15 Best Japanese Shampoos For Your Hair Care In 2022


Nowadays, Japanese shampoos have become a favorite of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. If you’re confused about which shampoo to choose, our list of the best Japanese shampoos can help you out. Japanese shampoos use natural ingredients to protect, cleanse, and boost hair growth. With multiple options available, it could be difficult to choose one suitable for your hair type. So, take a look at our list to know about various products and their features to make an informed decision.

15 Best Japanese Shampoos

1. Best Moisturizing: MyKireiByKao Shampoo

MyKirei’smoisturizing Japanese shampoo is derived from rice water and Tsubaki and other nutrients, suitable for all hair types. They come in 10.1 ounces pump bottles, are easy to use, and contain no harmful chemicals such as parabens. The vegan and cruelty-free shampoo uses a gentle formula with a rich infusion for deep nourishment.

The moisturizing shampoo restores hair nourishment balance and is rich in oleic acid, glycerides, and proteins to promote hair growth and nourishment. In addition, its plant-based cleaning system keeps it 95percentbiodegradable, while the bottle comes in 100percentrecyclable material and uses half the plastic of other standard products.


2. Best For Dry Hair: Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo

Shiseido Tsubaki extra moist shampoo in a 500ml bottle is specially formulated to restore balanced nourishment for dry hair. With the goodness of Tsubaki extract, this Japanese shampoo for hair loss provides deep nourishment and moisturization to the hair.

All you have to do is apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage it into a lather. After a thorough rinse to remove the shampoo traces, you should notice your tresses becoming gentler and softer than usual. The formulation can restore natural hair texture and luster with proper hair care routine and regular use. You may check more about this product from this video.


3. Best Suitable For All Hair Types: Theorie Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo

Theorie’scharcoal bamboo detoxifying shampoo has purifying and restorative properties for healthy hair growth and optimal nourishment. Use these Japanese shampoosregularly to achieve keratin-treated hair at home. They are suitable for all hair types, including dry, normal, oily, textured, and even chemical-treated hair.

The product also smells great, with tangerine, vanilla, bergamot, and cedar undertones that keep your hair fragrant all day. The shampoo comes in a 400ml bottle and contains argan oil, moringa extract, grape seed oil, and vitamin E. Its bincho-tan white charcoal helps absorb oil and other impurities from hair roots, leaving the scalp fresh and breathing for better moisture absorption. In addition, the shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and safe to use.


4. Best For Hair Softening: Mirai Clinical Purifying And Deodorizing Hair Shampoo

MiraiClinical’shair shampoo with natural extracts serves the twin purpose of purifying and deodorizing. As a result, it is one of the best Japanese shampoos available, and it also has moisturizing properties to soften hair.

The shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, and textured hair. It provides deep conditioning while nourishing your locks from the roots up, thanks to active ingredients such as butylenes glycol, hydrolyzed silk, citric acid, and camellia oil. In addition, ingredients such as Japanese camellia remove impurities, preventing hair damage. The absence of harmful chemicals only serves to make the shampoo your everyday hair care product. Take a look at this video to learn more about this product.


5. Best For Coarse And Detangled Hair: MilbonHairserum M Shampoo

Milbon’shair serum-cum-shampoo is designed to nourish coarse hair for detangled and smooth locks. The Japanese hair shampoo, which contains keratin and jojoba oil as active and unique ingredients, moisturizes the hair and aids in intense repair for healthy growth.

Individuals with coarse hair can use this shampoo regularly to achieve a smoother hair texture supported by healthy follicle growth. The hair care formulation, made in Japan, contains soybean extracts, which provide the antioxidants required to repair damaged hair follicles. It comes in a 6.8 ounces bottle and can serve as an excellent substitute for your regular shampoo and serum.


6. Best Fragrant: Tamanohada 004 Gardenia Natural Hair Shampoo

Tamanohada 004 gardenia natural hair shampoo is another good option to consider among the best Japanese shampoos on the market. The silicone-free shampoo comes in a volume of 18.26 ounces and has a mild and pleasant gardenia fragrance that smells good. In addition, the shampoo is gender neutral and ideal for people with dry hair and dandruff.

The natural dandruff shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair while also incorporating gentle perfumery for lingering fragrance and smooth tresses. Ylang-ylang oil and lemon oil are two other essential oils in the formulation that make it rich and nutritious. Its plant-based cleaning ingredients moisturize the hair, while avocado extract provides essential conditioning.


7. Best For Colored Hair: Royd Punkish Pink Hair Dyed Shampoo

If you enjoy coloring your hair and are looking for additional nourishing care, this Japanese shampoo from Royd in Punkish pink is the one for you. Hair color fading is typical after multiple dyes, so this shampoo from Roydprotects the hair and helps the dyes last longer on hair strands.

The hair care formulation contains the necessary moisture to keep the hair frizz-free. Tested results also indicate that it is effective at removing dust and dirt from the hair. It is one of the best Japanese shampoos since it meets the highest quality standards.


8. Best For Deep Cleaning: Kaminomoto Charge Shampoo B&P

The Kaminomoto Charge Shampoo comes in a 300ml pack that lasts a long time, nourishing your hair while deep cleaning it from the scalp to the roots. It adds nutrition and moisturizes the hair, detangling it and protecting it from damage with active ingredients such as piroctone and glycyrrhetinic acid.

You can use this Japanese shampoo to prevent hair loss. Regular application of the formulation, in conjunction with other essential care measures such as periodic oiling and conditioning, can help prevent hair damage through regenerative growth and protection.


