11 Best Laser Tag Sets That Make Playing At Home Fun In 2024

Children, regardless of age, are usually eager to experience new things, especially due to the adrenaline rush. They will get on the bandwagon right away, whether it is a new meal, sport, or toy, and one such game is laser tag. When planning to buy for your kid, you should go for the best laser tag sets to ensure a unique experience.

In recent years, laser tag sets have taken the world by storm, becoming extremely popular among children and adults. It is an indoor or outdoor shooting sport that employs infrared light to emit light through laser weapons. The opponent wears a sensor-equipped vest, and when hit by a laser beam, the sensors disclose that the person has been hit. Laser tag, unlike paintball, is painless.

The below post compiles a list of laser tag sets for you to choose from and provides safety tips to consider while playing this game.

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Safety Tips For Laser Tag At Home

  • As this sport requires a lot of tact, staying hidden, and running around, you need to cover sharp corners and edges, so that your children don’t accidentally bump into them.
  • Ensure that your children are wearing closed-toe shoes. Avoid sandals, flip-flops, and any form of heels.
  • Remind your children that in their attempt to hide their tag sensors, they cannot climb anything or crawl as it could lead to unavoidable falls and wounds.
  • Children shouldn’t be eating or distracted by any other activity while playing with laser tag sets.
  • Most importantly, you need to teach your children to play fair.

11 Best Laser Tag Sets

1. Kidpal Laser Tag Toy Set With Gun And Vest

Kidpal Laser Tag Toy Set with Gun And Vest Image: Kidpal

The Kidpal laser toy set offers parents the opportunity to encourage their children to reduce their screen time and engage in physical play. This fun and innovative laser tag toy set includes two laser guns and two vests that allow children to engage in thrilling and action-packed imaginative play with their friends or siblings. It features colorful flashing lights to ensure visibility even in the dark and offers four gun modes -pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket gun.

The toy set is crafted using high-quality, environment-friendly materials, making it suitable for children aged six and above. Each toy gun boasts a team light indicator, life value indicator, power switch, and an infrared receiver, and needs only three AA batteries to provide hours of fun.


  • Features an in-built speaker
  • Has smooth edges
  • Vest has adjustable straps
  • Includes user manual and required tools


  • Might drain the batteries quickly
  • Gun sound may be slightly aggressive

2. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

Let your child and his/her friends participate in the most-adventurous laser tag match from the comfort of your home. This laser tag gun set comes with 4 laser guns and the kids can select their teams with the help of “Team Select Indicator” in different colors. One can also change the gun settings as it comes in 4 types— pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. With these guns, the enemy can run, but they can’t hide! The laser blasters light up and vibrate when shooting, or when a player is hit, even if they are 130 ft away. As the infrared signal emission is less than 1 mW, this laser gun set is safe for children of all ages. Click here to check out this YouTuber’s unbiased review.


  • Realistic shooting sounds
  • Life bar indicator
  • Trigger and reload button
  • Infrared target area
  • Teams can be selected in 4 colors: blue, red, green, and white
  • 4 player kids laser tag set


  • Not very sturdy

3. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters And Vests

If you are scratching your head about what to give your child for his or her birthday, this laser tag set will be the perfect gift. One of the best laser tag gun sets for home, it can transform your living room or your backyard into a battle arena during the day or at night. It comes with 4 laser tag blasters, 4 target vests, and great features like an invisibility mode which turns off all of your blaster and vest lights for 15 seconds. No matter how far the opponent is, one can still tag them as the blasters have a 150 ft shooting range. Safe for children of all ages, the infrared signal emission is only 0.9 mW. 4 different teams can play with this set at one time, and choose which sort of gun they want. They can either select a pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, or a rocket gun. Here’s a personal review video to help you get a better understanding of the product.


  • Includes 24 AAA batteries
  • Blasters have preloaded shots
  • Voice-guided directions
  • Blasters can be used without vests
  • Speaker button on the blaster
  • Flashlight button on the blaster


  • A ‘hit’ can be registered even if the blaster isn’t pointing or aiming at the vest.

4. Vatos Laser Tag Gun 4 Players Set


The advanced laser tag gun set by Vatos includes four laser guns, four LED display screens, four mist vests, and a charging station. These laser guns feature realistic sound effects and vibrations, offering an immersive gaming experience. Suitable for children, teens, and adults, this laser tag set is an adventure-filled gaming option for family game nights.

