15 Best Interactive Toys In 2021


Parents buy different toys for their children, but none can beat interactive toys in terms of their advantages. We have brought a list of the best interactive toys to help engage the children and improve their hand-eye coordination, general awareness, motor skills, and more. Parents can also choose an interactive toy that helps improve their child’s specific skill sets. These toys allow your child to stay away from screens for long. Suitable for all ages, you can check out our list to choose the right toys for your child.

15 Best Interactive Toys

1. Li’l-Gen Dinosaur Toys With Interactive Sound Book

Here’s a complete set of Jurassic world toys to immerse your children in the world of dinosaurs. These realistic dinosaur toys by Li’l-Gen are designed to spark the curiosity of your little ones. The pack includes 12 enormous dinosaurs and an engaging dinosaur sound book with relevant stories to help your child understand more about these extinct animals.

The sound book allows your child to listen to different dinosaur sounds. Every button in the book comes with an image of a dinosaur—all your child has to do is press it to listen to the roaring sound. Get this educational toy set made of non-toxic material and encourage imaginative play in young children.

2. Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

Take your child on a journey around the earth with the Shifu globe that comes with an Orboot Earth app that has different modes. Your child can experience 3D visual storytelling, music, voice interactions, and more.

The educational and interactive toy includes more than 400 highlights and wonders of the world and 1,000+ world facts, divided into six varying categories in augmented reality. The toy is perfect for teaching children aged four to ten years about animals, cultures, inventions, monuments, and cuisines.

3. Fisher-Price Rollin’ Rovee Interactive Activity Toy

With four different modes, this interactive activity toy by Fisher-Price is designed for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and grows with the child. Every play mode comes with exciting activities, music, and lights to keep your child engaged.

With smart stages, your child can learn directions, opposites, numbers, the alphabet, and more. You could also let your child and their playmates engage in various playful activities, such as clapping, peek-a-boo, greeting, and more.

The toy helps improve listening skills, problem-solving skills, and gross motor skills as your child sits, crawls, and walks.

4. Move2Play Interactive Animal Sounds Crawl Ball Toy

Integrated with intelligent sensors, this interactive animal sounds crawl ball toy recognizes various actions, such as a roll, shake, tap, and toss and responds with silly sayings. The interactive toy offers babies and toddlers more than 30 phrases and animal sounds and three catchy sing-along songs.

The ball is designed with a soft, plush, machine-washable exterior, ensuring healthy and safe play. The child can also control the volume with the high and low buttons. Furthermore, this toy can be used outdoors as well and is designed to help your toddler crawl and improve their motor skills.

5. Disney Jessie Interactive Talking Action Figure

This interactive action figure from Disney is perfect for children aged three years and up. The figure can yodle, produce different sounds, and say nine phrases, including “This here cowgirl always finds a way” and “Don’t worry, Jessie never gives up.” All your child has to do is pull the string, and the figure starts talking.

And what’s more, the figure also comes with interactive features; thus, when Jessie detects another Toy Story figure nearby, it triggers the phrases automatically.

6. Best Learning i-Poster My USA Interactive Map

Best Learning’s i-Poster is an interactive map manufactured for preschoolers and early learners aged five years and above. The map is filled with valuable pieces of educational information that help children learn about the environment, climate, geography, and earth science. Your child can also learn general knowledge and fun facts and trivia about the 50 US states.

The colorful play mat runs on three AAA batteries and allows for five levels of volume adjustment. Further, the interactive mat is free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

7. Kid Trax Real Rigs Toddler Recycling Truck

Let your child drive around the house while learning about the concept of recycling with this one-of-a-kind interactive toy truck. It has more than 100 phrases, sounds, songs, and instrumentals, and the movable mouth and eyes of the truck offer an interactive experience.

The pack includes nine recyclable accessories, and the truck responds when each accessory is inserted into its shape sorting slot. Besides, the truck features a working lever that dumps the recycling haul.

8. Gifted Genius Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Suitable for toddlers and young children, this electronic wall chart lets children learn numbers and the letters of the alphabet and take quizzes. Your child can also sing and dance along to popular songs and develop new skills.

