15 Best Ironing Board Covers Of 2024

For an effective and hassle-free ironing session, we have brought a list of the best ironing board covers to help you choose the right one. These expert-approved board covers come in different designs and sizes and are designed with high-quality, durable materials. Most of them are silicone-coated or scorch-proof, anti-slip, and have features that allow easy and fast ironing of clothes. We have reviewed several tried-and-tested ironing board cover options to help you make an informed decision. So, read on to learn more.

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15 Best Ironing Board Covers

1. Best Overall: Bartnelli Ironing Board Cover And Pad

Bartnelli Ironing Board Cover And Pad Image: Bartnelli

The Bartnelli Technology ironing board cover is for you if you are tired of frequently replacing your ironing board covers. This tried-and-tested product is made of high-quality, heat-resistant material that will last for years. In addition, it is carefully designed and features thick padding that helps keep your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free.

Color: Denim Gray | Material: Iron | Item Weight: 9.9 ounces


  • Elasticized edges offer a snug fit to the board
  • 100% cotton fabric with a thick layered top
  • Resists scorching marks
  • Multiple design options


  • May not be ideal for larger boards
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The unique park zone feature lets me rest the iron on the board and align the clothes at my own pace. I do need to tighten the velcro strap periodically to ensure a snug fit. Nevertheless, the cover’s steam-friendly and machine-washable design makes it a worthwhile product."

2. Best Non-Slip: Ironing Board Cover by Ezy Iron

Ironing Board Cover by Ezy Iron Image: Ezy Iron

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has earned its stripes, with over 3,327 reviews on Amazon.

This product by Ezy Iron makes ironing quick and hassle-free. With a dimension of 15in x 54in, the heavy-duty premium cover fits not only standard but also the large ironing boards with ease. The cover comes with extra thick premium cotton padding to better reflect the heat for faster pressing of clothing, quilts, and blankets. Check out this YouTuber’s review of this product to get more details from a reviewer’s experience.

Item Weight: 14.1 ounces | Product Dimensions: 10"L x 0.8"W x 7.2"H | Color: Beige | Material: Cotton


  • Non-slip and secure fit with an elasticized edging
  • Easy installation with bungee-cord type drawstring
  • Scorch-resistant and stain-resistant
  • Ideal for full-size boards


  • Dimensions may not be the same as advertised
  • May crease while ironing the clothes
  • Quality of the padding may not be up to the standards

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I love this ironing board cover for its ample felt padding and quality cotton material. At the get-go, I wasn’t too convinced by its tautness, but adding an extra toggle helped enhance its fit. It has made smoothening out the wrinkles easy."

protip_icon Quick tip
Pick machine-washable ironing board covers to maintain hygiene levels and wash out scorch marks if they occur.

3. Best Heavy-Duty: Holdn’ Storage Ironing Board Cover And Pad

Holdn’ Storage Ironing Board Cover And Pad Image: Hold N Storage

With a smooth, scorch-resistant ironing surface, the ironing cover by Holdn’ Storage is made of 100% cotton and helps reduce heat transfer. The tabletop ironing board cover is also silicone-coated, significantly reducing ironing time. In addition, it has four elastic straps that quickly secure the body, and it includes a fiber ironing pad to ensure an even, wrinkle-free finish.

Item Weight: 10.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 54"L x 15"W x 15"H | Color: Gray | Material: Silicone


  • Heavy duty
  • Universal fit
  • Resists burning
  • Has a non-stick coating


  • Padding may not be thick
  • May have a peculiar smell

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This ironing board cover is a solid choice. It's easy to put on with the hook-and-loop straps and fits well. I like that the color is practical for hiding stains, and the extra padding is a bonus. I wish it were a bit thicker, though, especially for heavy fabrics."

