11 Best Lip Glosses For Daily Use In India In 2024

The best lip glosses can provide gloss and color to your lips and keep them moisturized. They have a gel-like consistency, which helps your lips look fresh, plump, and smooth. Typically, you can use lip gloss over or under the lipstick to achieve a good shine and color. Lip glosses are lightweight, pocket-friendly, and easy to apply.

Whether you have a dark, wheatish, or fair complexion, you can find a lip gloss that suits your skin tone. If you are a beginner looking for the best lip glosses for daily use in India, start your search here.

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11 Best Lip Glosses For Daily Use In India

1. Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Lip Gloss

If you are looking for fashionable and attractive shades, Lakme’s plump and shine lip gloss is the right choice for you. The dermatologically tested lip gloss with a smooth and gliding consistency is safe for use on the lips. The high-shine pigments and extra hydration give you a fabulous look. It comes with an easy-to-apply stick to quickly complete the work.

2. Townley Girl Frozen Lip Gloss

Are you looking for the right gloss for your little angel? Are you worried about the softness of your child’s skin? With Townley’s lip gloss, you don’t have to worry about the gentle and supple skin of your little one. The lip gloss is available in different colors and flavors, and you can choose the one that suits your child’s skin tone. It also makes a great gift option for little divas.

3. Beromt Metallic Mermaid Lip Gloss

If you are looking for a comforting lip gloss with natural elements, the Beromt lip gloss is the right choice. This lip gloss contains vitamin E and natural oils to enrich the lips. It has a non-sticky texture and offers a shiny gloss and holographic effect. It is extremely lightweight and glides on smoothly. Apply it over lipstick for a more dramatic effect.

4. Swiss Beauty Gloss Me Lip Gloss

Whether you want to apply it on bare lips or over matte shaded lipstick, Swiss Beauty lip gloss works well. The high-quality lip gloss adds luster and makes the lips appear soft and plump. It comes with a lip brush, making it easy to apply.

5. Mars Shining Lip Gloss

Mars Shining offers this waterproof lip gloss in six shades, helping you choose the right shade according to the occasion and choice. The lip gloss comes with an eye-catching tube and an inclined applicator for easy use. The inclined applicator helps you control the amount of gloss you want to use. The lip gloss has moisturizing properties and makes your lips soft and supple with a natural shine.

6. Sugar Cosmetics Lip Gloss

The non-sticky nature of Sugar Cosmetics lip gloss makes it skin-friendly. It contains jojoba oil to increase the moisturizing effect. Jojoba oil also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which are beneficial to the lips. The tube is lightweight, making it easy to carry in your bag. The heart-shaped gloss applicator gives you a feel-good vibe, and the lip gloss offers excellent shine and gloss and makes the lips look fuller.

7. FC Logo Lip Gloss

If you are looking for a lip gloss that can brighten your face even with light makeup, try FC Logo Lip Gloss. This lip gloss can instantly moisturize and make your lips look bright and shiny. It has a gel-like consistency, making it easy to use, and the waterproof properties of the product make it long-lasting. The lip gloss also comes with an attractive, transparent tube, which means you can check the quantity remaining in the tube.

8. Avon Sp Shine Lip Gloss

It is often difficult to find a lip gloss for daily use. If you are looking for a lip gloss with simple make-up effects to enhance your features, Avon’s pocket-friendly lip gloss with a matte finish will meet your needs. Made of high-quality ingredients, it is safe for use on the lips.

9. Townley Girls Store Lip Gloss

Whether you want to surprise your little girl or want to try it yourself, the Townley lip gloss is the right choice. If you wish to try multiple colors, this lip gloss provides various shades. The water-based formula is non-toxic and safe for kids. Little girls will love the cotton candy fragrance of this lip gloss.

10. Insight Store Lip Gloss

Insight Store offers a color-rich lip gloss in multiple colors. The lip gloss ensures your lips look fuller and plump. It contains a non-sticky formula that is easy to apply. The added Jojoba oil can provide extra nourishment to the lips. If you desire to add gloss to your lips, go for it.

11. Biotique Natural Lip Gloss

Biotique’s natural lip gloss is a must-have in your makeup kit if you are looking for lip gloss with anti-drying and moisturizing properties. Whether you are attending a party, traveling, or working for a long day, this lip gloss will meet your needs. The product comes in eight shades. You can choose the color according to your skin tone and how you want your lips to look.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Lip Gloss For Daily Use?

Consider these pointers when choosing a lip gloss for daily use.

  1. Hydration: A good lip gloss should have moisturizing properties, which means the moment you apply the gloss on your lips, you should feel the lips’ moistness. A lip gloss with an excellent moisturizing effect can prevent dryness.
  2. Non-stickiness: The non-stickiness of the lip gloss ensures easy application. A lip gloss with gel-like consistency makes your job quick and easy. On the other hand, a sticky gloss can irritate your lips and make you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Ingredients: Make a note of the ingredients used by the manufacturer. Avoid using products that contain harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Use a lip gloss made of natural ingredients and avoid using synthetic gloss.
  4. Non-smudge nature: Ensure that the gloss you want to buy doesn’t spread out quickly and is non-smudgy. Check the texture and go for a sample trial before taking a final call on the product you wish to purchase.
  5. Multi-use: Choose a lip gloss that you can use with lipstick and without lipstick. This is because, sometimes, you want to keep it simple and not overdo your makeup. When you want to maintain a bold and visible effect, your lip gloss should go well, even on lipstick.
  6. Longevity: It’s common for modern women to spend a long day at work, travel, or party. Thus, choose a gloss that doesn’t change color or fade out and stays fresh for a long time.
  7. Softness and smoothness: The whole point of a lip gloss is to add a soft and supple touch to the lips. If the lip gloss doesn’t meet this need, choose a matte shade lipstick instead.
  8. Intensity: Check the gloss’ intensity before clicking the “buy” button. Some glosses are intense, while some add a natural tone. You can select the lip gloss according to your preference. 

If you are a makeup enthusiast, a high-quality lipgloss is a must-have for your kit. These lip glosses are hydrating, non-sticky, smooth and available in subtle, flattering shades to complement your makeup look. Ensure to check the ingredients, intensity, and non-smudge formula carefully to purchase a product best suited to your needs. Also, check whether the products are free of harsh chemicals and cruelty-free. So, highlight your lipstick with lipgloss or wear it for a subtle shine to enhance your pout.

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