15 Best Liquid Eyeliners In India 2024

Your eyes are the first feature that a person notices, and eyeliners can really accentuate that feature and make it stand out even more. This is all the more true during the Covid pandemic, when your eyes are all that’s visible over the mask. An eyeliner gives a defined shape to your eyes, making them look sharper and bigger. And it really changes your look depending on whether you want to go the subtle way or amaze with the dramatic look.

Things can go south equally fast if your eyeliner runs or smudges and it’s extremely important that you choose one with the best features. So, check out the best liquid eyeliners in India and up your glamor quotient.

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15 Best Liquid Eyeliners In India

1. Sugar Double Matte Eyeliner – Black Swan

One of the best liquid eyeliners in India, it has a rich matte pigment for a bold and flawless finish. This jet black eyeliner lasts for up to 17 hours. It’s water-resistant and sweat-proof which means it doesn’t smudge or run. This liquid eyeliner is ideal for a bold eye makeup look. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved and tested and is safe on all skin types. And what’s more, it also comes in dark chocolate brown, royal blue, and marsh green colors.

2. Faces Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner – Black

This glossy eyeliner is high on shine and is perfect for that party look. It stays for the entire day so you don’t have to keep retouching it. Its water-resistant formula makes it smudge-proof and prevents it from streaking and ruining your makeup. It comes with a precise applicator which makes ultra-fine or dramatic application all the more convenient. So, you can use this jet black eyeliner as per the occasion.

3. Wet N Wild H2O Proof Eyeliner – Dark Brown

This Wet N Wild liquid eyeliner comes in a dark brown color. This long lasting eyeliner is waterproof which means it will not smudge and will remain intact for a long time. It glides on smoothly, defining your eyes and making them stand out. You can be sure that this eyeliner will not let you down as it provides long-lasting definition. It comes with a precise applicator brush which can be used for a bold, dramatic stroke or a subtle and fine line.

4. Lakmé Eyeconic Eye Liner – Black

Lakmé liquid eyeliner comes with a unique flexi-tip brush that makes its application very convenient and also helps you to achieve a range of looks. This jet black eyeliner is both waterproof and transfer-proof which prevents it from smudging and helps it stay intact for up to 24 hours. This is an excellent eyeliner that is ophthalmologically tested and is safe for even sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses. For best results, start at the inner corner of each eye and draw a neat stroke along your upper lash line. Extend the stroke a little beyond the outer corner of the eye and thicken as required. This eyeliner comes in a sleek pack with an easy grip cap.

5. Iba Long-Stay Liquid Eyeliner – Jet Black

This classic eyeliner gives you a whole new experience of beautifying your eyes as it’s designed to stay for a long time. This matte finish eyeliner comes with a soft and ultra fine applicator that ensures a precise line with a single stroke. It has a water-resistant and quick dry formula which ensures that your eyeliner stays smudge-free the whole day. It is dermatologically-tested and safe for sensitive eyes and those using contact lenses. Suitable for all day wear, this jet black eyeliner is free of paraben and alcohol, is vegan, halal certified and cruelty-free.

6. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner – Black

The catch line of this glossy eyeliner is, ‘Go sleek or boldly chic.’ This glossy eyeliner has a jet black color with a high-shine finish. It’s easy to apply and creates a fine, bold line effortlessly. This liquid eyeliner is waterproof and therefore smudge-free and remains intact for up to 24 hours which makes it a great choice for working women. This eyeliner makes eye artistry very easy as it has a flexible brush tip that enables an exact and ultra thin line. Apply from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and repeat if you want a thicker or more dramatic line.

7. Club Comfort Yanqina Precision Liquid Eyeliner – Black

This black liquid eyeliner comes in a set of 3 and is waterproof which adds to its convenience. It’s easy to apply and its quick dry formula dries the eyeliner within seconds. This liquid eyeliner is long lasting and keeps your eyes looking perfect straight for 12 hours. It has a flexitip applicator that ensures precision while applying and glides smoothly to give you that nice, clean, and flawless finish. Its ink pigment technology gives an intense black finish that does not fade away and keeps your eyes looking beautiful.

8. Swiss Beauty Liquid Pen Eyeliner – Black

This liquid eyeliner is made with a water-based formula that makes its application easy and gives a rich intense color. It does a great job at defining your eyes and giving you that glamorous look. It requires just one stroke for that perfect look and as it doesn’t smudge–you can expect it to stay intact for up to 12 hours. It comes with a professional flexible brush, ensuring an even and accurate application. The round, sleek cap of the bottle makes for a comfortable grip, making its application all the more convenient. The lightweight bottle is ideal to carry in your handbag in case you want to touch up your makeup.

9. Coat Me Bonjour Paris Water Proof Eyeliner – Ash Grey

This ash grey, shiny eyeliner is ideal for both day and evening makeup. Its super fine applicator ensures a precise and easy application for creating a bold and dramatic look. Its waterproof formula keeps this liquid eyeliner smudge-free and intact for upto 12 hours. It has an instant color release formula which you can use for different styles by just dipping the brush in the desired color. This classic eyeliner comes in 6 other chic shades of blue, green, brown, purple, gold, and silver.

10. L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner – Black

This jet black eyeliner has a very thin and ultra fine tip that ensures accurate and precise application. It’s water-resistant and is specially designed for long lasting wear and does not smudge. It dries very fast and has a matte finish. The wand and brush are easy to hold and apply which makes it convenient to try various looks ranging from subtle to bold to dramatic. This product lasts for quite long and you don’t have to worry about it drying out. It has a dark, smooth finish that defines your eyes beautifully.

