21 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers For A New Look In 2022


The best kitchen cabinet organizers can help your kitchen look well-organized and neat. You can use them to maximize your kitchen space as they can easily cover the blind spots to store your kitchenware. Whether you want to use them to store spice jars, cookware, or more, our list below will help you choose the right one that fits your requirements. Most of these organizers fit well in cabinets and countertops.

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21 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

1. Best Durable: Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier Spice Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

The white and grey, three-tier kitchen organizer allows you to organize your spices within your reach and sight, with the labels visible. It is versatile, so you can use it to display art pieces or organize your office, craft, and makeup supplies. This organizer can hold up to five standard cans on each tier, which is 2.75in deep.

Made from durable and long-lasting plastic, this cabinet organizer has a non-slip shelf lining. You can place it on the countertop or inside your cabinet to help save space while keeping your kitchen well-organized. It is easy to clean, measures 9x10x3in, and weighs 0.79lb.


2. Best Organizer: SimpleHouseware Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack

The white-colored organizer is designed to store three kitchen wraps in each row. You can keep your standard paper rolls, food foils, rolls, etc., neatly using this wide and sturdy kitchen wrap organizer rack. It measures 9.8×8.5×7.4in and weighs only 0.75lb.


3. Best Size Variant: Simple Houseware Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pan And Pot Lid Organizer

The rack holder is designed to fit up to five pans of varied sizes and can be placed inside a cabinet or your countertop. It allows storing the pans vertically or horizontally, and you can secure it in place by inserting a screw in the bottom screw hole. The product comes with the necessary hardware, measures 8.8×9.5x17in with compartment height around 2.5im to 3in, and weighs 2.03lb.


4. Best Flexible: DecoBros Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

You can place this kitchen shelf on your countertop to store jars, dinnerware, pans, etc. This cabinet organizer comes in a pack of two, and you can stack them on each other for more storage space and flexibility. It is foldable, weighs 0.9lb, and measures 13.1×9.8×8.5in.


5. Best Easy-To-Assemble: GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer

With adjustable eight tiers, you can easily store your pans in the cabinet or on the countertop using this pot rack organizer. It comes with a holder and easy-to-assemble features to offer you more options for storing different-sized pans.

Made from heavy-duty iron with a powder-coated finish, this 5.46lb pot rack can fit nine frying pans, pots, and skillets neatly, giving a U-shape when placed vertically. There are three installation modes, and each tier can bear up to 9lb without slipping.


6. Best BPA-Free: mDesign Large Plastic Step Shelf Organizer

The adjustable and expandable shelf organizer has three-tier storage and space for placing spice jars, seasonings, baking supplies, etc. You can customize it as per your requirement by simply sliding it to the desired width. It is suitable for your storage shelves, countertops, and kitchen cabinets. Made of BPA- and chlorine-free shatter-proof plastic, the product measures 14.17×4.33 x14.17in and weighs 2.42lb.


7. Best Space Saving: Decobros 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet Corner Shelf Organizer

The Decobros sturdy three-tier shelf is ideal for storing pans, plates, lids, and dishware on your countertop or in your kitchen cabinet. Its shape is designed to fit corners, occupying less space with each shelf around 33/8in high. This iron rack measures 13.1x 9.8×7.5in and weighs 0.9lb.


8. Best Rust Resistant: mDesign Large Metal Wire Organizer Rack For Kitchen Cabinet

Streamline your trays, frying pans, cutting boards, lids, etc., with this metal wire organizer of five slots, allowing vertical and horizontal placement. You can place it on the countertop or in the kitchen cabinet to organize your cookware neatly by securing them tightly in place. It helps provide maximum space and is made of durable, rust-resistant coated steel wire material. You can wipe it conveniently to clean, and it has plastic feet to help prevent scratches on your countertop. The product measures 7.2×9.4×10.9in and weighs 1.76lb.


