19 Best Lego Toys To Buy In 2021


Lego sets can be a great way to build your child’s thinking skills and encourage them to get creative with models and structures. We have created a list of the best lego toys to help you choose the right one. Sometimes these lego kits come with collectibles that your child can add to their collection. With various themes and sets, these toys can keep your child engaged for hours. Read on to know more.

19 Best Lego Toys

1. Lego Duplo My First Number Train Building Kit

The 23-piece Lego train set is suitable for children aged 18 to 36 months. It allows your child to learn numbers by arranging the numbered wagons from zero to nine to build a train. The set includes a cat figure and two child figures for imaginative playtime. This train, after assembly, measures 3x14x2 inches and is made of premium-quality plastic.

2. Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Toy Story Train Building Bricks

The Toy Story-themed train set includes 21 pieces to allow your child to build a steam train. It offers hands-on control and features a functional roof to load it up and a cactus for decoration. There are two Toy Story characters, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, in this easy-to-build kit to promote imaginative play. The product measures 5x7x2 inches after assembly. Suitable for children aged two and above, this toy helps improve your child’s creativity and fine motor skills.

3. Lego Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation Building Kit

The jewelry box building kit includes a turntable for the Elsa mini-doll and a Nokk Lego figurine. It is a 300-piece Lego set comprising the jewelry box elements, such as a mirror, drawer, two toy rings, a lock, and more. You can keep your special items safe in the lockable drawer. Its turntable has gears that allow the figurines to rotate. Suitable for children aged six and above, the set measures 9x5x4 inches after assembly.

4. Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Building Kit

If your child is a Star Wars fan, they might love this Lego kit with 1073 pieces to build the baby Yoda. It has a movable head, an adjustable mouth for different expressions, and movable ears. This set features a gear-shift knob for the figure to hold. You can use the buildable 3D model as a keepsake or a décor item in your child’s room. Suitable for children aged ten and above, this brick-built toy model measures 7.5×8.5×5 inches after assembly.

5. Lego City Holiday Camper Van Building Kit

The city holiday camper van is a playset with realistic features, including a furnished interior with a kitchenette, sleeping facilities, figures of a mother, father, and a baby, an opening side panel, and a removable roof. Suitable for children aged five and above, this Lego kit measures 3.5x6x2 inches when assembled.

6. Lego Creator 3-In-1 Townhouse Toy Store Building Kit

The 554-piece townhouse toy store building kit has colorful Lego pieces d to build a townhouse toy store with an apartment upstairs, a cake shop with a seating area, and a flower shop with a skylight. It includes two mini figurines with a bird figure. Made from high-quality plastic, this townhouse kit measures 7x5x3 inches and provides multiple rebuilding options.

7. Lego Minecraft The Abandoned Mine Zombie Cave Battle Playset

With 248 pieces, the zombie cave battle-themed kit with Minecraft character figures allows your child to build a cave entrance to drop high-level rocks on zombies using a hand-operated device. The set includes Steve, a zombie, spider, and living slime, and coal, diamond, and iron elements as resources to mine from the cave. It is suitable for children aged seven and above and measures 5x7x4 inches.

8. Lego Technic Monster Jam Max-D Building Kit

The two-in-one monster truck kit with 230 pieces allows your child to build a monster truck with a movable flag, authentic graphics, rough metallic surface, colors, and spikes. With its pull-back action and rotate tools, it can be rebuilt into a powerful quad bike. Suitable for children aged seven and above, this kit measures 10.32×5.55×3.58 inches.

9. Lego Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R Motorcycle Toy Building Kit

If your child loves motorcycles, they may enjoy assembling this Ducati Panigale V4 R motorcycle with realistic features. It contains 646 pieces and features a two-speed gearbox with a turning front wheel and front and back disc brakes. The bike also has front and rear suspension with a kickstand, exhaust pipe, windshield, and dashboard. Suitable for children aged ten and above, this product measures 12x6x3 inches after assembly.

10. Lego Creator 3-In-1 Wild Lion Toy Building Kit

The brick-built lion set contains 224 pieces to form a lion with posable features, such as moving legs, head, tail, and jaw. This versatile kit allows your child to build an ostrich and a warthog with the same pieces. You can move the ostrich’s neck and legs and the warthog’s head, legs, and jaw. Suitable for children aged seven and above, this set also comprises a toy vulture for make-belief adventures.

