13 Best Kitchen Timers in 2022


Cooking is all about timing. But when you are in the kitchen, time tends to pass mysteriously, which is why you need the best kitchen timer to keep track of time and know when to crack the egg or add the ingredients so that every part of your meal gets prepared exactly the way it should be.

You might say that your oven, microwave, and smartphone are all equipped with timers, but having a dedicated one for cooking can be extremely helpful. You can multitask without worrying about overcooking anything, whether you want to catch up on a Netflix show or complete an office task while your dinner stews.

A kitchen timer features an alarm that is loud enough to alert you but not so loud that it disturbs or annoys you. To get the timing right when cooking, you need the right kitchen timer. Here’s our pick of top kitchen timers to make cooking fun and simple.

13 Best Kitchen Timers That Are Actually Helpful

1. Wrenwane Kitchen Timer

Wrenwane Kitchen Timer

First on the list, we have a timer from Wrenwane. This easy-to-use, upgraded timer has one of the best displays on the market. It has a large and clear display which makes it easy to view from the other side of the room. The timer can be set to a maximum of 99 minutes and 59 seconds and has a loud alarm that can also be heard across the room. When it is not used as a kitchen timer, it can be used as a stopwatch for your exercise, gym workouts, and kid’s homework. For placement, you can go three ways with it— place it on the counter with its kick-out stand, stick it on the fridge using its magnetic back, or hang it on the wall using the hook on the back. It also has a dedicated memory to remember the last timer settings that you set it on.

2. Antonki Kitchen Timer

Antonki Kitchen Timer

One of the best-selling timers in 2019, this Antonki Kitchen Timer is a must-have in your home kitchen. This upgraded 2020 digital timer is Antonki’s latest 4.0 version based on customer feedback from the previous one. It has the option to count both up and down to work as a timer and a stopwatch. With just 3 buttons for functionality, this is extremely easy-to-use not only in your kitchen but for other activities that need a timer as well. Using the MIN and SEC buttons, you can set the timer anywhere between 00:00 to 99:59. It has a pull-out stand to set in on the counter and a strong magnet to stick it to the refrigerator. The alarm is very loud and can be heard over your TV playing. This uses AAA batteries to run and has a power-saving mode that can last up to 1.5 years.

3. Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer

Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer

Do you always forget that you have food on the stove and get busy with other work? With this series of digital kitchen timers from Uigos, it is okay to forget. It has a loud alarm of 67-96 dB which will ensure that you attend to the food at the exact time you have set it on. It displays large and clear digits to help you know exactly how much time is pending from across the room. It can be used for other activities as well like setting a timer for how long your kids play video games or set up a timer for how long you had the facial mask on. The timer can go both ways— up and down, which can be set manually as needed. This tiny timer can either be set on the table using the retractable stand, hung from the hook, or stuck to the refrigerator using the magnet on the back. It also has a dedicated ON/OFF switch which most timers lack.

4. Habor Kitchen Timer

Habor Kitchen Timer

Are you having a backyard BBQ party? Are you tired of checking on the meat every few minutes so you don’t lose track of time which might cause it to be overcooked or worse, burn? We have the perfect solution for you— Habor Kitchen Timer. It has a loud 67-94 dB sound level which you are never going to miss. It has a 2.6-inch screen that displays numbers quite boldly. To adjust the time, you can use the three buttons H, M, and S to set the desired time. The maximum time that can be set is 24 hours. So, be it your kitchen activities, or any other activities like gym workouts or for kid’s homework, it can be used for all of them. With just a press of the button “MODE”, you can switch easily between the timer and Count Up/Down mode. And, the memory feature helps the timer to remember the previous setting, all you need to do is press the CLEAR button to reset to the old setting.

5. Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Did you burn the bread in the oven again? The oven’s timer was not loud enough? That never would have happened if you had Albayrak Kitchen Timer. This attractive kitchen timer has a sound level of 70 dB and can be heard easily within a 10-meter radius. It is made from 304 stainless steel. It is water-proof, corrosion-resistant, and extremely sturdy owing to its high-quality build. It has a strong magnetic back which can be placed on any object with a metal body like a refrigerator and microwave. This is a mechanical kitchen timer and does not need any batteries to operate which makes it extremely eco-friendly. To set the timer, all you have to do is turn the dial clockwise to the desired time. It has very clear markings on the body so that you don’t have to do any guesswork.

6. OVEKI Kitchen Timer

OVEKI Kitchen Timer

OVEKI Kitchen Timer is your savior from all your overcooked burgers and steaks. This magnetic kitchen timer is designed for both kitchen and children’s time management. The timer works on a twist-to-operate system that makes for hassle-free use and can also be used by people with Autism, ADHD, or other special needs. The timer has a limit of up to 99-minutes and each dial turn increases/decreases by five seconds. It has strong magnets under the silicone pads to stay firm on metal objects. It does not have an annoying ticking sound which could easily be distracting for the kids while they study. You can choose between three levels of sounds between silence and 90 dB depending on your requirement. It requires 3 AAA batteries to run this device which needs to be purchased separately.

7. Time Timer 60 Minute Visual Timer

Time Timer 60 Minute Visual Timer

This series of cute kitchen timers from Time Timer is sure to add some color to your kitchen. This analog kitchen timer will give you a countdown of up to 60 minutes. It is very easy to read owing to its visual representation of how much time is left which is shown by the colored disk. As time passes, the colored disk disappears. It also helps in time management and improves productivity for kids. This is a small timer with dimensions of just 3.6×3.6 inches and comes along with a replaceable silicone cover. The alarm on this device is purely optional and can be completely avoided if not necessary. It is also CPSIA Battery Compartment certified product to ensure that it is safe to be used around children.

8. ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

Are you proud of all the fancy kitchen appliances that you own? Let us add one more to it. This digital kitchen timer from ThermoPro is as fancy as it could get without compromising functionality. It has two displays that help you set and monitor time for two different events at the same time. It has a 2.5-inch screen with backlights to display numbers very clearly. It can be programmed for up to 23 hours and 59 minutes for all your kitchen activities or even other tasks like exercise and controlling kid’s gaming sessions. The volume can be changed between high/medium/low depending on the need and features a unique mute mode that notifies you without making any noise. It can either be set on the counter or stuck on the refrigerator. It also has a calendar clock mode for the times when the timer is not being used.

9. eTradewinds eT-23 Digital Kitchen Timer

eTradewinds eT-23 Digital Kitchen Timer

If you are looking for a sturdy kitchen timer, then stainless steel kitchen timers are the way to go. eTradewinds eT-23 Digital Kitchen Timer is one such product. It is considered as one of the strongest magnet timers that will not wobble or slide down once it is set or when the buttons are pushed. It has a flat back surface with foam to avoid any scratches on the appliance it is placed on. It has a large and easy-to-read display with a built-in on/off switch that will shut down if the timer is idle for more than two minutes. If you have a routine task that needs a timer, the memory function on this timer will surely come in handy. It can remember the last used settings even after restarting. It can count up and down FROM 0 to 99 minutes and has a sound level of 75-80 dB.

10. KeeQii Kitchen Timer

KeeQii Kitchen Timer

It feels good when you get more than what you paid for, isn’t it? And, this multifunctional mechanical kitchen timer is just all about that. This device offers a 60-minute timer limit that can be used for kitchen, office meetings, housework, kid’s playtime and so much more. It runs on an easy-twist operation which eliminates the usage of any batteries and makes it extremely energy efficient. When the time is up, it rings at a sound level of 80 dB for a little over 3 seconds which can easily be heard from another room. The strong magnet on the back makes it easy to stick on the fridge and keep the counter clutter-free. It is pretty easy to use, so anyone from a kid to an elderly person can use this device.

11. XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer

XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer

Owing to its large 2.1-inch LCD screen and loud alarm, you can rest easy knowing that you will not mess up your recipe. This electronic kitchen timer is simple yet extremely efficient. The timer can go up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds for the food that takes long hours to cook. Depending on the task, you can count up or down since it can be used as both a timer and as a stopwatch. It comes with a retractable stand, a magnetic back, and a mounting loop to place it in a convenient place. It has a high-quality, food-safe ABS plastic material for the body with dedicated number buttons from 1-0 on the front to set the timer as needed.

12. Secura Kitchen Timer

Secura Kitchen Timer

This 8-inch large and premium-quality mechanical kitchen timer is a device that you did not know you needed in your life. It lends a hand in making your cooking very efficient and flawless. This is an ideal timer for people with eyesight issues as you can monitor time from the other end of the room. To take it a notch higher, it also has a colored disk for the set time which makes it much easier to read without squinting your eyes. It is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is turn the knob and set the timer to the desired time. It has two foldable legs that help in placing the timer on the counter and two magnetic strips on the back to stick in on refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances.

13. Browne 60 Minute Long Ring Timer

Browne 60 Minute Long Ring Timer

If you are in need of a manual kitchen timer and want nothing fancy, then this is where you hit the pedals on your search. Browne being in the industry for over 70 years, they know exactly what their customer needs. It is made of sturdy and superior-quality materials. This analog timer measures about 2-¾ of a diameter making it very space efficient in the kitchen. It has a simplistic design with numbers printed in a clear and easy-to-read font. The timer can be set up to a maximum of an hour by turning the dial to the desired time indicator. It has a very loud alarm that goes on for 18 seconds or until the time it is manually turned off.

There you go! That was our list of the 13 best kitchen timers that you can choose from. If you are still confused about which one to buy and need some tips on how to choose the right kitchen timer, then continue reading to learn what you should look for in a kitchen timer in our buying guide.

Choosing The Best Kitchen Timer – A Buying Guide

These are some of the features that you need to look for while buying a kitchen timer:

  • Timer Limit: This feature depends on what kind of food you are going to prepare. For someone who needs a timer for daily kitchen tasks, a timer with 60 minutes should be sufficient. But, if you are an avid baker as well, then you are going to need a lot more than just 60 minutes.
  • Readability: If we haven’t mentioned it enough already, kitchen timers are mostly used to monitor time from outside the kitchen. So, timers with a very clear and bold display of digits will make things easy.
  • Sound Level: Kitchen timers always have an alarm system to alert you when the time is up, but the sound level could be a major deciding factor. It needs to be loud enough so that you can hear it across the room. Some timers even offer the flexibility to adjust the sound levels as needed.
  • Placement Options: Since kitchen timers are used to monitor time while you get on with other tasks, they need to be placed at a convenient location from where they can be seen easily. For this reason, it is better to get a timer that has multiple placement options like a kick-out stand to place on the counter, a magnetic back to stick it on the fridge, and a hook to hang it from a wall.
  • Durability: Since the timer is going to spend most of its time in the kitchen, it should be able to handle the kitchen environment. Be it the fluctuating temperature or an accidental drop, it should endure it all. So, try and choose a kitchen timer that is sturdy enough to survive these situations.
  • Multi-purpose: Most kitchen timers on our list are multi-functional owing to their additional features like stopwatch and calendar. Since there is only so much time that you need them in the kitchen, you might want to use them for other tasks. Having a stopwatch will help you manage your time during workouts or manage your kid’s play/study time to maintain a healthy balance of things.

For any working person, it becomes extremely difficult to do just one thing at a time while getting ready for work. The stress might make you forget that you had food cooking on the stove which could be dangerous. So, having a kitchen timer is practically life-saving. And with this list, we hope we made managing time a little easier for you. Go ahead, click on the one you think is perfect for you and buy ASAP!

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