20 Best Kitchen Gifts Of 2021

20 Best Kitchen Gifts Of 2020

We all know someone who enjoys cooking or would rather spend an eternity in the kitchen just rearranging the crockeries on the shelves! Such is their hobby that even their kitchen accessories have a touch of uniqueness that makes them stand out. So, naturally buying the best kitchen gift for a kitchen lover needs a lot of thinking, as you don’t want to disappoint them with something ordinary. And with umpteen useful kitchen gifts and kitchen appliances for gifts online, you are only going to get confused, or probably already are!

So, let all your searches end here because we’ve filtered out 20 best kitchen gifts that we bet anyone who loves cooking or is a kitchenette expert will love!

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20 Best Kitchen Gifts For Home Chefs!

1. Ozeri Pronto Food Scale

Ozeri Pronto Food Scale


Since all home chefs are perfectionists who prefer to weigh-in ingredients before they cook, a food scale seems like a great choice. This one, for instance, guarantees accuracy looks premium with an enlarged weighing platform and is easy-to-use. Ozeri Pronto Food Scale is ideal for small to big cooking ingredients and has an automatic unit button that switches between 5 units of measurements. Also, the precision tare button subtracts the weight of the utensils. It has an easy-to-read LCD screen and is easy-to-clean too.

2. KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-head Stand Mixer


It blends, beats, and whips almost everything! This tilt-head stand mixer is a baking specialist. From offering 10-speed control range, one can simply enjoy mixing or blending at a speed of their choice. It is designed with 59-point planetary mixing action that ensures thorough mixing of all ingredients. You can call it a kitchen staple if you like for KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-head Stand Mixer’s power hub can fit 15 different types of attachments including the flat beater, dough hook and 6 wire whips! And, it comes with a stainless-steel bowl too that has a comfortable handle. One of the best gifting options for those who love to bake cakes and cookies, this appliance is also dishwasher-safe.

3. Instant Pot Ultra Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Ultra Electric Pressure Cooker


This versatile electric pressure cooker can do the job of at least 10 appliances in the kitchen! Designed with the latest 3rd generation technology, Instant Pot Ultra Electric Pressure Cooker’s new features include altitude adjustments, cooking indicator, customized temperature settings and a large LCD screen. Easy-to-use and clean, the central dial and press-buttons control all functions of the appliance and it also has a new steam release reset button. The advanced microprocessor, on the other hand, monitors the heat, temperature and pressure. Making the whole experience simpler and special, the appliance comes with additional accessories such as a steam rack, recipe booklet, serving spoon, measuring cup, and a soup spoon.

4. Marcato Design Atlas Pasta Machine

Marcato Design Atlas Pasta Machine


Every kitchen deserves some love for Italy. After all, who doesn’t like binging on those lip-smacking pasta recipes? Marcato Design Atlas Pasta Machine will elevate the whole experience of pasta making at home. Made from chrome-plated steel, it can cut and roll dough in different types of pasta be it lasagne or spaghetti. With a thickness adjustable handle to help you get a consistent texture, the kit includes a pasta machine, a cutter, a hand crank, and a clamp. Famously known as the Ferrari of the pasta machine world, every pasta lover’s kitchen deserves this.

5. Cuisinart Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream Maker


This appliance can make frozen delicacies within 20 minutes— Not kidding! Cuisinart Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream Maker has the latest patent-pending mixing paddle and double insulated freezer bowl, which means no need to add ice. All they have to do is add the ingredients and the dessert is ready-to-eat within minutes. It also has an easy-lock lid and a large spout in case they want to add more ingredients later. A mess-free and easy-to-use appliance, if this is not one of the best kitchen gifts for some sweet indulgence at home, then we wonder what will be.

6. KitchenAid Hand Mixer

KitchenAid Hand Mixer


Not looking for something bulky? This hand mixer is portable and will satisfy all mixing needs with its 5-speed control. Plus, it is easily accessible with all functions available at the press of a button, be it switching speed or ejecting the accessory. And what makes it fancier is the “lock the cord” option which will let the user freely use the appliance from both left and right side. Also, KitchenAid Hand Mixer is ideal for mixing anything from nuts, chocolate chips to whipping heavy cream. Dishwasher-safe, the appliance is available in 16 different colors!

