15 Best Interactive Toys For Toddlers Of 2022


The love between kids and toys is truly unconditional. That’s why it’s necessary to buy the best interactive toys for toddlers. These toys are entertaining and give a good mental and educational experience for the kid. Many toys are just for fun, but those don’t help in developing social skills in little ones. So, keeping their age in mind, get toys that are interactive yet fun. You’ll find 15 interactive toys that your kid will undoubtedly love. They talk, offer music, dance, and come in vibrant colors as well as familiar animal shapes. Choose one and make toy time a fun and learning experience for your kid.

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15 Best Interactive Toys For Toddlers

1. Best Eco-Friendly:Nuby Floating Octopus With Hoopla Rings

The best way to ensure that your toddler enjoys his bath time is to use an interactive toy to keep them occupied. The Nuby floating octopus is soft and flexible with tentacles that will intrigue your little one. The toy comes with 3 interactive rings that can be thrown on the tentacles. It’s not just a toy as it aids in developing hand and eye coordination that stimulates the senses. The bright and vivid colors of the octopus are appealing and steal the attention of kids. Last but not least, it is made from environmentally friendly materials that are BPA-free. Here’s a personal review video to help you get a better understanding of the product.

2. Best Portable:YOYOSTORE Kid’s Interactive Cell Phoe

This mobile phone for kids by YOYOSTORE is truly interactive to the point of the mobile phone bearing certain smartphone-like features. In terms of its looks, it resembles the iPhone but is called the YPhone.The phone has numerous children’s songs and nighttime lullabies. The LED flashes on the phone whenever a button is pressed. That helps in stimulating the senses and capturing attention. The phone has a touchscreen panel that works like any other touchscreen phone. The phone boasts 8 different sound modes that captivate and intrigue kids. Flipping the power switch on the phone makes it ring, and tapping on the picture icon will make it speak. It is equipped with a battery that takes 20-30 minutes to charge through a micro USB adapter and cable fully. Click here to check out a detailed personal review of this product.

3. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination:BEST LEARNING Mushroom Garden Educational Toy

At first glance, one can easily notice the bright and lively colors used in the mushroom garden. It is well color coordinated and has numbers, music, and games. You can rock it or spin it and follow the colors of the mushroom as they light up. It has basic controls that include 4-different operating modes and a volume control switch. The speaker on the toy is loud enough for children to follow the music and dance. This toy helps develop hand and eye coordination, imagination, logic, concentration, and motor skills. To understand the nuances of the product in detail, you can check out this review.

4. Best For Interactive Play:Move2Play Interactive Animal Sounds Crawl Ball

This colorful ball by Move2Play is more than meets the eye. It is a ball but with so much more. It is equipped with sensors to recognize movements like a roll, tap, shake or toss and responds accordingly. It has 30+ animal sounds and songs to help children learn in a fun and interactive way. It helps a kid develop motor and memory skills. Making the toy visually appealing is its pictures of different animals printed on the surface of the ball. This baby ball is soft and safe for toddlers to play with. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are included with it.

5. Best Easy-To-Clean:G-WACK Fun Bath Toys For Toddlers

This bath toy set by G-WACK consists of a set of toys that are fun, interactive, and keep your kid occupied while having a bath. The waterfall, spinning wheel, rotating eyes, and shower cup are uniquely designed and interactive, making bath time fun. The animated toys radiate happy and positive vibes, making children feel loved and secure. This toy set uses a suction that easily attaches to the bathtub, glass, marble, or even smooth ceramic tiles. The toy set is made from eco-friendly materials that are BPA-free. The plastic toys are made from thick and high-quality plastic, making them difficult to break. They are easy to clean and maintain and bring a smile to children’s faces.