Bartnelli Ironing Board Cover And Pad
Best Overall
Ironing Board Cover by Ezy Iron
Best Non-Slip
Holdn’ Storage Ironing Board Cover And Pad
Best Heavy-Duty
Color Denim Gray Beige Gray
Material Iron Cotton Silicone
Weight 9.9 ounces 14.1 ounces 10.8 ounces
Dimensions- 10"L x 0.8"W x 7.2"H 54"L x 15"W x 15"H

4. Best Elegant: Juvale Ironing Board Cover and Pad


This ironing board cover by Juvale helps you quickly complete any ironing task. It features a beautiful flower pattern with an adjustable drawstring that fits boards up to 54 inches long and 15 inches wide. In addition, the cover comes with foam padding for added comfort and protection.

Color: Multicolor | Material: Cotton | Item Weight: 10.2 ounces


  • Laminated cotton cover
  • Elegant and vibrant design
  • Easy to fit
  • Offers a wrinkle-free fit


  • Padding may not be as thick
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I am happy to find a string- and clasp-free option. Although it scorches a bit when I use the press at the highest temperature, this does not diminish its overall usability. Plus, its floral design has made my workspace more cheerful."

5. Best Eco-Friendly: Ironing Board Cover by Balffor

Unlike most of the iron board covers, the product by Balffor contains three layers of fabric fused together (Trifusion cover, 8mm/160gsm). The ironing board cover measures 15in x 54in and comes with a silicone coating for enhanced performance. The safety-tested and certified product also contains an 8mm thick padding that includes a 6mm felt padding + 2mm foam padding. This iron board cover is simple to install and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

Color: Green | Material: Iron | Item Weight: 1.04 pounds


  • Eco-friendly, free of harmful and toxic chemicals (certified)
  • Scorch-, heat-, dirt-, and drip-resistant
  • Anti-slip and firm fittings with strong elasticized edges
  • Includes four additional adjustable elastic bands and nose pocket for better fitting


  • Padding may not be very durable
  • May not fit full-size boards
protip_icon Caution
Always be careful when using an iron. Although your icover may be scorch-proof, incorrect usage of the iron on a high setting or being left running is a fire hazard.

6. Best Breathable: Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover by Sun Kloof

Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover by Sun Kloof Image: Sun Kloof

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 989 Amazon shoppers have left good reviews about this product, citing its quality features and benefits.

The SunKloof three-layered cover includes an outer silicone-coated pure cotton layer, extra-thick foam padding (6mm), and 100% breathable and pure cotton. The cover measures 15 in x 54 in and fits standard as well as large-sized ironing boards easily. One of the best ironing board covers, the product has a protective mesh that goes a long way to negate the chances of hot iron scorching and staining the board.

Color: Cotton | Material: Cotton | Item Weight: 13.1 ounces


  • Secure fit with a high-quality elastic edging and anti-slip nose-pocket design
  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Reflects heat ensuring fast pressing of clothes
  • Contains four additional elastic fasteners to avoid snugging


  • May not be as tolerant to heat as advertised
  • May get scorched after a few uses
My Personal Experience

"I recently upgraded my ironing board cover with this stylish yet practical option. It took me some time to fit it correctly, but once set, it's snug and offers a thick padding. The straps do the job, although I would prefer a tighter elastic."

7. Best Crease-Resistant: Brabantia Cotton Top Layer Ironing Board Cover

Brabantia Cotton Top Layer Ironing Board Cover Image: Brabantia

The Brabantia ironing board cover is crafted from 100% cotton that ensures long-lasting performance. It fits ironing boards up to 49 inches long and features a two-millimeter layer of foam that provides a smooth and comfortable ironing surface for your clothes. In addition, this tried-and-tested ironing board cover is available in multiple color options and is crease-resistant.

Item Weight: 7.5 ounces | Product Dimensions: 49 x 15 x 0.31 inches |Color: Ecru | Material: Cotton


  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Comes with a cord fastener and stretch system
  • Suitable for steam irons
  • Elasticated edges ensure a secure fit


  • May not be stain-proof
  • Padding may be a bit thin

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This cover and foam pad combo has been a good purchase. Its cord and stretch system keeps the cover budge-free, letting me iron without any frustration. The foam seemed a bit minimal at the onset. However, upon using it, I discovered that it allows me to set the pleats and creases easily."

protip_icon Do remember
If you use the steam setting on your iron often, ensure the ironing board cover you pick is coated with silicone to reflect the steam off it.