9. Best Natural Ingredients: Rishiri Hair Color Shampoo

The Rishiri Hair Color Shampoo in black is formulated and prepared with natural ingredients with medicinal properties required for allergy prevention and control. This Japanese shampoo and conditioner set is gentle on the hair follicles while protecting your strands for minimum damage and distress.

The natural hair color shampoo in black effectively dyes the hair a shade or two with each use. As a result, it can be a great healthy hair wash alternative to chemical-based hair care products, providing maximum protection for people with sensitive skin while also improving hair texture.


10. Best For Hair-Growth: Ichikami Soft Volume Shampoo And Conditioner Set

Each product in the set is packed in a separate 480ml bottle, making it easier for you to use them. The shampoo and conditioner have the latest formulations, giving you better results with healthy and soft hair.

The products are made with nutrition-rich ingredients, such as rice bran oil extract, soy seed extract, and pomegranate peel extract. These help in quicker hair growth while also keeping the follicles hydrated and frizz-free, reducing the chances of hair fall.


11. Best Chemical-Free: & Honey Deep Moist Shampoo

This Japanese shampoo comes in a 440ml bottle and contains the goodness of nutrient-rich ingredients such as honey, argan oil, golden silk, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, and propolis to gently massage, hydrate, and repair your hair and scalp.

The shampoo is primarily honey-scented and is designed to provide nutrients to dry hair. Its active ingredient honey is a blend of three different variants, namely raw honey from Japan, Acacia honey from Hungary, and Manuka honey from New Zealand. It contains the goodness of 100percentMoroccan oil and is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and silicones.


12. Best for Hair Fall Control: Kracie Dear Beaut’e Oil InShampoo

Kracie Dear Beaut’e oil shampoo is one of the best Japanese shampoos for hair fall control, moisturization, and deep nourishment. It comes in a fun 500ml bottle and is honey-scented. It is specially formulated to provide necessary nourishment to dry and wavy hair while reducing the chances of damage for effortless detangling.

You can use the hair care formulation to correct nutritional imbalances in the hair follicles, strands, and scalp, leaving it smooth and manageable. It derives its high nutritional value from sunflower, and it also has a light floral undertone.


13. Best For UV Protection: Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Fresh & Hydrate Shampoo

The Moist Diane shampoo from Japan provides much-needed UV ray protection, often a source of concern for those who step out daily. The Japanese shampoo has a light, smooth finish that is gentle on the hair while providing intense UV damage repair. Its refreshing herbal formula keeps both hair and scalp clean and breathable. In addition, the use of feather keratin, which is high in hydrophobic amino acids, provides the nutrition required for rapid follicle repair and new follicle generation.

The deeply hydrating shampoo is made with all safety and quality standards, ensuring that the user receives the maximum damage protection benefits. You can enjoy the soft undertones of sweet and fresh scent from the hair with this shampoo.


14. Best for 24-Hour Hair Protection: Kao Japan Asience Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Kao Japan introduces its Asience volume-rich and moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner set for a complete hair care regimen. The Japanese shampoo and conditioner set has a rich foaming texture and deep cleansing effects.

A single application of the shampoo-conditioner combo protects your hair for 24 hours by providing hydration, allowing frizz-free softness. Its ingredients include extracts from honey, pomegranate, aloe vera, and pearl, featuring moisture-retaining properties. With moisture locked in for a longer period, you can expect a gentle transformation of rough and dry strands into untangled tresses that are easy to manage. In addition, its exotic floral fragrance enhances the overall experience of a gentle and relaxing hair wash.


15. Best for Deep Conditioning: New Ichikami Smooth And Sleek Shampoo And Conditioner Set

The shampoo and conditioner set is sulfate-free and chemical-free, providing the necessary nutrition with maximum cleansing. It cleanses the scalp and provides deep conditioning for hair damage repair and new follicle growth. It contains effective ingredients such as palm kernel amido propyl betaine, glycol distearate, and tea-lauroyl sarcosinate.


The Japanese hair shampoo is effective in treating color-dyed hair, helping protect the tresses from damage while allowing a long-lasting dye. Use it regularly to achieve soft, gentle, and manageable hair with salon-like smoothness.

How To Choose The Right Japanese Shampoo?

Consider the following factors before selecting the best Japanese shampoo.

  1. Hair type: Shampoos made in Japan are typically formulated to suit specific hair types. Although many formulations are suitable for all hair types, you must assess your hair’s suitability and select the best shampoo for your tresses.
  2. Ingredients: Different shampoos contain different ingredients, such as honey and floral extracts. Pick a shampoo based on the suitability of an ingredient and the purpose of your purchase.
  3. Gentleness: Determine whether or not the formulation is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.
  4. Effectiveness: You can also assess the extent of the product’s effects on hair growth, repair, rejuvenation, and texture improvement and make an informed decision.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag, our hair and skin care products reviewer and writer, has scoured several reviews online to collate this list of the best Japanese shampoos for your hair care needs. These shampoos are made of natural ingredients that clean, nourish, and protect your hair. Poulami has selected each shampoo after analyzing customer feedback. She provided each shampoo’s exclusive features and a how-to-choose section to help you make an informed choice.

If you’re looking for products with natural ingredients that nourish your hair and keep them healthy, Japanese shampoos can help. Formulated using the best ingredients native to Japan, these shampoos cleanse and boost hair growth. When choosing a one, make sure that it is suited for your hair type and is specifically formulated to treat chemically-treated, damaged, brittle, dry, or oily hair. The shampoo should also be effective and free of harsh chemicals so that your hair does not suffer any damage from regular use of the shampoo.

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