17 Best Lap Desks For Gaming In 2021


If you are a gamer, you know how handy a lap desk for gaming is. The best lap desk for gaming offers a perfect surface for your gaming laptop and allows you to sit and play for long hours comfortably. Gaming laptops are popular due to their lightweight, compact design and portability. A gaming laptop is like a desktop without its bulks but requires a place to rest. Therefore, it should be seated on the best surface designed specifically to serve the purpose.

Portable lap desks for gaming support gaming laptops and enhance the gaming experience. In addition, it accommodates an external keyboard and mouse and allows you to play games seated almost anywhere. Read on to learn about the features of the best lap desks for gaming we have listed here and pick one to up your gaming experience.

17 Best Lap Desks For Gaming

1. Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk

Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk

The new Mavo Craft folding gaming lap desk can be used as a laptop stand, travel desk, bed tray, artwork station, and much more. It is not only a multi-purpose lap desk but also a travel and user-friendly desk with provision for extra storage space under the desktop. The storage space holds up to 7 pounds and the stronghold closure securely prevents stored items from falling. This gaming lap desk has a collapsible design with folding legs that fold in flat and make it easy to store. It is available in 6 exciting colors, including black, blue, green, purple, pink, and red.

2. HOME BI Portable Lap Desk With Built-In Mouse Pad

HOME BI Portable Lap Desk With Built

The HOME BI portable gaming lap desk with an attached handle is designed for functional and comfortable movement, and can accommodate a 17-inch laptop. The contemporary design makes for a stylish and lightweight portable desk made from superior quality MDF board with a classic grain finish. The foam cushion bottom pad, built-in mouse pad, and media slots to hold small gadgets ensure a relaxed experience that makes gaming, working, studying, and drawing more enjoyable. The bottom cushion pad allows long hours of use by protecting the legs from direct heat from the gaming laptop.

3. Homemaxs Laptop Desk For Bed

Homemaxs Laptop Desk For Bed

Homemaxs portable desk is an eco-friendly desk that is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Whether you study, work, or play, this versatile desk offers comfort for all tasks. The ergonomic lap desk boasts a 160° arc design that makes for better hand and body posture. The solid wood top and powder-coated steel legs ensure stability. To ensure that the lap desk remains grounded, it is ingeniously equipped with legs with an anti-slip black sponge. It can fit 11 to 17-inch computers with its reasonably large width and breadth. Last but not least, the built-in iPad stand lends it a unique touch. This lap desk is available in grey, black, rustic gray, and rustic brown.

4. Nnewvante Foldable Bamboo Lap Desk

Nnewvante Foldable Bamboo Lap Desk

Built with sturdy and durable construction, the Nnewvante foldable lap desk has 4 leg latches that securely keep it upright and in place. This folding lap desk is made of high-quality bamboo and is best known for its easy storage and adjustable height. The height can be adjusted between 11-15 inches keeping in mind the comfort and height of the individual using it. Owing to its spacious surface, the desk is large enough to accommodate an 18-inch laptop. The hand-polished desk coupled with its superior craftsmanship makes a surface that is suitable for work and fun, while the lacquered natural surface finish gives it a unique charm. This desk is available in 3 different sizes.

5. AMERIERGO Dual Cushion Lap Desk

AMERIERGO Dual Cushion Lap Desk

This lap desk is highly versatile and can be used for gaming, reading, artwork, and even as a workstation. It has a built-in mouse pad with a comfortable and padded wrist cushion and the multi-functional slot holder is large enough to accommodate smartphones and tablets. To ensure stability, it is incorporated with a dual cushion design on the underside, while accommodating with 17-inch laptops.

6. LEEHEE Gaming Lap Desk With USB Cooling Fan

LEEHEE Gaming Lap Desk With USB Cooling Fan

The LEEHEE gaming lap desk table has a thick desktop surface that is crafted from solid, eco-friendly wood. Owing to this, it can withstand the weight of heavy objects. The desk is equipped with 2 trapezoid-shaped foldable stands and the desk’s surface can be tilted to 4 different angles and 5 adjustable heights for a better experience. To ensure that the laptop does not slide off the tabletop, it has a detachable baffle. A unique feature is that the stand has a USB cooling fan that can be plugged into the laptop to prevent the gaming laptop from overheating.

7. DERIMIZZ Desk With Dual-Bolster Cushion

DERIMIZZ Desk With Dual-Bolster Cushion

The contemporary blue carbon fiber lap desk is a stylish match for your laptop and the handle attached to the desk holder makes it portable. The realistic textured wood-grain look is not only modern but scratch-resistant, waterproof, and anti-collision, protecting the tabletop from daily use. The high-quality built-in cloth mouse pad helps the mouse glide with ease. The DERIMIZZ dual-bolster cushion ensures the stability of the lap tray and the padded wrist rest makes it comfortable for long hours of usage. The desk can fit up to a 17-inch laptop and its built-in slot allows gadgets such as phones and tablets to be placed either horizontally or vertically, keeping the tabletop well organized.

