15 Best Binoculars For Kids In 2021

Best Binoculars For Kids In 2020

Does your child enjoy birdwatching, going on treks, or exploring nature and the wilderness? Does he like playing the spy occasionally? Then they may be happy to use binoculars to get a better view of the world from a distance. A good pair of binoculars gives them the opportunity to see nature up close and have a perspective of what happens in the wild.

There is a wide range of kid-friendly binoculars that provide enough magnification for exploration, without causing any strain on the eyes. Here, MomJunction gives you a list of the best binoculars for kids, along with a buying guide to help you choose the right pair.

15 Best Binoculars For Kids

1. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars


Designed with little explorers in mind, these kid-sized binoculars are built tough to last for years. They need no batteries and could be carried anywhere to the park or beach. They are suitable for kids aged from three to six.


  • Large and super comfortable eyes
  • Focus-free 2x magnification
  • Convenient neck strap
  • Easy-placement goggles
  • Measures 7 x 5.8 x 2.8in and weighs 8.5oz
  • Supports STEM learning

2. Dreamingbox Compact Shockproof Binoculars

Dreamingbox Compact Shockproof Binoculars


The Dreaminngbox’s versatile binoculars are known for their safety feature, the improved shockproof rubber armor that protects both the lens and the eyes. The ergonomic design offers a good grip to hold and is suitable for bird watching, hunting, boat rides, traveling, and hiking.


  • FMC (fully multicoated) prism green optics
  • 2° viewing angle
  • Multilayer broadband coating
  • 8x magnification
  • Central focus wheel
  • Easily adjustable to match the eye distance gap
  • Measures 3.9 x 2.8 x 1.2in and weighs 6.4oz

3. Kidwinz Original Compact 8×21 Kids Binoculars Set

Kidwinz Original Compact 8x21 Kids Binoculars Set


Kidwinz is a pioneer in producing children’s binoculars with real optics. These binoculars are sturdy and have shockproof rubber coating to withstand the falls and drops. The extra rubber coating also protects the eyepieces and lens from damage. It offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Two-foot long neck strap and carrying case for easy portability
  • 8x magnification gives a clear view
  • High-quality prism for accurate and sharp images
  • Multilayer film
  • Measures 4.9 x 4.2 x 2.3in and weighs 10.4oz
  • Suitable for kids aged from three to 12

4. Obuby Binoculars for Kids

Obuby Binoculars for Kids


These mini, compact binoculars for kids are available in seven different colors of blue, black, yellow, green, red, purple, and orange. They are ergonomically designed to fit into small hands but are powerful enough to focus the leaves of a tree at a distance of 122ft/ 1000 yards.


  • Rubber surrounded eyepieces for eye protection
  • The exterior, made from polycarbonate plastic and rubber, acts as a shock absorber
  • Adjustable diopter to match the eye distance gap
  • 8x magnification offers a crystal clear view
  • BAK4 FMC prism glass and coating could control optical reflection
  • Non-slip grip

5. POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars

POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars


The POLDR small pocket binoculars are lightweight and worth carrying anywhere. The focus of these foldable binoculars can be adjusted using the center-focusing wheel and right eye lens. They could be used for concerts, opera, theater, shows, plays, camping, hiking, bird watching, sports events, and more.


  • BAK4 prism that reflects the light up to 100% showing a clear image
  • 12x magnification and an objective lens diameter of 25mm
  • Focuses the field view up to 126ft/1000 yards
  • Body is made from magnesium and hand figured polishing
  • Measures 4.4 x 3.2 x 2.2in and weighs 7.2oz

6. Mini Explorer Kit for Kids

Mini Explorer Kit for Kids


This is a beautifully packaged 9-in-1 explorer gift set with brightly colored tools that would excite your child. The binoculars, self-energizing flashlight, handheld fan, magnifying glass, whistle, and thermometer are kept in a unique case with a lock mechanism.


  • 4x30mm binocular lens made from shockproof rubber for comfort
  • Neck strap for easy carrying
  • Pocket-size magnifying lens to study insects closely
  • Battery operated handheld fan with soft wings
  • Compass reads maps, flashlight for a quick light

7. Hontry 10×25 Compact Binoculars

Hontry 10x25 Compact Binoculars


Hontry binoculars feature a sturdy build due to their rubber armor casing and could be one of the best waterproof binoculars for children. The easily adjustable center focus gives you a clear view. They are suitable for bird watching, camping, sporting events, traveling, theatre, and concerts.


  • 10x magnification with 25mm objective lens
  • Produces high definition images at 362ft/1000 yards
  • Multicoated optics for a brighter view and sharp image
  • Ergonomic design with a steady grip
  • Rugged construction, and comfortable for those who wear spectacles
  • Dioptic adjustable ring, and a strap mount

8. Thinkpeak Toys Binoculars for Kids

Thinkpeak Toys Binoculars for Kids


Built to work for little hands, the Thinkpeak Toys binoculars are easy to hold, focus, and use. They feature shockproof rubber coating and anti-friction technology with high-quality optics and BAK4 prism for colorful and crisp images.


  • Rubber surrounded eyepieces are safe for eyes
  • Diopter adjustment to adjust the distance between the eyes
  • Neck strap included for security
  • 8x magnification that makes the object appear closer
  • Operation manual included
  • Recommended for children aged three and above

9. Bry&BVL Binoculars for Kids

Bry&BVL Binoculars for Kids


The Bry&BVL mini binoculars for children are made from special engineering plastic. Built with waterproof and shock-resistant rubber coating, they withstand the wear and tear of outdoor activities. The wide-field vision is good for protecting the eyes from strain. They are available in five different colors.