11. Bella Vosté Liquid Dip Eyeliner – Soft Snow

One of the best eyeliners in India, this product packs a punch with just one stroke. This liquid eyeliner is water-resistant and sweat-resistant which means it doesn’t smudge or run and lasts upto 24 hours. It dries very fast and can also be removed very easily at the end of the day. This jet black liner is all you need to enhance the beauty of your eyes, and you can be sure it will not flake, peel, or crack during the day. It has a perfect tip that glides across the lash line, so you can choose the look you want.

12. Menow Pro Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner

This jet black eyeliner is long lasting and keeps your eyes looking beautiful and glamorous for hours together. It has an easy-to-use applicator that enables it to glide across your eyelid for a fine or bold line. It’s water-resistant which means it won’t smudge, and is also fade-proof which means it will stay on for hours. It also dries very quickly and is ideal for daily wear. It doesn’t streak or run and is also easy to remove towards the end of the day. Whether you hit the office in the morning or plan a night out with your friends, this eyeliner has your back.

13. HR Long Lasting Shining Eyeliner – Sliver

This golden liquid eyeliner is definitely one of the awesome makeup products that you should have in your makeup bag. This metallic, high shine, glitter eyeliner is perfect for that night out or any festive occasion. This shimmer eyeliner works very well on top of your regular black eyeliner, adding a dazzling effect. In fact, with this eyeliner, you don’t really need to use an eyeshadow. It’s fine tip allows for slender precision while applying it on your eyelid. As it’s waterproof, you can be sure that it will not smudge or streak and will last for several hours.

14. Avon Simply Pretty Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

This excellent eyeliner has a water-resistant formula that makes it last for hours and is ideal for everyday use. The smooth applicator enables a smooth application over your eyelids in an even stroke, and you can decide on the look that you want to go for. It’s not only easy to apply but it dries very fast, doesn’t smudge, and beautifully accentuates your eyes. This jet black eyeliner comes in a transparent glass bottle with a sturdy lid and makes for a convenient pocket liquid eyeliner as it is easy to carry in your bag so that you can touch up whenever you want.

15. NY Bae Liquid Eyeliner – Blue Lagoon

This blue liquid eyeliner can bring out the fashion diva in you with its application. It gives a rich and high color pay-off with just one stroke because of its intense and super pigmented color. Its long lasting and quick drying formula ensures that it stays on for hours without smudging. Its fine tip makes for a precise application as it glides smoothly across your eyelid. It has an amazing matte finish and its transfer resistant formula gives you the confidence of long lasting wear. To apply, start from the outer corner of your eye, creating a wing, and work inwards toward the center of your lid. Now start from the inner corner of your eye and connect the 2 lines at the center of the lid filling in any empty space. The best thing is that this classic eyeliner is paraben-free and cruelty-free.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Liquid Eyeliner In India?

Here are a few tips on how to make an informed decision while choosing the best eyeliner for your requirements.

  1. Staying power: Many eyeliners either flake or peel off easily. You should choose one that’s water-resistant and doesn’t smudge and, if possible, stays on all day.
  2. Appropriate brush or applicator: An appropriate applicator should be sleek and have a good grip so that you can create fine lines and strokes effortlessly.
  3. Finish: You need to decide whether you want to opt for a matte, glossy, or shimmery look and choose your eyeliner accordingly. Matte finish is best for a subtle look, a glossy finish is more formal and adds a shine to your eyes, and a shimmery finish is great for parties.
  4. Ease of use: Amongst liquid eyeliners, felt-tip one is the easiest to use. For the cat eye and winged look, you need a dark eyeliner, and liquid and gel-based eyeliners work well for that.
  5. Smudge-free: Gel and liquid eyeliners are more likely to be smudge-free than the pencil eyeliners.
  6. Formula: For office wear, a longwear liquid eyeliner would be a good choice as it lasts for upto 12 hours. If you live in a humid or rainy place, a waterproof eyeliner is worth investing in.
  7. Tip style: Liquid eyeliners are the best choice for accentuating your eyes, but its application requires a steady hand and patience. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose between a felt tip or brush-tip liner. Consider the former if you are a beginner and the latter if you are more experienced.
  8. Ophthalmologist-tested: If you have sensitive eyes or use contact lenses, you need to choose an ophthalmologist-approved eyeliner so that it does not irritate your eyes. It’s also best to get a waterproof eyeliner so that it doesn’t flow into your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses.
  9. Color: While black and blue eyeliners are the most commonly used, the right shade can enhance your natural eye color and brighten up your eyes. To enhance black eyes, darker shades of brown and pink will make them look even blacker. For contrast, choose yellow and electric blue eyeliners. For brown eyes, midnight blue, purple, deep gray, and amber eyeliners will bring out the brown tones. For hazel coloured eyes, olive, gold, plum, and warm brown liquid eyeliners work wonders.

Liquid eyeliners help give your eyes a deeper and more defined look. They are easy to apply and usually are smudge-free. These liners look great and make your eyes look a lot more attractive. To get the best look, always learn about its finish. It should look smooth and not crack after a few hours. A smudge-free and waterproof eyeliner would be the sensible choice as it allows the eyes to look perfect even at the end of a long day.

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