15 Best Laundry Bags For College In 2021


If you are starting college soon, laundry bins or hampers should feature as one of the top things on your must-have-in-the-dorm list. And while looking for the best laundry bag for college, you should pay heed to its features, functionality, and material. If the launderette is far from your place, these bags can always come in handy and ease your stress of carrying piles of clothes without spilling.

Look for a sturdy design with fine stitching to ensure long-term use. We have created a list of the best laundry bags to help you choose the ideal one.

15 Best Laundry Bags For College

1. Handy Laundry Nylon Laundry Bag

With a 60lb capacity, this laundry bag from Handy Laundry is constructed from durable nylon with rip- and tear-resistant double-stitching. This portable laundry bag is easy to carry and helps keep your dirty clothes separate while traveling. Its sturdy construction allows you to store comforters, blankets, and plushies.

2. Dalykate Backpack Laundry Bag

Suitable for college students and families, this sturdy bag with a drawstring cord can secure the clothes safely. It is ideal for traveling and has an adjustable shoulder strap to fit most people.  The laundry bag features an external mesh pocket and an inner zippered pocket to hold extra items, such as detergent, mobile phones, and more. Made from 600D tear-resistant Oxford cloth, this bag can hold laundry up to 44lb.

3. Polecasa Heavy-Duty Diamond Mesh Laundry Bag

Free of lead, cadmium, and phthalate, it is made of breathable mesh fabric that is soft and skin-safe. It has a large capacity of over 50lb and can hold around three to four loads of laundry, including blankets, big towels, bed sheets, and more. You can secure the items with a drawstring closure to prevent spilling.

4. UniLiGis Washable Travel Laundry Bag

With a 35lb capacity, the bag’s square base helps stack folded laundry neatly and easily. This nylon bag has rip-resistant double stitching, making it durable. Available in a pack of two, it is equipped with two sturdy handles for easy holding, and can be used for sports, traveling, and more.

5. Homest XL Nylon Laundry Bag

Homest’s laundry bag helps keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes. It can hold up to three to four loads, and its wide shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. This bag’s double-seam construction and thick nylon material make it durable, preventing rips and tears.  Available in a pack of two, you can use this bag while traveling or store seasonal clothing and other supplies at home.

6. BeeGreen Laundry Bag Backpack

With comfortable padded shoulder straps, you can use this bag from BeeGreen as a backpack. It has a front zipper pocket to keep extra items, including detergent, soap, and more. The bag features a buckle clip and a high-quality drawstring to secure the clothes and an extra handle for proper grip or hanging convenience.

7. iwill Create Pro Laundry Tote Backpack

The bag’s durable construction includes reinforced joints to extend its lifespan. Its drawstring rope and closure locks are made from premium-quality material to prevent rips even after several uses. The straps are adjustable and wide to allow carrying a heavy load easily without straining your shoulders. It also features grommets for convenient hanging on the wall.

8. Swisselite Heavy-Duty Laundry Drawstring Bag

The heavy-duty laundry bag is made from 100% cotton polyester and is soft, breathable, and tear-resistant for long-lasting use. It can hold around three to four loads at once. This bag features a drawstring closure to prevent your clothes from spilling and straps for easy carrying.

9. Coomee Heavy-Duty Laundry Bag

Coomee’s two-pack heavy-duty laundry bags are made from high-quality, tear-resistant polyester taffeta fabric. With double-seam construction and multiple stitches, it prevents ripping and does not get damaged during washing. The pie-type locking drawstring ensures a tight closure, and a broad shoulder strap makes carrying easy.

10. Wowlive Extra-Large Laundry Bag

The laundry bag is durable and can hold a large volume of clothes. It has an extendable top design to increase the storage space. This large storage bag is moisture- and water-resistant and has a drawstring design to keep your clothes safe inside. With adjustable and strong padded buckle straps, the bag ensures even weight distribution on your shoulders. It also features two pockets for carrying your essentials.

11. Azhido Laundry Bag Backpack

Azhido laundry backpack has a large capacity of 253lb and is constructed from durable, lightweight, and waterproof Oxford material for long-lasting use. It has a wide opening to dump your clothes easily. The reinforced stitching on the strap prevents ripping when the bag is heavy, and the bag features an expandable top design and buckle closure.

12. CleverMade Backpack Laundry Duffle Bag

The premium laundry bag from CleverMade offers multiple ways of carrying, such as a backpack, a duffle bag, or a carry tote as per your convenience. Featuring a drawstring closure and a 40lb capacity, this is an ideal bag to carry your laundry for washing. The bag stands upright for easy use and is collapsible for convenient storage.

13. Chrislley Extra-Large Laundry Bags

With functional features, Chrislley laundry bags are made from waterproof Oxford fabric to ensure durability.  Its colorful drawstring closure secures your clothes from spilling. This bag features adjustable padded shoulder straps for even weight distribution and two pockets on the front and back to keep small items, such as detergents or phones.

14. Honey-Can-Do Laundry Duffle Bag

The heavy-duty laundry duffle bag from Honey-Can-Do is built from premium-quality polyester material. Featuring an easy-to-carry shoulder strap and drawstring closure, it prevents your clothes from spilling out while traveling. It has a black and white design and has an extra zippered pocket to hold small items securely.

15. Fine Living Laundry Bag Backpack

Suitable for laundry, traveling, or camping, this backpack from Fine Living has an extendable design with a ten-inch extra storage capacity. The double-lined bag is constructed from a high-density material that is waterproof and moisture-resistant. It features quad-stitching for durability, adjustable shoulder straps, drawstring, metal-clasp closure, and a hanging handle to store the bag neatly.

How To Choose The Right Laundry Bags For College?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right laundry bag for college.

  1. Lightweight: Ensure the bag is not made from heavy materials that may add to the weight. A lightweight bag will allow you to carry more loads conveniently.
  2. Features: Choose a bag with additional features, including pockets to keep your essentials, a handle for hanging, and more.
  3. Style: You can choose from different styles, such as tote bags, backpacks, and more, based on your requirement.
  4. Straps: Ensure the straps are padded, have durable stitching, and are broad to spread the weight evenly on your shoulders.

Laundry bags are more convenient than laundry baskets as they are space-saving and easy to carry. Made from high-quality fabric, these laundry bags offer a large capacity and are easy to store when not in use. We hope our list of the best laundry bags for college can help you choose the right one.

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