15 Best Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes In 2021

Best Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes

Most of us enjoy snacks and candies, and what could be better than the best snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun? Japanese snack boxes are excellent for treating yourself and your family to various sweet and savory snacks and candies.

Even if you are vegan or on a keto diet, you can find snacks made from ingredients that have been specially boxed for health-conscious people. The following are some of the best Japanese snack boxes available online, each with a diverse selection of sweet, sour, and savory snacks.

15 Best Japanese Snack Boxes

1. Tonosama Japanese Snacks Assortment

Tonosama’s candy collection includes 30 pieces of well-known Dagashi and Tonosama candies famous in Japan. It’s a mix of sweet and savory snacks made with seaweed, teriyaki, corn, and soy sauce. This box is an excellent way to experience Japanese snacks and learn more about Japanese culture.

2. Ohimesama Japanese Snack Assortment

Dagashi has been around for 400 years and is still popular among the Japanese. This is a Dagashi assortment, and this set of 40 snacks contains 32 different varieties. Wheat, milk, and orange are among the popular ingredients in this snack assortment. They are ideal as a Valentine’s Day gift or a thank you gift for an event.

3. Dagashido Assorted Japanese Snacks

Dagashido is a favorite snack among children. This 34-piece assorted pack contains 27 different types of sweets and snacks. The package includes Umaibo, Orion, Takaoka, Korisu, and other popular snacks and does not contain peanuts.

4. Japan2oz Japanese Snacks Assortment

This box includes the well-known Dagashi snacks and candies. In addition, the assortment contains Japanese artisanal snacks such as chips, chocolates, gums, Japanese candy, and dried fish snacks. It comes with instructions in English, and you must consume the snacks and candies within three months of the best-before date.

5. Umaibo Japanese Corn Puffed Snacks

Umaibo is a 20-piece pack puffed corn snack available in ten flavors. The pizza-flavored snacks are extremely popular and available in chicken and beef flavors. Note that these snacks may cause choking in small children and the elderly. In addition, the product contains soybean extracts.

6. Samurai Dagashi Japanese Assortment Set

Samurai Dagashi snacks are traditional snacks and candies that come in single-serve packs. This set includes Umai, Mini sour ramune, bubble gum melon, Country ma’am, Black thunder, and other well-known sweet, savory, and sour snacks. It is an ideal gift for any occasion. The set also includes a samurai sticker for children.

7. Bokksu Authentic Japanese Snack

Every Bokksu subscription box, made entirely in Japan, contains 20-25 delicious Japanese snacks, such as Japanese candies, chips, Senbei rice crackers, cakes, tea, mochi, and more. Every box that you purchase helps sustain approximately 100 Japanese family-run businesses and preserve their traditions.

8. Japanese Candy Ninja Candy And Snack Okashi Set

The box includes 37 delicious snacks and sweets, including retro candies and snacks. The set consists of the original Japanese kit-kat and the popular DIY Cracie candy kit. Beside, this snack subscription box includes a Japanese ninja sticker and is an excellent gift choice option for children on all occasions.

9. Fusion Select Deluxe Japanese Snack Box

Fusion Select’s Japanese snack box includes 30 different snacks that are tasty and nutritious. They are available in single-serve packs. Hi chew, Hapi, BBN, Kameda, Amanoya, Ginbis, Meito, and Meiji are among the snacks available in this snack box. This box caters to people of all age groups and also makes an excellent gift.

10. Dagashi Assorted Japanese Snacks

The 30-piece snack box contains three assorted Dagashi snacks, which are inexpensive and a favorite snack box option among children. The snack box is appropriate for parties and tea breaks and also makes for an excellent gift. Some of the products contain pork extracts, while others include fish and shrimp flavoring.

11. Unha’s Premium Japanese Snack Box Assortment

The premium snack box includes 13 different snacks and candies. Popular snacks in this subscription box include Arare seaweed snack, Hello Panda, Animal crackers, Umaibo, Calbee shrimp chips, Yan Yan soda, and Hi chew. This assortment is an excellent gift for multiple occasions. The contents of the box may change with the seasons.

12. Akiba King Japanese Party Snack Box

This snack box includes Dagashi snacks, kit-kat, Aerial corn snacks, Black thunder bars, marshmallows, Popin Cookin candies, and other popular snacks. In addition, the pack consists of an Akiba king sticker.

13. Pio Big Bazar Umaibo Japanese Snack Box

Umaibo’s Japanese-themed snack boxes primarily contain corn snacks, which are popular among children and adults. This box contains various snacks and candies, including shrimp and mayonnaise, vegetable salad, corn potage salami, cheese, chicken curry, and takoyaki. In addition, the package includes a handwritten thank you note.

14. K-Munchies Asian Snack Box

K-Munchies’ Asian Snack Box is an assortment of snack foods from Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea. These snacks are manufactured by well-known Southeast Asian brands such as Lotte, Orion, Meiji, and Haitai. They are the most popular choice for an afternoon snack and are ideal for any occasion. The box includes 27 individually wrapped sweet and savory snacks such as ramen, cookies, corn crisps, candies, and potato chips.

15. Akiba King Chocolate Special Dagashi Box

Akiba King’s assortment of chocolate-flavored goodies is popular among children. It comes with a box of 27 chocolates and snacks and includes an Akiba king sticker, and the company ships out approximately 100 packages per day. The pack consists of snacks from various brands such as Japanese 10 Yen, Pukupuku Takoyaki, and Shimi Cone Chocolate.

How To Choose The Right Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes?

Consider the following factors when looking for an ideal Japanese snack box.

  1. Types of snacks: This is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing an assortment box. Check the list of snacks to ensure that they are to your liking.
  1. Subscription plans: You can subscribe to assortments or buy them just once. If you’re trying out these boxes for the first time, it’s best to make a single purchase. If you are pleased with the assortments, you can subscribe to these snacks on a monthly, semi-annual, or yearly basis (based on the seller). 
  1. Cost of the box: Check to see if the snacks in the assortment are worth the price. Also, consider the shipping costs.

Japanese snack boxes are excellent for learning about the rich culture of Japan and its foods. These snack boxes brim with the best of what Japan offers, from delectable snacks to fascinating drinks and cute trinkets to more fun products.

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