15 Best Kids' Easels In 2022 To Keep Them Interested In Learning


Children are curious little beings, always eager to learn new things, and giving them the joy of learning is the main encouragement they need to grow and understand. Whether it’s their first time writing a letter, their first scribble, or their first drawing, the best kids easels can make learning a lot more fun for them.

A little bit of magic is all your little one needs to pique their interest and curiosity in new things, and an easel is an ideal aide. It can keep your child engaged for hours and is a superb addition to their room. It may be tricky to choose one from the plethora of options available, so we have listed some of our top picks to make it easier for you.

15 Best Kids Easels To Keep Them Engaged

1. Arkmiido Easel With Double-Sided Board


This sturdy wooden easel is a great way to keep kids entertained. One side of the easel is a magnetic dry erase board while the other side is a black chalkboard. It also features a locking paper holder on the top of the easel and a handy tray underneath to conveniently store art supplies.


  • The stand is height adjustable (38 inches to 51.9 inches)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds easily for storage
  • The easel comes with 4 paint cups, magnetic letters and numbers and dust-free chalk
  • It is made of durable wood

2. Melissa And Doug Deluxe Standing Easel


For over 30 years, Melissa and Doug have been at the forefront of creating products that enhance kids’ creativity and learning like this standing easel. It includes a dry erase board, a chalkboard, and a locking paper roll holder, all of which help in building your child’s fine motor skills. It is also height adjustable, and easy to assemble.


  • Includes a safe paper cutter, four easy clip grips, and two plastic trays
  • Easy-to-clean board surface
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Paint, paint brushes, cups, and chalk are packaged separately
  • Designed for children over three years of age
  • Bi-fold wood frame allows two children to use it simultaneously


  • Stand and drill hole may not line up evenly at times
  • Wood surface may be rough

3. Joyooss Kids Wooden Easel


The wooden easel can single-handedly keep your child engaged for hours while inspiring creative learning. It comes with a magnetic green board on one side and a chalkboard on the other along with clips for securing paper in place. The height of this easel can be adjusted from 37 inches to 50 inches.


  • Both sides of the easel are magnetic
  • Made of high-quality wood and contains no formaldehyde
  • Includes one roll of 16ft drawing paper
  • Comes with a storage box, three whiteboard pen, and a board eraser
  • Includes colorful magnetic letters


  • Tray may seem flimsy
  • May peel with use

4. Step 2 All Around Easel For 2


Step 2 is constantly evolving and looking for new, exciting ways to include active social play into children’s lives. With this easel, your child can scribble away to glory in either the dry erase board or the chalkboard. The tray can hold all of your child’s immediate accessories required for play while the storage bins make it easy to keep his surroundings clean.


  • Two-sided art board
  • Comes with two removable side trays and one large tray
  • Includes art clips
  • Comes with a 94-piece soft foam magnet set
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


  • Side trays might come off easily
  • Chalk marks may be difficult to erase

5. Delta Children Double-Sided Easel


Featuring the adorable Skye and Everest from Paw Patrol, this easel has a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic board on the other. Constructed with strong and durable wood, it also comes with two large fabric bins for easy storage. It also meets or exceeds all safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


  • Designed for children over 3 years
  • Includes alphabet magnets
  • Fabric bins are kept underneath the board
  • Available in different variants of Nick.Jr characters

6. Step 2 Flip And Doodle Desk


A complete work-station built for children, this easel also transforms into a desk. All you need to do is flip the easel down, and voila, you have a desk! The art clip provided can be used to secure paper for drawing and painting, and the tabletop caddy is ideal for storing arts and crafts supplies.


  • Comes with a magnetic dry erase board
  • Includes three large and two small bins
  • Space on the back can be used for storage
  • Includes a comfortable stool
  • Lightweight


  • Might be difficult to assemble
  • May not have drill holes

7. KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel


As this easel is crafted with wood composite, parents can rest assured that it is going to be a sturdy and durable one. It comes with a paper dispenser attached to the top, which can easily be refilled. This double-sided board is flanked by two mini-trays on either side and a large tray underneath the boards.


  • Includes two patented anti-slip sealable cups
  • Dry erase and chalkboard surfaces
  • Includes one roll of art paper
  • Height-adjustable to three different heights
  • Sturdy and won’t tip over easily


  • Paint may chip off with use
  • Legs of the easel may not be thick enough

8. B. Toys Double Sided Drawing Board Table Top 


The double-sided drawing board by B. Toys provides ample space for a couple of young artists to unleash their creativity. The foldable drawing board pops up to provide your child with a dry-erase whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other. The kit includes a white chalk, four non-toxic washable markers, and an eraser.


  • Drawing board doubles up as a storage case
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Sturdy clip to position the paper in place
  • Suitable for children aged two and above


  • Chalk marks may not show up properly
  • Case may be difficult to close

9. Arkmiido Wooden Art Easel


Get your child’s creative juices flowing with this 3-in-1 easel. As they scribble with chalk on the blackboard and play with markers in the whiteboard, they can also use paper rolls on top of it to create beautiful art pieces. It is suitable for children from 2-9 years of age.


  • It is 30-45 inches in height
  • Has chalk slots on both sides
  • Comes with a large shelf on the bottom
  • Includes a magnetic letter and math set along with 6 magnetic cartoon stickers
  • Also comes with 3 dust-free chalks, 1 chalk cover, and a whiteboard eraser
  • 99% dust-proof board surface

10. Delta Children Kids Easel And Play Station 


Perfect for the little princess in your life, this pink easel retracts to reveal a spacious desktop. It is easy to assemble, and easy to clean, and also features a storage area large enough to keep your child’s toys.


