11 Best Kayaking Gloves To Buy In 2021


Kayaking involves rowing across river water with a double-bladed paddle. The kayak movement involves using hands as a source of power for paddling. If you regularly go on this adventure, wearing a pair of waterproof kayaking gloves can give your hands an additional layer of shield. The best kayaking gloves safeguard you from cuts, blisters, and wounds when kayaking in rough cold or hot weather and other hostile conditions.

To choose good quality kayaking gloves for hand protection, you need to consider a few essential aspects such as the material, thickness, size, and grip.

Here we share a list of the best kayaking gloves and a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

11 Best Kayaking Gloves

1. KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves

The fingerless pair of gloves is manufactured specifically to protect your hands from harmful UV rays. They are made of breathable material called poly-spandex fabric to keep you cool and relaxed, without getting sunburned. The four-way stretchable fabric also provides a comfortable fit and doesn’t hinder your dexterity. The pull tabs set on the middle finger and cuff of the hand gloves make it easy to pull off.


  • Prevent skin damage
  • Does not obstruct casting or tying knots
  • The extended cuff offers protection up to your shirt sleeves
  • Accredited with SPF 50 and UPF 50 rating


  • May not be useful in cold conditions

2. Palmyth UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

Palmyth UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

The Palmyth fingerless gloves are made of UPF 50+ and SPF UV protection fabric. They are designed without chemical to shield your hands from sunburn and decrease the chances of skin problems. The long cuff fishing gloves come with Myth Airflow humidity transfer technology to transmit heat and sweat to the drier areas to evaporate. The gloves have partial synthetic leather in the index and middle fingers to better control the fishing rods, trekking poles, and paddles.


  • Lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable
  • Easy to wear and remove when the gloves are wet
  • Suitable for all water sports
  • Protect from aging, skin toughening, and sunburn


  • May tear easily

3. The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves

The fingerless kayaking gloves are certified by SGS Group, a prominent scientific testing agency known for not using unnatural spray-on chemicals. These hand protection gloves come with UPF and SPF 50+ protection. They feature Amara faux leather grip to protect hands from sunburn and minimize the chances of malignant lesions and tumors. The waterproof gloves are machine-washable.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Protect from blisters and calluses
  • Feature an adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • UV protection doesn’t wear off when wet


  • No protection on fingers

4. BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves

BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves

The pair of versatile kayaking gloves is made of double-lined neoprene and features a rubberized palm control pattern with a flexible wrist band. They are designed to offer great comfort and protection. The gloves have properly stitched seams for durability. They also feature an easily adjustable wrist closure to ensure water does not get in.


  • Facilitate flexible movement of hands
  • Reduce hand fatigue during water sports
  • Feature grip textured palm for additional protection
  • Provide control in slippery environments


  • May give rashes to some

5. Bassdash Altimate Sun Protection Fingerless Hunting Fishing Gloves

Bassdash Altimate Sun Protection Fingerless Hunting Fishing Gloves

The pair of quick-dry gloves is made of poly-spandex and synthetic microfiber leather. They are accredited with UPF 50+ rating to protect your hands from harmful UV rays. The gloves feature lightweight and breathable fabric to keep you comfortable and dry. The non-slip synthetic leather palm provides firmness when holding the fishing rod or paddle.


  • Provides better grip to sweaty hands
  • Features classic 3/4th finger length
  • Open fingertips for maximum dexterity
  • Suitable for other outdoor activities such as fishing, cycling, and hiking


  • May cause perspiration

6. FitsT4 Sports Sailing Gloves

FitsT4 Sports Sailing Gloves

The gloves are made of synthetic leather for extra protection and grip. They come with 3/4th finger design to allow you maximum dexterity when kayaking. The backside of the gloves is made of stretch cloth to offer comfort and flexibility.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Keep you safe from burns, blisters, calluses, and bruises
  • Feature a hook and loop closure for a tight fit
  • Offer firm gripping on wet surfaces


  • May not dry quickly

7. Koofin Gear Fishing Gloves Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves

Koofin Gear Fishing Gloves Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves

This is one of the best kayaking gloves designed with long cuffs to protect your wrists. The fingerless gloves are made of partial synthetic leather to offer better grip and strength. They are light weight, breathable, and dry quickly. The gloves feature wrist pull and finger-tip pull to make it easy to wear or take out even when they are wet. They can be washed in the machine.


