15 Best Laundry Bags To Keep Your Clothes Organized In 2022


Keep your dirty clothes separate and organized with our list of the best laundry bags. Laundry bags allow you to keep soiled laundry neatly. They ensure unwashed and clean items aren’t mixed up, and dirty clothes aren’t piled up around the house. Most laundry bags are foldable, well-ventilated, easy to clean, and easy to use. You can carry them while traveling to keep your clothes and other belongings organized. However, choosing the right bag may be challenging with various options available. So, browse our list of products and features to choose a laundry bag that suits your needs.

15 Best Laundry Bags

1. Bagail Mesh Laundry Bags

Bagail Mesh Laundry Bags


The set has five premium-grade polyester mesh laundry bags that are soft and strong. They are available in extra-large (one), large (two) and medium (two) sizes for convenient separation of whites and colored clothes, undergarments, and small clothes.

You can wash these durable and damage-resistant bags directly in your washing machine and the dryer. The mesh bags keep the items in place while washing and are soundless, unlike other zippered bags. Its smart zipper guard tucks in the zip, so they do not make the washing cycle noisy or create snags. The breathable mesh protects your delicate clothes and increases their lifespan.

2. Handy Laundry Nylon Laundry Bag

Handy Laundry Nylon Laundry Bag


If you do not have a washing machine at home, Handy Laundry Bags are of great help to carry your dirty clothes to the laundromat or back home for washing. The heavy-duty nylon bags are tough and durable, with the capacity to hold 60lb of clothes (three machine loads). They are rip- and tear-proof bags with a drawstring closure to keep your clothes from falling out and dust.

Easier to carry than a laundry basket, the mesh bags are machine-washable and reusable. The jumbo laundry bags are available in two sizes of 22x32in and 30x40in. Made of 100% nylon, they are sturdy and come in various colors. These bags are perfect for sorting laundry or for those living in dorms or apartments without the facility of regular washing machines.

3. Homest Wash Me Travel Laundry Bags

Homest Wash Me Travel Laundry Bags


The Homest Laundry Bags are extra-large, measuring 28x40in, and can hold up to four laundry loads. They are made of thick, durable nylon material with double-stitched seams to prevent tearing. Also used as laundry liners, they keep the laundry hampers and baskets fresh and odor-free. Their drawstrings secure your clothes from slipping out, and the plastic tips prevent them from unraveling during machine wash.

The washable and reusable bags are large enough for family use. Available in sets of two or multiple color combinations and prints, these bags are easily foldable to store for a camping trip or holiday.

4. Kimmama Mesh Laundry Bag

Kimmama Mesh Laundry Bag


The Kimmama extra-large mesh laundry bags are ideal for storing large and small clothing. They measure 24x24in and are made of 125gsm net fabric. The bags come with anti-rust, auto-lock zippers to protect your belongings from falling out, and a safe-side cover to protect your machine from scratches.

Available in sets of two or three and various sizes, the Kimmama laundry bags make great travel organizers too. These bags can be used for storage and are perfect separators when sharing a machine load with a friend.

5. Dalykate Backpack Laundry Bag

Dalykate Backpack Laundry Bag


Multi-functional laundry-cum-backpack, the Dalykate Laundry Bags can hold up to three machine loads of 44lb laundry. They are made of durable, tear-proof 600D oxford cloth, and the double stitches on the joints ensure stronger seams. Machine-washable and water-proof, the 13x29in Dalykate machine bags are great for family use or carrying clothes to the laundromat.

The bags’ torso length body with adjustable shoulder straps of width 1.9in and extendable length to 28.4in make them easy to maintain as backpacks, relieving pressure off the shoulders.

It has a 13x9in external mesh pocket for carrying detergent or conditioner and a 6.3x7in inner-zippered pocket to hold your money or phone. The drawstring cord at the top opening of the bag secures your clothes, and its hanging loop makes it easy to hang on the wall or door.

6. OTraki Heavy Duty Large Laundry Bags

OTraki Heavy Duty Large Laundry Bags


The OTraki extra-large laundry bags measure 28x45in and hold up to three machine loads of laundry, weighing approximately 40lb. The set has two heavy-duty bags available in three colors. These drawstring and spring-locked bags are double-stitched and made from high-grade polyester taffeta material, making them durable, strong, and tear-resistant.