  • Comes with a magnetic dry erase board
  • Includes a stool that holds upto 50 pounds
  • Large removable storage fabric toy bin
  • Organizer slots on reverse side
  • Safe and durable finish


  • Paint may chip off with use
  • May not be scratch-resistant

11. Toys Of Wood Oxford Wooden Easel For Children


A fun way to have your child sit in one spot while engaged in something productive, this foldable whiteboard wooden easel is adjustable as well. It can also stand on the table top or be used flat on the floor and is environmentally friendly.


  • Comes with an erasable marker and eraser
  • Includes 25 magnetic wooden shapes, alphabets, and numbers
  • Includes ten cards with 20 patterns
  • Comes with a paper roll
  • Includes a storage bag


  • Markers may leave a residue
  • May require complete disassembly for storage

12. BeeBeeRun Kids Tabletop Easel


This multipurpose tabletop easel comes with a dry erase board and a chalkboard. It’s made of high-quality wood and folds flat for easy storage. The chalkboard can easily be wiped with a wet cloth or a wet eraser.


  • Comes with a built-in wooden paper roll holder and a paper roll
  • Includes a dust-free chalk
  • Also comes with magnetic shape blocks and 140+ letter and number magnets
  • Can be used as flat board

13. MMP Living Kids Easel


The pop of red color is the first thing that will attract not just your attention, but also your child’s. The boards in this kids’ easel can be easily adjusted by loosening the side knobs and sliding the board to the desired height. The height can be adjusted from 38 to 48 inches.


  • Chalkboard on one side and magnetic board on the other
  • Comes with a large base shelf
  • Includes two removable fabric storage bins for optimal storage
  • Convenient knobs for portability
  • Comes with an easy assembly manual


  • May not be easy to switch between the two sides
  • Storage bins may take up leg space for some

14. Grow’n Up Crayola Kids Easel


Made with an official Crayola license, this double easel is ideal for kids over three years of age. Not only does it come with a large surface area, it also folds easily to be stowed away. It stands at 42.2 inches and can be assembled with minimal effort.


  • Features a dry-erase and traditional chalkboard on opposite sides
  • Each board includes a clip to securely hold paper in place
  • Has a storage tray beneath the board
  • Comes with 77 magnetic letters and numbers
  • Includes Crayola chalk in 12 colors and one Crayola eraser


  • Some may find the storage tray small
  • May seem flimsy

15. Hape Early Explorer Tabletop Kids Easel

This tabletop easel can keep your little genius hooked for hours. With a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other, this easel is safe for children as young as two. All of Hape’s products are non-toxic, child-safe, and crafted with durable materials.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Double-sided easel
  • Includes two chalk pieces and one eraser
  • Comes with a magnetic wood clamp
  • Made using wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests


  • Chalk might be messy
  • Screws may not be sturdy enough

Now that we’ve come to the end of our list of the best kids easels, let’s take a look at why they are beneficial for children.

Benefits Of Kids Easels

  • An easel can help unleash the artist, the scientist, or the creator inside of your child. When left with something as productive as this, little children step up and discover things on their own, and also gain confidence in their abilities.
  • Most children are full of energy and prefer running around the house than just sitting in one spot. An easel can keep them grounded and this makes them patient.
  • As most kids easel come with crayons, markers, erasers, and storage bins, it teaches a child that ‘there is a correct place for everything’. By using the trays and storage bins provided, it teaches children the importance of organization.
  • In due course of time, a child learns how to use a paint brush or a marker on the board. This helps in improving his fine motor skills.
  • The steps to creating something on the board may seem like a trivial task for us, but for a child, the steps may seem like quite a lot. Take a look at how your child first gets his hands on a paintbrush, how he mixes colors, and finally what he puts on paper. All of these steps help in improving his cognitive skills.
  • When two toddlers work together on opposite sides of the same easel, they aren’t just communicating with each other, they are helping each other create something by themselves. This accelerates a child’s social development.

How To Choose The Right Kids Easels?

Here are some helpful tips that can help you choose the right easel for your child:

  • Before you jump into buying one, do your homework well. Read online reviews and consult other parents.
  • Pick a board that is double-sided (black board and magnetic dry-erase board).
  • Ensure that the easel you are buying for your child is age appropriate. Some easels are strictly a no-no for children under 2.
  • Make sure that the wood is sturdy and whatever paint has been used should ideally be non-toxic and child-safe.
  • The easel shouldn’t be too heavy, but not extremely light as well. If it is too heavy, there is a risk of it tipping over and hurting your child.
  • Pick an easel that also includes magnetic alphabets, number, chalks, and crayons. This way your child has many options to choose from when approaching the board.
  • As children grow up quickly, it would be a wide decision to invest in an easel which is height adjustable.
  • Another thing to keep in mind when choosing an easel is to find out if it is foldable or not. If it folds easily, the easier it is for you to stow it away when not in use.

Why Trust MomJunction?

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Painting can help your child express their creativity and imagination. But unfortunately, it could be a messy affair with paints, paper, brushes, and other stationery all over the floor. By choosing a kids’ easel, your child can easily organize all the tools, and it helps them maintain good posture while creating their masterpiece. But before choosing the right one, ensure it is made from non-toxic and child-safe materials that are sturdy with an adjustable height for growing children. We hope our list of the best kids’ easels can help you gain insight into the available options, features, and trends.

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