11. Lego Marvel Avengers Classic Thor Mech Armor Playset

The 139-piece Thor hammer playset is a super-sized, buildable Lego with movable limbs and a detachable hammer. It includes a Thor mini-figure, and the movable mech has a gripping hand to fit the hammer. There is a small hammer for the Thor mini-figure, attachable to the mech’s leg. This figure stands four inches tall and is suitable for children aged seven and above.

12. Lego Friends Doggy Day Care Building Kit

Including 221 pieces, the kit has two mini-dolls, a toy dog figure, and a puppy toy. It allows your child to scrub the pups in the pool, take them to the garden, and sell dog treats. There is a grooming area, a cash register, a bathing pool, and an agility tunnel. This kit also contains a grooming kit and a little dog poop to clean up. It is suitable for children aged six and above and measures 5x6x3 inches.

13. Lego Creator 3-In-1 Race Car Transporter Building Kit

A set of 328 pieces, this race car transporter building kit features a truck with a detachable trailer with two fast cars loaded on the ramps. It has a kickstand to make the trailer stand on its own and a 360- degree swiveling crane to lift the cargo. Your child can build this set in three attractive models: a crane truck, a tugboat with a crane, and a race car transporter. Suitable for ages seven and above, this set measures 10.32×7.52×2.4 inches.

14. Lego Ninjago Lloyd’s Jungle Chopper Bike Building Kit

The Ninja playset includes three mini-figures and a two-in-one vehicle with a chopper bike and a surfing toy. It features two rapid shooters, an opening cockpit, a working suspension, and a detachable flyer that transforms into a surfboard. The three figures, Island Lloyd, Island Nya, and Rumble Keeper, are armed with weapons. This toy set is suitable for children aged seven and above and measures 6×8.5×2 inches.

15. Lego Ninjago Legacy Overlord Dragon Playset

The 372-piece building kit features the Overlord Dragon and Golden Lloyd. This dragon has movable legs, head, and wings with blades. Golden Lloyd has a katana strapped to his back, and the Overlord has a blade. Suitable for children aged seven and above, this set measures 5.5x18x17.5 inches.

16. Lego Disney Cinderella’s Royal Carriage Building Kit

Disney’s royal carriage-themed building kit includes Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Gus Gus, two horse mini-figures with a carriage, a pumpkin patch with a small table, and a treasure chest. It also comprises different accessories, including a ball invitation, crown, wand, and glass slippers. Suitable for children aged six and above, this Lego set measures 5×10.5×3.5 inches.

17. Lego Super Mario Frog Mario Power-Up Pack Building Kit

The 11-piece Lego kit features a brick-built Frog Mario interactive suit, allowing your child to earn digital coins for making Mario jump. This Lego toy makes splashing sounds each time Super Mario lands. Measuring 4.8×3.58×1.85 inches, it includes a Lego water Lily and blue water to create a Super Mario game scenario.

18. Lego Marvel Captain America And Hydra Face-Off Collectible Building Kit

Suitable for children aged four and above, the set contains a Captain America Lego figure with a stylish motorcycle and a Hydra agent figure. This 49-piece building kit includes a buildable motorcycle, a disc shooter, and a detachable blaster. With chunky wheels and an easy-to-build design, this motorcycle measures 1.5×4.5×1.5 inches and is suitable for small hands to grip.

19. Lego Disney Princess Storybook Adventures Building Toy

The Lego Disney Princess set features the four renowned princesses, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana mini-doll figurines. It includes 130 pieces to help your child build a castle with a raising bridge, sticker sheet, and a chariot. The set also has other Lego figures, such as Gus, Lumiere, a dolphin, and a frog. Suitable for children aged five and above, this set closes down to a portable book measuring 3x9x5 inches for on-the-go play.

How To Choose The Right Lego Toys?

Here are a few things to consider before buying a Lego toy.

  1. Age: Consider the recommended age before buying a kit. Different Lego sets have varying difficulty levels, and choosing age-appropriate toys will make it engaging for your child.
  2. Number of pieces: Consider the number of pieces when buying a kit. While young children prefer toys with fewer pieces for easy playing, older children might enjoy more complicated ones.
  3. Theme: Choose the toy’s theme depending on your child’s interests. If they like figures, you can choose a brick-build toy set. If they like a particular movie or show, you can buy its buildable kit.
  4. Versatility: Choose versatile Lego sets with different building challenges within the same set, allowing your child to hone their creativity.

Lego toys vary based on themes, building challenges, and assembly features. Some toys also have popular figurines and mini-dolls that your child may like. With so many options available, finding a suitable one could be challenging. We hope our list of the best Lego toys can help you choose the right one for your child.

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