7. Mueller Austria Multi-Blade Slicer-Cutter

Mueller Austria Multi-Blade Slicer-Cutter


Reducing chopping time by half and making salad dishes look like a piece of art, slice-cutters are a must in every household. Mueller Austria Multi-Blade Slice Cutter, for instance, is German-engineered, made of non-toxic ABS plastic, is BFA-free and LFGB standard approved. Ultra-sharp and with 5 additional blades to explore different types of cutting from julienne to grating, its patent design will wow almost all home chefs. Also, with the knob controller, the user can adjust the mandoline slicer to his/her preference. Undoubtedly one of the most useful kitchen gifts you could spill on, after all every house deserves a slice cutter.

8. Fine Dine Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowls

Fine Dine Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowls


Six bowls for all the mixing, stirring, kneading, and prepping at home! These stainless-steel bowls will enhance any kitchen space with their premium sheen. They are drip-free, light-weight, durable, and have an ergonomic design too. When not in use, they seamlessly nest together thus saving a lot of space. Also, these bowls are made of exquisite quality making them stain and taste resistant. A thoughtful gift idea, every time they prepare or mix something, they’ll probably miss you.

9. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner


Whether they love veggies or not, this salad spinner will make them want to eat healthy every day. No longer will the leafy greens need rinsing under the kitchen tap (yep, this is an environment-friendly appliance). This press and spin salad spinner will have them rinsed, cleaned and dried for salad time. Also, it is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and the bowl can be used for serving too. An effortless spinner with a patented pump mechanism ensuring one-hand operation and a break button, it’s a great choice for someone who preaches healthy-eating.

10. Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Set


There’s always something special about glass crockery, like these microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe bowls that can be used for mixing and preparing dishes. They are made of nonporous glass which means they won’t absorb flavors or odor. Also, they are durable with premium-quality tempered glass that can sustain through high temperature, freezer, and pre-heated oven. 3 in 1, this nesting set comes with a 2-year warranty thus ensuring long-lasting usability.

11. 1Easylife Stainless-Steel Measuring Spoons

1Easylife Stainless-Steel Measuring Spoons


Like mechanics have tools, home chefs and cooks have measuring spoons! Something they truly can’t do without, and which is why their food and dessert recipes are perfect to the T. 1Easylife Stainless-Steel Measuring Spoons are ideal both for dry ingredients (1/8th tbsp to 1 tbsp) and wet ingredients (0.63 ml to 15 ml). With a no-rust guarantee, they are durable, long-lasting, and made of stainless steel that is highly satin-brushed. Designed to fit any spice jars, with these 6 measuring spoons anyone will enjoy cooking their favorite recipes.

12. Wilton Excelle Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Wilton Excelle Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack


This is no regular rack, but a mini stage to flaunt all dishes sweets from cakes to cookies! Looking for bakeware? Wilton Excelle Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack will give the whole baking experience a pro-baker vibe. It can cool up to a dozen cookies or 3 cakes at one time. The rack has a reinforced non-stick coating which guarantees easy release and is easy-to-clean too. So, if you are looking to modernise your loved one’s baking den, this rack can be a great gift.

13. Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set

Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set


To make their favorite recipes, we bet they would need durable kitchen gadgets! Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set is made of high-quality stainless steel and non-stick nylon heads. Ensuring no damage to pans or other utensils, this 23-in-1 kitchen gadgets set is what cooking with style is all about. Making the kitchen stand out with their premium lustre, they stay true to their name by becoming the hero of the kitchenette. From a flexible spatula to a pizza cutter, this set has it all. So, if you are planning a wedding gift or going to a housewarming party, this could be a great option.

14. Hummingbird Glass Straws

Hummingbird Glass Straws


There’s no better gift than the one that can instill healthy habits, right? Hummingbird Glass Straws are 100% non-toxic, reusable, durable, and eco-friendly. A quirky, unthinkable yet healthy gift to give away, they can be used to for anything from smoothies, juices to sip on refreshing tea! Given that they will be difficult to clean, the brand is giving away a cleaning brush too.

15. Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set


Ah, the aroma of barbeque— heavenly! Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set promises to meet all the barbeque needs for those who love to cook their love out. With every gadget made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, the set contains a spatula, a brush, a tong, skewers, and also a bottle opener to fancy-up all the binge sessions. With its heavy-duty aluminium case designed to ensure that all the tools can be arranged neatly, this set is ideal for travel and picnic outings too. And worry not about hot handles, because these tools are absolutely heat-safe and also, dishwasher-safe.

16. Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe


This is no drill, this Griddler offers 6 cooking options! Giving the home chefs full control of how they want to use it, this kitchen appliance guarantees to satiate taste buds be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make pancakes, eggs, or grill a sandwich or panini, Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe has an extra-large grill surface that makes it a to-go for family parties and get-togethers too. How does it function? It has an independent heating control which means both the sides can be used separately. The top cover is versatile and flexible letting the user switch from classic grilling to top-melt option. The pans are non-stick, removable, dishwasher-safe, and the appliance has a drip tray too.

17. Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder


A kitchen without a sturdy and efficient knife holder can be dangerous, especially if there are kids in the house. And considering how a lot of people who have newly moved-in seldom give a thought about buying a knife holder, it becomes one the best kitchen gift options. Like this magnetic knife holder by Coninx! It is sturdy and has a super-strong magnet that bonds the knives in place. The stand is made of bamboo wood and has a non-slippery base, and also the wood design gives off an earthy feel. A go-to option if you are looking for useful kitchen gifts, give this magnetic knife holder a try.

18. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL


Making fried food healthy again is Philips Premium Airfryer XXL! Using less to minimal oil, this air fryer heats up almost instantly and is ready-to-cook within seconds. It has 3lb/4qt capacity i.e. it can fry an entire chicken or up to 2 bags of frozen French fries! Other than air-fry it can also grill, bake, roast, re-heat, dehydrate, and toast— yep, a multi-cooking technology. Hailed by the brand as the only air-fryer with fat removal technology, Philip Premium Airfryer XXL is a great gift for those who can’t do without fried food; plus, this one promises to be healthy!

19. Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board


Wondering how a cutting board can be a special gift? Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board is made of natural bamboo and unlike those wooden and plastic boards in the market, there’s no chance of bacteria built-up! Since serving or cutting boards are a kitchen staple, this easy-to-clean and maintain board will surely add a healthy streak to any kitchen. An ideal gifting option for a housewarming get-together, this serving and cutting board will not disappoint those who enjoy chop-chop time in the kitchen.

20. Kamenstein Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack

Kamenstein Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack


Gone are the days when spice jars belonged to the shelf or in the cabinets! This revolving countertop rack with 20 pre-filled spice jars will modernize the feel of any kitchenette. Durable and with a spice label on every jar to make cooking easier and quicker, the rack is narrow and space-saving too. Also, every jar is sealed with freshness and is FDA-approved. Guaranteeing recipes full of spice and flavours for up to 5 years, it is a great gift you can opt for home chefs and cooks.

Now that we’ve narrowed down 20 best kitchen gifts for you, here are some points that can help you choose the right one.

How to choose the right kitchen gifts?

Some people, especially food lovers and chefs can be really picky when it comes to what they want in their kitchen. Also, it depends on what occasion you are planning a gift for:

  • If it’s housewarming, the family moving-in would mostly forget to buy things like cutting board, food scales etc., which are indeed kitchen essentials.
  • If it’s a birthday or any occasional gifting, find out if they have a certain appliance in their kitchen already through family members.
  • Looking for a gift for dessert lovers? Go ahead and pick up a kitchen appliance that could let them explore and enjoy dessert-making at home.
  • If you are close to the family or to the person who you are gifting, you’d naturally know about their eating habits or diet, consider those points before purchasing.
  • Nowadays houses have themes too, so make sure you pay attention to theirs as you wouldn’t want to end up giving something earthy to someone with a premium-themed kitchen.

Looking for that perfect gift isn’t easy, we know. But the priceless smile on your loved one’s face after unwrapping your gift will surely make your efforts worth it. On that note, we hope our list of 20 best kitchen gifts will make your shopping time easier and quicker. If you have a suggestion to add to this list or have feedback regarding this article, write your thoughts in the comments below.

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