The bags are machine-washable, reusable, and large enough to line your laundry hamper, keeping it clean and fresh. Foldable and portable, the bags are ideal for dirty clothes during trips and camps. The OTraki bags are multi-functional and double up as storage bags for off-season clothes, blankets, stuffed toys, beddings, etc. However, they cannot be used as washing bags.

7. Polecasa Diamond Shape Mesh Laundry Bag

Polecasa Diamond Shape Mesh Laundry Bag


The Polecasa Diamond-shaped Mesh Wash Bag is free from phthalates,lead, and cadmium. It is made of polyester material that is thicker, stronger, and softer than other wash bags. A four-layered fabric is sewed at the bindings, reinforced by double-stitching to make it tear-resistant and long-lasting. The large bag measures 24x36in and can hold up to four laundry loads (over 50lb). It easily fits into laundry hampers or baskets and can be easily pulled out with the collected dirty clothes.

A drawstring lock keeps the clothes secured inside. The foldable extra-large laundry bags can also be used as storage bags for comforters, blankets, off-season clothes, or even toys and sports gear, and are easy to carry for traveling.

8. Household Essentials Natural Cotton Laundry Bag

Household Essentials Natural Cotton Laundry Bag


The Household Essentials Laundry Bag is made of 100% breathable cotton and is a great help for laundry or moving days. Measuring 36x28in, this extra-large bag can hold up to four loads of laundry. Its drawstring and cord lock can secure your clothes inside.

Great for hauling laundry from bathroom to machine or from home to laundromat, it is a good hamper liner for collecting dirty laundry. Available in various colors and sets, it is machine-washable in cold water.

9. Muchfun Honeycomb Mesh Laundry Bags

Muchfun Honeycomb Mesh Laundry Bags


It is not recommended to throw your delicates in the washing machine with bigger clothes. Small mesh laundry bags are convenient to put in your intimates, baby clothes, lingerie, gloves, scarves, soft jackets, or even pet-clothes and shoes. The Muchfun bags are made of high-quality honeycomb mesh material and are available in a set of three medium bags, each measuring 16x12in.

They have anti-rust, auto-lock zippers with smart zip protection that prevent the bag from opening up during washing or drying cycles. The zip does not clang against the machine wall, so you get a silent, snag-free washing experience. These handy bags also work as storage bags and are durable.

10. DuomiW Mesh Laundry Bag

DuomiW Mesh Laundry Bag


The DuomiW Mesh Laundry Bags are large and suitable for factories, dorms, apartment dwellers, and travel. They measure 36x24in and can hold up to one week’s laundry. The drawstring with a plastic rope lock keeps the items from falling out. They ensure easy folding and storage of the bags. The breathable mesh material prevents the bad odor of unwashed clothes.

Large enough to accommodate blankets, sleeping bags, winter wear, or toys, these multi-functional bags can be used for camping and as storage organizers for house ware, kitchenware, sports gear, etc. They are available in packs of two and various color combinations.

11. Ylweft Laundry Washing Bags

Ylweft Laundry Washing Bags


Bras often lose shape in the washing machine, and it can be tedious to hand wash them regularly. The Ylweft Washing Bags are specially designed to protect your undies and other small delicate clothes when in the machine. The cage-like design helps protect the cups, paddings, underwires, and straps to maintain the shape of the bra.

The set has three mesh bags measuring 7x7in and made of high-quality sandwich material. The durable and wear-proof bags allow the water to permeate through, filter, and cleanse the items inside.

The Ylweft Washing Bags have rust-proof auto-lock zippers that keep your delicates secured from tumbling out during washing or drying cycles. They have hanging hooks and durable folding brackets to hang anywhere or organize and compress for travel. The bags are available in various sets and color combinations.

12. Cotton Craft Cotton Canvas Laundry Bags

Cotton Craft Cotton Canvas Laundry Bags


The Cotton Craft Laundry Bags are extra-large, measuring 28x36in each, and made of 100% imported cotton. They are strong, breathable, and durable bags are also used as hamper liners, Santa sacks, camping trips, or storage organizers. They have a drawstring with a cord lock for securing the items inside.

The solid cotton bags are multi-functional, versatile, and machine-washable. They are available in various colors and sizes.

13. Plusmart Mesh Laundry Bags

Plusmart Mesh Laundry Bags


Mesh bags are always good as laundry bags as they allow air circulation and do not accumulate the bad odor of used clothes. The Plusmart Mesh Laundry Bags are made of coarse polyester mesh material that is durable and long-lasting. The set of three extra-large bags measure 24x36in each and are ideal for a family or an individual’s week-long dirty clothes.

