11 Best Landline Phones In India In 2021

Best Landline Phones In India

While mobile phones are at the forefront of telephone communication, landlines still play an important role in ensuring seamless connectivity. Today’s landline phones are far more advanced and do not rely on mobile phone service provider coverage. Most of the landline phone models in the market can be integrated with other devices in your home for convenience.

Landlines also have better call quality, are more secure, and are more reliable than mobile phones. Using a landline to talk to someone long distance is often the best communication method due to the higher quality calls.

But which is the best quality landline in the market? Read on to find out more about the best landline phones in India and how to choose one for you.

11 Best Landline Phones In India

1. Binatone Concept Corded Landline Phone

Binatone Concept Corded Landline Phone

The Binatone Concept 700 corded landline has a two-line LCD with an icon, 16-digit number display, and a speakerphone. It has a caller ID and can store 30 incoming calls, ten outgoing calls, indicate missed calls and display the date and time.


  • Batteries not required
  • Sleek appearance
  • Good quality speaker
  • Saves call log
  • Caller ID


  • Switching to speaker mode during a call can be tricky

2. Vruta Landline Caller ID Phone Telephone Corded Phone

Vruta Landline Caller ID Phone Telephone Corded Phone

The Oriental brand landline is a convenient device with FSK/DTMF system automatic detection function. The phone displays personal indicators such as new calls, missed calls, and errors. A soft-touch keypad with a caller ID function flashes when there is an incoming call. The landline also has a 12-digit calendar, flash ring feature, and a high/low volume switch.


  • Handy device
  • Attractive design
  • Convenient to use
  • Lightweight


  • The cord may be short

3. Panasonic KX-TSC62SXW Corded Telephone

Panasonic KX-TSC62SXW Corded Telephone

The Panasonic corded telephone is a slim device with multiple functions:  LCD alphanumeric display, speakerphone, redial-memory of five calls, and caller ID display. The landline can store 30 calls. You can increase or decrease the speaker volume as needed and Install the lightweight landline phone on the wall to save space.


  • Durable
  • Excellent voice clarity
  • Easy to operate
  • Loud ringtone


  • The display may be dull

4. Beetel M71 Landline Phone

Beetel M71 Landline Phone

The Beetel M71landline phone has speakers with adjustable volume and provides four polyphonic or five ringtones for your choice. The landline has a16-digit LCD with a backlight and can record about 99 incoming and 18 outgoing calls. You can use the Beetel landline for intercom and parallel call forwarding too.

The device allows you to erase the call and displays a clock with date, day, month, and year. Alarm clock, calculator, mute, and redial are the other essential functions of the landline phone.


  • Choice for ringtones
  • Maintains call logs
  • Offers parallel call transfer
  • Features an alarm clock


  • The ringtone may not be audible

5. Alcatel Corded Landline Phone

Alcatel Corded Landline Phone

Alcatel offers an eco-friendly and modern landline phone with digital display support functions, such as caller ID function, new/missed call notification, date, and time display. Other features include eight direct and ten two-touch memories and a hands-free speakerphone for convenient calls to friends and family. The phone operates without batteries.


  • Sturdy build
  • Large size, easy to read font
  • Battery-free
  • Brilliant sound quality


  • May have a buzzing sound

6. Jigva Landline Caller ID Phone 

Jigva Landline Caller ID Phone 

Jigva landline phone is a durable product with anti-disturbance and thunder-proof features. The device has four ring volume modes for you to choose from, and you can adjust the speaker volume too. It displays the incoming and outgoing calls, which are also stored for later use. You can also select the dialing mode from two options: tone or pulse. The package includes a handset, a cord, and a telephone line.


  • Clear sound quality
  • Thunder-proof
  • Easy to use
  • Allows selection of dialing mode


  • Voice may not be clear

7. Interio Crafts ICWT2355 Antique Landline

Interio Crafts ICWT2355 Antique Landline

Interio Crafts antique landline is a classic desk phone, made of high-quality wood and beautifully designed. The device does not require batteries and is easy to use. Even the ringtone is loud enough, and the sound is pleasant. It runs on an RJ11 connector and is an exquisite gift for those who like classic gadgets.