8. Mind Reader LAPSTOR Green Portable Lap Desk

Mind Reader LAPSTOR Green Portable Lap Desk

The Mind Reader lap table provides a clean and organized look with its collapsible legs that remain flat once turned inward. Its ergonomically built-in handles make it easy and comfortable to travel or move around the home. With the use of the side handles, you can even use it as a tray for parties. This lightweight stand is space-saving and has provisions to store office and school supplies like pens, erasers, documents, folders, and other small utility items up to 7 pounds. The use of durable material ensures no wear and tear for a few years of continued usage. It comes in 8 eye-catching colors, including black, blue, yellow, purple, and white.

9. VebaCidi Lap Desk With Pull-Out Drawer

VebaCidi Lap Desk With Pull-Out Drawer

This modern design lap desk comprises a wood and metal frame that has a large tabletop and curved sides that provide comfort at the home, office, or while traveling. The wooden top is lightweight, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and portable with its foldable legs making it convenient to store. The pull-out drawer is a unique feature allowing extra storage space for supplies. It also features slots to accommodate an iPad and a tea cup. This lap desk is available in colors like black, pink, green, walnut, and white.

10. Couchmaster CYBOT Gaming Desk With Vacuumized Cushions

Couchmaster CYBOT Gaming Desk With Vacuumized

With its superior design notebook ventilation grille, the Couchmaster gaming desk provides maximum cooling for gaming notebooks and laptops. Thanks to its well-crafted sustainable bamboo material, the lap desk is lightweight, eco-friendly, and durable. The high-quality fabric cover and foam vaccumized cushions take a while to reach their original size once opened. Comfort and relaxation are ensured while using the lap desk for work and gaming purposes with its kevlar-equipped cushions, wrist pad support, and military pixel-designed side cushions. This portable lap desk is an intelligent accessory with side bags that serve as a tablet holder, remote holder, and mouse pocket. This 3-part gaming lap desk has ergonomic sitting positions that can be adjusted.

11. Phyllia Foldable Gaming Lap Desk

Phyllia Foldable Gaming Lap Desk

Crafted from superior quality MDF board, the Phyllia lap desk is pressure-resistant and ensures sturdiness with its non-slip folding legs. This desk can be carried around by its built-in handle, making it convenient for business or leisure. Its large table top can fit a 17-inch or larger laptop along with a slot for tablets or phones and a cup slot to make it an overall enjoyable experience. Comfort and relaxation while gaming, studying, or working is guaranteed with enough leg room under the table. This multi-purpose lap desk can be used both indoor and outdoor by individuals of all ages. This desk is available in black, brown, khaki, and pink.

12. Loddie Doddie Folding Lap Desk

Loddie Doddie Folding Lap Desk

Made with elite-level solid plastic, the Loddie Doddie lap desk can withstand long hours of continuous use. It is not only easy to store away with its foldable legs but also has extra storage space with 2-accessory compartments on either side of the tabletop and a large pouch with a latch that can be easily opened and closed. This can be used to store office and school stationery supplies, making it convenient to carry around. This versatile table can be used by children and adults for work and recreation.

13. Daisy-Xingchen Pink Laptop Desk Table

Daisy-Xingchen Pink Laptop Desk Table

The entire construction consists of MDF and steel that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This makes it safe for use by both adults and children. The lap desk itself consists of a 3-layer design that ensures stability and durability. The surface is spacious enough to accommodate a laptop, an external keyboard, and a mouse. The large surface makes it suitable for gaming since users have enough space to move the mouse in all directions. The design consists of a cup and table holder. The left side of the desk has a drawer that can be used for storing pens, pencils, and even important documents. The lap desk also comes with matching pink anti-slip pads.

14. Wireless Future Charger Portable Gaming Lap Desk

Wireless Future Charger Portable Gaming Lap Desk

The eco-friendly bamboo tabletop is easy to clean and is quite durable and lightweight. Its sturdy, foldable iron tube legs are protected with sponge and cotton pads preventing the table from slipping or damaging any surface. This lap desk not only ensures a comfortable experience but also keeps your home or office safe from damage. To make working or gaming enjoyable, this desk table is not only large enough to accommodate a laptop but also has a built-in mouse pad, a wrist rest, and 2-accessory slots to place pens and pencils. The lap desk is available in unique colors like bamboo, black and beige.

