11 Best Juggling Balls In 2021

11 Best Juggling Balls In 2021

Juggling is not only a pastime and a source of entertainment and relaxation but is also a professionally practiced sport. Just like every other sport, it too requires specialized equipment. Juggling balls are as crucial to a juggler as footballs are to footballers, or basketballs are to basketball players. While it is true, juggling can be performed with anything and even with tennis balls, some balls are specially designed for juggling.

These juggling balls vary in shape, color, and size. They are uniquely designed to add comfort and make the act of juggling a lot easier to perform. Juggling balls are easy to purchase and range from inexpensive toys for children to expensive pieces of equipment for professionals. Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey through the world of juggling. Here’s our list of the 11 best juggling balls.

11 Best Juggling Balls

1. Duncan Juggling Balls

These multicolored juggling balls by Duncan are available in a pack of 3. They are made from brightly colored vinyl shells. It is filled with plastic beans to give the balls their required weight to eliminate bouncing. The great thing about these juggling balls is that they are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The durable 4-panel construction and superior stitching ensure long-lasting and tension-free practice. They also have a diameter of 2.25-inches, making them easy to fit in almost any hand. This set of 3 juggling balls are available in multiple vibrant color combinations.


2. Speevers XBalls Juggling Balls

These bean-filled juggling balls are available in a pack of 3 and multiple color combinations. The balls are soft and don’t bounce away while practicing, making them ideal for beginners. The juggling balls are well balanced and sit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand. The cloth used to house the beans is breathable and washing machine-friendly. This pack of Speevers juggling balls have a dual-tone black and white look and are 4.2 ounces However, they are available in multiple sizes and densities. It is the versatility of these juggling balls that makes them suitable for professional use.


3. US Games 3-Inch Juggling Balls

This set of 3 juggling balls are in 3 different solid colors to enable users to easily keep track of the balls even as they fly into the air. The bright colors help develop eye and hand coordination, making them suitable for home and stage use. The balls are constructed from vinyl shells, and the seamless design eliminates the possibility of loose stitches. The balls are designed to have low-bounce that is required while practicing. Each ball weighs between 70-72 grams. Instructions are also included along with this set of 3 balls.


4. KickFire Hydras Juggling Balls

These blue and white juggling balls by KickFire Hydras are well-designed to make juggling fun and comfortable. Available as a pack of 3, each of the balls is well-balanced and of consistent design and shape. The soft outer leather panel texture makes them easy to catch, while their convenient size makes them fit comfortably in any hand. The premium construction of these balls can be felt as they fly through the air with the least amount of effort and land perfectly well. The no-bounce design makes them ideal for practice at home. Apart from being a good stress buster, it also improves hand balance and hand and eye coordination. These balls are also available in another color combination of pink and black.


5. Zekio Taylor Tries Juggling Balls Set

These juggling balls are by none other than the professional world juggler Taylor Tries. The durable constructions consist of 6 panels of synthetic leather hand-stitched together for a soft and comfortable feel. The balls are millet-filled and are designed to eliminate bounce. Each ball weighs around 110 grams and sits securely in the palm. These soft juggling balls are known for their balance and ability to develop a greater skill level for jugglers. The white and black balls look sober and bear the signature look of a professional juggler.


6. GloFX Juggling Balls

The GloFX juggling balls make for a suitable gift for people of any age group. The balls are for beginners and advanced jugglers. The outer covering of these balls is made from soft PU leather, making them feel soft and look classy. The balls are filled with the company’s very own micro-beads. The seams are stitched well together to ensure that they don’t loosen over time. The multicolored balls are well-balanced and weighted and are available for sale as a set of 3.


7. Higgins Brother Professional Style Juggling Balls

Made from the highest quality polyurethane coated fabric, these juggling balls are soft to hold and easy to catch. Housed inside are numerous beans, providing the necessary weight required for effective juggling. The seams have been carefully stitched to ensure they are seamless and durable. The balls are designed for juggling in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The low bounce of these balls makes them suitable for beginners. The balls weigh 130 grams each and have a diameter of 2.5-inches that ensures a consistent feel while juggling. These balls are squishy and provide a good grip as well. These juggling balls by Higgins Brother come in numerous colors that are vibrant and flashy.


