13 Best Kneeling Chairs for 2022


Those who work for long hours at their desks complain about lower back pain often. So, we have compiled a list of the best kneeling chairs to help you. These chairs ensure proper spinal alignment to prevent recurrent backache and improve your sitting posture. They are slightly different from your regular L-shaped chairs. The kneeling chairs are designed ergonomically to push your hips forward gently. It allows the spine to curve naturally while giving support to your knees for optimal comfort.

While improper sitting and regular chairs may lead to chronic back problems and gradual deterioration of core muscles, kneeling chairs strengthen the core and back muscles and improve breathing. Available in different designs and sizes, you can explore the options to find a suitable chair.

Types Of Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs can be broadly classified into two categories.

1. Mono-body construction

This is the original kneeling chair design with a mono-body structure and a rocker base. A simple yet effective design, the kneeling chair has a sleek look that fits well in offices or homes. Mono-body chairs may lack adjustability when it comes to height or seat angle, but enthusiasts swear by their health benefits, especially in improving back posture.

2. Cross-frame construction

The frame is shaped like a cross and consists of metal or wooden frames that intersect at some particular angle. The best part of cross-cross construction is its adjustability. You can easily adjust the overall height, seat angle, or even the position of knee pads. Cross-construction kneeling chairs come with several components compared to mono-body construction.

13 Best Kneeling Chairs

1. Flash Furniture Kneeling Office Chair

Flash Furniture Kneeling Office Chair


A sophisticated chair with modern design aesthetics, the kneeling chair from Flash Furniture is built to provide strength to the lower back muscles. The office chair is designed to suit the body’s natural posture. Its frame has a slot extension that allows you to adjust its height and alignment. The seat and knee pad upholstery are provided with two-inch foams.


  • Cushions come in gray or black
  • Adjustable height
  • Wheeled legs for easy movement
  • Easy to assemble


  • Padding may be thin, and stitch quality could be better
  • May not be comfortable for tall people
  • May not be suitable for rough or heavy use

2. Office Star Knee Chair

Office Star Knee Chair


Office Star offers an all-metal chair with stylish looks to keep your posture aligned and support your back. The chair has padded memory-foam cushions for comfortable seating. The knee-supports are well placed, and their relative position depends on height adjustment. The chair’s curved metal body with the all-black color gives it a premium look, making it a perfect office kneeling chair. The chair is affordable, with an overall rating above average.


  • Caster wheels on all four legs
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions
  • Double knee-rests
  • Affordable


  • May not be sturdy for rough usage
  • Distance between knee-supports may not be adjustable separately
  • May not hold weight beyond 200lbs

3. Defy Desk Kneeling Chair

Defy Desk Kneeling Chair


Defy Desk’s ergonomic design allows the correct sitting posture and gives a perfect angle to distribute your weight evenly. The chair’s durable metal base can support weight up to 250lbs, and its three-inch foam cushion pads help your back remain straight. Rolling wheels are provided for easy mobility.


  • Sturdy build
  • Casters come with wheel locks
  • Easy seat height adjustment
  • Easy to set up and assemble


  • May not be comfortable if you sit for long hours
  • Chair height may be low for some desks

4. Papafix Kneeling Chair

Papafix Kneeling Chair


Papafix kneeling chair enables a forward tilt in the pelvis, keeping the lower back in the correct position. The kneeling seat is angled at 90° and comes with three-inch foam cushion pads to relieve pressure in the neck and spine. You can easily adjust the chair with height adjustments in the range of 21-28 inches. The chair has a good build with a capacity to hold up to 250lbs.


  • Durable all-metal build
  • Caster wheels with locks
  • High-quality faux leather upholstery


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • May give sore knees if you sit for long hours

5. Sleekform Alpharetta Kneeling Chair

Sleekform Alpharetta Kneeling Chair


Sleekform Alpharetta is an open hip-angled chair that effortlessly nudges you to an upright position and promotes back, shoulder, and neck alignment. The chair’s seat height can be adjusted in the range of 19-28 inches. Another feature that makes this product stand out is its seat angle, adjustable between 91° and 137°, independent of the height. The chair comes with universal caster wheels that are soft and easy on the floor.


