable construction
  • Offer right balance and comfort


  • Wheels may make noise

3. Jaspo Radar Adjustable Inline Skates

These inline skates have 100mm PU wheels and are ideal for beginners. They have a durable aluminum structure that provides extra stability and comfort. These skates for children have a thick ankle shell with buckle closure and shoelace, providing complete safety and security. They are equipped with ABEC7 bearings for a better skating experience.


  • Adjustable to three different sizes
  • Have mesh liner for breathability
  • Come with a padded liner
  • Offer good ventilation
  • Smooth and silent design


  • Wheels’ material may not be of top quality

4. Kamachi Inline Skates With Aluminum Body

Kamachi roller skates use a unique soft boot support design with three cam lever buckles. The soft lining on the inside prevents tight spots and blisters. The four-wheel inline skates have a high-quality aluminum frame, which is strong and durable. Ideal for kids, juniors, and beginners, the skates promise the ultimate skating experience.


  • Lightweight design
  • Come with padding
  • Have adjustable length
  • Include brake stopper


  • Wheels may not run smooth

5. Slyk Sterling Adjustable Inline Skates

Featuring 100mm, ABEC11 bearings wheels with 82A PU hardness, these high-quality skates are made of aircraft-grade aluminum chassis. Their boots are made of a softshell with lever buckles and Velcro cinch straps for a firm grip. These three-wheeled skates make it easy for you to skate in tight corners or allow you to take easy turns.


  • Have smooth-running wheels
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Come with easy adjustments
  • Have soft foam liner for better comfort
  • Come with a carrier hook strap


  • Wheels may be noisy

6. Klapp Adjustable Inline Skates

Klapp offers professional inline skates made of high-quality rubber with 100mm wheels. These unisex wheel skates are equipped with three wheels to ensure adequate control and balance. The mesh design of the boots increases breathability and allows extra comfort when skating, even in the heat.


  • Offer secure fit
  • Wheels run smooth
  • Adjustable design
  • Durable and strong construction


  • May not be comfortable to ride

7. Veera Adjustable Inline Skates

If you want to enjoy a smooth and stable skating experience, Veerainline skates are an ideal choice. They come with three 100mm wheels to provide proper balance and control when skating. The wheels are made of high-quality rubber, and the skating shoes are made of high-quality PU material. These skates have a convenient pull-up closure, making them the right choice.


  • Have smooth and strong wheels
  • Allow size adjustments
  • Offer comfortable grip
  • Durable design


  • Button to expand shoe may not be smooth

8. Siby Children Adult Adjustable Inline Roller Skates Shoes Full Set

These high-quality roller skates are designed keeping in mind the needs of new skaters. They provide firm lateral support to ensure that the ankles are adequately supported. The roller skates come with a strap, buckle, and lace closure to quickly and easily fasten the feet. Siby also offers a helmet, elbow, knee, and wrist pads for full protection.


  • Easy push-button for size adjustment
  • Offer foam support
  • Frame made of thick plastic and aluminum
  • Allow adjustment to four whole sizes


  • Protective equipment may not be durable

9. Nodens Adjustable Beginner Inline Skates

Four-wheeled inline skates with 72mm PU wheels make a perfect pick for children, juniors, and beginners. You can learn skating with skates from one of the best rolling skate brands that promise reasonable control and support. These unisex skates come with ankle support and convenient closure that add to the comfort of skating.


  • Come with three adjustable sizes
  • Lightweight design
  • Come with in-built brakes
  • Easy to put on and off


  • The quality of shoes may not be great

10. Jumix 2024 Kids Size Adjustable Professional Inline Skate Shoes

These good-quality skates feature 72mm PU wheels with ABEC7 bearings and an aluminum frame. Buy these inline skates designed with padded lining for extra comfort. Having triple protection with laces, strong buckle closure, and strap, they promise the best of safety and grip to the young riders.


  • Come with easy size adjustments
  • Ideal for indoor as well outdoor use
  • Have smooth-running wheels
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Offer stable performance


  • May require frequent repairs

11. Oxelo 8379656 Fit 3 Kids’ Inline Skates

Designed especially for kids, buy the roller skates from one of the most renowned inline skates brands from Decathlon. These skates have four wheels with semi-stiff foam, offering absolute comfort to your kid’s little feet.


  • Offer ankle support
  • Come with three closure system
  • Offer ventilation
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Adjustable up to size 5


  • Wheels may not be a part of the warranty

12. Diswa Adjustable Aluminum Inline Skates Combo Set For Boys And Girls

These inline skates are specially designed for children 12 years old and older. It comes with a helmet and protective gear kit. They have PU wheels with LED flash to ensure excellent maneuverability and speed. You can enjoy smooth skating with these four-wheeled skates, suitable for fitness activities and recreational purposes.


  • Larger wheels offer better speed
  • Liner construction adds more comfort
  • Offer ventilation
  • Allow size adjustments


  • Accessories may not be of top-quality

13. Wire Scorts Size Adjustable Inline Skates

These inline skates have a sturdy design and feature 72mm PU wheels, ABEC7 bearings, high-quality stoppers, and an aluminum frame. They have triple protection features, including durable buckles, straps, and shoelaces to hold the feet in place. Designed for children, they guarantee better stability and control to provide a safe and reliable skating experience.


  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor skating
  • Offer support to the ankle
  • Have non-slip professional wheels
  • Designed for beginners
  • Allow adjustments
  • Have breathable boots


  • May make noise while skating
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Inline Skates?

Buying a smooth and safe pair of inline skates is much easier when you know what points to look for. We have listed some of the features to be considered while buying inline skates.

  1. Style: Choose from different roller skates, including roller derby skates, artistic skates, speed skates, outdoor skates, indoor skates, and rink and rhythm skates that vary in characteristics and performance.
  2. Wheels: Wheels are the most critical part of roller skates. Always choose skates with durable wheels and consider their size, hardness, and softness. Soft wheels are ideal for outdoor skating, while hard wheels are suitable for slippery indoors.
  3. Size: The right size is a significant factor to consider for comfort and balance. When buying skates for a child, you may consider a size larger than their present shoe size.
  4. Frame: Frame binds the wheels and shoes together. Therefore, the frame must be strong. In India, most roller skates are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that lasts long.
  5. Strength and durability: Good skates can withstand harsh conditions. Always consider the strength and durability of inline skates.

Inline skating is a graceful activity for children to pick up and helps improve their balance and flexibility. It is also a fun activity that can be performed indoors as well as outdoors. Thus, you may choose an inline skate based on your child’s requirements. And when choosing one, pay special attention to the wheels and ensure they roll smoothly. Lastly, ensure that you choose a sturdy pair with good padding and one that matches your child’s level of expertise.

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