9. Best Easy-To-Install: Holdn’ Storage Pull Out Drawer Cabinet Organizer

The pull-out cabinet organizer allows storage for spices, pots, pans, bakeware, and more onto its sturdy metal wireframe. You can fix it within 30 minutes and easily install it in a cabinet with 15in opening. There is a ball-bearing track to slide it out smoothly, and it can help de-clutter your kitchen easily. The organizer measures 21x14x3.15in and weighs 9.02lb.


10. Best Heavy-Duty: Wosovo Kitchen Cabinet Organizer and Storage Shelves

The two-set Wosovo stackable kitchen storage racks are sturdy with non-skid plastic liners for your kitchen cabinets. Its versatile, expandable design allows you to assemble it in three different ways for maximum use of your kitchen cabinet or countertop.
You can stack the racks in two or three tiers or use them separately as per your storage needs. Made of heavy-duty steel with a rust-proof bronze finish and electroplated coating, this well-designed rack has protective rubber feet to help prevent scratches on the surface. Each shelf can withstand up to 20lb and store heavy jars, pans, pots, etc. It measures 16.7×9.5×6.4in and weighs 2.94lb.


11. Neat-O 3-Tier Corner Shelf Counter and Cabinet Organizer

Made from alloy steel, the black-colored three-tier organizer is designed to store your jars, spices, etc., optimizing your storage space in the kitchen cabinets or on the countertop. Each rack has ventilated wire mesh design to hold your jars in place. It measures 9.45×9.06×7.48in and weighs 2.53lb.


12. Storage Maniac 4 Pieces Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf

The set of four expandable and spacious organizers can help keep your kitchen well-organized and manageable. Its unique overlapping design helps provide extra support and a strong base to store heavy jars. This organizer has a powder-coated, anti-rust finish, non-slip and anti-scratch feet. Designed with high-quality alloy steel, it is easy to clean and install. It measures 16.77×9.88×6.5in and weighs 6.8lb.


13. Songmics Cabinet Shelf Organizers

The set has four kitchen counter shelves that are stackable and expandable and made from metal and bamboo. You can use it to place your spice jars, dinnerware, and other utilities since each rack can hold up to 33lb. You can customize the rack placement as per your need, and its sturdy construction can help hold all your utilities in place. The total weight of the racks is 5.7lb, and the large and small shelf measures 11.7×7.6×6.1in and 11.7×7.3×5.4in, respectively.


14. Caxxa Metal Expandable and Stackable Spice Rack

The powder-coated, stackable, and expandable spice organizer comes in a set of two shelves that you can expand from 11in to 18in with a shelf depth of 10.4in. Its height is adjustable to four poles, and the heavy-duty metal body allows you to store heavy spice jars easily with a maximum load capacity of 40lb per shelf. Made of sturdy alloy steel, the poles have anti-slip rubber feet, and the material is scratch-resistant. This shelf, on full expansion, measures 18×10.4×7.6in and weighs 2.99lb.


15. Rev-A-Shelf Wire Basket Pull Out Shelf Storage

You can maximize your kitchen space with this pull-out shelf storage for organizing your pots, pans, bottles, stand mixers, and other kitchen accessories. This two-tier sliding basket is designed with a ball-bearing system and heavy wire construction to withstand 100lb. Designed for 21in cabinets with 17.5in opening, this sliding shelf is 22in deep and is ideal for below-the-sink storage and vanity cabinets. The shelf dimensions are 17.75x22x19in.


16. YouCopia Spice Rack Organizer

The small spice rack with universal drawers can hold 18 full-size and 36 half-size spice bottles in an organized, neat manner. You can place the organizer in the kitchen cabinet and on the countertop, requiring around eight inches of the cabinet space. It comes with 48 blank drawer labels for customization and anti-skid feet to help prevent scratches. Made from plastic, it weighs 2.6lb and measures 10.9×8.1×8.7in.