  • Four-inch thick comfortable cushions
  • Sturdy steel frame build
  • Smooth-rolling wheels that can be locked
  • Easy to clean, faux leather cushion covers


  • Knee-pad may not be adjustable
  • Seat material isn’t breathable and could get sweaty
  • Setting-up can take time

6. Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair

Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair


Inspired by the original Norwegian design, the whole chair is free of mechanical parts for adjustment. The chair is lightweight and can be easily moved around. The curved wood ensures that the chair follows the body’s natural movement.

A premium choice among kneeling chairs, Balans Varier design tilts your pelvis forward and allows an upright posture. It also lets you place your feet on the ground and rock yourself. Th chair is made of high-quality, durable components, although a bit expensive.


  • Design is based on the original Peter Opsvik kneeling chair
  • Provides a natural upright posture
  • Mono body curve-shaped base
  • Cushions available in different colors


  • Slightly expensive
  • Height and seating angle aren’t quite adjustable
  • May damage soft floors

7. Himimi Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Himimi Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


The Himimi kneeling chair comes with a comfortable cushion angled at 90°, enabling an upright sitting posture. The multi-purpose chair can be used as a reading-chair, meditation-chair, or a typing chair. The cushion has a three-inch mold foam, and the frame is height-adjustable in the range of 21-28 inches. The chair is equipped with four brake casters, which makes it easy to maneuver on the floor.


  • Fine-tune knob for height adjustment
  • Compact size; easily moves under a table
  • Works well for short and taller people
  • Synthetic leather is easy to wipe clean


  • Assembly instructions may not be clear
  • Prolonged usage may put pressure on the knees

8. ProErgo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

ProErgo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


Made of rigid metal tubes, the ProErgo chair is stable and reliable with three different height settings for a correct sitting posture. The seat comes with three-inch-thick mesh cushions and breathable fabric for a comfortable, non-sweaty experience. The four caster wheels make mobility easy.


  • Strong metal base for heavy-duty usage
  • Compact size, easy to store
  • Easy three-position pneumatic height adjustment
  • Offers stable seating


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Seat angle may not be adjustable
  • Certain angles of the frame interfere with the wheel movement

9. Cinius Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Cinius Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


Cinius’ kneeling chair can be the best bet if you prefer perfectly cushioned back support. The cushions are made of high-quality, non-deformable padding covered in highly resistant fabric. The chair’s height can be easily set up while the seating angle and backrest are adjustable. The off-white color gives it a premium look that would complement any modern office or home.


  • Made of high-quality polished wood
  • Sitting for longer durations is possible thanks to the backrest
  • Good stitching of cushion fabrics
  • Easy to set-up


  • Can carry only up to 200lb
  • Build may not be suitable for heavy-duty usage
  • Knee-rests may not be adjustable

10. Maxkare Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Maxkare Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


The Maxcare kneeling chair is highly adjustable, enabling users of varying heights to adapt easily. The chair offers maximum comfort to your back, shins, and knees. Its seat height can be adjusted in the range of 19.3 to 22.4 inches, and its kneel pad has five adjustment levels. The quality cushion materials used for seating, shin comfort, and waist support make the chair comfortable.


  • Smooth 360° rolling casters
  • Curved waist-rest cushion for extra comfort
  • Cushioned handles are provided for grip and support


  • May not be suitable for people over six feet of height
  • Shin-rest padding could be thin

11. Better-Posture Jazzy Kneeling Chair

Better-Posture Jazzy Kneeling Chair


With its elegant look, the Jazzy chair can be great for corporate offices. The chair removes the load from your back and reduces the tendency to lean forward. You can adjust chair height from 21-28 inches using a lever below the seat. The chair comes with thick cushions for comfort, and the cover gives it a premium look.