6. Best Comfortable:Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair

The learning chair has an attached plastic side table with a lamp and learning tools. The magical seat rewards children for sitting and standing. The chair is well-built and has a smiley face on the backrest. It also has armrests to make it comfortable for kids to sit. It is equipped with 3 different modes of play that stimulate the senses and promote learning. The 3 modes are music, learning, and imagination. Tap the lamp to make it light up and play music or press each crayon to hear different songs. The chair and other learning equipment are made from recyclable plastic that is toxic-free and safe for children.

7. Best For Cognitive Skills:BAODLON Interactive Pound A Mole Game

The pound a mole game by BAODLON is equipped with all the necessary controls and buttons required to make it interactive and engaging. It has an LED display that shows the score, a play and pause button, and a volume control button. The moles are brightly colored, making them easy to spot and hit. They are also smooth and durable to ensure that they are long-lasting. The 2 hammers included with this set are soft and safe for children to use. The game features 4 speeds, with 9 levels per speed, with increasing difficulty levels as you progress. The objective of this game is to pound the head of the mole before the light goes out. The game helps enhance coordination, cognitive development, and motor skills. The entire set is made from BPA-free materials and uses 3 AAA batteries.

8. Best Durable:Melissa & Doug Vroom and Zoom Dashboard and Steering Wheel

The steering wheel and dashboard are realistic and give kids a hands-on experience of what it would be like to drive a car. The steering wheel is mounted on a durable and steady dashboard that is constructed from wood. The set features a key start, gear shift, radio with 4-stations, loud-sounding horn, air conditioner and heat vents, headlight indicators, countdown timer, and a gas cap. To make it even more interactive than it already is, kids must steer the wheel to move in the direction indicated by the GPS. The GPS automatically shuts off after 5 minutes to save battery life. It is a fun toy to build hand and eye coordination and motor skills at a young age.

9. Best For Fine Motor Skills:VATOS Interactive Vending Machine For Toddlers

This vending machine is designed to ease the real world into children’s minds by giving them a hands-on experience. It is brightly colored with fun voice interaction, swipe card mode, coin slot, and a withdrawing button. It simulates a real-life vending machine but in a simple and fun way to make it interesting for kids. It is easy to operate and runs on 3 AAA batteries. All you have to do is set it up, put a coin or swipe the toy card, and choose a drink by pressing the relevant button. This process builds motor skills, aids in shape recognition, and enhances concentration. The vending machine includes 3 tins of orange juice, 3 tins of milk, 3 tins of mineral water, a shopping card, a beverage storage box, and 9 coins.

10. Best Educational:VTech Learn And Dance Interactive Zoo

This toy set is good for introducing kids to the numerous zoo animals through animal sounds. The highlight of the zoo set is the large-sized money that can be controlled through the joystick. The arms of the monkey swing, and the body twists from one side to the other to make it interesting and engaging for children. Alongside the monkey is a toucan, that when touched, begins to sing. The educational turtle roller included with this set is a fun way for children to learn numbers and counting. The zoo set requires 2 AA batteries and has a built-in automatic shut-off to perverse battery life.

11. Best Easy-To-Install:Gifted Genius Talking Alphabet Chart

This is an educational and interactive toy for preschool learning. The chart is a visual representation of the alphabet, with each alphabet having a corresponding picture that illustrates it. The chart demonstrates numbers from 1 to 10 and plays 10 popular kid songs along with the alphabet. The control center at the top of the chart houses all the necessary buttons for advanced control over power, sound, and game modes. It is easy to install and requires no additional equipment. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table according to convenience.

12. Best Long-Lasting:KiddoLab Lion Alphabet Book For Toddlers

Learning should be fun, and that’s precisely what KiddoLab has achieved with its lion alphabet book. The interactive talking book is packed with numerous activities to stimulate learning and develop a love for reading at an early age. The book is in a tablet-like form, and children can turn from one page to another. It consists of 11 pages vibrantly decorated with bright and attractive colors, depicting food, animals, musical instruments, and everyday objects. To make the learning experience a treat to the ears, each letter of the alphabet has a different sound effect. The tablet offers volume control options and even has a quiz mode.