8. Best Hassle-Free Installation: Ironing Board Cover by Dalykate

The iron board cover contains a premium quality stain and scorch-resistant outer cotton cover with 6 mm extra thick padding and a 100% pure and breathable inner cotton layer. Ideal for standard, full-size boards, the ironing board cover’s dimensions are 15in x 54in. It also has a premium elasticized skirt to keep the cover firmly fitted to the iron board.

Item Weight: 10.9 ounces | Product Dimensions: 49"L x 15"W x 2"H | Color: Berry Blue | Material: Cotton


  • Nose pocket design for a hassle-free installation and secure fitting
  • Comes with foam and synthetic fiber (sewn-in) padding for an enhanced experience
  • OEKO-TEX-certified
  • Contains a set of four additional elastic fasteners to create a smooth surface for pressing clothing


  • Padding may not be as thick as advertised
  • May seem a little overpriced
Our Reviewer's Experience

"After exploring several covers, I have finally found my favorite. It features ample padding to keep my board from getting scorched and is heat-resistant enough to be durable. The elastic snaps were a bit tough to affix, but I appreciate the convenience the cover has offered me so far."

9. Best To Withstand High Temperature: Ironing Board Cover with Thick Felt Pad by Encasa

If you are looking for a superior-quality standard large ironing board cover, then the ironing pad by Encasa will not disappoint you. Scorch- and stain-resistant, the iron board cover comes with a dimension of 15in x 54in. The quality-tested cover is made of 100% pure cotton and has a fiber (felt of 3mm thickness) padding and can be washed easily in cold water.

Color: Daisy Blue | Material: Cotton | Item Weight: 0.634 ounces


  • Contains drawstring/bungee elasticized cord and lock for a secure/tight fit and easy installation
  • Durable and can withstand high ironing temperature up to 250°F
  • Suitable for full-size boards


  • Contains no elasticized edging throughout, hence may not fit firmly
  • Padding may not be of very high quality
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The best part about this cover is that it fits my irregular-shaped board well. Its unique combination of elastic edges and a hook-and-loop fastener have served me well. Despite the padding being a bit thinner, it has made ironing clothes less of a chore."

10. Best Heat And Scorch-Resistant: Ironing Board Cover by Tivit

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The tried-and-true product has earned over 580 good reviews on Amazon.

Unlike other iron board covers, the product by Tivit comes with silicone and aluminum-treated top layer for effortless, wrinkle-free, and quick ironing. The reflective cover contains three layers of extra thick padding that includes a protective AlumiTek overlay, a foam layer (inner), and a felt padded layer (bottom). Manufactured in Italy, the durable iron board cover measures 10in x 32in.

Color: Gray | Material: AlumiTek Coated, 3 Layer Construction! | Item Weight: 8.1 ounces


  • Alumitek-treated, heat reflective top/outer layer
  • Three adjustable fasteners (Velcro elastic straps) and pull bungee cord (adjustable) for better grip and fittings
  • Spill-, heat-, and-scorch resistant


  • May not fit most full-size boards
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I got this one for its large size, and it fits my old-fashioned board pretty well. Though its durability is yet to be tested, it has been a decent purchase. I also like its ease of installation and stain-resistant padding."

11. Best Triple-Layer Construction: Ironing Board Cover and Pad by SheeChung

The reflective cover by Shee Chung is worth giving a try if you are looking for extra wide ironing board covers. The safety-tested premium triple-layered heavy duty iron board cover measures 18in x 49in and goes a long way to resist scorching and staining. The silicone-coated pure cotton ironing board cover with pad helps reflect steam as well as heat for quick ironing.

Color: Gray | Material: Cotton | Item Weight: 1.04 pounds | Product Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 4 inches


  • Triple-layer construction with a 100% cotton surface (silicone coated), with foam (2mm thickness) and felt padding (4mm thickness)
  • Elasticized edging throughout with drawstring (bungee-cord type) for better fittings and hassle-free installation
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Ideal for use with steam irons


  • Might not be an ideal fit for most standard-sized iron boards
  • May not be as durable as advertised
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Its triple-layer fabric and the 6 mm padding have proven effective in shielding my board from heat damage. Plus, fitting it was easy for me, thanks to its highly stretchable elastic edge. In short, I would recommend this option for its functionality and minimalist design."