  • Protect hands from burns, calluses, and insect bites
  • No non-natural spray-on chemicals used
  • Fingerless design gives maneuverability and maximum dexterity


  • Some might get blisters

8. Hornet Watersports Light Pink Rowing Gloves

Hornet Watersports Light Pink Rowing Gloves

The anti-slip gloves are made of durable silicone to offer a better grip in diverse paddling conditions. The fingerless gloves protect you from painful burns and calluses. You may use them for different paddle sports such as kayaking, canoeing, or indoor rowing. They are unisex, lightweight, and machine-washable.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Available in four sizes
  • Offers proper gripping


  • Color may fade with time

9. Navis Marine Sailing Kayaking Gloves

Navis Marine Sailing Kayaking Gloves

The three-finger style gloves fabric on the palm provides a good grip with comfort and durability. These gloves come with an inside facing wrist closure that helps in preventing accidental starting of the watch. They are designed to fit your natural hand shape and offer maximum dexterity.


  • Available in five sizes
  • Good quality and water-resistant
  • Wrap around fingers for enhanced abrasion resistance and grip
  • Has stretch fabric on the backside of gloves


  • The material may not flexible

10. IUSTAOCN Fishing Fingerless Gloves

IUSTAOCN Fishing Fingerless Gloves

Made of lightweight ice silk material, Iustaocn gloves are comfortable, breathable, and soft on the skin. The custom-made fabric has UPF 50+ and UV protection to protect your skin. They also feature extra SBR filled cloth and silica to improve operation and fortify the skid-proof and shockproof features. The hollowed-out vent design of the gloves improves breathability and keeps your hands dry and comfortable.


  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Unique shockproof design
  • Comes with a quick-release design for easy wear and removal
  • Thick between index finger and thumb for grip


  • May not be durable

11. day wolf Fishing Gloves

day wolf Fishing Gloves

The gloves are made of breathable Lycra fabric and provide UPF 50+ protection. They are claimed to block 98% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays and keep you safe. The four-way stretchable material provides comfort to hands. The pair of sun gloves has synthetic leather with an additional layer of silicone on the palm for better control and strength.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Available in three sizes
  • Protect hands from injuries, calluses, and insect bites
  • Ideal for all water sport activities and daily use


  • May not offer better grip when wet

How To Choose The Right Kayaking Gloves?

The best kayaking gloves are the ones that can let you handle a paddle easily without controlling your movement. The gloves should also provide you a comfortable feeling for encouraging all-day wear. Here are some more points you need to consider before making an informed decision about kayaking gloves.

  1. Material: The material used for kayaking gloves should be considered depending on how long you are going to use them. If you are going for warm weather kayaking, it is better to choose gloves made of nylon or spandex material. While for winter weather conditions, waterproof neoprene gloves and thick padding gloves could be a better choice.
  2. Thickness: The thicker the gloves, the better they can protect your hands. But the thickness of the gloves may also impact maneuverability. Pick the one that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Glove size: The kayaking gloves should fit your hands accurately. If the gloves are loose, they may cause inconvenience and result in blisters. If the gloves are tight, they may hinder blood circulation.
  4. Kayaking glove fingers: The finger or fingerless design gloves are meant to address different problems. The fingerless gloves are suitable for kayaking in summer when you don’t have to worry about getting your hands exposed to wet and cold conditions. They offer a great grip. While the gloves with fingers offer warmth and are waterproof. But these may provide less dexterity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need kayak gloves?

Yes, if you are planning a kayak trip, then you need to consider buying a pair of kayaking gloves. They not only keep your hands warm but also protect them from blisters and cuts from sharp rocks and river edges.

  1. When to use kayak gloves?

Kayaking gloves are useful throughout the year as they guard your hands from dryness and cold. A kayaker’s hands remain exposed to damage by the shower of cold river water, friction from the paddle, temperature, and other factors. Therefore, wearing them is essential during outdoor activities, including kayaking, fishing, and other adventurous water sports.

Adventuring without a pair of good quality kayaking gloves may leave you exposed to painful blisters and sores. So, picking appropriate kayaking gloves is essential for a successful kayaking trip. Compare the pros and cons of the products and short-list based on your preferences.