The interactive chart with easy-to-use buttons and volume control can keep your child busy and decrease their screen time. The board is made of waterproof coated paper, with Oxford material on the edges to prevent scratches.

9. Yiman Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

The Yiman robot toy features two different modes, thus allowing you to control it with your voice or an infrared remote with a range of 33ft.

You can also program the robot dog to perform as per your requirements, be it dancing, moving forward, hand standing, push-ups, sitting down, crouching, or barking. With an adjustable volume option, it is no less than a real puppy that your young children will adore.

10. VATOS Baby Musical Toys

Attractive and engaging, these musical toys help develop fine motor skills in your child. Turn on the switch, and the hen will dance to some cool sounds, music, and light while moving its head, wings, tail, and beak.

The chicken whistles in two different styles, attracting your child even more. The toys are made with 100% child-safe ABS plastic, which is BPA-free, lead-free, and non-toxic.

11. Lakibole Baby Toddler Companion Sound Toy

The Lakibole AI intelligent pet features five different game modes and expresses different emotions. It can be sleepy, angry, dazed, calm, or happy. This intelligent sensor car has sensors on both sides of the body, allowing the child to hold or touch the sides to change the mode.

The toy has been manufactured with non-toxic and durable ABS plastic. It is powered by inbuilt batteries, and you can also connect it to a USB charging interface to recharge the battery.

12. Arpedia 3D Digital Contents With Ten Paper Books

With augmented reality (AR), your child can now explore STEM subjects. This pack by Arpedia extends the reading experience beyond the pages and expands children’s knowledge. The set includes ten encyclopedia books that cover essential subjects, such as robots, weather, and space, 13 coloring markers, 50 paper markers, and Spotty, the smart tablet holder with an embedded camera.

Upon opening the book, your child will find digital content on their tablet. The special effects foster an enriching learning experience and trigger the child’s visual and auditory senses.

13. Laebuild Kids Cartoon Walkie Talkies

Available in a unique shape, this set of walkie-talkies is suitable for young children who love pretend play. With kid-friendly buttons, it is easy to operate and is durable. The cartoon character patterns and attractive colors keep your little ones engaged for quite a while.

The walkie-talkie features only one channel; hence, children will not lose contact. The two-way toy uses HD audio intercom technology and digital signal to keep the sound quality up to the mark. Hence, it can also be used in the woods and on different floors and rooms of your house.

14. SZJJX Interactive Whack A Mole Game

Are you looking for an interactive toy to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, brain development, cooperation, competition, and fine motor skills? SZJJX interactive whack a mole game facilitates all these.

The colorful toy has multiple modes and 24 speed levels. The vibrant lights and colors, LCD display, sound effects, and music functions add more excitement to the game. Besides, the toy set is made of sturdy and safe plastic with four suction cups.

15. JKPALBOX Big Size Push Pop Game Fidget Toys

The JKPALBOX fidget toy is safe and ideal for adults and children, as it is manufactured with premium and non-toxic silicone. The interactive toy can be used by anybody, regardless of age, and offers children much-needed fun time.

The board is not just a fidget toy but also a chessboard. Players can take turns to press the sensory pop according to the number the die throws. The easy-to-play game is a stress reliever and can be carried around anywhere. And yes, the toy is washable, reusable, waterproof, and odor-safe.

How To Choose The Right Interactive Toy?

Consider the following factors when choosing an interactive toy for your child.

  1. Age: One of the most important factors to consider is the age of your child. To decide whether a certain toy is suitable for your little one, check the recommended age range given by the toy company.
  1. Independent or group play: Interactive toys can be enjoyed individually or with a group of friends. The toys that are meant for individuals may not have features for multiple children and vice versa.
  1. Purpose: Some toys lean more toward the educational factor, and others concentrate on providing a good time to children. So, decide what exactly you want from the toy.
  1. Features: Another important thing to consider is the list of features that the toy offers. If you want the toy to be engaging, check whether it has music, sounds, buttons, and more.
  1. Safety: Consider the design and material of the toy. It shouldn’t contain harmful material and should not pose a choking hazard.

Every toy on this long list is designed to deliver an interactive and fun experience for children. There is an extensive range of features that you can find in them. So, make sure you buy the best interactive toy that matches your child’s requirements and interests and is designed for their age range.

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