10 Best Kitten Toys In 2021


Pamper your kitten with a cute toy from our list of the best kitten toys and keep them entertained. Kittens are known to be curious but can also get bored easily. A stimulating toy can keep your kitten interested and active, improving their skills and agility. The ideal kitten toys are easy to chew, squeaky, and visually appealing. If you find it difficult to choose the right toy for your kitten, you can explore our list to know more.

10 Best Kitten Toys

1. UPSKY Cat Toy Roller 3-Level Turntable Cat Toy

This kitten toy is guaranteed to make your adorable kitten obsessed with it. The three-level cat toy is made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant PP to withstand the cat’s scratches. Its multi layers are removable for easy cleaning, and the toy has four anti-slip mats that protect the floor from scratches while your cat plays with it.

The toy includes three colorful balls and three bell balls that spin for hours to stimulate the cutie’s senses and hunting instincts. The sleek edges and the cute cartoon head add to its appeal.

2. ChicWow Cat Toys Interactive Cat Feather Wand

Teasing your feline friend is now easy with this cute toy. ChicWow’s interactive cat toy is great for kittens who love to chase each other. The attached feathers and wiggly worms activate your cat’s instincts to chase, pounce, and jump, thus helping your pet exercise and stay healthy.

The string and extended cat wand are sturdy enough to withstand the pull of cats. They can also keep your hands away from sharp claws and scratches.

3. Goopow Automatic, Interactive Laser Toy For Kitten

Goopow’s interactive toy comes with a unique and mysterious auto-rotating laser pointer that can rotate randomly at 360 degrees, providing a challenging hunting-like experience for your kitten. You can set the functions in this kitten soft toy to create a different experience for your pet each time.

The cat toy turns on for fifteen minutes every three hours, regardless of the flashing mode’s speed. The auto timer of 15 minutes ensures the cat is active and nourished while also preventing it from becoming too excited. The silent toy runs on four AA batteries or USB charging.

4. Pawzone Automatic Electric Rotating Interactive Cat Toy

The automatic, interactive cat toy box by Pawzone has a unique UFO shape and is suitable for indoor cats. It features chase balls inside and a flying butterfly wand that can be placed on the surface.

The colorful and detachable butterfly wand flutters and rotates with just one touch and gentle push, and the chase balls can be used as a catnip toy to drive your cat crazy and encourage active play. Further, the turntable is detachable for easy cleaning, and all the parts are made of safe material.

5. Potaroma 3 Silvervine Catnip Balls Edible Kitty Toy

If you are looking for a kitten toy that is completely natural and non-toxic, the catnip ball by Potaroma is the ideal choice. It is made with zero chemical additives, ensuring complete safety for your kitten while it uses its teeth to chew.

The toy is available in three distinct flavors and is easy to keep track of as it can be easily stuck to walls or any other surface.

The kitten chew toy contains catmint, silvervine, and gall fruit, which are known to reduce depression and lassitude in cats, stimulate their appetite, and improve digestion. The natural balls also clean your cat’s teeth and improve oral health.

6. AFP All For Paws Interactive Flutter Bug Cat Butterfly Toy

Delight your kitty with the All For Paws interactive butterfly cat toy, which stimulates your cat’s natural instincts. The butterfly spins 360 degrees in the air unpredictably and is among the cute kitten toys that are great for indoor cats to get some exercise. The interactive toy comes with two replacement butterflies and a one-year warranty.

7. Wingpet Interactive 2-Speed Mode Cat Toy

Wingpet’s interactive toy for cats can be set to either fast or slow speed to suit both active and lazy cats. The automatic toy can be placed wherever you want, as it is both a battery-powered and electric cat toy. This interactive cat toy is designed in a unique 360-degree bread shape to enable multiple cats to play together and improve their bond.

The cat teaser toy is made of eco-friendly ABS material and is safe for pets and owners. Its four rubber feet prevent it from sliding or moving. The interactive features of the kitten toy include a tracking catnip ball, a teasing feather wand, and a spinning feather inside.

8. Ciyvolyeen Bread Catnip Cute Kitten Toy

Here’s a healthy toy for your cute little furry friend. Ciyvolyeen’s interactive kitten chew toys are available in six different bread shapes, such as croissant and pretzel toast, to keep your little kitty busy. These catnip toys are made of durable yet soft flannelette, so your cat can play with them for long without breaking them.

The cute kitten toys are large for an easy hold by your kitty and include the right composition of healthy catnip, which is known to relieve stress, aid digestion, and keep the kittens active and running about.

9. Dorakitten Catnip Chew Toy

If you are looking for a kitten teething toy, this might just be the perfect pick. Dorakitten kitten chew toy is made from high-quality cotton linen and filled with PP cotton and catnip. The toy is non-toxic and suitable for chewing and dragging. Your cat can play with it indoors, in the yard, and just about anywhere. Gift the chew toy to your furry friend to reduce anxiety and boredom and make it more active and excited.

10. Zagrine Catnip Kitten Teething Chew Toy

Gift your kitten something natural with this teething chew toy from Zagrine. Suitable for aggressive chewers, this catnip toy is designed as a stick and serves well in relieving stress and anxiety in cats. You can buy the toy irrespective of your cat’s breed or age.

The orange catnip comes in a set of three and is made of Sisal rope, Lafite grass, and silvervine that help with digestion. It is free of artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives, making it completely safe for your cat to chew on.

How To Choose The Right Kitten Toys?

Keep the following factors in mind when looking for the perfect toy for your kitten.

  • Interactive: Cats are natural hunters, and they like to chase, pounce, or capture their treasure. Thus, choose a toy that your cat can pick up easily, pounce on, or chew on.
  • Appearance: Cats can be picky about the texture of toys and might prefer something soft and easy to chew or something smoother and easier to toss around.
  • Size: You do not want to get a toy too big or too small for your cat. Toys that are too big can intimidate the cat and make it difficult to grab and play with, and those that are too small can pose a choking hazard.
  • Sound: Make sure the motorized toys do not make noises that could be disturbing for your cat as cats are extremely sensitive to sound.

The choice of kittens differs from that of adult cats. Therefore, make sure the toys you choose for kittens are cute and engaging. The toys should neither be too delicate nor extremely tough. Keep these factors in mind and purchase an engaging toy that meets your kitten’s developmental needs.

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