15. CZMY Folding Lap Desk With Grip Handle

CZMY Folding Lap Desk With Grip Handle

The surface of the CZMY lap desk is scratch-resistant, smooth, and durable. It is made of high-quality HDF board, while the aluminum alloy tube legs have a powder-coated finish. It can easily fit a 17-inch laptop and can be used for other purposes, including school and office work. The ergonomically-designed curved desk ensures safety as well as comfort with its rounded edges. Storing this lap desk around the house is quite convenient with its lightweight and L-shaped inward folding legs. The built-in grip handle allows the lap desk to be carried around with ease. Added to its list of features are a cup holder, an iPad groove, and a pull-out storage drawer to store phones and documents.

16. HeaBoom Folding Lap Desk

HeaBoom Folding Lap Desk

The HeaBoom gaming lap desk is made of MDF that is environmentally friendly and lightweight. The well-polished surface is resistant to scratches, water, and extreme temperatures. The foldable legs make it portable and easy to carry from one room to the other. Thanks to some unique touches like a pen, tablet, and a glass holder, the desk functions not only as a surface for resting laptops but also as a study and work table. The table is ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the spine, while the center curvature on either side makes it comfortable to use for prolonged periods. The legs of the lap desk have anti-slip sponges on all 4 sides to ensure that the desk stays in place.

17. IHAYNER Foldable Lap Desk

IHAYNER Foldable Lap Desk

The surface of the lap desk by IHAYNER is crafted from brushed sheets that rest on 4-legs constructed from a mixture of aluminum and alloy tubes. Like most other lap desks, this too is resistant to scratches, moisture, and temperature. This feature-filled desk has cutouts for housing a mug and tablet that make it convenient to sip coffee and work. The tablet cutout doubles as a slot for inserting a support bookshelf. The left side of the desk has a small drawer that can store stationery and other such items. The right side of the lap desk has a handle that makes it convenient to carry around. Last but not least, the desk is equipped with anti-slip pads that keep it more stable.

Now that you’ve had a glance through some of the best lap desks for gaming, it’s time for the next step. It’s time to learn about the various factors that one should bear in mind while choosing a gaming lap desk.

Things to Consider When Buying A Lap Desk For Gaming

  • Size of gaming area

When choosing a gaming lap desk, it is crucial to think about the surface on which you will be placing your lap desk. It could be anywhere from a bed to a desk or even your lap. So, why is this so important? Well, it will play a significant role in choosing a gaming lap desk that best suits your needs. For instance, if the gaming lap desk is to be placed on your lap, then it is best to purchase one that has a well-padded underside. Another factor to consider is cable management.

  • Size of lap desk

Just as the size of the gaming area is taken into consideration, the size of the surface area available for use on the lap desk should also be. The size of the lap desk is determined by the size of the laptop. Make sure to choose a laptop desk that has a surface that is big enough to fit your laptop but not too big to make working on it uncomfortable. The size of the lap desk will also vary depending upon whether or not the desk has been built to accommodate a mouse or an external keyboard.

  • Mouse surface

When it comes to First Person Shooter (FPS) and online gaming, a mouse plays a significant role. Most FPS games require quick and accurate mouse movements and clicks. The surface area allotted to the mouse on the lap desk needs to be spacious enough to allow for free hand movement. A limited space for the mouse will result in hand obstruction and will hinder gameplay to a considerable extent. It is advisable to choose a gaming lap desk that has plenty of space for maneuvering the mouse.

  • Comfort

The level of comfort varies from one gaming lap desk to another. This is because of certain factors like wrist placement, lap desk surface area, padding, and ventilation. Since gaming sessions can last for over a couple of hours at a stretch, you must do so comfortably. A lap desk that offers ergonomic wrist placement will not result in the constant rubbing of the wrist on the side of the lap desk. Constant wrist interference with the lap desk will not only hamper gameplay and comfort but may also cause strains and injuries. Many gaming lap desks are equipped with a well-padded underside that rests comfortably on the lap. This can significantly enhance the gaming experience and cause close to no discomfort even after long gaming sessions. Most gaming laptops tend to release a lot of hot air through the vents when used at peak performance. Since the laptop desk rests on your lap, the desk must have a good system for ventilation.

  • Other features

When purchasing a lap desk for gaming, you want to look out for features like cutouts on the tabletop for phones or tablets, a pull-out tray for storing game discs, and even a fan for proper ventilation. A gaming lap desk with these features will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Gaming lap desks can either make or break the gaming experience. You can love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them. These portable desks have numerous features that are geared towards gaming and making gaming enjoyable. Gaming lap desks are crafted to ensure comfort while playing your favorite game for long hours. The best thing about these lap desks is the small form factor that allows them to be carried along on family and work trips. Most of them are foldable and versatile in that they can be used for gaming, work, and even as study desks. If you’ve been hesitant about buying one, revisit our list of the 17 best lap desks for gaming and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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