11 Best Kitchen Carts To Buy In 2021

11 Best Kitchen Carts To Buy In 2021

Good work in the kitchen essentially requires many ingredients at the right place, at the right time. You need to keep the necessary things for preparing or serving the dish in one place. This is when you will need a kitchen cart. It is a multipurpose tool with several cabinets, tabletop, shelves, drawers, and towel hangers. The kitchen cart can help you chop, serve, or dine independently. You can use it indoors and outdoors as per your requirement. They have four wheels at the bottom for easy push and pull. Check out the best kitchen carts along with their benefits and features.

11 Best Kitchen Carts

1. Whitmor Kitchen and Microwave Cart

Whitmor Kitchen and Microwave Cart


With two wide shelves, Whitmore offers a wooden kitchen cart you can use to carry plates, fruits, jars, utensils, and other stuff. The top has a removable cutting board, and it can also support hold items, such as a microwave. It has a sturdy handle at one side to easily transport the cart from one place to the other, and you can use it to hang the napkins. The cart’s frame is made up of chrome steel that does not deform even with heavy loads.

2. Caxxa Store Kitchen Cart

Caxxa Store Kitchen Cart


The Caxxa kitchen cart has three storage departments to accommodate various things. It is versatile, and you can keep it either in the bedroom, kitchen, or hall. The wheels at the bottom allow easy transportation of things. You can quickly assemble or disassemble it for cleaning or other purposes. In case you want to use two shelves, you can remove one. The sturdy cart can hold a good amount of weight.

3. Mr Ironstone Kitchen Cart

Mr Ironstone Kitchen Cart


The S-ring hooks are an exclusive feature of this kitchen cart that allow hanging spoons, ladles, nets, etc. There are three wooden shelves to keep books, kettles, microwave, printer, or other stuff. You can adjust the middle board’s height to accommodate the desired item. The textured surface is scratch-free and skid-free.

4. Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart

Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart


The Home Styles kitchen cart features a wooden top, multiple storage drawers, a towel bar, and a spice rack to accommodate various items. With knob-like handles, they are easy to open and close. The entire structure is made up of engineered wood in a white finish for added strength. It is easy to carry around using its wheels.

5. Winsome Store Kitchen Cart

Winsome Store Kitchen Cart


If you like wooden furniture, this Winsome kitchen cart could be the right option. Crafted in brown wood, the cart has a two-door storage shelf, a drawer, a towel handle, and a countertop. It requires assembly and is easy to fix. The cart offers you the right place for handy food preparation.

6. Origami Store Kitchen Cart

Origami Store Kitchen Cart


Origami’s folding kitchen cart is made of commercial-grade stainless steel. It folds and unfolds quickly in ten seconds. You can open it when needed and close it as you finish the work. It, therefore, saves a lot of space in smaller kitchens. There are two steel shelves, a wooden shelf on the top, and a towel bar on the side. It works indoors and outdoors to carry things, such as wine, coffee, and BBQ. The overall cart can hold up to 300lb weight.

7. Amazon Basics Kitchen Cart

Amazon Basics Kitchen Cart


The Amazon Basics kitchen cart with a wheel is a three-tier rolling cart for multifunctional use. It has a curved handle on the top makes it convenient to push and pull, and it also supports the entire structure. Suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, the cart is known for its anti-rust properties. It is ideal for storing supplies, utensils, beverages, snacks, and more. The rubber-based caster wheels support the easy movement.

8. Boraam Store Sonoma Kitchen Cart

Boraam Store Sonoma Kitchen Cart


Made of solid rubberwood, the Boraam’s kitchen cart can hold up to 200lb, with each shelf having a 50lb capacity. It has a towel bar, a countertop, and a horizontal shelf to accommodate various items. The steel countertop adds strength, and the locking caster wheels allow easy portability. It is available in multiple colors to choose from according to your taste and style.

9. Vasagle Kitchen Baker’s Rack

Vasagle Kitchen Baker’s Rack


It is a three-tier serving cart with a metal frame and S-shaped hooks on the sides for hanging spoons and towels. The sides have thin handles to accommodate items, such as towels and napkins. The two brakes on the mobile cart help the cart to stand well. You can place a microwave on the top level.

10. Mecor Kitchen Cart

Mecor Kitchen Cart


The Mecor kitchen cart with storage can hold a microwave, cups, wine glasses, pots, bowls, tableware, fruits, and other stuff. It has two smaller square shelves on the side, a top drawer, a side handle, and a big storage unit. The structure is made up of bamboo wood top, pinewood, and MDF for long-lasting durability. It is equipped with rubber caster wheels to provide the required mobility. The cart is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the smooth finish is easy to clean.

11. Kealive Store Kitchen Cart

Kealive Store Kitchen Cart


It is a large comfortable cart with four big storage spaces. This kitchen cart has two drawers on the top and two cabinets at the front to accommodate various kitchen essentials. The wooden countertop can also be used as a serving space. It has two side handles that serve as towel racks and make it convenient to push the cart. The wheels are flexible and support smooth mobility.

Things To Consider While Buying A Kitchen Cart

Here are some factors to keep in mind to choose the best kitchen cart.

  • Strength of the material: The kitchen carts are made up of steel frame, Brownwood, Beachwood, or rubberwood that add strength and stability
  • Number of cabinets: List down your needs and consider buying a kitchen cart that fulfills your storage requirements.
  • Adjustable shelves: Kitchen carts with height adjustment facilities help you pick a height to fit-in various utensils as per your need.
  • Easy assembly: Pick a kitchen cart that is easy to assemble. The parts should be easy to put together without much hassle.
  • Quality of wheels: Check the quality of wheels as poor quality can be a problem.
  • Locking caster: The caster has a locking brake to lock the wheel. It helps prevent the cart from moving back and forth, making it convenient to serve and use.

A kitchen cart is a handy piece of furniture to help you in several ways. Be it creating extra space for cooking or serving someone in the lawn; a kitchen cart can help you do it. It is a worthy investment to ease up your everyday life.

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