12. Best With Thick Padding: Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover by Hansprou

The product by Hansprou is made of premium scorch-resistant cotton with heat-reflective technology. The iron board cover measures 15in x 54in and fits most standard-sized ironing boards without any hassle. The reflective cover comes with 6mm thick padding and a cozy nose pocket designed for easy installation.

Color: Circle | Material: Cotton


  • Thick 360° elastic edging with two additional fasteners for a better and secure fit
  • Made of premium quality, durable, and eco-friendly materials
  • Suitable for full-size boards
  • Stain- and heat-resistant
  • Vibrant color and pattern


  • Not a very sturdy product
  • May not fit standard-sized iron boards easily
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The cover's heat reflection technology has reduced my ironing time to a considerable extent. Securing it on the board was time-consuming owing to its snug fit, but the fastener clips keep the cover taut for a crease-free ironing experience."

13. Best With Protective Mesh: Ironing Board Cover by Shee Chung

The iron board cover is made of premium, durable, and 100% pure cotton to enhance the ironing by several folds. The product measures 12in x 42in and contains an additional scorch-protective mesh cloth. The cover is an ideal fit for most iron boards, including the built-in wall iron boards and over-the-door iron boards.

Item Weight: 12 Ounces | Color: White, Blue | Material: Cotton


  • 6mm extra-thick foam and synthetic fiber (sewn in) protective padding
  • Elastic edges with a bungee cord system and four additional elastic fasteners for a tight fit
  • Cozy nose pocket designed for easy installation and better fittings
  • Waterproof and stain- and scorch-resistant


  • May not be an ideal fit for standard iron boards
  • Might not be very durable

14. Best Thick Felt Inner Lining: Ironing Board Cover by Happhom

The ironing board cover is highly durable and comes with extra-thick, four-layered padding. The four layers of the cover include topmost cotton fabric (scorch and stain-resistant), felt padding, Eco foam, and thick felt inner lining. Like most iron board covers, this product also contains elasticized edges with a nose pocket design for a non-slip and secure fit. The product comes with a dimension of 15in x 54in.

Item Weight: 10.4 ounces | Product Dimensions: 11"L x 15"W x 2.5"H | Color: Leaf: Black/White | Material: Cotton


  • Made of breathable, eco-friendly, chemical-free, pure cotton
  • Stain- and scorch-resistant
  • Contains a complementary large mesh laundry bag (washable) and scorch- and stain-protective mesh cloth
  • Heat-resistant up to 250 degrees
  • Contains three additional Velcro straps for a tight fit


  • May not be long-lasting
  • Misleading dimension (may not fit a 15 x 54in iron board easily)
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Gliding the iron on the board had never been this smooth. Its innovative anti-heat coating lets me maneuver the press with minimal effort. However, it did darken a bit when I used the iron on the highest setting for a long time. Still, its padding and smoothness are noteworthy."

15. Best For Faster Ironing: Aushen Ironing Board Cover

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Made of 100% pure and breathable cotton, the iron board cover comes with a silver coating that helps reflect heat for faster ironing. The tried-and-tested product contains extra thick padding that includes a silver-coated outer cotton layer, foam padding (thick), and premium and breathable cotton layer. With a dimension of 15in x 54in, the cover fits most standard ironing boards quite effortlessly.

Color: Gray | Material: AlumiTek Coated, 3 Layer Construction! | Item Weight: 1.14 pounds


  • Comes with a complementary scorch-protective mesh cloth
  • Elastic edging and nose pocket for a tight, non-slip fitting
  • Contains four additional fasteners, securing the fittings further


  • Not suitable for machine wash or dry cleaning
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The ironing board cover fits larger boards. It is easy to put on, and the Velcro straps keep it extra secure, giving me a stable base for ironing. I would suggest ironing it after setting it up for a smooth finish."

How To Choose The Best Ironing Board Covers?

