20 Best Learning Tablets For Your Kids

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Does your kid pry the tablet out of your hands every chance he gets? If you nodded along while he tried whisking the tablet away from your hands, it could be the time to buy him a tablet for his use. Somewhere between laptops and smartphones, tablets are rather popular with children, all thanks to their computing power, portability, and ease of use. And, there are a plethora of terrific tablets for kids out there. Some are made specifically for children and others incorporate parental controls to ensure that your child does not view anything that he shouldn’t.

But with all the fierce competition, zeroing on a tablet for your tech savvy child can be quite a daunting task. But, as always, Momjunction is here to help. So, here is our list of top 20 learning tablets for kids and some important information to consider before you acquiesce to their demands.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Tablet For Kids:

Here are few things to consider before buying the tech toy for your kid.

1. Age And Need:

First and foremost, you have to consider your child’s needs and age. Does your kid require the tablet for educational purposes or just to play games and access applications? Even the age of your kid is an important consideration. A tween and teen would not like bulky, colorful tablets. Similarly, a thin, black or gray tablet wouldn’t appeal to a toddler or preschooler.

2. Design And Features:

Kid’s tablets have the same features as the regular tablets, but their designs or outlook is customized for the particular needs of the children. These tablets have rubberized exteriors and bright colored cases that protect it against damage from drops. Some even come sans internet access.

3. Specification:

Well, you don’t need to dwell too much on the specifications of the kid’s learning tablet. The only thing that you must consider is the screen size and battery life. The battery life of most of the kids tablets does not last more than 5 hours. But of course, kids can use them while it’s charging. Avoid purchasing tablets do not charge over USB. Android tablets will be your best bet if you want large screen tablets. Rather than looking at the RAM or processor speed, buy a tablet that is fast enough to keep up with your kids.

4. Third Party Application And Content:

Most of the kid’s tablets contain preinstalled applications, games, and software. These programs offer ample variety to keep the kids entertained. Some kid’s learning tablets also run on the Google Android operating system that comes with Play Store.

5. Storage:

Storage is a critical factor while purchasing a tablet for your kid. Music, videos, software, application, and games use us quite a bit of space in the tablets. That’s the reason a tablet with a card slot is so valuable. If the storing capacity is less than 8 GB, then you can supplement the tablet with SD cards. Most of the tablets come with storage capacities of up to 32 or 64 GB.

6. Parental Setting:

Make sure the tab has parental settings on board to prevent your little from stumbling across unsuitable websites or spending money on the in-app purchase.

Top 20 Tablets For Kids:

1. Vtech Innotab 3S:

VTech Innotab 3S can be a bit costly, especially if you go down the cartridge route, but kids seem to like it a lot. And with plenty of interactive e-books, creative apps, and learning game, the VTech Innotab 3S is worth the price tag. The device looks and feels like a toy, which is not entirely a bad thing as most of the young folks find the aluminum finish a bit dull. And given its rugged, plastic casing, this tablet is sure to survive an accidental fall or two.

This chunky table will require four AA batteries, along with a cartridge port for dedicated games. There are dedicated keys for navigation, control and volume. There is also a D-pad for all the games in the front panel, topped with a swivel-mounted camera. But what we disliked about this tablet is that it is not every responsive to the touch. Using finger can be very frustrating, so it would be best if your kid uses the supplied stylus.

Available here.

Price: $89.99

2. Apple iPad Mini:

Here’s a feature-loaded tablet that is sure to appeal to your tech-savvy tween or teen. With iTunes, your child will get access to over six lacks resources on a variety of educational topics. Don’t worry; you can easily set restrictions on certain applications by turning on the parental controls. It also has a 5-megapixel rear camera and 1.3-megapixel rear camera. iPad Mini 1 does not have the latest processor and a Retina screen, but iPad Mini 2 comes equipped with all that its predecessor lacked. This is the best kids learning tablet.

iPad Mini is not cheap, but is a great value when compared to the full-sized iPad. And with the release of second-generation iPad Mini, the price of the older iPad Mini has dropped to $299. So get it now!

Available here.

Price: $239 for the lowest range

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3. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kid’s Edition:

Amazon Fire HD 6 for kids is identical to the Fire HD 6 but is aimed at smaller tots. Just like most of the Fire devices, even Amazon Fire HD 6 Kid’s Edition comes with parental controls, which can help you set up the time limit and app restriction. It’s also an excellent device for reading digital comics.

Now let’s come to the highlight of this tablet. Amazon Fire HD 6 for kids comes in a green, rubbery removable case. The casing isn’t water resistant or waterproof but is rugged enough to withstand a few drops. And it comes with a no-question asked two-year warranty, which makes it worth the extra $50 over the Amazon Fire HD 6. Amazon is also offering FreeTime Unlimited subscription service with the purchase. So hurry up!

Available here.

