13 Best Laser Tag Sets For Kids To Play With In 2022


Get the best laser tag set for kids to make your children’s game time more fun. Laser tag is a shooting activity in which players tag targets using infrared-emitting weapons. Every participant wears infrared-sensitive signaling devices that can detect hits.
This recreational activity involves strategizing and is great for improving your children’s motor skills. Keep scrolling as we list some laser tag sets that your child will love.

13 Best Laser Tag SetsFor Kids

1. Best Ergonomically Designed:ArmoGear Laser Tag

ArmoGearlaser tag game includes real target vests, a night-vision flashlight, invisibility mode, speech-guided directions, and a 150-feet shooting range. This battle can feature up to four teams. It has various options, including a machine gun, shotgun, and rocket. The laser blasters are ergonomically constructed for a firm hold. This set is safe for children to play with as it has child-safe infrared signal emission. Check out the review of this product for more information.

2. Best 100% Safe:Kidzlane Laser Tag Set

Kidzlane set contains four tactile laser guns, four interactive target vests, and an electronic scampering spider for target practice. The 0.9mW infrared laser technology works within a 130-feet range and is 100% safe for children. High-tech guns feature lifelike shooting sounds and four gun modes. When hit, guns and vests vibrate and light up, signaling the injured party to flee. If you want to know more about the benefits of this product, check out this quick review on YouTube.

3. Best Rechargeable:SquadHeroRechargeable Laser Tag Set

The rechargeable laser tag set from SquadHero includes four guns, four vests, and one charging station. This charging station allows you to charge all your gear at once. You can play approximately eight games per charge. Lives and team statistics are automatically synced, and the LCDs on the vests and the firearms allow you to assess your status during combat without relying on lighting or any sound.

4. Best Easy-To-Use:Tino teen Laser Tag Guns Set

Including four laser tag weapons, the Tinoteenlaser tag gun set is made of safe, environmentally friendly materials and is easy to use by people of all ages. These tag guns work well in a 150-feet shooting battle range. Players can switch between a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket, allowing them to win the game. Each rifle and vest requires three 1.5V AA batteries.

5. Best Child-Safe:Vatos Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set

Vatoslaser tag gun set includes four guns and four vests, each requiring three 1.5V AA batteries. The game can feature up to four teams, increasing the difficulty level. Skillfully switching between the pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket will help you win the battle faster. It is child-safe and ergonomically made for a good grip and safe for your eyes as the infrared signal emission is less than 1mW.

6. Best With Voice-Guided Directions:Mesixi Laser Tag

Players can battle in four teams and switch between a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher. These laser toys provide a solid hold and are ergonomically constructed. The set includes target vests, color indicators, voice-guided directions, and a 130-feet shooting range. It is certified safe for children of all ages.

7. Best With Realistic Shooting Sounds:Histoye Large Laser Tag Set

Histoyelaser tag has a zero-injury light for children aged three and above, with a 0.9mW signal emission. With realistic shooting noises and lights, you can freely switch between a single shot, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. The laser tag pistols make people feel like they’re in an actual laser tag arena. This set has a 130-feet shooting distance and is suitable for the indoor and outdoor combat. 

8. Best For Vest-Free Play:Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag

The laser tag set allows players to participate in the same team or a free-for-all battle with four distinct weapon settings– pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Each setting is accompanied by ultra-realistic shooting sounds for a thrilling game. This game does not require a vest. The hits, with a 132-feet strike distance, are tracked and recorded by an infrared receiver.

9. Best Odorless:Pokonboy Laser Tag

Pokonboy infrared laser pistols and vests are made of ABS plastic that is safe, odorless, and sturdy. This laser toy produces less than 1mW output and provides over 150-feet infrared range. It offers four modes- pistol, rifle, machine gun, and rocket. The kit includes four laser tag guns, four vests, eight 38.2-inch adjustable belts, one screwdriver, one storage bag, and one manual.

10. Best With Four Gun Settings:Kolegend Laser Tag Set

Including four laser tags with child-safe infrared sensors, you can choose from teams green, red, blue, or white. There are four gun settings- pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. Each laser tag is powered by four AA batteries and has a 130-feet shooting range.

11. Best Lightweight:Lukat Laser Tag

Lukat, the third generation laser tag, can feature up to four teams. You can switch between a single shot, laser gun, shotgun, submachine gun, and machine gun to fire at the opponent. It is lightweight and provides an ergonomic fit for children and adults. You can play indoors and outdoors, with a 130-feet range, and the infrared signal emission is less than 1mW, making it child-safe.

12. Best With Flashing Lights:Moontoy Laser Tag

Moontoylaser tag gun set sprays water mist and vibrates if the vest is struck and loses all the player’s points. They have distinctive sound effects, flashing lights, and intense vibrations, giving the feel of an actual laser tag arena. The 150-feet shooting range is suitable for indoor and outdoor combat. It includes four firearms and four jackets with adjustable straps.

13. Best With Fog Spray:Soyee Laser Tag Set

The laser tag kit includes syncing target vests with special functional demonstrations, including flashing lights and fog spray. With a 130-feet range, these weapons and vests can register hits at once, and the vests are comfortable to wear for adults and children. This set supports up to four teams of different colors and three weaponry options-pistol, shotgun, and rocket.

How To Choose The Right Laser Tag Sets For Kids?

Here are a few pointers to consider before buying a laser tag set.

  1. Battery life: Choose a set with good battery life because the game uses infrared light. Make sure to charge it before playing.
  1. Shooting range: Consider the required firing range when buying a laser tag kit. Indoors, a 120-feet range is recommended, while a130-feet range is suitable for outside.
  1. Gun mode: Choose a set with additional gun modes for more excitement. During close combat, switching between modes can be critical to winning the game.
  1. Light and sound effects: Choose laser tag games with lights and sound effects to experience the feeling of an arcade. The game is made more engaging and exciting by the unique sound effects used while reloading.

The laser tag guns come with several fun features for an enjoyable game, such as changing modes between combats. We hope our list of the best laser tag sets for kids can help you choose the right one.

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