  • Sturdy build
  • Classic look
  • Loud ringtone
  • Good sound quality


  • May be high on maintenance

8. Istore Orientel KX-T1577CID Landline

Istore Orientel KX-T1577CID Landline

Oriental Istore Landline is a reliable multifunctional device with thunder-proof and anti-disturbance functions, with long service life. The device has a caller ID, adjustable speaker volume, four modes of ring volume, storage of incoming and outgoing calls, and selection of dialing modes. The package includes a handset, telephone, and a handset cord.


  • Reliable
  • Anti-disturbance feature
  • Adjustable volume
  • Displays calls


  • May not be suitable for wall mounting

9. Panache Corded Slim Landline

Panache Corded Slim Landline

The Panache landline phone is a portable and lightweight device that you can mount on the wall. The device has a caller ID function, LCD, redial key, and a volume switch. The device has an attractive black design with clear and precise numbers on the keypad. You can easily adjust the ringer volume at your convenience, and the visual indicator instantly alerts you of an incoming call. It also comes with a one-year warranty on the device and a six-month warranty on the included accessories.


  • Slender design
  • Convenient
  • Wall mountable
  • Adjustable ringer volume


  • May not have speaker option

10. Fayby Orientel Landline

Fayby Orientel Landline

Oriental’s Fayby landline phone is made of ABS material and is thunder-proof. The device has an anti-disturbance function, adjustable speaker with four-volume modes, stores incoming and outgoing calls for review, caller ID, redial button, and an option to select the dialing mode. The digital display clearly shows incoming and outgoing numbers. The package includes a handset, a handset cord, and a telephone line cord.


  • Has a loudspeaker
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Stores call logs


  • The cord may be short

11. Nishaj Landline

Nishaj Landline

The multipurpose device with an elegant design is made of high-quality plastic and easily mounted on the wall. It has an auto-detect feature, a redial button to quickly dial the last call, an indicator for a new call, a mute button to mute the audio during the call, and a flash button. The phone’s alphanumeric keypad is easy to use, and the device efficiently records incoming and outgoing calls. The LCD screen also displays the time and calendar in easy-to-read fonts.


  • Easy to operate
  • Indicates any new call
  • Wall mountable
  • Efficient


  • May not have speakers

How To Select The Right Landline Phone?

Finding a reliable and efficient landline phone can be a tedious task. We have listed some essential parameters to help you decide and buy the product that best suits your needs.

  1. Cord length: Look for a cord that is of optimal length and is flexible. The cord’s length should not be too long to get tangled or too short to restrict movement.
  1. Wall mountable: Landline phones can be kept on a table or be mounted on a wall. Pick one based on where and how you want the phone installed.

3.Caller ID function: Research carefully and choose a device with a caller ID function to know the number of the person calling.

4.Build and design: Choose a sturdy device with a sleek design so it can fit in anywhere. The LCD screen should have a font that is easy to read.

5.Battery: Some landlines are powered by high-quality batteries such as AAA or lithium, while many landline devices can efficiently work without batteries. One that works without batteries or is rechargeable is a better pick.

Frequently Asked  Questions

1. Do landline phones have battery back-up?

Some landlines have a built-in battery that can last for a limited period. The other corded phones do not require electricity and can efficiently work during an extended blackout.

2. Is the connection of the VOIP system as good as that of a landline phone?

VOIP systems are as efficient as a landline device. Instead of copper wires, you can connect these phones to a broadband internet connection and seamlessly convert calls into signals.

A good landline phone is stable, durable, and offers excellent audio quality. We may have moved into the new era of mobile phones, but landlines are still widely used. Many users rely on them for faster internet access and broadband connectivity. More importantly, they are an excellent alternative to mobile phones in areas that do not have mobile network coverage yet. If you have a landline connection, get one of the best landline phones and make the most of your phone lines.

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