15 Best Karaoke Machines For Kids To Buy In 2021

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Does your little one croon to every song on the TV or radio? Do they like to pretend they’re rock stars?

Whether they enjoy singing or simply like music, children will love using a karaoke machine. The right pick can set the mood at a birthday party, a picnic, or any other event that has a bunch of kids eager to show off their singing talent.

That said, picking the right karaoke machine is not easy, considering the many options available in the market. To make it simpler for you, this MomJunction post gives you a list of the best karaoke machines for kids, along with a guide on choosing the right karaoke systems out there.

15 Best Karaoke Machines For Kids

1. Car Guardiance Kids Karaoke Machine

Car Guardiance Kids Karaoke Machine

It is a uniquely designed karaoke machine that comes in vibrant pink color. The karaoke machine is designed to look like a sling bag, is easy to use, and can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Made of top quality materials
  • Durable
  • Compact and portable
  • Child-friendly design


  • No buttons for volume adjustment

2. UVUXZLW Karaoke Machine

UVUXZLW Karaoke Machine

The UVUXZLW karaoke machine makes one exciting gift for your music-loving toddler. It offers a two-way connection via Bluetooth and cable. The microphone also has buttons to control the echo and volume.


  • Easy to connect
  • Handy and lightweight
  • Bluetooth supports Android phones, iPhone, and iPad
  • Rechargeable battery that offers three to five hours of playing time


  • Does not have pre-programmed songs

3. KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone For Kids

KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone For Kids

Let the kids have a good time with this karaoke microphone from KaraoKing. It offers incredible fun with its voice-changing functions. This karaoke machine easily connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices like an iPhone or an Android smartphone.


  • Easy to hold
  • Buttons to control echo and volume effect
  • Comes with a luxury storage case
  • The voice-changing feature lets kids sing like an old man, a robot, or a singing lady


  • Ideal for little kids and not teens or even preteens

4. KOMVOX Karaoke Machine For Kids

KOMVOX Karaoke Machine For Kids

The KOMVOX karaoke machine makes an ideal gift for kids between the ages of three and six years. It has a Bluetooth-enabled wireless microphone with adjustable echo and volume functions. The microphone can be connected to your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, PC, etc.).


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable battery that offers 4-5 hours of playtime
  • The karaoke machine has a handheld Bluetooth speaker


  • No storage card included

5. BONAOK Karaoke Mic Speaker Machine

Karaoke Mic Speaker Machine

This uniquely-designed karaoke machine from BONAOK is handy and offers unlimited musical fun. Its in-built, high-quality Bluetooth module can be used as a recorder, player, and speaker. The machine is compatible with various singing applications and can be connected through cable or Bluetooth.


  • Supports iPhone, iPad and Android phones
  • Easy to use
  • Bluetooth connection works well up to 10m of distance
  • Comes with a USB port
  • Clear sound


  • Supports 32GB SD card, which is not included in the pack

6. WJZCL Karaoke Machine

WJZCL Karaoke Machine

It is a uniquely designed wireless karaoke microphone, which makes it a perfect choice for parties and outdoor activities. It is developed with noise reduction technology and a unique speaker cavity structure to produce a clear sound.


  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Good battery life
  • Small and light in weight
  • Compatible design
  • 5W Bluetooth speaker


  • Older kids may not enjoy playing with it

7. Singtrix SGTX1

Singtrix SGTX1

This karaoke machine from Singtrix offers a great singing experience with its three levels of function for beginners to pros. It is powered by live vocal effects technology to produce amazing sound. It works with YouTube karaoke and lyric videos, MP3 music, and a few apps on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


  • Plug and play ‘studio’ effects console with over 300 effects
  • Simple to use
  • Pro-quality mic stand with boom arm
  • Device holder for tablets, smartphones and MP3 players


  • Ideal for teens and pros

8. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

This karaoke machine from VTech is designed to offer a great musical experience to the younger kids. Its disco lights and sound effects can set a concert mood at home. It has eight sing-along original songs and can be connected to an MP3 device or mobile phone for more song options.


  • LCD
  • Disco light twists 180° for colorful light effects
  • Built-in recorder
  • Adjustable stand


  • Ideal for small kids

9. iKaraoke KS878-BT

iKaraoke KS878-BT

This pedestal karaoke system from iKaraoke is designed to offer full entertainment. It comes with a CD/CDG player and 7-inch color screen to view the lyrics. Its 640-Watts peak power fills the room with amazing sound.


  • No assembly required
  • Multicolor lights
  • Connects to Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android)
  • Two USB ports for digital playback and recording


  • Some people feel the microphone quality could be better

10. Little Pretender Karaoke Machine For Girls

Little Pretender Karaoke Machine For Girls

The karaoke machine from Little Pretender is designed to offer endless entertainment and fun for kids. It is easy to carry around, comes with ten built-in songs, and makes an ideal gifting option for your little princess. It is best suited for girls aged three years and above.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High capacity speakers
  • Made of top quality material
  • AUX input and an iPod dock for unlimited music play


  • Too small in size
  • Available in only one color

11. MAONO Wireless Mic Karaoke Machine

MAONO Wireless Mic Karaoke Machine

This karaoke machine has a cordless mic and built-in wireless mic receiver for karaoke. Its full-range loudspeaker can amplify the voice, making it a great choice for parties and outdoor activities. The device can be easily set up by kids and adults.