Price: $119

4. Amazon Kindle HD 6:

If your kid feels that he is too old for Amazon Fire, then Amazon Fire HD 6 can be a reliable and solid pick for him. Amazon Kindle HD 6 is not just the most popular, but also the best tablet for kids learning. Its 1.5 GHz dual core processor supports games, movies and applications with no problem at all. The FreeTime allows you to create a profile for your kid and choose what games, apps, and videos you want to give access to. Did we tell you that Kindle FreeTime also sets limits for usage?

You can purchase Kindle HD 6 comes in brilliant colors like magenta, black, white, cobalt and citron. If your teen wants a big sized Kindle, then Amazon also offers a 7 inch and 8.9-inch version. The only issue with this tablet is that it has very little internal storage, with no memory card slot. But overall, Amazon Kindle HD 5 is the best learning tablet for kids of all ages.

Available here.

Price: $85

5. LeapPad3 Learning Tablet:

Aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, LeapPad 3 is a high-performance tablet that allows the children to learn and play in a way that is appropriate for them. It is much like its previous version regarding looks but replaces the resistive touchscreen with a capacitive version. It has also added Wi-Fi capability.

The storage of the LeapPad3 Learning Tablet is still 4GB, but the processor is up from single core 550 MHz to quad core 1000MHz. Both the front and rear camera of the tablet are 2 megapixels and offer 480p video recording, allowing kids to take candid shots. The brand claims that the battery will last around 6 hours on a single charge, but we think that even 4 to 5 hours would be more than enough.

Available here.

Price: $80

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6. CLICKN Kids:

This affordable, entry-level tablet could be your kid’s first tablet. It comes preloaded with 30 applications including Looney Tunes phonic that will bring fun to his your toddler’s learning experience. It has two modes, so even you can use the tablet when needed. Besides, it sports features like a camera, video streaming, and Wi-Fi when in the adult mode. One feature we liked the most of this tablet is its home with two large buttons, one labeled ‘kids’ and one labeled ‘Grown Ups’.

The CLICKN Kids tablet has a bevy of parental controls, including internet management, app approval, activity monitoring and time limit control. One con of this tablet is that it has a hard to find the ‘switch on’ key, but we have heard that the company is revamping its bumper cover and design to make it easier to locate. It even has the darkest screen than most of the tablets. But will the kids even notice it? We don’t think so.

Available here.

Price: $45

7. Fuhu Nabi DreamTab:

The android tablet Fuhu Nabi DreamTab bridges the gap between the toddler friendly and high-end tablets. This powerful, Tegra 3 powered tablet comes encased with a durable protective rubber, which can withstand a drop up to 7 feet. The 7-inch screen of Nabi can play videos in 1080p, which is quite impressive. Now your kid won’t care a lot about this detail, but will enjoy the tab’s ability to play popular games, read the books and browse the web.

The Nabi App Zone provides 500 kid friendly applications, which is sufficient for young children. Fuhu Nabi DreamTab lasts for more 9 hours on charge, which is quite impressive. Hand over the tablet to your junior with confidence, since it comes with strong parental controls. Yes, we are talking about the cool “Mommy Mode”. You can even make your kids complete a few household chores in exchange for the rewards in the app store.

Available here.

Price: $179

8. Tabeo e2 Tablet:

Tabeo e2 Tablet is a relatively affordable tablet with some great specification. This 8-inch multi touch screen tablet gives a resolution of 1024*768 pixels and the 1 GHz, dual core processor gives plenty of power for applications and games.

It comes with 8Gb inbuilt storage that houses over 30 applications just for kids. The tab also gives access to Tabeo App Store, from where you or your kid can download free games and applications. The Tabeo e2 Tablet is ideal for kids aged 6 to 11 years.

Available here.

Price: $145

9. LeapFrog Ultra:

The LeapFrog Ultra is one of the best learning tablets for kids. It has rubber-covered bumpers that will protect from the dents and drops and a 7 inch, 1024*600 screen that works great with a stylus.

But the real delight of LeapFrog Ultra comes with all the educational app it contains. The tablet gives access to over 800 applications that can help kids learn and improve social skills, vocabulary skills, creative thinking and reading and writing skills. In fact, LeapFrog Ultra around 98% teachers recommended the LeapFrog Ultra tablet in a survey. And its affordable too!

Available here.

Price: $74

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition:

The goodness of android and the robust power of Samsung are now packed into a kid friendly version of Galaxy Tab.. The tab features a kid friendly interface with bright colors and animated characters to make it more appealing for kids. It also comes with Samsung’s Kid’s Store filled with top apps for playing and learning. It even has a vibrant orange case to keep it safe from the dents and dings.

The parental controls are also on board to let you set time restrictions and control what they view. You can also select which apps you want to purchase. The 1.3 megapixel front camera will let your kids capture the silly faces and the 3-megapixel rear camera will allow them to capture the beauty of the surroundings. But here comes the best part. You can switch the interface back to normal mode when you want to use it after your kid falls asleep.