The guns in this toy set are equipped with various features, including a bullet count indicator, health indicator, and flashing lights, allowing you to be prepared for attack. Moreover, its vests sport team light indicators and its guns have four firing modes that can shoot bullets up to a distance of 130 ft.


  • Vests have adjustable clasps
  • Includes instructional manual
  • Child-safe infrared emission
  • Sprays mist


  • May not include batteries
  • Some parts might not be suitable for rough play

5. Tinoteen Laser Tag Guns Set With Vests

Tinoteen Laser Tag Guns Set With Vests Image: Tinoteen

Bring the thrilling action of laser tag to your home with the Tinoteen laser tag gun set that allows up to four players to engage in hours of adventure-filled play. This family-friendly play set can help you add a bit of action to birthday parties, game nights, family nights, and other occasions. The set includes four laser guns and vests with adjustable straps to fit people of all sizes. In addition, its guns boast five shooting modes for enhanced fun.

The guns in the set feature various functions such as a shooting indicator, life value indicator, team indicator light, infrared receiver, infrared emitter, team switch, and more to provide an immersive experience. Moreover, its vests vibrate when attacked and sport a power button and other features such as lives taken indicator and team indicator lights to ensure fair play.


  • Multiplayer playset
  • Vibrantly colored
  • Suitable for gifting
  • Has a shooting range of 150ft


  • Material may be thinner than expected
  • Assembly may be time-consuming

6. Soyee Laser Tag Set


The Soyee multiplayer laser tag set lets you bring the laser tag arena home and engage in riveting battles with family and friends. The set includes four guns and vests, and each player wears a vest and carries a matching colored blaster. It features exciting elements like flashing lights and mist spray from the vest when someone gets hit. With three weaponry modes to choose from and real shooting sounds and palpable vibrations, this laser tag set offers an immersive gaming experience. It is suitable for children, adults, and teens, making it suitable for an enjoyable time with friends and family.


  • Shooting range of up to 130ft
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Helps reduce screen time
  • Mess-free playtime activity
  • Made of child-safe materials


  • Vests may be a bit uncomfortable around the neck
  • Vest and gun may not sync up at times

7. Play 22 Laser Tag Gun Set

Play 22 Laser Tag Gun Setcan be used both indoor and outdoor. This set includes a gun, vests, and a drone – Gun features infrared sensors and a function to choose the color and gun type. It delivers realistic sounds, cool lighting, and somatic vibrations. The gun strikes the target at a distance of 130 feet. This set requires 28 AA batteries.


  • Improves gross motor skills
  • Encourages to concentrate and focus
  • Colorful laser light
  • Unisex toy


  • Tad flimsy

8. Kidpal Laser Tag Set of 4


Introduce your children to the fun of laser tag with this set of four laser tag guns and vests by Kidspal. The four intricately designed vests feature adjustable nylon straps with latch hooks to provide a proper fit for anyone, making them suitable for children and adults. The basic features of this laser tag set include team indicator lights, four different weapon modes, sound effects, flashing lights, and vibration indicators to facilitate an immersive experience. This laser tag set promotes strategic and innovative gameplay, making it an appropriate gift option for birthdays or holidays.


  • Built-in “lives taken” indicator
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Certified safe for children
  • 130ft shooting distance
  • Includes instruction manual for easy operation


  • May not include the batteries
  • Setting up may be a bit time consuming

9. Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Tags And Vests

Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Tags And Vests Image: Best Choice Products

The infrared laser tag blasters and vests set by Best Choice Products can work as a power-packed tool to bring out the competitive spirit in your children. Its electric theme and four shooting modes make it suitable for children and adults alike. The guns are equipped with various flashing lights, sounds, and vibrations that activate as the children battle it out in multiplayer mode.

Since the set includes four guns and vests, it can be played by four players at once. In addition, the blasters have an infrared beam that lights up when fired, and the vests light up when hit. This laser tag set has many exciting features, encouraging physical activity among children while ensuring they have fun.


  • Suitable for playing indoors and outdoors
  • Guns have a maximum 130ft shooting range
  • Four shooting strength levels
  • Adjustable buckle for vests to ensure proper fit
  • Meets ASTM and CPSIA standards


  • May be difficult to sync vests to the guns in multiplayer mode
  • May not emit a sound when shooting

10. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

With a laser tag set as attractive as this one, no child or adult will be able to resist playing with it all day. Complete with a charging station of its own, this kit also includes 4 guns and 4 vests. With 1 recharging session, you can play up to 8 games. As the guns and vests are paired together, your hits are automatically synced. The LCD on the guns and vests lets you check your status, without having to pause the game. It also features a stealth mode and flashlight, making it a great laser set to play with in the dark.