  • Durable and stable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Adjustable backrest


  • Seat angle could be slanted
  • May be expensive

12. Upscale Décor Kneeling Stool

Upscale Décor Kneeling Stool


With its steel construction in an X-frame design, Upscale Décor’s kneeling stool is durable and sturdy. The all-black metal body is sleek, highly functional, and capable of supporting up to 300lb. The seat height is adjustable in the range of 22-28 inches, providing a taller seating position. The cushions are upholstered with quality faux leather, and the good stitching quality ensures it lasts long.


  • Can be set up within 10 minutes
  • Well-built casters with locks in two wheels
  • Foam padding provides extra comfort


  • Seating angle may not be adjustable
  • Knee-pad may be hard

13. Predawn Kneeling Chair

Predawn Kneeling Chair


Predawn offers a char that is large and roomy with a big seat and knee-rest area for comfort. The cushions are covered in breathable fabric to give you a non-sweaty experience even during warmer seasons. The rocking kneeling chair’s design is inspired by the traditional sled-based model, a mono-body construction with a rocking bottom. The chair is easy to assemble with the help of an instruction guide. With its sleek look combined with the Norwegian design aesthetic, the kneeling chair provides a premium feel at a mid-level price point.


  • Made of quality, precision-engineered birch wood
  • Heavy-duty and can support up to 330lb
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • May be difficult to store when not in use
  • May lack adjustability of height and knee pads

What To Consider When Buying A Kneeling Chair?

Let’s look at the important factors one should consider while buying a kneeling chair.

  1. Chair components: Kneeling chairs typically consist of a cross-shaped frame with cushions for seat and knee-support. The frame is essential as it supports the body weight and should be sturdy. The thickness of pads and cushion cover material determine the level of comfort. If you need it to sit for long hours, consider chairs with a backrest.
  1. Adjustability: The seat height and the angle of seat recline should ideally be adjustable. Many kneeling chairs offer a range of choices for such adjustments and should be preferred to those that cannot be adjusted.
  1. Ease of use: A kneeling chair should be easy to set up and use. Most chairs can be assembled without any special tools, and some are ready to use. If a chair needs detailed assembly, check if it comes with special tools such as a wrench or Allen keys. Also, make sure that the product comes with an instruction manual that makes its assembly easy.
  1. Mobility: Wheel casters, preferably with a lock, are a must if you want your chair to move around. Usually, kneeling chairs come with a set of four caster wheels. Ensure that the wheels provided are of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are kneeling stools hard to assemble?

Typically, kneeling stools come with an instruction guide for easy set-up. Usually, it can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes to assemble a kneeling chair. Most chairs are easy to assemble and may need additional adjustments after setting up.

2. How do you sit on a kneeling chair?

Sitting on a kneeling chair is easy. Just tuck your legs inside, place your knee on the knee-rest pads, and let your body rest. If it is a rocker-chair, feel free to use your legs to give a little push for a gentle rocking motion.

3. How do you adjust a kneeling chair?

Usually, the height and the seating angle of a kneeling chair are adjustable. The adjustments can be made using a lever or changing frame positions with slots. Additionally, some chairs provide adjustability of knee pads, which can be helpful for taller people.

Kneeling chairs help maintain a correct posture, allowing you to sit and work for long hours without causing back pain. Go through the best kneeling chairs we have compiled in the list above and pick one that comfortably improves your overall sitting posture.

Why Trust MomJunction?

With a passion for household furniture and kitchenware, our product writer, Sakshi John, uses a research-driven approach to select the right products for different purposes. In this post, she has listed the best kneeling chairs after surfing through various websites and expert reviews. She has also included a buying guide with all the necessary information about the products. These kneeling chairs will improve your sitting posture and prevent backache.

Kneeling chairs are suitable for spinal alignment and maintaining proper posture, so you can sit and work in one place for long hours without struggling with back pain afterward. These unique sitting devices are ergonomically designed to be comfortable while strengthening the core and back muscles, which is crucial for leading an active lifestyle. The options included in our list of the best kneeling chairs come in various styles that offer different advantages for your body. They are adjustable and easy to assemble, so you can find the one that suits your needs and bid adieu to back problems.

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