Available here.

Price: $199

11. Tesco Hudl 2:

Tesco Hudl 2 is hands down, one of the best budget android tabs to date. And no, we are not exaggerating. The key specifications of the tab are way better than its price tag suggests. The micro SD card slot, great viewing angles and decent processor are some of the many reasons to opt for Hudl 2. Even the camera performance is decent.

As for the aesthetics, it has the same signature Hudl plastic casing with a nice matte finish and a rubbery grip, which are pleasing to the eyes. Despite being larger and a tad heavier, Hudl 2 feels great to hold. There are also plenty of color options to choose from like blue, orange, purple, pink, turquoise and black.

Available here.

Price: $120

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12. LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum:

LeapFrog is one of the best-known brands in tablets for kids. As the name suggests, LeapPad Platinum is the top model of this range. Designed specifically for kids, LeapPad Platinum can easily withstand the odd drop or knock. And the screen resolution of 1024*600 is higher than other LeapPad tabs.

Your kid will even love the high quality preloaded content like the voice memo, clock app and the camera app that will add fun effects to the photos. You can even create multiple user profiles so that the siblings can share the tab with each other.

Available here.

Price: $99

13. Google Nexus 7:

Google is another engaging android tablet geared towards both adults and kids. It comes with out of the box specifications. And its compact size will make an ideal companion of your kid when running errands around the city.

The only catch is that it does not allow you to set parental controls. But applications like Safe Kids and Kids Place can limit what your kids can and cannot see. It was a bit pricy at the time of its launch, but you can now find it under $200.

Available here.

Price: $129

14. Nabi Big Tab HD:

The monstrous Nabi Big Tab HD has a 20 to24 inch screen size of 1600*900pixel (yes, you read that correct). It is the largest tablet in the world made specialy for kids and their families. In terms of specification, the Nabi Big Tab has NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. The tablet runs Android Kit Kat with Blue Morpho OS. So you’ll get access to plenty of parental controls and child friendly content.

The only flaw we found with this tablet’s processor is how it handles the over-the-air updates. They take a bit longer than expected, which can be quite frustrating. As it is the largest tablet, do not expect too much battery life from it.

Available here.

Price: $277

15. Lexibook Junior Tablet:

Lexibook Junior Tablet may look like a basic tablet, but comes preloaded with oodles of games, learning apps, cartoons and karaoke options.

There’s an education app in the tablet, featuring science, matches and English learning tools. And the camera app of the tablet uses a face warping technique that will have your kids in stitches.

Available here.

Price: $91.19

16. Kurio Xtreme:

Aimed at kids aged between 6 and 9, this hi-tech tab with child safe browser might make an intelligent pick. Kurio Xtreme is the first kid’s tablet that comes with 4G connectivity through Verizon. So your kid can have just the same connectivity as you. It is one of the best learning tablets for children.

Internally, Kurio Extreme comes packed with an Atom processor, an excellent display and a Micro SD expansion option. It also comes preloaded with over 80 applications, but most of them are geared towards older users. The chunky, anti-shock cover will also survive a few trips down the stairs. Note- The latest version is stronger and faster than the original. So update it as soon as you get it.

Available here.

Price: $198

17. Ingo Monster High Tablet Super Pack 7:

Monster High Tablet Super Pack tablet by Ingo is a super cool tablet that combines fun and security so that your kid can experience the latest technology and you can be assured that they are safe.

As you can fathom from the name, the tablet has all things Monster High, including apps, videos, music and magazine. This responsive tablet has a Wi-Fi, a double camera and of course, parental control software. On purchasing this tab, you will also receive a protective case, a capacitive pen and headphones.

Available here.

Price: $124

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18. Binatone Appstar:

Featuring parental controls and excellent Wi-Fi connection, Binatone Appstar is a great educational tablet for kids aged above four.

It has over 250 pre-installed applications, motion sensor and front-facing camera that can help your kid with speech and language development. There’s also a wide range of parental controls.

Available here.

Price: $99

19. Arnova Childpad:

Equipped with a speedy processor and enough memory to run Android effortlessly, Arnova Childpad offers a great tablet experience for young kids. There’s a dedicated kids category in the kids customized application market called the AppsLib.
This compact sized tablet has a smooth interface so children won’t have to wait for the games to load. They can jump from one application to another with ease.

Available here.

Price: £155.00

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20. Barnes And Noble Hook HD+:

Here’s a great tablet if you want something easy to use for kids. The display of the tablet is second to none. After all, it’s ‘HD’.

Now let’s come to specification. Barnes and Noble Hook HD+ come loaded with a powerful dual core processor, front and rear camera, 16 GB internal memory and android OS. It has an impressive range of software and communication applications where kids can share photos and recordings.

Available here.

Price: $146

Yes, there are plenty of other tablets too, but these impressed us the most. So which one are you planning to purchase? And what’s your kid’s most favorite tablet? Share everything with us by commenting below!.

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