A sturdy strap drawstring seals the bags for easy carrying or hanging. Suitable as hamper liners, basket liners, or sorters, they can be used for camping, traveling, storage, or laundry. They are available in different colors and quantity combinations.

14. BeeGreen Backpack Laundry Bag

BeeGreen Backpack Laundry Bag


The BeeGreen Laundry Bag is a convenient backpack that allows you to carry a heavy load on your back with ease. The extra-large bag measures 16x32in and can hold up to four loads of laundry. Made of 100% rip-proof nylon, webbed, and X-reinforced stitching, the bag is durable, lightweight, and water-proof.

The padded and adjustable shoulder straps keep your hands free and pressure off the shoulder and back. Its zippered front pocket provides storage space for fabric softeners and detergents without leaking on to the clothes.

There is a handle loop on top for hanging or lifting the bag and a buckled strap to double-secure the top opening. This multi-purpose heavy-duty bag can be used as a camping bag, a duffle bag for sports gear, or a storage bag. It is machine-washable and available in various colors.

15. Miamica Travel Laundry Bag

Miamica Travel Laundry Bag

The Miamica Travel Laundry Bag is compact, foldable, and easy to travel with. It is made of microfiber material that is lightweight, tear-proof, and moisture-resistant. Zipped into a small square for saving space, the bag is expandable on unzipping to hold your dirty laundry during the trip.

When folded, it measures 6.3×6.2in and opens up to be 21x22in big. A great organizer to separate the clean clothes from dirty ones and is easy to wash, dry, and available in two colors.

How To Choose The Right Laundry Bag?

Here are some factors to keep in mind to choose the right laundry bag.

  1. Size and capacity: Pick a size that can hold all your laundry. If you are a student visiting the laundromat once a week, choose a large bag that is enough to hold a week’s dirty clothes. For delicates, pick a small mesh bag. Whether it is for an individual or a family, laundry bags come in various sizes and capacities.
  2. Material: Laundry bags are available in solid and mesh materials for storage and ventilation, respectively. Consider sturdy, durable, foldable, or compressible material since your laundry bag has some heavy-lifting to do.
  3. Features: A laundry bag can double up as a storage bag, a duffle bag, or even a travel bag. Know your requirements and look for pockets, straps, locks, and portability.
  4. Movability: Most laundry bags have drawstrings to secure the clothes inside, but some of these strings may not be strong or convenient to use as a handle. Look for a bag with a string loop to carry or a backpack design if you have heavy loads. Also, foldable bags are easy to travel with and are expandable when required.
  5. Straps and pockets: Consider padded and adjustable straps to maximize comfort and ease the pressure off the back and shoulders. Extra pockets on the inside and outside make it convenient to carry detergents and other essentials, including cash and phone.
  6. Resistance: Laundry bags will hold dirty clothes and will come in contact with water. A water-resistant bag is a good idea in case you have wet clothes. It should be tear-resistant for longevity and rough use. A breathable material or mesh will be odor-proof, so your dirty laundry does not stink by laundry day. Rust-proof zippers are also advisable.
  7. Maintenance: Pick a laundry bag that is easy to maintain. Rip-proof, covered-zips, and machine-washable bags are the easiest.
  8. Storage: Foldable and contractible bags are easy to store. Also, bags with hanging loops allow easy hanging on the wall or behind the door.

Laundry bags are preferred for their space-saving feature compared to laundry baskets, hampers, or other storage boxes. The best laundry bags are made of high-quality ventilating fabric and have a heavy-weight-holding capacity. Whether it is dumping dirty clothes for laundry, washing delicates, or storing and traveling, the laundry bag has become an indispensable item around the house, dorm, apartment, or in industries. Pick one for yourself from the list, using the buying guide mentioned above.

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Laundry bags are an essential household item as they allow you to store dirty clothes separately. Moreover, these bags have enough storage space to hold and transport dirty clothes to the washer. While choosing the right one for your home, look for bags made from sturdy, durable materials that are foldable and feature pockets, straps, locks for additional storage and portability. Besides, you could also choose rip-proof bags that have covered zips and are machine-washable. Our list of the best laundry bags includes various designs and features to help you understand your needs.

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