17. Rev-A-Shelf Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

The slide-out four-shelf organizer allows you to utilize the space in the blind corners of your kitchen cabinet optimally. It can enable full accessibility and offer neatly organized and functional kitchen space. Designed to fit most 48in cabinets with 18in opening, this organizer has ball-bearing slides and is made from a heavy-duty wireframe with a capacity to hold 150lb. This easy-to-install organizer features adjustable height and four shelves measuring 32.35×20.25x21in.


18. Atposh Lazy Susan Kitchen Corner Cabinet Organizer

The two-tier, chrome, 270° rotating storage rack has an adjustable height range of 21.5in to 31in to fit in most kitchen cabinets, corners, and countertops. This easy-to-assemble, kidney-shaped organizer is stable and made using anti-rust, chrome-plated iron to store spices, jars, and other cookware.


19. Jomay Expandable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

The expandable countertop shelf can fit in cups, dishes, spice jars, and bottles in an organized, neat manner. It is designed with high-quality, anti-rust, easy-to-clean carbon steel and has polished edges for safety. The maximum loading capacity is 44lb, and it can extend from 15.27in to 25.39in. The organizer measures 25.39×7.83×8.26in on expanding.


20. Meiqihome Spice Rack Organizer

The four-tier expandable step shelf is an ideal spice holder for your kitchen cabinet and countertop. The two metal spice racks are expandable from 11.4in to 22.8in, and you can also combine the two to adjust it as per the available storage space. It helps save space, keep your cabinet organized, and make the items easy to reach. Each layer has a protective railing to prevent the bottles from sliding away. Designed with high-quality, thick, sturdy, stable, and durable metal, the shelf’s surface is rust-resistant, measures 11.4×22.8×4.9in, and weighs 4.27lb.


21. Hodekt Rotating Spice Rack Organizer with Jars

The 360° rotating spice rack organizer comes with 20 glass spice jars that you can store easily. Its stainless-steel finish and refillable three-ounce jars come with a silicone funnel to help transfer the spices with ease. Each glass jar is 3.7×1.8in in size and is designed with a unique screen and metal sealing lid to help keep your herbs and spices fresh for longer. The package includes 48 reusable DIY label stickers and a white paint pen to note the name of each spice on the jar for identification. It is compact, sturdy, and space-saving.


How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet Organizer?

Here are some things to consider before buying a kitchen cabinet organizer.

  1. Space: Consider the storage space available in your kitchen cabinet and choose an organizer that would fit. Make sure to check the depth, shape, and height of the product.
  2. Strength and features: If you are looking for an organizer to store your pans and pots, a sturdy build with a non-slip grip is ideal. For spice jars and other bottles, an organizer with a railing would work well to help prevent the bottles from falling.
  3. Compact: Choose an organizer that is stackable and has multiple shelves for storage.
  4. Customization: Organizers with adjustable height, customizable design, and extendable parts are versatile and functional.

Kitchen organizers help de-clutter your kitchen, making it more organized, manageable, and accessible. While some are ideal for countertops, others with ball bearing systems work well for kitchen cabinets and the blind corners of your storage shelf. Consider your needs, the items you need to store in the organizer, and the features before choosing the best kitchen cabinet organizer.

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Sakshi John, our resident product writer, has a keen interest in home and kitchen segments. She thoroughly analyzes and shortlists products that add comfort and convenience. After carefully going through several customer feedbacks and testimonials, she has shortlisted the top kitchen cabinet organizers for you. If you are not sure which organizer would suit your kitchen the best, have a look at the buying guide to get started.

Transforming your kitchen’s appearance is not always about redesigning the interiors. You can have a similar effect by decluttering the space and making it more accessible with the help of cabinet organizers. These racks and shelves are designed to hold various items and clear your counter to keep everything of the same category in a designated spot. While some of the options in our list of the best kitchen cabinet organizers are suitable for countertops, others come with ball-bearing systems suitable for the blind corners of your storage shelves. So, browse the available options to find one suited to your needs.

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