  • The vests are easy to strap on
  • 4 weapon modes
  • Adjustable lives per game
  • 150 ft range
  • Child-safe infrared emission
  • You can add unlimited Squad Hero guns and vests.


  • It takes time to recharge the set.
  • The vest’s target plate is small.

11. USA Toyz Laser Tag Guns For Kids

USA Toyz Laser Tag Guns For Kids Image: Usa Toyz

The laser tag gun set by USA Toyz includes two laser tag guns and two laser tag vests, enabling two players to battle it out in a laser tag showdown. These laser tag guns feature exciting sound effects, voice prompts, a realistic design, and LED lights to guarantee an action-packed and interactive gaming experience. The adjustable vests provide a universal fit and have sensors to indicate when they have been hit.

In addition, the set includes 12 AA batteries, a water dropper, and a screwdriver, making it a complete set that can be assembled instantly to get into action. The guns in the set have four team indicator lights, five long-range firing modes, and up to a 95ft shooting range, making the gameplay more adventurous.


  • Less than 1mW infrared laser
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 4D haptic laser
  • Light and vibration feedback for an immersive experience
  • Vest sprays mist when out of lives
  • LED display of the number of life and ammunition left


  • Guns and vests may pose syncing issues occasionally
  • Instructions may be a bit difficult to follow

Now that we have looked at some of the best laser tag sets for home, here are some useful tips that may help you choose one that’s right for you.

How To Choose The Right Laser Tag Sets?

Here a few tips that can help you get started:

  • Always look for a laser tag kit that comes with at least 2 blaster guns. If you can find one with 4, that’s even better. In a team sport like this one, the more, the merrier. Look for a set that allows you to add more blaster guns to play with. This means that you have to purchase more guns manufactured by the same brand, of the same make.
  • While some blaster guns don’t require vests to play with, you can also look for ones that come with wearable strap-on vests. This helps in improving target practice and makes it harder to shoot the opponent too.
  • Most vests come with an in-built vibration system. For example, if you have been hit, the vest will vibrate strongly. This gives the player a feeling of being in a real laser tag arcade. So, try to get a set that comes with these vests.
  • Apart from great features, you need to keep the material in mind too. As laser tag kits are mostly designed for children, make sure that you buy one that is made of non-toxic material. ABS plastic is a safe material for kids.
  • The easier the settings are to adjust and follow, the better the game will be. Look for one that doesn’t come with unnecessarily complicated settings.
  • Most laser tag guns now come with 4 types of settings— pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and a rocket launcher. These settings help add more drama and excitement to the game.
  • Laser tag sets need heaps of batteries that may need replacing quickly. So, before you buy one, do your research and find out which one is the most power efficient and is a worthy laser tag set to be purchased.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is an experienced writer for children’s products. To create this list, he has conducted an in-depth analysis of laser tag sets and filtered the above products due to their variable play settings, the strength of blasters, ammunition requirement, vest requirement, and more. Your child’s safety was also taken into consideration while preparing this list. He has included a buyer’s guide and a few safety tips to let your child make the best out of their laser game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to play laser tag?

Like paintball, laser tag’s objective is to hit your opponent with the laser guns, reducing their lives, and finally eliminating them from the game. Laser tag sets usually come with guns and vests, but some don’t require vests at all. If you have a set that comes with a vest, you need to aim directly at the vest and shoot. You need to be on the move constantly, or you’ll be the easiest target. A great thing about some laser tag sets is that they don’t require vests as the blasters are equipped with built-in infrared sensors that can detect a hit.

2. What should I wear for the laser tag?

As it is a sport that requires one to move around quite a bit, it is wise to wear comfortable and stretchable clothing. If you are playing in a dark room, or an area that is dimly lit, wear dark clothes to blend into the background. Never wear open-toed shoes or heels while playing as you could hurt yourself.

3. Where can I play laser tag?

As long as safety rules are followed, one can play it anywhere (with permission of course). You can cover your entire house, or play in the backyard too. However, if the area you have chosen is cluttered, it could potentially be dangerous.

Laser tag is one of the few games that both children and adults can enjoy together. And if your children can’t get enough of laser tag and insist on accompanying you every time, why not make things more fun and bring the best laser tag set home? The options listed here will allow you and your children to join in on the action and improve your shooting skills. Before playing, remember to follow all the safety rules so you and your loved ones can have a blast without any worries.

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