  • Two to three hours of non-stop music playing
  • Adjustable music volume and microphone volume separately
  • Rechargeable 2200mAh Li battery
  • Portable
  • Convenient to carry


  • Works best only if the distance between the mic and the unit is no more than 10 feet
  • Best suitable for older kids and adults

12. Singing Machine Kid’s Pedestal Karaoke System

Singing Machine Kid's Pedestal Karaoke System

This feature-rich karaoke system from Singing Machine offers a unique singing experience for kids. Its record and playback feature lets them save all the performances. Connect it to a Bluetooth-enabled device and play the recorded tracks.


  • Main unit detachable from the base
  • Adjustable base
  • Great for duet performances
  • Records up to three minutes of performance


  • Ideal for two to five-year-old kids

13. TiMi Tree Bubble Karaoke Microphone

TiMi Tree Bubble Karaoke Microphone

It is a uniquely designed karaoke machine for kids who enjoy singing their favorite songs. The in-built bubble machine starts glowing when the kids sing, and the color changes with the rhythm.


  • Works with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones
  • Drum sound effects
  • Colorful LED lights
  • Works with the micro SD card
  • Height-adjustable stand


  • Bubbles that drop on the floor can make it slippery

14. Singing Machine SML385UW

Singing Machine SML385UW

It is a Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine that offers wireless audio streaming from compatible devices. It also comes with a USB connectivity feature to record the performance. Its built-in speaker provides a powerful sound.


  • Echo control for voice effects
  • Two-digit LED display to track the song
  • 54 LED disco lights
  • RCA cable to connect to the TV for scrolling lyrics


  • No screen of its own, which makes the idea of CD player less useful. Needs to be attached to the TV.

15. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

This karaoke machine from Little Pretender comes with a sing-along microphone. It is easy to assemble, and the stand has two foot pedals: press the left one to add tunes and the right one to cheer for the performer.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flashlights
  • Height-adjustable stand
  • AUX-enabled
  • Child-friendly design


  • Not ideal for older kids

Why You Might Want To Buy A Karaoke Machine For Your Child?

A karaoke machine is certainly fun, but it can also create a learning environment for children. Karaoke can build a child’s confidence to perform in front of a crowd. Other benefits of using a karaoke machine for kids are mentioned below.

  • Enhances talent: For kids who like to sing, a karaoke machine can be a great tool for practicing the skill and enhancing the talent.
  • Improves vocabulary: As they take an interest in singing, they will come across many new words in the lyrics, which can enhance their vocabulary. They will understand the meaning of the words and can try to express appropriately.
  • Relaxes mind: Singing is a great way to rejuvenate the mind and unwind after a tiring day at school. Karaoke can also be a great stress buster for kids.
  • Improves physical health: Singing is a cardiovascular exercise that improves blood and oxygen circulation in the body. Regular singing, with the karaoke or without it, can boost the child’s physical health too.

Tips For Buying A Karaoke Machine For Kids

Here is a list of things you must consider while choosing a karaoke machine for kids.

Portable: The first and foremost feature to look for is the portability. The machine should be lightweight and detachable so that it can be easily carried to any place, especially for outdoor events.

Bluetooth connectivity: Look for the compatibility of the karaoke machine with the Bluetooth devices. Check for USB slots and in-built CD/DVD players as add-ons, as this lets you play more tracks of your choice. A USB can also help in recording of the performances.

Built-in display: If you are looking for a karaoke machine with a CD player, then make sure that the system has a lyrical display. This helps to track the music being played. Otherwise, some machines with a CD player do not have a screen and need to be connected to the television to scroll the lyrics.

Sound and voice control: Look for a product that enables audio and voice control. The tone, pitch, and echo can be easily controlled with the buttons provided on the machine.

Speakers: Usually, a karaoke machine designed for kids will have speakers with an output power of 5 Watts, which is suitable for solo singing and small gatherings. If you intend to use it for outdoor activities, then go for one with a 10W output speaker.

Age-specific: Choose one that can be easily handled by the child. The main thing to look for is the height adjustment, and easy to operate buttons on the karaoke machine.

Budget: It is better not to invest too much on karaoke machines for kids, as they will be used more frequently and may not have a longer life when handled by children. Also, the child’s requirements change as they grow, so investing less on these gadgets is better.

Additional features: LED flashing lights, disco balls, and multicolored displays are some additional features you can look for to enhance the ambiance and set the mood for the performance.

Karaoke machines help you nurture your kids’ musical talent by giving them more exposure to the world of music. Do go through the buying guide before buying a karaoke machine for your kids. That way, you will choose one that is best for your child and not too heavy on your pockets.

If your child is using one that is not mentioned in the list then share your thoughts in the comment section below.