13. Best Versatile:HomeMall Pop Up Animal Toys

This simple yet interactive toy makes learning fun and engaging. As its name suggests, it consists of 4 different animals that pop up when the buttons are pressed, pushed, or rotated. The animal in this set includes a monkey, lion, hippo, and elephant. Accompanying the pop-up action of the animal is music that teaches children animal sounds. The toy set is smooth, with no sharp edges, and is made from non-toxic materials. This game encourages the development of the hand and eye coordination, motor skills, and cognitive skills.

14. Best Adorable:SAXTREM Flashcards For Babies

This educational toy for kids consists of 56 flashcards with an electronic dock that makes it interesting. The flashcards are heavyweight cards with smooth edges and are made from environmentally friendly materials. Each flashcard consists of a word and an accompanying picture to help visual learners. The flashcard is inserted into a dock which generates an image of the same and pronounces the word. That helps kids learn the spelling, with an image in mind and the correct pronunciations of words. It is used in preschools and as an effective technique for homeschooling. It is also a brilliant way for parents and children to form a long-lasting bond through teaching and learning.

15. Best Multifunctional:Gebra Talking and Dancing Cat For Toddlers

The multifunctional soft toy in the shape of a cat can talk and dance. It makes a great companion for your little ones and keeps them interested by singing, dancing, and repeating functions. One of the highlight features of this toy that earns it a noteworthy spot on our list of the 15 best interactive toys for toddlers is that the cat can repeat whatever you tell it. The soft toy is crafted from BPA-free and non-toxic materials, making it safe for children. It aids in language development, skill development, motor skill development, and development of hand and eye coordination.

Now that you’ve had a good look at some of the best interactive toys for toddlers, it’s time to learn about what to keep in mind when purchasing one. Here is a short and crisp buying guide to keep you informed of the considerations to bear in mind.

How To Choose The Right Interactive Toys For Toddlers

  • Recommended age

The recommended age for a toy is crucial because it is directly related to the utility that the toy provides. For instance, an interactive toy designed for ages 3 and above will be of little value to a 2-year-old child. That is because the toys are designed to meet the cognitive and motor skill level that is expected of a child at a certain age. It’s best to check the recommended age of a toy before purchasing it.

  • Safety

One of the first things that should concern you about toys is the materials they are made from. It’s important to look closely into the material used to ensure that they are BPA-free. Plastic, which is used to make most toys, has often been found to be one of the materials that have the possibility of having the most health concerns. Ensure that the toys are made of high-quality plastic that is environmentally friendly and free from toxins. Apart from materials, one should also check to see if the toy is free from sharp or rough edges as that could be a matter of concern.

  • Educational value

Believe it or not but toys aren’t just meaningless games. They offer educational value to kids but in a fun and interactive manner. Some of the crucial things that kids need to learn are numbers, colors, and the alphabet. Most games for toddlers incorporate these elements and strive to develop cognitive skills, hand and eye coordination, and motor skills. Toys make learning fun and should be chosen wisely to develop individual skills.

  • Ease of use and installation

Some toys require close to no effort or installation to set up, while others like alphabet charts, require additional tools to be hung up on a wall or door. The ease of installation depends on the kind of toy and the method employed by the company. Many companies prefer to keep the installation procedure simple and include an in-built hanging mechanism. When choosing a toy, ensure that it is easy to install and operate.

Interactive toys for toddlers do not only refer to toys that move. An interactive toy stimulates the thought process and engages a child through activity-based work. Toys are fun to use but are not solely meant for enjoyment. They also possess educational value and help develop skills. The great thing about interactive toys for toddlers is that they are usually compact and portable, making them easy to take with you on a family vacation. If you have a kid, niece, or nephew who is a toddler, we have some interactive toys that you won’t want to miss out on. Do revisit our list of the 15 best interactive toys for toddlers and tell us which one you like the best.

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