8. DSJUGGLING Clear Contact Juggling Ball

This clear acrylic contact ball is the most unique ball on our list of the 11 best juggling balls. It is sold as a single piece and weighs 650 grams. The 4-inch ball is meant for tricks and illusions by jugglers. The handmade ball is constructed from optical-grade acrylic material. This ball by DSJUGGLING is ideal for the stage, given its visual effect and appearance. It can help transform a juggler temporarily into a magician and wrap the audience in awe and wonder. The juggling ball is available in numerous sizes and multiple UV colors.


9. B Bangcool Fun Juggling Balls

These PU-made juggling balls by B Bangcool are sold in a set of 15. They are brightly colored and have different facial expressions on them. These uniquely designed balls are fun toys for children learning to juggle. The visual attractiveness of these balls makes them wonderful props for parties and circus-themed juggling shows. The balls have a no-bounce design and are suitable for use by beginners and advanced jugglers. The juggling balls are weighted and big enough to fit comfortably in almost all hands. They also have a 2-inch diameter which makes them ideal for landing safely in the palms.


10. Twitter 9-Piece Set Juggling Balls

These box-shaped juggling balls are crafted from vinyl shells and stuffed with plastic pellets. This makes them soft and keeps them safe from ripping apart. The seams are stitched well to ensure durability. The balls are multicolored and provide good visual appeal while performing at house parties. They are moderately sized and offer a good grip. The squishy nature of the ball makes it a versatile play toy for children both indoors and outdoors.


11. AUEAR Durable Juggling Balls

These brightly colored balls for juggling are suitable for beginners and children. They are fun to perform with, and the flashy colors do well to entertain an audience and even children. This 3-piece set is available in eye-catching shades of blue, red, and green. The balls have a vinyl exterior and are filled with pellets to provide the necessary weight for effective juggling. The vinyl exterior is stitched together well to ensure longevity. The balls are sized at 2-inches and weigh 1.9 ounces.


Knowing about the different and best kinds of juggling balls is just half of the work. It’s time to take a look at what you need to keep in mind when purchasing juggling balls. Here are a few things to consider before diving in headfirst.

How To Choose The Best Juggling Ball

  • Skill level

When purchasing a juggling ball, it is crucial to know the level of skill of the juggler. This is because not all juggling balls are meant for beginners and professionals alike. While most professional jugglers prefer the quality of the ball and visual effect for on-stage performance, beginners must prioritize comfort. Beginners should use juggling balls that are small and soft to hold.

  • Juggling type

When it comes to juggling, there is more than just one type. 2 of the most popular forms are bounce and contact juggling. You must choose your juggling ball according to the kind of juggling you will be practicing. Silicone balls are recommended for bounce juggling, while acrylic balls are best suited for contact juggling.

  • Ball size

This is one of the most overlooked considerations when purchasing a juggling ball. Juggling balls usually range from a diameter of 2.5-4-inches. The one you should choose depends upon the size of your hand. As a rule of thumb, children should opt for smaller-sized balls.

  • Ball weight

Standard juggling balls usually range from a weight of 90-140 grams. The weight of the ball affects how the ball feels in the hands of a juggler. Most advanced users tend to prefer heavier juggling balls since they are used to the sensation of the ball landing on the palm. However, in the case of beginners or children, lightweight balls are ideal.

  • Colors

Juggling balls come in numerous color combinations. Having brightly colored balls make it easy for jugglers to track the balls as they are hurled into the air. They also add to the visual effect of a juggling act on stage. Furthermore, they are eye-catching for children and encourage them to practice juggling. Some advanced jugglers may prefer sober colors as they are more comfortable with the act of juggling. While most jugglers select flashy-colored balls, it boils down to personal preference.

Juggling has been a fun and classic act for many years. Often associated with a clown or as an integral part of a circus performance, juggling has now reached new heights and is being performed professionally as a post on stage. Over the years, it has become more and more competitive, increasing the need for good juggling balls. Juggling balls are uniquely designed to improve the skills of beginners and help advanced jugglers perform tricks more precisely. The great thing about these balls is that they can be carried and used anywhere. Most juggling balls are designed for indoor and outdoor use, and if you ever think of purchasing juggling balls, revisit our list of the 11 best juggling balls and choose the ones that best suit your needs.