Mentioned below are a few vital features that one should keep in mind while buying an ironing board cover.

  1. Size and quality: Don’t purchase any random iron board cover just because it looks attractive or is budget-friendly. The size/dimension of the iron board cover is a vital parameter that you should keep in mind while making the purchase. The cover should be a perfect fit, neither too big nor too small for the ironing board.

In most of the cases, the ironing board covers are made of premium quality, eco-friendly, chemical-free, and 100% pure and breathable cotton.

  1. Aluminum and silicone coating: Many ironing board covers come with a silver, aluminum, or silicone coating. The coating goes a long way to reflect heat and steam of the iron, thereby reducing the ironing time significantly. Additionally, the coating also helps negate the incidences of scorching and staining quite appreciably.
  1. Padding: The thicker the padding in the cover, the better the ironing. Many iron board covers come equipped with three-four layers of cushioning. It usually consists of padding materials such as felt, foam, synthetic fibers, or breathable cotton to enhance ironing performance.
  1. Secure fit: Check the ironing board cover compatibility to ensure it would securely fits onto your existing ironing board. Many iron board covers come with elasticized edging, drawstring, bungee cord system, as well as cozy nose pocket design to ensure a tight fit. A few products also include additional fasteners such as Velcro straps, elastic straps, or safety pins for a better and secure fitting.
  1. Accessories: In addition to the iron board cover, many products also include additional features or accessories such as scorch protective mesh cloth and mesh laundry bag. These accessories often come in handy during ironing.
  1. Budget: Based on the quality, features, and ironing board size, the iron board covers may be available at a wide range of prices. While everyone prefers a budget-friendly product, make sure you don’t compromise on the quality or other vital features.
  1. Convenience: It also makes sense to go for an ironing board cover style that is easy to install and can also be cleaned easily (hand- or machine-washed). The product should also come with quality assurance.

It also makes sense to go for a ironing board cover style that is easy to install and can also be cleaned easily (hand or machine-washed). The product should also come with quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How thick should an ironing board cover be?

The thickness of the ironing board cover is usually customizable. However, you may choose one that is between three and eight millimeters.

2. Do ironing board covers come with foam?

The finest quality board covers have foam padding in them. The foam is packed between the layers of fabric and felt to give you a seamless ironing experience.

3. Can ironing board covers be washed?

Fabric ironing board covers are machine-washable, while those made of foam or felt need to be spot-cleaned with warm soapy water.

4. How do I get scorch marks off my ironing board cover?

Spot cleaning with diluted hydrogen peroxide can remove the scorch marks from the ironing board. You may also use a damp cloth and iron over the scorch marks.

5. Can I use an ironing board without a cover?

For a damage-free ironing board, it is essential to have a board cover. The cover protects the board from heat and any sharp objects. Premium covers with foam also enhance the ironing experience.

6. Is a steamer better than iron?

Steamers are better for synthetic fabrics that require gentle heat, and they let you quickly fix small wrinkles. Irons, on the other hand, are better for deeply wrinkled clothing.

Why Trust MomJunction?

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The Bottom Line

If you want wrinkle-free, neat clothes quickly, tight-fitting covers like the Ezy Iron Ironing Board Cover and Pad can ensure smooth and efficient ironing and keep the clothes in place for your convenience. While anti-scorch covers like the Dalykate Ironing Board Cover and Pad also protect the board from the direct heat of the iron and scratches, thereby increasing its longevity. The SUNKLOOF Ironing Board Cover and Pad with thermo reflect technology could also be an ideal choice. Most of the board covers mentioned are made from durable materials with a silicone coating to ensure they are scorch-proof and reflect heat better for quick ironing. When picking the best ironing board cover, consider the size, fit, installation, and padding thickness so that it fits your board like a glove.

Infographic: How To Install And Maintain Ironing Board Covers?

Ironing board covers help in increasing the life span of the ironing board. There are multiple types of covers, such as cotton for heavy-duty use, polyester for superior heat retention, and padded for fatigue-free ironing. Check out the infographic to know how to install and care for one.

Tips To Install And Maintain Ironing Board Covers (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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