  • 22mm objective lens diameter and 8x magnification
  • High-resolution images up to a distance of 403ft/1093 yards
  • Clear and sharp view for bird watching, camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and stargazing
  • Soft rubberized eyepieces for protecting the eyes
  • Neck strap that prevents dropping
  • Measures 3.2 x 4.1 x 1.6in and weighs 6.4oz

10. Cobiz Kids Binoculars

Cobiz Kids Binoculars


The sturdy and hard-to-break binoculars for kids can be held easily to observe the distant target. The quality is similar to that of adult binoculars, but it has a kid-friendly size and design. The powerful magnification is suitable for birdwatching, camping, hunting, sky watching, hiking, sports, and theatre.


  • Sleek design that is easy-to-hold
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Range of viewing the images at 380ft/100 yards
  • Porro prism construction and bak-7 prism material for a clear vision
  • Optical lenses have piano lacquer finish for clarity
  • Foldable and adjustable binocular for accurate focusing

11. BlueCabi Shock Proof 8×21 Kids Binoculars

BlueCabi Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars


BlueCabi binoculars are made with durable and shockproof material, which protects from drops and falls. It comes with a carry bag, cleaning cloth, and a neck strap. It is available in three color combinations – red/black, blue/black, and purple/black.


  • 6 x 21 durable binoculars with a rubber coating
  • 6x magnification with an objective lens diameter of 21mm
  • Lenses and prisms are made of optical glass
  • Foldable to match eye to eye distance
  • Adjustable wheel for a clear view
  • Measures 5 x 4.2 x 2.2in and weighs 10.4oz

12. Chuchik Binoculars for Kids

Chuchik Binoculars for Kids


Chuchik binoculars include a robust rubber construction that lasts long. The package has a neck strap which could be comfortable to carry when going outdoors. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, concerts, sporting, hunting, fishing, bird watching, and more.


  • High-quality BAK-7 lenses for a clear view
  • 10x magnification
  • Measures 3.9 x 3.2 x 1.6in and weighs 6.1oz
  • Small and portable
  • Includes original bird guide

13. Bees & Me Binoculars for Kids

Bees & Me Binoculars for Kids


Suitable binoculars for children aged three years and above, the binoculars are made with a durable plastic casing and have a shockproof rubber eye guard to protect the eyes and lenses. They could be used for bird watching, hiking, hunting, outdoor science experiments, and more.


  • View up to ten football fields away
  • High-resolution lens of 8x magnification
  • Protection wrist strap
  • Pouch and hook for wearing on a belt
  • Available in black color that looks like an adult version
  • Measures 4.4 x 3.2 x 2in and weighs 6.7oz

14. Brainplay Binoculars for Kids

Brainplay Binoculars for Kids


Brainplay binoculars are known for their sharpness, clarity, contrast, and color fidelity, which resemble the professional-grade binoculars. The center focus knob brings the view close with a little force, and the right eye parallax wheel is easily adjustable.


  • 8x magnifying lens and 21mm objective lens diameter
  • FMC Green multicoated optics
  • Easily adjustable focus wheel
  • View up to 1000 yards distance
  • Foldable binoculars that easily fit into the pocket
  • Carrying case with belt loop and neck strap

15. QTECLOR Compact Mini Binoculars

QTECLOR Compact Mini Binoculars
Buy-NowThis could be one of the best mini binoculars with shockproof rubber coating and anti-friction properties, making them apt for kids. They have a safe and compact design that is easy-to-fit in the little hands. They come with a neck strap, protective storage case, and microfiber cloth, and are available in both blue and green colors.


  • Non-slip, scratch-resistant ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) environmental rubber
  • FMC prism green optics that control optical reflection
  • Foldable to match eye to eye distance
  • Broadband blue film-protective lens
  • 8x magnifying lens with 21mm objective diameter
  • Measures 4.8 x 4.7 x 2.2in and weighs 8.5oz

How To Choose The Right Binoculars For Children?

Following is a checklist of features you may consider while buying a pair of binoculars for your child.

  • Weight: Consider lightweight binoculars so that your child can easily carry or hold while on outdoor activities. Moreover, heavy ones cause a strain in the neck.
  • Size: Your child should be able to wrap their hands comfortably around the binoculars to reach the knobs.
  • Magnification: Your child should be able to see clear images, and distorted or blurry is no fun. Look for the levels somewhere between 6x and 10x as they give useful magnification.
  • Durability: Go for the one that has shockproof protection and rubber casings as they could withstand sudden drops and falls.
  • Type: Consider buying the type that suits your child’s intelligence, interest level, and age. Some are just for fun play, while some have limited functionality, and others are real like adult binoculars.

Is There An Age Restriction For Binoculars?

Binoculars are recommended for children aged three and above. Younger children might remove things apart and put them in their mouth, which may cause choking and other safety concerns. Also, younger kids may not be able to understand the purpose of the binoculars or how to use them well.

Binoculars can make your child’s outdoor adventure more interesting. They help them to explore and learn about nature from a safe distance, without disturbing the wildlife. They also get to watch the action up close when at a theater, or a sporting event, or a concert. If you are planning to buy one for your kid, you should be considering their specifications, and then decide upon the best product.

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